Monday, November 12, 2012

Bound To Be

Bound To Be

Blindfold placed over your eyes
Secured to the bed posts with leather ties
Bound is a feeling to set you free
A gift I am sure most would agree

Freedom you've found
You sacrifice your will
Now don't make a sound
While I have my fill

Your skin is electric
What was that it touched?
Was it a feather
Or was that my lust

So many sensations
You can't define
Feelings of pleasure
Drive you out of your mind

Touching in places
Only you will know
Tongue on lips traces
Nipples aglow

Now I am ready
To feed you my fire
With thrusts slow and steady
You climb higher and higher

In this final moment
When I set you free
If this passion's a torment
It's more I'll guarantee

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret

She had come to the affair
As our invited guest
With waves of golden hair
And perfectly formed breasts

After a brief introduction
I asked to take her coat
Had my mind on her seduction
An image of hands around her throat

She headed for the rest room
I placed her coat on the bed
While the others laughed and chatted
She poked in with her head

She asked if I would give her
The usual guided tour
I told her if she called me sir
I promise she'd get more

Full lips the color of claret
Impossible to resist
She was obviously amoret
And eager to be kissed

I told her not to worry
To lay back and hike her skirt
There was no need to hurry
This wasn't going to hurt

Though I slipped inside with ease
Her grip was nice and tight
When she gave me a little squeeze
I knew this would be all right

Then we heard the voices
Coming closer it seemed
We had no other choices
I had to stifle her screams

This only worked to excite her
Of this I've no regret
I told her I would prefer
She keep our dirty little secret