Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I don’t think Jen knew how much I wanted her! She seemed to think I wasn’t serious and I was only flirting, but that was not the case! I loved everything about her and I was envious of her husband but I knew she would never leave him or her three kids, which is why I came up with my plan. The timing was perfect! Her husband would be away a couple of nights hauling a load long distance as he had done before from time to time.

It was after midnight when I snuck into her room with my camera and tri pod. I quietly set it up at the foot of her bed and stripped down naked. I walked quietly over to her hoping she wouldn’t wake, and gently lifted the covers pulling them all the way down to the foot of the bed and onto the floor. I paused for a moment to look at her sleeping peacefully in her nightie, her beautiful 38c breasts outlined by the sheer fabric. I couldn’t wait to photograph them bare! She was on her side with one arm under her as I undid the buttons and peeled it away. She moaned quietly and shifted then turned as I slipped the other arm through and completely removed her top. Her breasts were more beautiful then I imagined and were perfectly exposed to my camera, her hands over her head as she lay on her back. I took several shots of her alone then set the timer and took one with my mouth open just above her nipple. Now I needed the money shot! I very gently, very carefully, and very slowly slid her lace panties down. She stirred as I tried to slip them under her firm round ass, and letting out a moan turned to one side. I peeled them under as she did slipping them easily over her ankles then holding them up to my face I inhaled her scent. “Ah I think I’m going to keep these!” I thought. Then I gently turned her onto her back, spreading her legs as wide as I dared before taking several pictures of her clean shaven pussy! To see her in her naked beauty was almost more than I could bear! I wanted to take her right there, but no, I would make her do what I wanted her to do! I slipped out quietly wondering, what would she think when she woke up.

Jen woke in a start. She felt cold and suddenly realized she was naked the blankets tossed on the floor! “Was it a dream or was someone in my room?” She thought. She had a clue when she couldn’t find her panties, but it was obvious it was real when she found the envelope with the naked pictures of her with Bob and the note. “After the kids are in school, you will come to my house. Do not call the police or tell anyone or your pictures will be posted all over the Internet!” the note read. Jen was angry! “How could Bob do this?” she thought. At the same time she was afraid. She couldn’t take the chance of those pictures being published. What would her husband think? She worried about her kids, and what her parents and friends would think. She kept to her normal routine sent the kids off to school and headed to Bob’s house.

Jen rang the bell and waited then heard the door open.

“You came alone? Came a voice from behind the door.

“I’m alone.” Jen replied.

“Come in quickly!” Bob answered grabbing Jen by the wrist and pulling her inside.

“I don’t know how you managed to get those pictures but I want them back!” Jen demanded.

“Oh do you?” Bob asked with an evil laugh. “Then you’d better do exactly as I say!” he commanded, his voice stern and threatening.

“What is it you want me to do?” Jen asked with desperation and fear in her voice.

“Well to start with turn on the stereo.” Bob commanded. Jen looked around for the stereo and turned it on. Steamy jazz music filled the room. The kind you might hear at a sexy night club where patrons danced close and tried to arouse their partners.

“Now get me a beer out of the fridge. It’s in there and pour it in a glass. You can find them in the cabinet to the right of the fridge.”

“Here” you go Jen said now can “I have those pictures? “ Jen asked as she handed Bob the beer.

“You think that’s all those pictures are worth, a beer?” Bob asked as he laughed incredulously. “It will take much more than that Jen.” Bob said as he sat in a chair facing Jen.

“Well what then?” Jen asked.

“Strip!” Slowly, and dance along with the music.” Bob commanded.

“I’m not going to…” Jen started but stopped when Bob held up her naked picture, her legs wide open her pussy exposed and Bob’s face in the shot, his tongue extended out towards her flower.

“Oh yes you will!” he said grinning.

Jen began swaying slowly unbuttoning her blouse and letting it fall to the floor. Then she unzipped her jeans wriggling her hips while Bob watched intently and shaking them from her ankles. She swayed before him completely naked.

“Touch your nipples” Bob said, “Play with them, pull them twist them and make it look sexy!” He commanded.

Jen did as she was told. She was beginning to get excited at what was happening to her.

“Now, touch your pussy.” Bob said. “That’s right run your finger up and down that delicious slit of yours! Now finger yourself! Stroke your depths until you’re soaking wet!”

Bob was getting excited now! Jen could see the bulge in his pants and she began to wonder what it would feel like to have his cock inside her.

“Now taste it! Put your finger in your mouth and suck off your juices!” Bob said obviously becoming more and more aroused. “You’re one hot little slut aren’t you Jen?” “Well aren’t you Jen! Say it!” Bob ordered!

“Oh yes Bob I’m a hot slut just for you!” Jen said feeling herself getting wetter.

“Come here and give Bob a taste!”

Jen walked over to Bob and Bob stood as she approached him. She took her finger from her pussy and ran it around his lips before he took it in his mouth and savored Jens sweetness.

“On you knees Jen!” Bob ordered as he unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor, his cock thick and stiff appeared to jump out at Jen.

“Now suck it slut!” He ordered while tangling his hands in her ash blond hair and holding the back of her head.

Jen took is cock in her mouth bobbing slowly up and down his shaft when suddenly Bob thrust his hips forward pulling her head onto his member gagging her as he pushed his whole length in! “Suck it all my little slut!”

Jen could taste his precum as he fucked her mouth sliding his cock over her lips and tongue. She could feel his balls tense as she prepared for the inevitable explosion. Bob pulled back at the last moment his hot cream spurting in jets flooded Jen’s face as he looked down in delight. “Lick it clean!” Bob ordered. Jen did as she was told, but she noticed her pussy was aching! She was aroused! She wanted so bad to be fucked right now, to have an orgasm of her own, she almost forgot why she was here.

“Crawl to the table on all fours.” Bob said as he relaxed back in his seat. “You see that vibrator? Put it in your mouth and bring it to me!”

Jen did as she was told her pussy juices began to flow as she thought about what Bob might do with the vibrator.

“Lay on your back, put your legs in the air and pleasure yourself for me!” Bob ordered.

Jen took the vibrator and rubbed it on her clit her pussy fully exposed to Bob’s view. Bob watched intently as Jen inserted the vibrator in her hungry cunt with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other while her moans filled the room. Now she was bucking up against her thrusts feeling her pussy twitching wildly as a powerful orgasm erupted from her core soaking the rug beneath her.

“Get on all fours!” Bob ordered “Face down on the floor, ass up!”

Jen did as she was told though her thighs were like rubber and still shaking. Bob mounted her from behind. He was already hard and hungry for Jen’s cunt! He gripped her hips and slid his cock into her dripping wet hole. Jen grunted as his thick member filled her, the throbbing head pushing though her trembling wet velvet pressed against her womb. Bob thrust his hips in and out harder and harder while pulling her onto him. His balls swung slapping against her ass. Jen’s pussy was trembling again clutching at his cock she screamed out as she came again her juices flowing down her trembling thighs. Suddenly Bob withdrew from her paused for a moment and then guided his soaking wet cock into Jets uplifted ass. Jen gasped as inch-by-inch Bob pressed his cock into her tight hole. He reached around her thighs and found her clit, rubbing it with his fingers as he fucked Jen’s ass! Jen screamed out as another explosive orgasm ripped through her body. She felt Bob’s cock explode inside her ass his cum flooding out of her hole as he continued to pump with each spurt.

Bob stood up while Jen lay collapsed on the floor breathing heavily. “Here you earned it!” Bob said tossing the picture on Jen’s back. “Get dressed and get out!” he said. Come back tomorrow and if you’re a good slut I’ll give you another picture” Bob added. Then turned and walked away.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Office Boss

Michele ran the office as she saw fit. She was a tough boss but fair and didn’t care much for lame excuses like when Doug missed a sales call because he must not have had a good signal on his cell while he was on the road. Funny how moments after she called him and was forced to leave him the message he was able to call and ask his secretary Mary, what she was wearing that day! Doug soon found out that Michele was a woman that meant business when she assigned that account in his area to Ted.

Many of the men in the office and some of the women considered her a “bitch”, but would certainly never say so to her face. Some even conspired against her devising elaborate plots that would cast her in a bad light with her superiors in a desperate attempt to get her fired, but she always came out on top, was always a step ahead of them and was very effective at getting her revenge.

Revenge is exactly what Michelle had in mind after having defeated yet another plot against her to get her fired, and this time she was going to make sure these two would never be able to threaten her again. She was a smart woman, biding her time gathering the evidence she would need in order to carry out her plan, and now the time had come.

She called Mary into her office first and had her take a seat. Mary was a quiet reserved woman but easily manipulated. Married for 10 years and with two children, often complained about the lack of attention and appreciation from her husband. She often expressed her frustrations to Doug, her boss, who was always willing to lend a sympathetic ear.

Doug was the commensurate salesman. Always lying and manipulating to get what he wanted, which is fine when you’re talking about selling, but Doug brought these traits to his relationships as well. He was pretty good at it too, which is why he was able to stay married to the same woman for more than 15 years. He was a user, and had used his position as both friend and boss of Mary in his attempt to get Michelle.

“Mary, I have copies of the emails you sent to Doug describing in disgusting detail your luncheons with Doug at the Eden Rock motel.” Michelle stated as a mater of fact. “I could fire you right now just for using the company computers not to mention forging you time sheets to cover the time spent at the motel” she went on. “I could also forward these to your entire address book, including your husband if I desired to do so” Michelle said. Mary began to cry tears rolled down her cheeks and through her sobs she pleaded “I’ll do anything you want please don’t do this, don’t fire me!”

“Fine, if you do as I ask, I’ll forget the whole thing now stop crying!” Michelle said forcefully. “First you will fill out this sexual harassment complaint against Doug,” she continued, “Then I will call Doug in to confront him.” You and he will follow my instructions to the letter and everything will be just fine.” Mary did precisely as she was told.

Michelle called Doug into her office and explained to him the situation. She told him that his job, his marriage, his life and that of his friend Mary was in her hands and that he must do exactly as he is told or face destruction. Doug gulped hard and nodded his agreement. “Fine, now take off your clothes, that’s right all of your clothes Doug” Michelle commanded “and sit in that chair when you’re done.” “Mary, take these cuffs and secure Doug’s hands behind the chair.” Mary hesitated and looked at Doug. “Now!” shouted Michelle forcefully and Mary complied. They pulled the chair close to Michelle’s desk. “Take off your clothes Mary and get on my desk” Michelle barked.

Mary was on the desk naked facing Doug. Doug was eye level with Mary’s pussy but still too nervous to be aroused. “I want you to satisfy your self Mary, that’s right, lick your fingers and rub your little bud for Doug” Michelle ordered.

Michelle stood back to observe the two, waiting and watching. After several minutes Mary almost forgot where she was. She was looking at Doug looking at her. She noticed Doug’s cock swelling, he was moving in his chair trying to stimulate himself and this was making Mary hot. Mary was in control and was anxious to put on a show for Doug. They were both oblivious now to Michelle who was standing back watching and slowly removing her own clothes.

Mary had her head back on the desk with her eyes closed. Her legs were open and up in the air. Her left hand held her swollen wet pussy lips apart moving in rapid circles underneath her pink folds and rubbing her clit vigorously. Her other hand was fingering her wet hole. Four of her fingers plunged in and out as moans of pleasure escaped her lips.

Doug wriggled in his chair trying desperately to stimulate his throbbing organ, his gaze fixed on Mary’s soaking wet pussy, and her moans ringing in his ears had him thinking back to their trysts at the Eden Rock.

Michelle stepped in between them with one hand supporting the huge strap on and the other her weight she positioned her feet on Doug’s chair and guided the huge rubber cock into Mary’s moist hole. The mushroom head parted Mary’s wet lips and Mary gasped as Michelle bent forward sliding the huge cock to the bottom of her wanting pussy, at the same time pressing her ass into Doug’s face.

“Lick my ass Doug, and make it good!” Michelle commanded. “I want to feel that magic tongue of yours reach up to my small intestine!” She screamed. Doug’s cock felt like it would explode! It was only inches away from what he desired but it might as well have been a mile. He complied with Michelle’s order his tongue circling her ass diving inside as far as he could press it sending shocks of pleasure that ran under her and electrified her pussy. She wriggled her ass driving the rubber cock in circles inside Mary’s pussy. Mary wrapped her legs tightly around Michelle squeezing tightly and arching her back up to take all of the cock she could handle. Mary’s pussy twitched and convulsed while she screamed out in release, waves of orgasmic pleasure rocked her body.

Michelle turned to face Doug lifting his legs over her shoulders and guiding the strap-on towards his ass. “Mary, get under me and lick me ass, NOW!” ordered Michelle. Mary complied holding onto Michelle’s thighs running her tongue up to where the strap on was connected by her pussy and underneath in that sensitive spot between her pussy and ass and finally rimming her ass hole and diving inside. Michelle moaned in delight as she pushed the thick rubber cock into Doug’s ass. Michelle rocked her hips back and forth as Mary delighted her with her tongue. Doug screamed out his cock was aching and in desperate need of release and his ass was sore but he was more excited then he could ever remember.

Michelle disconnected the strap on leaving it in Doug’s ass. She sat back on the desk holding Mary’s head against her quivering cunt. Mary’s tongue lapped at her pink wet hole darting over her hard bud and flicking wildly into her velvety depths all within Doug’s sight. Michelle locked her legs around Mary’s head her body shuddered violently in orgasmic release while Doug looked on his cock twitching, aching for release of his own.

“Okay Mary, you need to help Doug” Michelle said breathlessly, “I want you to jerk him off” she explained as she turned to line her ass up with Doug’s pulsating cock, “and aim it at my ass.” It didn’t take Mary long before she felt Doug tense she hesitated pointing his exploding cock at Michelle’s waiting ass the spurts of hot jism found their mark landing on the small of her back and running down the crack of her ass.

“Mary clean off his cock” Michelle said with authority, “and Doug, clean off my ass!”
Mary’s swallowed Doug’s cock as Michelle pressed her ass against Doug’s face forcing him to lick her clean. Michelle got dressed first and released Doug from his restraint. “The two of you can get dressed and get out of here” she advised “and don’t ever think you can fuck with me!”

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Observer

Finally it was dark! I couldn’t wait for 10PM to arrive. Because that was about the time my neighbor Stacy would light the many candles in her bedroom. She will have that steamy Jazz saxophone playing softly as she awaits the arrival of her husband. By now she would have completed her bath, and combed out her long blond hair. A bottle of fine wine will be in the chiller next to the bed, and even though the curtains of the sliding glass doors will be closed, I will still have a perfect view of the happenings from behind the arborvitae bush located at the corner of the patio that the glass doors provide access to. The bushes they planted for privacy will actually provide for my cover where I can clearly see by peering through the crack of the closed curtain that is formed at the corner of the door when drawn.

9PM. By now she should be lying in bed, perhaps reading while she waits for her lover, Bob, an airline pilot that flew a regularly scheduled flight and was often away, except on Wednesdays when he would always arrive about 10PM and Stacy would be waiting.
Stacy was a beautiful young woman perhaps 30 years old that worked as a physical trainer. Her body was firm, as she lived her job, always watching what she ate, and working out.

I wonder what she’s going to wear tonight. She always seemed to find new ways to please her man. I took my position behind the bush and as always I had a clear view! Stacy was there on the bed wearing red lace teddy and panties, garters holding up her red lace hose. She had on paten leather black boots with three inch spike heals. Her skin was creamy white and she wore ruby red lipstick. Her green eyes sparkled in the light of the flickering candle, and her fingernails, which seemed long for someone in her profession, were painted ruby red to match her thick ruby red lips.

But something was different tonight! She had already poured her wine and returned the glass to the night table after taking a sip. She began to slip out of the teddy exposing her firm breasts. She took an ice cube from the chiller and began circling her nipples with it. Then she began stroking them sliding her hands slowly up and down her belly and over her breasts occasionally she would capture her now erect nipples between her thumbs and fore fingers rolling and pulling them before again stroking her soft skin and squeezing her firm breasts.

I watched in awe of her beauty, my manhood pushing against the inside of my jeans and my thighs hot and tingling, my mind lost in fantasy. She reached over and took something off the nightstand and laid it beside her on the bed out of my view. Then she unhooked the garter and slid the red lace panties over her boots, revealing her firm muscular thighs and her clean-shaven pussy.

She picked the object off the bed holding in one hand while her other hand slid lightly up and down her belly and her thighs, then in between her legs, her fingers expertly spreading her lips and massaging her clitoris as she moaned softly.
I could see the vibrator in her other hand was a two pronged affair, with a small extension designed to stimulate her clit and a larger part designed to be inserted in side her. When she turned it on I saw the larger part rotating. It seemed to be made of marbles in the shape of a cone. I watched intently as she placed it inside her. Her feet on the bed and knees up at first then her knees fell off to the side on the bed opening her legs wider as if to give me an even better view! She was moaning loudly now, thrusting the vibrator in and out. Her pussy was glistening wet, her juices flowing freely as the muscles in her thighs flexed and contracted.

This was more than I could stand! My heart raced with excitement my legs wobbled and my loins began to burn as fresh blood was pumped to my now throbbing cock! I couldn’t stand it any longer! I ripped open my jeans, pulling them and my briefs down to my ankles and I began to stroke myself. I had never done this before! Normally I just watched, but now I imagined myself there with Stacy, her wanting pussy waiting for my anxious cock to be thrust inside her!

I must not have noticed how loud I moaned, lost in my fantasy of passion. I didn’t see Stacey had left the bed until suddenly the glass doors opened! There was no way for me to run with my pants down! I now had to face the embarrassment of being caught by my neighbor, a peeping tom! “Why don’t you come in Tim, isn’t it cold out here?” Stacy asked not even phased by my appearance. “But…but…” I stammered, you’re not going to call the police”? I asked? “Oh don’t be silly Tim!” she exclaimed. “But…but…what about your husband?” I asked. “Oh, he isn’t going to make it tonight, his flight got delayed”. “He suggested I ask you if you want to take his place for this evening.” She explained. “What!” But how did he know…” “Tim, “she interrupted “we know you’ve been watching us. We purposely left the curtain open in the corner so you could see!” “You see we enjoy being watched!”

I couldn’t believe my ears, not to mention my eyes! Stacy reached down to caress my still erect cock and began to lead me inside to the bedroom. “I hope you’re still horny Tim. I’m in need of a good hard fucking!” Stacy exclaimed as she lay me down on the bed her thick ruby red lips parted as she bent down towards my crotch.

Her green eyes were locked on mine as she held my throbbing cock gently in her hand her ruby red lips caressed the tip clamping around the head holding it in her warm wet mouth her tongue lightly flicked over the tip then she dragged her full red lips over the head sucking and pulling away. Tingles like electricity shot down my shaft to my balls and he groaned as he arched his back attempting to shove his anxious cock down Stacy’s throat. Stacy pulled back she was going to tease him until he begged! “Hold on there cowboy” Stacy ordered, “not so fast!”

She brought out some leather restraints tying my arms and legs apart to each of the bedposts. She straddled my chest as though she were ready to guide my aching cock into her hungry pussy my heart was pounding in anticipation as I anxiously eyed her swollen, wet, clean shaven, pussy lips and imagined them surrounding my eager member. Instead she took the vibrator from the night table kneeling above my lips she began to pleasure herself. I watched intently as she slid the toy in and out of her. I never wanted a woman as bad as I wanted Stacy now. Her thighs tensed, she screamed out, her cum flowed down her inner thighs while I watched bucking my hips, my eager cock aching for stimulation!
She turned placing her soaking wet pussy to my lips “Eat me” she moaned, “lick my cunt and make it good!” she exclaimed wriggling her pussy into my face. My tongue parted her swollen wet lips licking and flicking wildly up and down her slit pausing on her clit I nibbled and bit licked and sucked her bud, lapping up the sweet juices. Stacy was rolling her tongue around the head of my cock teasing me. I wanted her to take my cock deep into her mouth, or to have her slide it into her wet cunt or even her ass, jerk me off anything! I was blind with pent up passion my balls ached for release!

Stacy pressed her pussy hard against my mouth “Oh God! I’m cumming” she screamed rubbing her cunt against my mouth as I eagerly lapped up her nectar. I was pulling at the restraints, bucking my hips “Oh God!” I screamed, “Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Stacy said calmly “Beg me, say please mistress, please fuck me.” “Okay” I cried “Please mistress, please fuck me I beg you!” With that Stacy took my aching cock deep into her mouth. I felt the head pass her tonsils as she swallowed the entire shaft her full moist lips kissing my balls I arched my back and moaned in delight as she bobbed her head up and down her lips sliding over my head and then swallowing me again.

Her hands cupped my balls and she felt them begin to tense and she stopped immediately. She held her lips near the tip of my cock blowing her breath gently over it. “Don’t stop!” I cried. “Is that how you talk to your mistress?” she asked. “Beg, me!” she commanded. I was practically in tears as I cried, “Please, mistress Stacy, please fuck me, I’m begging you make me cum!” “Oh you’re such a good, obedient boy.” Stacy said. She held my throbbing cock in her hand facing me, watching my eyes, my expression as she took the head and slid it up and down along her salacious slit, rubbing her clit in small circles with it teasing me!

“Oh please mistress Stacy, please fuck me” I screamed tears beginning to form in my eyes “I beg you” I said desperately. She guided my anxious cock into her wet pink pussy. I felt the warmth surround my shaft, her muscles gripping me as she slowly dropped down on my member. I sighed in relief as she paused to rock back and forth rubbing her clit against the base of my cock buried deep inside her. She rose up slowly, pausing whit just the head of my hungry cock inside her I felt the lips of her pussy pull over the top and the cool air chill my dick. “I don’t hear you begging” Stacy said coyly. “Oh my God! I’m sorry my mistress, please fuck me I beg you!”

She guided me back inside her, slowly stroking my shaft I bucked arching my back wanting to move faster. “Beg for what you want Tim” Stacy teased. Please fuck me, mistress faster, please I beg you!” Stacy began sliding up and down. She was breathing rapidly as she bounced hard on my cock. I just kept screaming “Please!”…”Mistress!”…”Fuck me!”…”Harder!”… “I beg you!”…”faster!”

Stacy was screaming too. “Beg me, beg for it, beg me to fuck you” she cried out. I could feel her pussy tighten around me gripping and releasing, her body shaking as she threw her head back and screamed “Aiiieeee…I’m cumming!” I was bucking wildly under her, straining against the leather restraints my cock spasmed, washing her womb with eruptions of my milky muskiness, her convulsing cunt squeezing me of every last drop.
Stacy fell over onto my chest, my cock still inside her, our mingled juices spilling out of her onto my balls. Stacy seemed insatiable, and I wondered if she was done with me. What a lucky guy Bob was, but tonight it was I who was lucky! Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blind Love

Like many couples that have been married for a long time, Tom felt his relationship with his wife Carla had grown a little stale. Oh, he still loved her without a doubt, but he felt as though something were missing, passion perhaps, because even though they still made love on occasion, it seemed as if they were just going through the motions.

Although Tom didn’t think of himself as anything special, he was actually quite handsome, in fact, many women considered him a stud! He was very proud of his body and worked very hard keeping himself in top shape. While no one would consider him a body builder, he had a well-defined muscular shape, with broad shoulders and chiseled chest that cut down to a 30-inch waist. He sported six-pack abs, well-defined biceps and calves and a tight round buttocks that often caught the eye of many a lady at the gym, and some of the men too. At six foot tall he wasn’t an imposing figure. He had dark black hair that was only beginning to show a few strands of gray in his sideburns. His hazel green eyes though stood out like beacons below his dark eyebrows and in conversation one was always drawn to his gaze.

In spite of this Tom never considered himself to be anything special. He really thought that all the women that flirted with him were just nice people and treated every body else the same way they treated him. Still, he could have had almost any woman he wanted if he realized his power over them. Yet, his wife didn’t seem to be paying the kind of attention to him he was used to or that some strangers did! To be fair, Tom seemed to be a little less interested as well and so it was understandable when his neighbor Jamie started behaving especially nice to him that he would fall prey to her suggestive advances, and it wasn’t long before they were involved in a torrid affair.

On this night Carla had called Tom to tell him she would have to work late tonight. She was scheduled to attend a conference call with China and the time difference made it necessary to communicate with the factory at nine PM EST, so she would attend dinner with her colleagues and return to the office to resolve the latest issues with their product.

Carla was an attractive woman with long chestnut hair with a healthy shine. She was rather tall at 5 foot 8 inches and though a size ten she was well proportioned and still turned heads. Her light brown eyes almost matched the color of her hair and a bright ready smile called attention to her pretty face and invited smiles from passers by.

Now she thought about her lover while conversation swirled around her in the conference room. She was well aware that her relationship with Tom was strained and in need of a spark, but was it up to her to fix it? Why couldn’t Tom take the initiative? She longed for the passion they shared when they first met and she was tired of catering to his needs, after all she had needs too, what about her needs? She wondered if Tom was having an affair and perhaps that was why when they made love it seemed as though they were performing a love scene in a show that ran three times a day and five nights a week, always starting and ending at the same time, mechanical, rehearsed, and without spontaneity or variety.

Maybe it was her fault she thought, perhaps the passion she shared with her lover took all that she had and left nothing for Tom. She thought about her lover’s soft moist lips softly caressing her own. The gentle entwining of tongues exploring each other’s hot anxious mouth. Her heart began beating faster at just the thought! She felt the fingers cupping her breasts, smooth skin lightly tracing her areolas and erect nipples, followed by the darting of eager tongue and lips sending shivers down her spine. “Carla!” Bob said for the third time breaking the spell, “It looks like China is having phone problems, we’ll have to try this again tomorrow.” Carla was elated at the unexpected opportunity suddenly presented to her.

Tom was delighted to have another chance to be with Jamie and called her as soon as he hung up with Carla. Jamie was more than happy to come by since her plans for the evening had been cancelled. She was a single young woman and enjoyed having some time alone, but hated when she wasn’t planning on it, to have it thrust upon her and happily accepted Tom’s invitation to stop by. Jamie was a beautiful woman and never had a problem getting a date. She was a blond haired curvaceous beauty with eyes as blue as a clear winter’s sky and large firm breasts that even braless stood high on her chest.

Tom greeted her at the door with a glass of chilled white wine. He didn’t want to waste too much time and was intent on getting right down to business, he took Jamie by the hand and lead her to the bedroom where the stereo played softly and candles served to light the room. “Let me help you get comfortable.” Tom said taking Jamie’s glass and setting it on the night table. He moved behind her taking her by the shoulders and kissed her lightly on the neck as he slid the zipper down on her pink sundress. She crooked her head closing her eyes and imagined it was the lips of her lover caressing her soft skin.

The dress fell to the floor in a heap revealing Jamie’s beautiful figure. She stood with her arms crossed over her braless chest white thigh highs held up by a white lace garter that framed her clean-shaven panty-less pussy. Tom took a second to savor her beauty before lifting her in his strong arms and placing her on the bed. He stood over her scanning her body as he undressed, his cock already erect with anticipation. He climbed on top of her pressing his mouth against hers parting her lips and probing her mouth with his tongue while his hands explored her curves brushing lightly over her nipples.

Jamie closed her eyes and moaned softly at his touch. She imagined the hands to be those of her lover’s the lips and tongue weren’t Tom’s but her lover’s lips and her pussy became moist at the thought and her nipples began to harden. She could feel Tom’s hardon between her legs, the throbbing head poking at the entrance to ecstasy and she reached down surrounding the thick shaft with her soft hands stroking him gently. Tom moaned in delight at her touch, a different touch than Carla’s, and that very thought excited him further causing his cock to twitch, he was more anxious than ever to thrust his teeming timber inside her twitching twat.

“Tom!” screamed Carla. She stood in the doorway to their bedroom looking at Tom’s bare ass not aware yet of who was under him in her bed. Tom swung his head around and jumped up out of bed pushing down on his erection that suddenly began retreating rapidly from its solid state. “Carla? What are you doing here?” asked Tom in surprise. “I live here, remember?” Carla said dryly. She turned to face the object of her husband’s affections. “Jamie? How could you?” asked Carla in a tone of disappointment. “I can explain…” started Tom. “Shut the fuck up Tom!” Carla shouted interrupting his attempt to explain the unexplainable. “I missed you Carla” Jamie said, “I missed you so much and when you called to say you had to work late I was so upset” Jamie went on tears beginning to well up in her beautiful blue eyes. “I missed you too.” Carla said, “Sitting in the conference room waiting all I could think about was your soft moist lips exploring my body, your soft skin touching mine, but why Tom?”

“Being with Tom reminded me of you” Jamie began as Carla was unbuttoning her blouse and slipping out of her skirt. “His taste, his smell, reminded me of you, and being in your bed made me think of our time together making love” Jamie continued tears streaming down her face. Carla was naked now and climbed into bed taking Jamie in her arms she began kissing the tears off her cheeks. “It’s alright Jamie, I love you so much!” Carla exclaimed. “I love you too!” cried Jamie. They held each other tightly their lips kissing each other’s face before coming together slowly in a deep passionate kiss. Their breasts pressed against each other the motion of their bodies stimulating each other’s nipples.

Tom was standing in shocked awe his now flaccid cock hanging limply behind his hands. What the hell just happened he thought? He watched as the two women began making love. His thoughts of guilt, shame and embarrassment began to fade away and he was becoming excited again at the sight of his wife and her lover pleasuring each other.

Carla and Jamie were enveloped in passion. They were taking turns pleasuring each other’s breasts. Carla’s tongue flicking over Jamie’s erect nipple before taking it between her moist eager lips and sucking it into her hot mouth stiffening her tongue and massaging it while Jamie held her head against her moaning her hands explored the insides of her upper thighs her fingers sliding up and down the outside of Carla’s swollen and moist pussy lips. Jamie would then respond in kind nibbling on Carla’s swollen sensitive breasts while Carl’s fingers slid enticingly over her clit.

Tom sat back in the chair and watched in amazement unaware that he was stroking his stroking his now erect cock. Jamie and Carla had turned now into the sixty-nine position. Each of them stroking the other’s clit with their tongues, sucking and nibbling the hard bud as their moans filled the room, Stiffened tongues darting inside the pink wet fire as they savored the nectar of each. They squirmed and bucked pressing quivering cunts against lustful lips before fingers fucked fond folds driving into pink depths of delirium while screams of joy were stifled convulsing clits.

They could see Tom sitting in the chair biting his lip and stroking his cock violently, his eyes locked on the two men making love in his bed and this image served to excite the women further. They were thrusting fingers in and out of each other in time with Tom’s strokes as their mouths pleasures their clits. Carla was ready, her eyes rolled in back of her head as she felt Jamie’s pussy pulsating and felt the moans of her release vibrating on her clit she screamed “OHHHHH AAAAIIIEEEE I’m CUMMMIINNG!” Jamie’s body was shaking as she came again and again the taste of her love filled her mouth as she moaned in ecstasy. Tom threw his head back and closed his eyes he had been resisting his own release but could no longer hold off. Jets of jism shot up into the air forming islands of cum from his chest down to his cock. He was breathing heavy his heart racing as he watched the two women take each other tightly into wrapped arms kissing sweetly. Tom suddenly realized he didn’t belong. He grabbed a towel from the bathroom wiped himself off got dressed and headed out for the gym, the two women held each other in loving arms relishing the afterglow.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Those Who Wait

Greg sat at the bar of the dance club nursing his beer. A lot had happened since his separation from Jill. Jill had been having an affair with a friend of their mutual friends. Greg had found out that this had been going on for some time. On the nights he was playing basketball Jill was visiting their friends, at least that is what she told Greg, when he reality she was meeting a man introduced to her by their friends and fucking him silly!

Greg was feeling betrayed by his friends. That they allowed this to go on behind his back really bothered him. Worse was his discovery of his best friend Jeff screwing Jill in his own home! It was bad enough that his wife Jill had betrayed him, but that all of the people that he thought were his friends betrayed him too. He could deal with the betrayal by his wife, after all their marriage was in trouble from the start and hadn’t improved with time. Greg even felt as though he deserved it, wasn’t he was also cheating on Jill?

Greg was feeling alone. Indeed he was alone thrust back into the “singles” scene without a friend he could trust. Sure there was always Jackie, but she wasn’t really a friend. Sex with Jackie was a certainty and provided some comfort at least until she asked for the inevitable “loan” or some other favor like fixing her car. Greg wasn’t judging her, but he began to feel like she was a prostitute and really didn’t have any feelings for him, hardly someone you could call a friend.

Greg drained his beer, got up and headed for the bathroom squeezing his way through the happy crowd. He quickly drained his bladder and headed back to the bar. He noticed a tall blond girl wriggling in the crowd and though now would be a good time to try out one of his pick up lines. “God, it’s been so long since I’ve done this!” he thought. He brushed past the front of blond girl and in a loud voice asked “If I told you, you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?” “Fuck off creep!” was her kind reply and Greg rushed to the safety of the bar.

He found a seat next to a group of girls laughing, singing and downing shots. “I’ll have what they’re having” Greg shouted to the bartender, “and get these ladies another round” he added. “Thank you !” Patty gushed. “This is Debbie, Kim and Caren,” she said pointing to each of her friends. “Caren’s getting married next week,” “woo hoo” she screamed raising their glasses and downing their shots of Grey Goose before sucking their sugar coated lemons. Greg downed his shot too, delighted to be a part of a happy celebration he smiled broadly “Congratulations! Another round please” he shouted.

Patty was a tall young woman with long blond hair tied back in a ponytail. She had eyes like round green saucers, which were complimented by her slinky red dress that reached down to the tops of her shapely thighs. Debbie was a petite girl with a round face and dark mysterious eyes that dared to be explored. She had small breasts with nipples clearly visible through her brown satin halter. Kim had light brown hair and soft curls that fell on bare shoulders. Her ample breasts were restrained with a strapless lace bra visible just over the top of her green tube top. Caren had long straight blond hair with red and light brown highlights that reached to the middle of her back and curled under her breasts. She wore a black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline that invited ones eyes to peak down and admire her charms. Suddenly, Greg realized he couldn’t keep from smiling, his broad grin was frozen on his face!

In a short time Greg was totally drunk, as were his newfound friends. The five of them were dancing rubbing against each other bumping into others on the dance floor and singing. They passed Greg around taking turns with him for the slower numbers, squeezing his tight firm buns and returning to the bar for shots in between.

Last call was an hour ago and it was time to go. The girls had rented a limo for the evening and offered to take Greg home. Well actually it was more like they had to drag him home. They loaded Greg in the limo and in a slurred voice he directed the driver to his house. Having arrived the girls could see that Greg was going to need some help so they carried him to the door helped him inside and dropped him on the bed.

“We can’t leave him like this”, Patty said, “let’s get him undressed.” Patty began to unbutton his shirt Debbie undid his belt and zipper Kim and Debbie teamed up to pull off his pants, lifting his ass and yanking the legs. Caren helped Patty lift him so she could remove his shirt. Greg lay in bed singing, “Let’s get it on” in just his boxers, the head of his rather large cock almost poking out of one leg. The girls stood admiring Greg’s body. He was quite fit though not muscular. “You know”, said Patty, “this could be Caren’s last chance to have another man before she’s married. Debbie, help me with these boxers.”

“That’s a pretty good looking cock don’t you think Caren?” Patty asked. “I don’t know” said Caren, “I think Bill’s is bigger.” “That’s because it isn’t hard yet” said Debbie taking Greg’s flaccid cock in her hand and bending over and surrounding the bulbous head with her soft moist lips. “Oh My God!” giggled Caren. “I can’t believe you just did that” screamed Kim. “Come on we all know Debbie is a slut.” Patty laughed, “let’s see how he kisses.” She bent over placing her lips lightly against Greg’s. Greg moaned parting his lips his tongue caressing Patty’s in a gentle but passionate dance, the tip of his tongue probing all the surfaces of Patty’s eager mouth. Debbie warm moist lips were stroking only the head of Greg’s cock slipping it in and out of her mouth. His flaccid member had swollen engorged with blood and was standing tall and thick.

“On My”, sighed Caren, “I think his cock is bigger than Bills!” “Oh and his kiss is more than adequate” Patty added. “Let me see!” shouted Kim. She was on the opposite side of Greg across from Patty when she pressed her anxious lips against Greg’s kissing him so deeply she practically gagged him. Patty was sucking on his nipple and biting his firm chest. “Hey!” Caren shouted, “I’m the bride to be I got to have some of this”. She knelt opposite of Debbie clutching Greg’s glistening shaft her tongue darted up and down the member meeting Debbie’s mouth at the tip. The two girls tongues traced each other lips and flicked wildly over each other’s tongue with Greg’s pulsating member in between.

Patty and Kim were tongue kissing each other and Greg at the same time. Greg was moaning in ecstasy. Caren’s pussy was becoming wet her nipples were hard and she was anxious to have that marvelous member thrusting inside her. She pulled the dress over her head and kicked off her panties. Debbie wanted a piece of this too, she slipped out of her halter peeling off her jeans and panties in one motion. “Me first” Caren screamed. “Okay, no rush” said Debbie brushing Caren’s long blond hair away from her breasts holding her face and kissing her passionately. They each slid a hand down over each other’s moist mound, Their fingers parting swollen anxious pussy lips probed their respective slits massaging the hard button below the moist folds.

Patty and Kim quickly shed their clothing. Patty Straddled Greg’s face, sliding her moist pussy lips over his mouth. Kim straddled Greg’s chest taking Patty in her arms, pressing their breasts together and kissing passionately tongues twirling slowly and light around as they mover their swollen nipples against each other brushing the sensitive tips goose bumps of pleasure rising on their soft skin.

Greg was moaning in delight. Patty’s pussy was dripping it’s pleasure onto Greg’s lips his tongue reacting as if by instinct snaked out and flicked against her clit, her moans captured by Kim’s hungry open mouth. Caren straddled Greg’s massive cock while Debbie kissed her breasts. Caren guided Greg inside her gently, slowly, allowing the pussy to capture and caress the bulbous head and inch down his glistening shaft. She gasped as his thickness spread her open the mushroom head pressing against her womb. She sat there for a moment feeling the hot throbbing cock inside her and Debbie’s eager mouth sucking and biting her nipples.

Caren’s cunt was quivering. She began rising up and down on Greg slowly at first. Debbie was behind Caren now, her tongue darting over Caren’s ass lapping up the juices dripping down Greg’s shaft onto his balls. She was hold Caren’s breasts pulling the nipples and guiding her up and down motions Caren was screaming “Oh my God! Oh My God! I’m cuming I’m fucking cumming!”

Patty had her pussy pressed against Greg’s face. She was rocking wildly on his mouth rubbing her bud hard against his chin as his tongue lapped up her sweet nectar. The sight of Caren and Debbie and Kim’s eager kisses sucking and biting her nipples was driving her crazy, but watching Caren’s body shudder and spasm was too much her pussy tightened and convulsed waves of orgasmic release spread out from her pleasure center to her hips making her buck wildly as she screamed. Kim and Patty reversed position. Kim’s pussy was already soaking wet and she was anxious to reach the heights of pleasure she witnessed of her friends. Patty was more than happy to help her get there.

Debbie was now straddling Greg’s thick cock but she wasn’t so gentle. She liked it rough and having to have to wait for it made her that much more desirous. She mounted Greg in the opposite direction of Caren with her back towards his head so she could use his raised knees for support. She dropped herself right down hard on his cock slamming her ass against his balls with great force that he gasped the sound muffled by Kim’s pussy as it rocked on his face. Caren was nibbling the back of Debbie’s neck as she went to town practically jumping up and down on Greg’s spear. She had one hand on his balls. She would make sure he wouldn’t cum until she was ready! She was ridding him hard slamming down against him and then rocking forward and back rubbing her clit hard against his shaft when she fell his balls tense she would stop rise up and grip his shaft at the bottom tightly with two fingers until he eased and then she would continue.

Kim was leaning forward now rubbing her clit wildly on Greg’s chin. Patty was behind her now holding her hip with one hand and fingering her sweet hole with the other. Her moans were filling the room as she watched Debbie assaulting Greg’s cock. Caren was now in front of Debbie holding her ass while she rocked her bud on Greg’s cock Caren’s tongue darted over Greg’s balls tasting her juices. Debbie was ready her pussy tightened gripping Greg’s shaft “Oh…Oh …Fuck…Fuck…Fuck me mother fucker! Aaaiiieee!” She screamed as Greg burst into her. Her body bucked wildly her pussy gripping and releasing his thick member shudders swept over her from her convulsing pussy out to her hips and up to her shoulders, the sight of Caren lapping up her cum intensified the orgasm.

Kim was wriggling her ass pushing back against Patty’s fingers, Oh…oh….oh… uhh…
I’m…. oh….ahhhhhhhh…she moaned her body shook her thighs felt like they were on fire waves of heat flooded out over her hips and beyond as her cum fell onto Greg’s face, she collapsed onto his belly as Patty extracted her fingers placing them one by one in her mouth savoring Kim’s sweetness. It had been a hell of a bachelorette party and the limo driver was waiting it was time to go.

Greg woke up the next morning wondering what had happened to him. He had a terrific headache, his balls were aching and his mouth felt like a glazed donut. He had vague memories of sharing drinks with pretty young ladies at the bar. He remembered dancing and hollering, but he couldn’t remember how he got home. Images flashed in his mind of the girls from the bar engaging him in pleasures of the flesh, but were these memories or was it drunken dreams? He vowed never to drink like that again!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Wish

It started as any other day would for me. I had a routine that I followed and today was no different except for the strange encounter that has changed my life forever. I began with my usual morning jog through the woods along the river. I remember it was a windy morning and the branches and trees swayed to their limit as forest canopy caught the strong gusts. I had come to a narrow section of path that opened up to a wooden bridge that traversed the river. As I headed through the narrow opening a strong gust of wind was captured by the low hung branch of a silver oak, which snapped under the strain. The large branch swung right into my path just as I was ducking to clear it striking me solidly in the forehead and laying me out on my back on the path. I lay there for a moment, dazed when I heard a voice speaking to me from the riverbank.

“Mister! Over here! Help!” The voice cried out. I blinked in disbelief when all I could see was a female mallard snagged against the bank in fishing line.

“Are you talking to me?” I asked foolishly, forgetting for a moment I was having a conversation with a duck!

“Yes of course! Do you see anyone else around?” The mallard asked sarcastically.

“That kind of tone isn’t going to win you many friends.” I replied a littler annoyed.

“Listen mister, I’ve been stuck here for hours so you’ll forgive me if I’m in a bit of a mood, but if you free me I’ll grant you a wish.” The duck offered apologetically.

“Now why would I believe a duck could grant me a wish?” I asked, my tone clearly one of disbelief.

“How many duck do you know that can talk?” asked the mallard and after a pause of silence while I tried to recall ever having met a duck that could talk before, I concluded this duck had a good point.

“I thought so!” Said the duck. “Now get me out of here!”

“Not so fast!” I exclaimed before asking, “How do I know I’ll get my wish?”

“I guess you’ll have to trust me. After all what have you got to lose?” The duck asked, and I certainly couldn’t argue with his logic.

After several minutes I managed to untangle the line from the duck. She began quacking and swimming in circles fluttering her wings and wriggling her tail. “I’m free!” she exclaimed and now what is your wish kind sir?” she asked.

I had never given much thought to a wish before. What was the point really? Did wishes ever really come true? None that I knew of, unless they were fulfilled by my own hard work and efforts so I just wished for whatever came to me in that moment never believing it would come true.
“I wish I could have sex with anyone I want at will!” I exclaimed as just the thought of such a power brought a smile to my face.

The duck again began quacking, swimming in circles flapping it’s wings and wriggling it’s tail before exclaiming “It is done! Thank you kind sir and good luck!” With that the duck flew off.

I stood up and rubbed my head before jumping over the downed branch and continuing on my jog. While running along I began thinking I must be getting fat. I could feel my once tight chest was now bouncing along in rhythm to my step. “My God!” I screamed as I looked down at a pair of bouncing 36C breasts where once my manly chest had been!
As I stared down in shock my long blond hair streaked with sweat fell off my shoulders into my face. Without thinking I brushed it back behind my ears before realizing that I didn’t have long hair when I left the house this morning! “What the fuck…!” I screamed out as I headed toward a quiet pool in the river to view my reflection. There in the pool looking back at me was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen! Her lips were full and soft. Her eyes were shade of green like that of a mallard head. Her cheekbones were well defined and as I reached up to touch her soft skin I realized I was touching my own face! “Holy shit!” I whispered in shocked disbelief.

Obviously I wasn’t going to work today, I thought, as I stood in shock wondering what am I going to do? I reached down inside my sweats to address the itch between my legs when I got the biggest shock of all. Instead of the humble but proud penis and balls that I was used to scratching was a hooded nub and a pair of pussy lips! My finger traced my new found slit and rubbed gentle circles around my clit as my mind tried to make sense of what had happened. Slowly the wetness between my legs began to build the heat at the center radiating out and down my thighs. I was no longer thinking about my predicament and instead was lost in the pleasure I was giving my self. My heart was racing and my breathing was quickening as I felt my first clitoral orgasm explode buckling my knees momentarily. I slid a hand under my shirt and began pulling and twisting my swollen nipple as I slid two finger into my hole. A moan leaped from my throat as I threw my head back fingering myself viciously when suddenly I felt my pussy twitching wildly, my thighs trembled and my legs almost collapsed under me as I cried out sending birds in flight from the branches above. I lay back on the path staring up at the sky while I tried to catch my breath and collect my thoughts.

“It’s the wish…that fucking duck!” I thought. I wanted to be able to get laid at will and this was the duck idea on how to make that happen? I must admit, the idea began to appeal to me even though it wasn’t what I had in mind, but after experiencing those orgasms, I thought, what the hell, why not give it a shot? Suddenly, I had the urge to shop for a new outfit and get ready for a night out at the clubs!

After having rushed home to shower, experience a couple more orgasms, and then change, I headed for the mall to get some things. I’m sure I was a sight as I walked into Victoria Secrets with my oversize jeans and tee shirt. Those clothes fit me well when I was a man but now hung from me like a mannequin at a Hip Hop boutique for inmates! Of course, there was no way I could wear those briefs hence the reason for my first stop. Well, that and the need for sexy lingerie for later.

My next stop was Macy’s where I found this cute little black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline that, along with the push up bra I got from Victoria’s Secret revealed just enough of my voluptuous new breasts! I looked a little ridiculous walking around in that dress with a pair of men’s jogging sneakers so my next stop had to be for shoes. I found the perfect pair of stiletto heels in the Shoe Experience that accented the lines of my legs beautifully. They were a half size too small and difficult for me to walk in but at 50% off I couldn’t resist, and I got them to throw in a matching clutch!

I was almost ready but I had to make one more stop at the salon. After all, what the hell did I know about make up and hair? Besides, these damn shoes were already beginning to hurt my feet! After a shampoo, cut, curl, manicure and makeover Cindy held the mirror up behind me. “You look beautiful!” she exclaimed with pride in her work.

“Yes, I do don’t I? Thank you Cindy!” I exclaimed, smiling as I handed her a fifty.

By time I was finished with the salon it was dinnertime. It took me all day to make myself into this stunning sex goddess and I had some newfound sympathy for my sisters that had spent their entire lives doing the same thing. I must admit though, I was feeling really good about myself. I had a sense of great power like I could do anything, get anything I wanted and I was determined to do just that! First, I had to get something to eat.

I walked into the TGIF and sat at the bar pretending like I was waiting to meet someone.

“Can I get you anything?” asked the handsome bartender. He had been at the other end of the bar making his way around to his other customers when he spotted me taking a seat and he rushed right over.

“Perhaps just a glass of water.” I responded with a smile “I’m waiting for someone.”

The bartender had been glancing over at me and we exchanged smiles while I sat nursing my water before he came back to check on me.
“Can I get you anything else?” he asked politely. I leaned into him granting him a view of my remarkable cleavage, and began to cry.

“I’m sorry” I sniffed, “I was supposed to me a blind date here and I’m afraid he’s stood me up.”

“Don’t cry over that jerk! You’re so beautiful you could get any man you wanted!” he said trying to comfort me.

“It’s not just that,” I said “To make matters worse while I was trying on this dress someone stole my wallet out of my bag,” I sniffed.

“Listen, uh, what’s your name?” He asked

“Angela, but my friends call me Angie.” I sighed.

“Listen Angela, why don’t I get you a drink and a bite to eat then maybe you’ll feel better.” He said.

“Thanks… Bob is it?” I asked, looking at the golden nametag on his shirt and extending my hand to clasp his.

“Sure thing Angie!” he said smiling.

Wow! I thought I was in the zone! Dinner and drinks for free and I didn’t even have to kiss the guy! After I finished dinner I shook Bob’s hand and thanked him again. After handing him a bogus phone number, I headed back to my car and off to the dance club “Anthony’s” for more drinks, dancing, and multiple orgasms which, I had every intention of counting!

It was still early and the bar was sparsely populated. I took a seat at one corner and waited for the pretty bar maid to service me. She was flirting for tips with a group of guys at the opposite corner of the bar and had their attention except for one of the least attractive of the group that was eyeing me over. I flashed him a shy smile and watched as he instructed the barmaid to give me whatever it was I was drinking. I watched her as she walked towards me in her skintight short shorts wriggling her firm ass for the suckers at the bar. “Hi the boys down there would like to buy you drink.”

“Well isn’t that nice! What’s your name honey?” I asked her.

“I’m Susan and you are?” she asked as she extended her hand.

“My friends call me Angie,” I said. “Are those boys good tippers?”

“I do pretty well if I shake it enough for them” She said, laughing. “Men are suckers for a pretty flirt!”

“Tell me about it!” I laughed in agreement, “and they’re woefully inadequate at satisfying a woman!”

“You got that right Angie,” she said as she winked at me.

“Say Susan, what time do you get off tonight?” I asked rather boldly.

“That depends on when I get you in bed” she chuckled, “but I work until 2.”

“Then if I need a ride later you won’t mind taking me home?” I asked.

“Not at all sweetheart.” She said with a smile “now what are you drinking?”

“Grey Goose chilled with an olive.” I replied.

Susan poured the drink and placed it in front of me before leaving to wait on more customers. It was almost too easy, I thought, I already had a definite date tonight! I raised my glass and nodded to the gentleman that bought me the drink as he made his way over towards me.

“Hi. I’m Angie”, I said as I shook his hand “Thanks for the drink.”

“I’m Billy”, he said “and those are my friends Steve and Tom.”

Oh Christ! I thought, there’s no way I’m going to fuck this guy or any of his friends for that matter. Certainly it would take at least 3 more of these vodka martinis before I could even tolerate talking to them. For now though, I was going to milk them for all the drinks I could get until something better came along.

“Should we invite your friends to join us Billy or did you have other plans?” I asked teasingly.

“Well… I…uh… Billy stammered.

“You, er what Billy? You thought you would buy me a drink and I’d just roll over and let you fuck me?” I asked as I downed my drink.

“No! It’s not like that! I just thought I…er…was being friendly.” Billy explained.

“Well order me up another and let’s dance.” I commanded and Billy meekly obeyed.

I was laughing so hard on the inside I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! This guy was like a puppet on a string. I could get anything I wanted out of him, but he wasn’t what I was looking for. After all, I was hot! I could have any guy I wanted and this guy didn’t even come close. I soon sent him packing back to his friends.

I spent the next couple of hours meeting people in the bar. One after another men would approach me buy me drinks and use their best lines or lame conversation in an effort to stick their anxious dicks between my thighs. There was the guy with the tan a white ring around his finger where his wedding band had been; telling me he and his wife had an “open relationship”.
“Yeah?” I asked, “then you wouldn’t mind taking me back to your place and having her join us would you?”

Then the countless others with their lame pick up lines.

“That dress would look great on the floor next to my bed.”

“Yeah? Well when I’m done with it I’ll let you borrow it asshole.”

“Say you want to see something swell?”

“Do you think you’ll be able to find it then? Asshole!”

“Would you like to dance or should I just screw myself again?”

“Just screw yourself I’d hate to break up a beautiful relationship, asshole!”

The funny thing was that even though I could have easily taken any one of these guys home and fucked the living shit out of them, I had no desire to! I was actually getting annoyed at even having to deal with them. I was even at the point where I was willing to buy my own drinks just so I didn’t have to talk to them!

By 2 o’clock I was pretty hammered and ready to call Susan on her promise to give me a lift home. I was actually looking forward to having sex with her. My pussy was getting moist just at the thought! I imagined her pretty face buried in my muff her tongue delicately titillating the tip of my clit bringing me to orgasm after orgasm! Hell I didn’t need some guy poking me in my pussy to feel good.

“Susan I think I’ll take you up on that ride home.” I said with a slight slur.

“Sure thing,” she said with a smile “and if you don’t mind my friend Jake need a lift as well.” She said taking Jake by the hand and introducing us.

Jake was a large muscular man with long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. His thick arms were graced with numerous tattoos. He had dark mysterious eyes and a warm smile.
“Nice to meet you.” I slurred, as I wondered why I hadn’t seen him in the club until now.

When we got to my place I invited Susan and Jake up for a nightcap. I handed Jake a Beer and poured a glass of wine for Susan and myself. Jake sat in the recliner that faced the sofa where Susan and I sat next to each other. We toasted to new friends and made small talk for a few minutes, but I was beginning to feel a fire burn between my thighs and I knew the only way to quench it was to feed my desire. “You have beautiful tits Susan, do you mind if I touch them?” I asked.

“Yours are pretty nice to and I’ve been waiting all night to get my lips around them.” Susan said, as she guided my hand under her shirt. Her tits were firm but soft and as I caressed them I felt her nipple swelling between my fingers. She slid one hand up my thigh and leaned over pressing her lips against mine. I could see Jake shifting uncomfortably in the chair while he watched, the bulge in his jeans becoming more evident. Susan pulled away lifting her blouse over her head. I turned and held my hair up so that Susan could undo the zipper of my dress before I stood and let it pool at my feet. I unhooked my bra releasing my boobs from their bondage. I held them in my hands lifting them up towards my lips as my tongue flicked over my own nipples. Susan stood and wriggled out of her shorts her warm dark eyes watched me as she licked her pink full lips.

We embraced and kissed passionately our tongues slowly exploring the other’s mouth while our hands roamed over the other’s body. Susan had the sweetest and tightest ass I had ever felt on a woman and I couldn’t wait to taste her honey. Her hand slipped between my thighs and gently traced the outside of my slit before coming to rest on my clit forming gentle circles as we continued to kiss. I pushed her back onto the sofa and mounted her in the 69 position. I felt her face against my pussy her tongue darting into me set off my first orgasm. My moans of pleasure lost in Susan’s own depths, swallowed by her hungry hole as I drank in her nectar.

Susan wrapped her legs around me holding me tight against her pussy as her legs trembled and her hips bucked in ecstasy. Her grip also served to hold me in place while Jake took position behind me. I had forgotten all about Jake who had stripped naked as he watched events unfold before him. His massive erect cock was bigger than any I had ever seen in my lifetime and quite frankly I was afraid he’d split me in half with that thing! After all, I hadn’t been a woman for very long and I had no idea what I was capable of but I was about to find out!

Jake slid into me slowly as if he knew I’d never been fucked before. His massive member stretched me to the limit and I suddenly realized size does matter as my pussy surrounded his hot steel and quivered almost violently. He was moving in and out in short strokes while Susan sucked his balls. Susan was cumming again and again soaking my face with rivers or her sweet release. Jake had me by the hips and began pounding me harder, faster, while Susan’s tongue flicked along his shaft his movements to quick for her to maintain his balls in her mouth. I was screaming in pleasure my pussy wracked with tremors as I exploded in a gushing orgasm. Jake exploded inside of me steamy hot jets that seemed to spurt endlessly flooding out of pussy and spilling over Susan’s face.

I was not prepared for what was to happen next. Susan’s pussy quivered again a stream of warm water flooding out of her pussy. I felt as though I was drowning! I struggled to catch my breath to surface from her depths! I blinked hard. I was dazed, confused and flailing my arms!

“Are you all right?” I heard a female voice implore from out of the wet darkness.

“Looks like you had a nasty fall fella!” A deep gruff voice added as I blinked the water from my eyes.

Kneeling over me was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen! Her lips were full and soft. Her eyes were shade of green like that of a mallard head. With her was a tall muscular man with a ponytail his arms adorned with tattoos. Both of them were wearing jogging shorts with tee shirts and carrying water bottles.

“That’s quite a nasty bump on your head there hun!” said the beautiful woman.

“What happened to the duck?” I asked.

“Duck? What duck?” said the muscular man.

“Do you think we should take him to the hospital Jake?” asked the beautiful woman.

“Let’s get him to his feet Susan and we’ll see.” Jake replied.

“Do I know you?” I asked.

“I don’t think so. You were out cold there for a while mister! Just relax. I think you’ll be all right in a few minutes” Jake said.

“Maybe so I said, but I don’t think I’ll ever be the same!” I exclaimed.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Surprise Party

Suddenly she felt as though someone was following her. She had heard the footsteps when she left Harry’s Pub on main and thought nothing of them. Her plan was to go home and change into her black see through negligee and black net hose held thigh high by the black lace garter belt surrounding her thin waist. She had put on her black stiletto heels and covered herself with a long trench coat before heading back out to surprise her boyfriend John at his apartment for his birthday.

She could tell by the sound of the heavy steps that is was a man wearing some kind of boot. Joan resisted turning around to look at him at first because she didn’t want to appear rude, but now she resisted that temptation because she didn’t want to show her fear. She was convinced these were the same steps she heard behind her on the way back form Harry’s. Still she wasn’t sure if she was being followed and to test her fear she tried walking faster, the click of her heels marking her time. “Oh, my God” she thought when she heard the steps behind her match her quickened pace. “I’ll try walking slower and I’ll see if he passes.” me she thought. Again the steps behind her slowed to match her gait. “Shit! Fuck! What if this guy kills me” she thought, “Okay, don’t panic I’ll just turn here and take the long way round to John’s.”

She turned right on Seventh Avenue and listened for the footsteps. “Damn!” she thought, he’s still behind me!” “I’ve got to find a Cop!” Joan thought beginning to panic as she passed the dark alley that led to Sixth where John kept his apartment. “Stick to the main streets she thought.” again walking faster. Joan turned the corner on to scenic drive walking very quickly her breathing raged and her heart pounding, “Almost there.” she thought, when she realized she no longer heard the steps! She giggled nervously to herself “I have some imagination!”

They had only been dating 3 months but they had become very close. John had given Joan the key to his apartment a clear signal that this relationship was becoming serious. Joan was already head over heels in love with John. He satisfied her in so many ways, always full of sexual surprises he made their love making really exciting!

Finally sixth floor, apartment sixty-six she thought as she fished the key out of her black clutch. She reached for the doorknob with one hand and as she guided the key towards the lock the door swung open slightly. “John!” she called out entering the apartment cautiously. “He shouldn’t be home yet”, she thought as she turned to flip on the light.

Suddenly she was grabbed from behind one gloved hand cover her eyes the other inserted the ball gag in her mouth as she opened it in an attempt to scream. He pushed her head down bending her at the waist as her hands came around behind her in an attempt to push him away. He grabbed both of her wrists pulling her hands up behind her forcing her to remain bent at the waist and fall to her knees while he tied them. Next he blindfolded her covering her eyes with a black silk scarf, and bound her at the ankles with another.

She lay on the floor in complete darkness as she listened to the footsteps walking around John’s apartment. She suddenly realized they were the same steps that had been following her! She was frightened and worried about John, but at the same time she hoped he would be here soon and rescue her.

The man put on the stereo and poured himself a drink but said nothing. He rolled Joan over onto her back and opened her trench coat. She could feel his presence his hot breath splashed against her soft skin as he eyed the curve of her neck. Joan wondered if he could hear her heartbeat pounding against her chest if fear. The man’s fingers traced her breasts along the top of her negligee and she held her breath. She was powerless and at the mercy of this man. That thought both scared and aroused her giving rise to her nipples as her breasts heaved while she labored to pull enough oxygen through her flaring nostrils.

The man’s hands stroked her inner thighs and ran under the negligee over her belly and her now damp and exposed mound. She gasped at his touch her moisture glistened on her pussy lips like the morning dew on a rose. The man placed his fingers in his mouth and explored her slit as his warm moist lips captured the soft skin on her neck, sucking softly and pulling away. Joan’s moans were locked in her throat by the gag and she was becoming more aroused. The man’s lips kept moving downward assaulting her breasts, and stroking her nipples while his fingers plunged inside her now soaking wet pussy. His thumb worked over her bud as he nibbled, bit, and sucked her tits his eager tongue slashing across Joan’s hardened nipples.

Joan lost her fear and had given up control to the man. Shocks of electricity shot from her center along the outside of her skin as the man’s fingers fucked her vigorously. Each flick of his tongue on her nipple sent bolts of lightning down to her core. Her body was on fire, she was close to the edge and she was about to explode when the man suddenly stopped.

She could hear him stand, the sound of his pants hitting the floor. She wanted him now, wanted him to finish her she needed release. She felt the knife blade against her ankle as he cut the scarf. Still she kept her knees together. She wasn’t just going to give it to him. “If he wanted it he would have to take it!” she thought. The man kneeled on the floor and placing his hands inside each of her knees splayed her legs open positioning the head of his throbbing cock at her anxious but reluctant entrance.

He slid in slowly a little at a time until his cock was buried in her depths and he paused momentarily to relish in the heat and wet velvet that surrounded his aching cock. He pumped his hips faster now while his thumb worked furiously over her clit. Joan could stand no more screams of release caught in her throat her body trembled violently as she came and came again. The man felt her cunt clutching and quivering on his shaft, her cum flooding over his balls and with a final thrust he slammed his cock to her full depth as it explode it’s milky seed in spurts.

The man was spent, as was Joan. He collapsed onto her breasts panting heavily. He removed the gag from her mouth and kissed her lips tenderly, surprising Joan. He then began to sing haltingly, between pants, “Happy birthday to me…” as he lifted the blindfold from Joan’s eyes.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hope In Hell

Aamaal Al Souhail stood by the window looking out at the destruction of her once beautiful country and counted her blessings. She was a modern Arab woman so she dressed in a more western style. Still she wore her headscarf whenever she was outside and her clothing was loose fitting so as not to accentuate her fine figure or reveal her ample breasts. Her skirt fell to the center of her calf hiding her shapely legs from the probing eyes of the Arab men that studied her as she traveled with her crew.

Even by western standards, Aamaal was a beautiful woman. She had shoulder length dark black hair and dark mysterious eyes. She was an enthusiastic woman with a ready and friendly smile that belied the experiences she faced in the 30 years of her life in Iraq.

As a young girl, she witnessed first hand the brutality of Saddam when she and her friend Sabria Mahdi came home from school one day to find the head of Sabria’s older sister displayed on a stick in front of her house. Sabria’s mother was kneeling on the ground beside the body wailing and her father had been taken away.

Now with Saddam gone the danger to women was worse than before. She knew at least two of her friends from her old neighborhood that were kidnapped and raped by insurgents and then later killed by their own families to preserve their name in what has become a common event known as an honor killing.

She lived now in the Al-Rasheed Hotel inside the green zone of Baghdad where she worked as a translator for a western news agency. She was relatively safe here now but her work for the Americans meant that she could never go outside the green zone without an armed escort. She knew translators were routinely kidnapped and beheaded but she loved her job and hoped that one day she would get the opportunity to go to America, perhaps with him.

Greg was tired. He spent the last 12 hours chasing insurgents through the streets of Baghdad outside the green zone. They had kicked in some doors to find a cache of weapons. They took small arms fire in alleyway wounding two in his party. He was still upset about the young boy running towards him with the grenade in his hand shouting something he didn’t understand when the shot rang out from behind him exploding the boy’s skull.

Earlier in the week a patrol had come through this way offering money in exchange for weapons, and perhaps this was what the boy was after. Greg was no different than any of the other guys. He just wanted to get out of this alive. He saw too many of his friends killed, ripped apart by roadside bombs and picked off by snipers. The constant stress of trying to preserve one’s life was wearing, but to let your guard down for a moment could be deadly.

Greg got here by way of the reserves. He joined just before the war hoping to get a college education that he couldn’t afford and to make a little extra money. His life back home had been nothing but hanging out in singles bars hoping to find that one special woman that he could settle down and have a family with. Instead all he could muster was a series of one-night stands and meaningless relationships, which bolstered his decision to go into the reserves. How bad could it be? One weekend a month, two weeks a year, travel and see the world. He never dreamed he would end up here or meet someone like Aamaal.

They met after a bomb exploded in a market while Greg’s unit was on patrol. Aamaal’s crew was dispatched to get the story. Greg was trying to question witnesses and was looking for someone that could speak English when Aamaal and her crew approached him to find out what was going on. Greg asked Aamaal to translate for him, “Ask this man if he’s seen any foreign fighters in the area recently”. Aamaal posed the question and listened intently to the answer her lips curling up into a smile she tried hard to suppress.
“Well” asked Greg, “what did he say”? “He said yes, you” replied Aamaal her eyes locked intently on his the smile spreading broadly across her face now. Greg was smiling now too as he studied her face. “Are you staying at the hotel?” he asked her. “Yes”. “I may need to question you further say around 19:00 okay?” Greg asked. “Of course.” she replied simply.

Aamaal means hope, wishes, or aspirations and she was waiting now and hoping Greg was all right and would get here soon. She had on a pink silk nightgown that ended mid thigh with matching pink panties under her terry cloth robe. Her firm breasts pressed against her gown the dark nipples barely visible through the opaque material. She paced anxiously by the window hoping her services would not be needed tonight.

Aamaal threw her arms around Greg’s neck when he finally arrived at the room. Greg had his hands on her waist his gun slung over his shoulder as their lips met and lingered for a moment. “I need a quick shower,” Greg said. “I’ll put up some tea,” replied Aamaal.
In Iraq one never knew how much time one had. With every incident Greg could be called to action or Aamaal might be needed to help get the news out, so for Greg and Aamaal, time was a precious commodity indeed!

Greg came out of the shower wearing only the terry cloth robe as Aamaal handed him his tea. They sat by the window looking out at the dark city sipping tea and talking, not about their day but about their dreams. Aamaal stood and let her robe fall to the floor while Greg eyed her up and down, drinking in her beauty, he moved slowly towards her lifting her in his arms and placed her gently on the bed. They stared into each other eyes quietly as their warm moist lips came to rest lightly together for a moment and then parting slowly the tips of their tongues danced delightedly as their mouths pressed tighter together in a deep passionate kiss.

Aamaal held Greg’s face and kissed his neck and shoulders while Greg wrapped his arms tightly around her. He brushed her hair from her shoulders and began planting light kisses on her soft skin. His moist lips trembling in anticipation as he kissed his way back to her mouth. Aamaal sighed softly as she tilted her head back while Greg sucked her neck softly, holding her skin in his lips and pulling away slowly. Aamaal held him tightly now as his lips worked their way down to her heaving breasts. Greg slipped the straps of the nightgown off her shoulders pulling it down to expose her already swollen nipples.
Greg cupped her breasts in his hands and studied her face. Aamaal smiled putting her hands behind his head, she pulled his face to her bosoms. Greg took turns paying close attention to each of her nipples. His tongue circled slowly around her areola before flicking rapidly over her nipple and then taking her whole breast in his mouth he would allow his lips to slide sucking softly as he pulled away.

Greg didn’t want to rush, but he also didn’t want to leave Aamaal without having brought her to the heights of pleasure. He reached under her gown slipping off the pink lace panties and raising the nightgown up to her breasts. He began kissing her belly, sucking in her soft skin with his eager lips and pulling away, moving lower and lower. He positioned her at the edge of the bed as he knelt on the floor. With her feet up on the bed his hands moved high up on her thighs between her legs. Aamaal was breathing heavy now her heart racing with anticipation. Greg’s large hands covered her waiting pussy his fingers gently folded back the already swollen lips exposing her bud. He massaged her moving in small circles while his anxious lips began sucking and pulling away the skin on her inner thighs moving higher and higher towards their ultimate destination.

Aamaal was already trembling by the time Greg’s lips arrived. Greg’s hands held her open as he pressed his mouth against her nibbling then sucking her clit and pulling away with his warm moist lips. Aamaal wrapped her legs around and pulled his head against her from behind clutching the sheets in her hands and arching her back as Greg’s tongue dived deep inside her.

Greg wanted to make her happy, wanted to please her. He knew of her life and knew she deserved so much more. He wished he could take her back to America with him and give her everything she never dreamed she could have, but here in Iraq there was nothing to give but each other and he was determined to give her all of him.

Aamaal tensed gripping Greg’s head tightly pulling his mouth against her as her pussy convulsed and twitched cumming again and again her moans filling the room while Greg drank in her juices. She reached out for him pulling him on top of her wrapping her arms tightly around his neck her legs in a scissor lock around his waist as the kissed deeply

Who was this man that God has sent to me, to give me such pleasure, such love? Aamaal thought. What have I done God to deserve such a gift? Aamaal was deeply in love with Greg. He unleashed feelings in her she never knew she had! She wanted to be with him all the time, to feel him inside her always, now, she thought as she felt his hard cock pressing against her.

Aamaal reached down and took Greg’s member in her hand. She stroked him gently up and down, palming the pulsing head and sliding back down squeezing his balls lightly. He loved the way she touched him, his cock jumping as she palmed the head. It was time.
He rose up his hips as she guided his cock towards her anxious pussy. The pulsating head of his prick parted her swollen pussy lips and pierced her pink depths closing back around and clutching his cock like a warm wet velvet glove. He held it there with just the head inside and he savored the feeling of the warm wetness surrounding him, resisting her as she wrapped her arms around him trying to pull him further inside. He pushed in slowly allowing himself to feel every inch of her depths and when he reached the bottom he pressed his lips against her kissing her deeply before he withdrew again pulling back until the throbbing head was beginning to open her from inside.

She dug her heels into his backside urging him to thrust his lance inside again, but he would not be rushed. Moments like this were rare in Iraq and in this place you never knew if there would be another. Greg wanted to savor every single moment, every feeling.

Aamaal couldn’t stand it anymore! She wanted him inside her, to pleasure him, to acknowledge the gift God sent her. She arched her back to receive him as he again probed her depths. He began moving in a slow rhythm now sliding forward to ensure his cock was in contact with her clit. Her hips rose in rhythm and her heels pulled him towards her with each thrust.

Their moans filled the room drowning out any thoughts as their bodies reacted instinctively to the pleasure they were each receiving. They were no longer in Iraq, in a hotel, in a bed making love. They had become one. They had become love itself. They could not hear their moans. The rhythm of their lovemaking was automatic as waves of ecstasy rippled through out their bodies.

Aamaal would peak first. Her pussy contracting, pulsing, gripping and releasing, her body shuddering, her thighs shaking, legs like jello, her screams of delight caught in her throat as Greg made his final thrust, collapsing against her tender breasts, his hips convulsing, waves of electricity shooting out from where he was embedded inside her and down his inner thighs, his body shook from his abdomen to his shoulders as his cock spewed his molten milk into her depths.

They laid together breath less, their arms wrapped tightly around each other, Greg still inside her savoring her warmth. They were looking into each other’s eyes, their thoughts only of each other and of a life they hoped to share together someday.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Memories And Longing

It was late. He must have fallen asleep. Conan was on the TV interviewing Beyonce about her latest movie “Dream Girls”. She must have turned out all the lights and went to bed, left him asleep on the sofa. The soft blue light from the TV flickered illuminating the room in various degrees of brightness.

He was staring at the TV, but he was thinking of her. He loved her, everything about her and he wished he could spend every waking moment with her. Holding her in his arms, kissing her full lips, or just walking hand in hand. His thoughts went back to their vacation in Jamaica walking naked down the beach hand in hand in the warm sun.

He remembered how are breasts glistened from the perspiration beginning to bead up and how they moved with each step. He remembered her tan body and her shapely legs and began to get aroused. Without realizing it he began touching himself, lightly stroking his member with one hand, his other lightly brushing over his chest and belly.

He was thinking of her, how she would touch him and how her light touch and soft kisses would delight and excite him. He could have imagined it was someone else, Beyonce perhaps, but it was her, his lover, his wife of 20 years that he thought of. He closed his eyes and imagined her kissing his belly, her talented tongue flicking across his cock and under his balls to that sensitive spot and he moaned softly stroking his throbbing member.

She had come down stairs to see if he was all right. “Why hadn’t he come to bed yet?” She thought. She stood there watching him stroking his member and moaning quietly. She had never witnessed him do this before in the 20 years they were married, and she found herself becoming aroused watching him. She began playing with her nipples tracing them lightly, pinching and pulling them her hand brushing over them and down her belly.

She imagined him touching her, kissing her breasts, his tongue tracing the tips of her nipples and she began to get moist. As if by instinct her hand slipped down to her pussy, her middle finger parting the lips and sliding up and down the slit. She began to rub her now hard bud stifling a moan so she wouldn’t alert him to her presence.

He was stroking his throbbing cock faster now, imagining himself inside her, thrusting his hips in the air as though she were atop him. She had both hands on her pussy now. One hand held her lips apart rubbing her clit, with the middle finger of the other thrusting in and out of her dripping wet hole. She was biting her lip stifling the cries of pleasure in her throat. She could almost feel him inside her. She imagined her arching her back to meet his driving cock.

She watched as he brought himself to climax, his cock shooting his juices into the air in spurts landing on his belly and chest. She was there too, could almost feel his release inside her, she tensed, her body shook, her legs wobbled and the moan escaped alerting him to her presence as she came, her warm juices flowing down her inner thighs.

“Honey I…” he began, but with a raised finger to her pursed full lips she shushed him.
She straddled him on the couch and fixed a sexy gaze upon his deep blue eyes clutching his cock with both hands her tongue circled the head bringing him right back to arousal. She took his member into her mouth stroking it with her soft full lips cleaning his sweet musky fluids from the shaft. Her mouth moved over his belly and up his chest she lingered at his nipples her tongue flicking wildly over them before their lips met in a deep passionate kiss.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her, not wanting to ever let her go. “Was it even possible to love another the way he loved her?” he thought. She guided his stiff cock into her anxious pussy rocking easily back and forth her juices flowing freely soaking his balls while they kissed. Their tongues meeting outside open mouths danced together lightly tracing around before bringing their lips together moans of pleasure combining with twirling tongues.

She sat up on him lifting his head and holding his mouth against her erect nipples. He nibbled wildly on her tits as she bounced up and down on his member. She pulled him hard against her, her thighs gripped his sides her pussy clutched his cock and released she screamed out as her body shook again. His moans filled the room as his cock exploded inside her. Her pussy clutched and gripped his shaft milking him of all he had. She collapsed onto him his arms holding her tight. As they bathed in the after glow, their minds absent of thought or troubles their bodies warm with the deep feelings of love they shared for each other, they drifted off to sleep.