Monday, November 30, 2009

Opportunity Knocks

It was a rainy day in New York City and as anyone knows it was impossible on such days to get a cab. I had been in the city on business and knowing the weather would be bad decided to take my own car. The rain was really coming down hard as I turned onto Broadway when I noticed a young woman desperately trying to hail a cab. I recognized her as a woman I had polite conversation with while in the lunch buffet line. She was on vacation and was supposed to meet up with her cousin. She obviously failed to make her rendezvous, as she was alone and soaked to the core! She was a pretty young thing with large, penetrating blue eyes and blonde hair that fell gently past her shoulders framing an invitingly smooth neck. She had an oval face topped by short bangs and a warm friendly smile that, unlike native New Yorkers, invited polite conversation. Though rather short she was well proportioned with an attractive figure that was revealed by her tight fitting jeans and white tank top.

I decided I’d be the perfect host and offer to help her out of her predicament. I stopped in the street in front of her rolling down the passenger window. “Hey, you’re never going to get a cab now!” I said. “Can I drop you somewhere?”

“Oh, my God thank you!” she replied jumping into my car happy to be out of the downpour.

“Look at you! You’re soaked! You need to get into some dry clothes!” I said.

“I’ve got to find my cousin, she has all of our bags!” she said.

“Listen…what did you say your name was?” I asked
“Jasmine.” she replied

“I’m Steven, Steven Jacobs. Glad to meet you!” I said extending my hand. Her skin was warm and soft though wet and her touch was delicate like the flower she was named after. The name fit her well. I couldn’t place the smell of her perfume until then. Jasmine, of course!

“Listen Jasmine, I said I don’t live far from here. My wife has some clothes she was looking to donate that look as though they’ll probably fit you. Why not come back to my place take a nice hot shower and change into some dry clothes before looking for your cousin. Maybe by then this rain will have let up.” I suggested.

“Wow! You’d do that for me?” She asked incredulously. “I thought New Yorkers were mean.” She laughed with her warm inviting smile spreading across her face.

“They are.” I said, “Except me of course!” I chuckled as her contagious smile infected me.

I unlocked the door to my apartment and guided Jasmine inside. “The bathroom is down the hall first door on the left.” I said.
“Your wife isn’t home?” Jasmine asked.

“No. She’s working. She doesn’t get home until after six.” I said before I heard the sound of the shower. I took off my coat and tie and went to grab a beer from the fridge.

“Oh Steve, can you bring me a towel?” Jasmine shouted from the bathroom.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I said before retrieving the towel from the linen closet and heading towards the bathroom. Suddenly my mind started to wander. I found myself thinking about sex in the shower. The thoughts sparking my desire suddenly translated to increased blood flow to my lower extremity.

“I’ll just leave them here.” I said noticing Jasmine’s naked form distorted by the privacy glass of the shower stall.

“Thank you Steve.” She said. “Oh Steve.”

“Yes.” I said as I watched.

“Would you mind washing my back?” she asked mischievously.

I suddenly realized I was at a crossroad, the place where fantasy meets opportunity. My mind was no longer functioning, my breathing was already heavy, my heart was pounding in my chest and I was being lead by the ache in my loins.

“What?” I said checking to make sure I heard the question right.

“Wash my back.” Jasmine called back giggling.

Before she could say another word I was in the shower with her the divining rod between my legs pointing at her treasure. She turned her back to me and held her hair up off her shoulders. I poured the body wash directly into my hands and began massaging her back.

“’ve got strong hands.” She said.

I worked the lather down her curves in trembling hands caressing the cheeks of her firm and curvaceous ass before sliding them inside her inner thighs. She moaned in delight as my hands brushed along her slit.

“Ohhhh…mmmm….that feels good.” she whispered while reaching back with one hand and grasping my engorged erection. She pulled me towards her and my soapy hands came around in front massaging her ample breasts. My eager lips hungrily kissed her soft neck as she wriggled her soapy ass against my cock while the hot water streamed down our bodies.

She turned quickly around taking the body wash in her hands and stroking my cock. The sensation of her slippery hands on my member slipping over the head was driving me wild. She was biting her bottom lip and looking deep into my eyes enjoying the effect she was having on me. I looked down at her erect nipples rivulets of water flowing past them and had an irresistible urge to take them into my mouth. I drew one in rolling it around with my tongue while my fingers pulled, twisted and stroked the other. A loud moan escaped her lips as she pulled my head against her breast. She was still lightly stroking my cocking driving me into a passionate frenzy my moans of pleasure vibrating through her hardened nipples.

“Oh Jasmine …I need to be inside you!” I pleaded.

“Fuck me Steve, fuck me hard damn it!” she screamed out

I lifted her up and pinned her against the wall her legs wrapped around my back as I guided my slippery cock into her slowly. I felt her pussy twitching, clutching onto my shaft as I relished the feeling of her heat surrounding my member. Our lips came together in heated passion, our tongues thrusting together almost in rhythm with my hips. I was pumping wildly now our cries of pleasure echoed in the bathroom.

“Uh…uh….oh…yes….yes…YESSSSSSS!!!!” she cried out her pussy convulsing her release washing over me triggered my own release. I slammed into her deep pressing her against the wall my cock erupting in jets that filled her before streaming down her legs.

We held each other in a tight embrace the water continuing to shower over our bodies while we both tried to recover our breath my cock still inside her until it returned to normal.

Afterwards I gave her my wife’s clothes and a bag for her wet things. “Damn those look better on you then they did on my wife!” I exclaimed.

“Why thank you Steve!” She said giggling as she spun around as though she were modeling them for me. “I better get going. I’ve go to find my cousin before she starts to worry.” she said before kissing me and heading out.

“How long are you going to be in town?” I asked.

“Oh don’t worry Steve, you don’t owe me anything. Thanks for all your help!” she said waving goodbye.

Later, I jumped when I heard the door open thinking she changed her mind but it was my wife.

“What’s that smell?” I asked, “It smells familiar.”

“It’s a new perfume I bought on the way home, it’s called Jasmine.” She exclaimed excitedly. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Very much so.” I said, “Very much so!”

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Exam

It was that time again. I headed out to the door for my annual exam. The office was a family business shared by a husband and wife team of doctors a couple of nurses and of course the receptionist. I always hated this exam because no matter which of the doctors performed it, I always left feeling violated somehow. So, when the receptionist asked which doctor I wanted to see, him or her, I had decided I might feel better about being violated by a female for a change.

After waiting for quite some time in the obviously busier than normal office, the receptionist lead me down the hall to one of the waiting rooms and closed the door. I quickly got bored waiting for the doctor and began to check out some of the equipment in the office. I was pumping up the blood pressure machine when the nurse walked in and in a cold matter of fact voice said “Mr. Cash, that’s not a toy.” “Sorry.” I said a little embarrassed. “I am Nurse Laura, The doctors are both rather busy so I will be helping with the exams today.” She stated. Nurse Laura was somewhat attractive, though rather short and I suspect she would have been much more appealing if she wasn’t so cold. She had shoulder length blond hair pulled back and folded up and under behind her neck. Her pretty blue eyes were made more so by the light blue eye shadow she wore. She had soft pink lipstick and her nails, though not very long, were colored to match. She wore a light green sweater over her uniform, which prevented me from peering down the cleavage of her adequate but perky breasts.

She turned to read my chart and mumbled something, which I didn’t hear because I was staring at her ass and wondering if anybody was fucking that. “Mr. Cash”, I asked you to get on the scale!” she exclaimed, “This will go a lot quicker if you co operate and do as your told!” she reprimanded. Gee, I thought climbing on to the scale, what a bitch! “175, putting on a little weight I see Mr. Cash.” she teased. That woman needs a good stiff one! I thought. “Now take off you shirt Mr. Cash”, quickly” she added. “Sit up on the table” she commanded, “now Mr. Cash!” I was beginning to feel like Nurse Laura thought of me as her child. She listened to my heart, took my blood pressure without a word. “Take off your pants and underwear, bend over and place your elbows on the table” she ordered. This was the part I hated, and so I was a little reluctant to do it. “Mr. Cash, we can do this the easy way or the hard way but we’re going to do this NOW!” she exclaimed impatiently. I quickly obeyed. I could hear Nurse Laura snap on the latex gloves and applying the lubricant. “Hold still and relax” she said. “Yeah right” I thought.

Suddenly Nurse Laura had her left hand pressing between my shoulders pushing me down against the exam table, her knees spreading my legs apart as she slid her finger deep inside my ass probing my prostrate. Normally this only took a minute, but it seemed Nurse Laura was taking her time and enjoying my discomfort. “Just relax” she said as she began sliding her finger in and out. My God! I thought, This bitch is raping me! That thought began to excite me and I could feel the heat of the increased blood flow rushing through my thighs. Laura could feel it too and she took her left hand off my back and began massaging my balls. I started to relax, my breathing began to quicken and my heart began to race. “Lay on the table” Laura ordered. I complied. Laura slipped off her sweater and opened her top revealing her lovely tits. She hiked up her skirt and straddled my stomach. I was shocked to see she wasn’t wearing any panties. “Suck my tits Mr. Cash!” she ordered bending over towards my mouth. I reached up to cup them in my hands and comply with her order but she smacked my hand and then gave me a slap on the side of my ass that seemed to make my temperature rise. “I didn’t tell you to touch them she scolded, do as your told and just suck them” she ordered. I did exactly as she said. “That’s enough, now raise your knees” I complied. “Lick my pussy” she ordered as she turned she used her hands to support herself on my raised knees and she place her ass in my face so that I would service her as she ordered. My tongue began you lap at her, “not like that!” “I want you to flick your tongue as though it were a butterflies’ wing,” she ordered and I obeyed.

Funny how now all I wanted to do was please her to obey her every command! My tongue darted wildly, flicking at her pussy, the tip darting rapidly over her clitoris as she moaned in pleasure. Her pussy was dripping wet, her juices flowing readily into my eager mouth. I would do anything she asked! Her hips wriggled and her thighs tensed a moan caught in her throat and her body quivered, she was cumming and I was enjoying giving her pleasure! “That’s enough” she exclaimed breathlessly pulling her ass away from my face, rising up on her knees, taking my now throbbing cock in one hand and setting herself down slowly onto my shaft. The bulbous head of my anxious cock parted her steamy wet vulva as she guided me inside her. She held on to my knees for support and began rising up and down. Faster and faster, she rose up and down, gyrating her ass and slamming down against me. “Raise you hips,” she ordered “To my rhythm damn you!” she reprimanded and I complied, driving my cock as hard and as deep as I could, I only wanted to please my master!

Laura slammed down on me her thighs squeezing against my sides her body was shaking! I felt her pussy contract around my cock as if a hand was gripping me from inside her pulling my cock in deeper. I let loose, shooting hot jets of jism up into her hungry pussy, and with each of my contractions, her pussy contracted too as if to suck all I had to give deep inside her.

Neither of us spoke for the next minute. Then Laura got up straightened out her skirt, buttoned her blouse and sweater, and checked herself in the mirror. “That’s all for today Mr. Cash.” She said matter of fact, “We’ll see you next year.” As I was driving home I realized, I did feel less violated with a female!

Monday, November 23, 2009

English 101

When Dave Stewart, fresh out of college started his job at Orange County High School teaching English literature, he was full of enthusiasm. He was excited by the opportunity to shape these young people into productive members of society. Who knows, he thought maybe one of them would even become president! But Dave had no idea what it was like to deal with the students of Orange County High.

Dave was a rather meek individual of average height. He wasn’t particularly strong but he did manage to keep somewhat fit with his early morning jog before heading off to school. He was young and rather handsome with sandy brown hair that always had a youthful tussled appearance and sad brown eyes framed with somewhat long lashes that looked as though they belonged to a woman and gave him an almost feminine appearance. Dave was also kind of shy, a trait that was in conflict with his determined nature and made him reluctant to ask the direct question of a date with the object of his affection, Sally the girls gym teacher. In college he attended many a peace rally but he always avoided confrontation with the police and arrest, but when he had to he wouldn’t hesitate to become involved although it usually didn’t turn out well for him. Once in his first week on the job he stepped between two of the football team players engaged in a fight over a cheerleader. Dave ended up being rescued by Sally and the coach of the football team managing to escape with a black eye.

Dave was adamant about departing knowledge unto his students though and insisted that they all do their assignments and complete them on time. He knew in the real world there would be consequences for those that didn’t live up to what was expected of them, and he wasn’t going to pass someone like Sandy just because she was a senior and captain of the cheerleading squad.

Sandy was a statuesque girl with long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. She always wore the best clothes, carried a Gucci bag and wore Prada shoes. Sandy was used to getting what she wanted. She was terribly spoiled by her stockbroker father who bought her anything she asked for, if she asked in the right way, and she learned how to do that from the time she could speak her first words. All she had to do was get good grades in school, good enough to get her into an Ivy league school like Brown University her father’s Alma Mata.

It wasn’t so easy for her to get what she wanted from Mr. Stewart, a passing grade. She tried sweet talk, dressing sexy and bending over his desk allowing him to see her ample cleavage. All this made Dave nervous but he never did relent. Sandy was getting desperate. She had to come up with a plan to get her grades up and she enlisted her best friend Jenny to help her carry it out.

Jenny was co captain of the cheerleading squad and was a lot like her friend Sandy, rich, beautiful, and spoiled. She had long dark hair pulled up on either side of her head and secured with elastic “crunchies”. She wore a tight white top with a curved neckline that passed over the top of her firm, perky, 34c cup breasts revealing just enough cleavage to draw the attention of one’s eyes for a hopeful glimpse of more. She had light brown eyes with specs of green around the circumference that called to mind a flower of some sort.
Sandy and Jenny had Mr. Stewart’s English class last period and their plan was set to go!
It was five minutes before the bell when Sandy staged a mock argument with Jenny presumably over a boy. They were out of their chairs shouting at each other and began a shoving match when Dave stepped between them. “Okay girls, break it up!” Exclaimed Dave. He had them sit in the front row on opposite sides of the room. “I want to see both of you after class.” Dave said in his best stern voice. The girls gave each other a glance a wry smirk on their faces. Their plan was working!

The bell rang and the class rushed out of the room heading for the busses that would take them home while Jenny and Sandy waited. “Okay girls, you want to tell me what this was all about?” Asked Dave. The girls walked up to the front of his desk, gave each other a glance and began shouting, “I heard she was making out with my boyfriend” yelled Sandy. Dave stepped between them again. “Look you two are best friends, you shouldn’t be fighting over something you heard, now shake hands and make up” Dave instructed.

The girls started to comply, first shaking hands, then hugging, pulling each other tighter together, then looking deeply into each other’s eyes and suddenly pressing their lips together, kissing deeply their hot young mouths parting tongues clashing flicking passionately one tracing the lips of the other. Dave watched in shock, his jaw dropped, not knowing what to do and feeling somewhat embarrassed by this display of passionate expression between these two beautiful girls.

Sandy and Jenny’s hands were now feeling each other’s body roaming freely over their breasts while kissing passionately. Dave was standing by trying to think how he could stop them, separate them, but he couldn’t focus, his mind was racing and he could feel the growing excitement straining against the zipper of his kaki slacks. “Girls, girls!” Dave shouted placing his hands on the girl’s tummies trying to pry them apart. “Stop that now!” Dave demanded as they parted flanking Dave on his sides. “What’s wrong Mr. Stewart?” Sandy asked in a sexy tone her hot breath splashing over Dave’s left ear warming the side of his neck. Jenny followed suit on his right side “Oh we didn’t mean to ignore you Mr. Stewart.” The girl’s hands were exploring Dave’s chest stroking over his nipples and his belly teasing his pulsating manhood through his slacks on one side and roaming over his back and ass on the other.

Dave was frozen, he wanted to protest, but it felt so good! He knew it was wrong but all he could manage was a weak demand to stop that was ignored by the girls. Jenny dropped to her knees as she undid Dave’s slacks. Sandy was sucking his neck, nibbling his ears and tongue kissing him passionately as she undid his shirt. Jenny freed his pulsating prick and engulfed it, swallowing his sword down to his balls. Her head was bobbing up and down his glistening shaft as she stroked him. Sandy was biting his chest nibbling and licking his nipples while Dave just tilted his head back his eyes closed and moaned “noooo…”

Dave had given up to the seduction. His mind had become blank refusing to accept the signals from his brain telling him this was wrong. All he could do now was focus on the pleasure signals that seemed to originate over his entire body flooding his brain and carrying him away like the outgoing tide does a powerless boat.

Sandy swept the books and things off of Dave’s desk in one motion and pushed him back. She hiked up her skirt revealing her panty less pussy and the garter that held her white thigh high hose. She straddled his body clutching his cock and guided him into her honey hole. Sandy’s pussy was tight and wet and obviously very experienced. Sandy was in complete control contracting her muscles onto Dave’s throbbing cock as she slid up and down on him. Dave just kept his eyes closed not wanting to look but only to give in to the pleasure.

Jenny had retreated to get the cell phone and film the momentous event just as they planned. She watched and filmed as Sandy bucked wildly on Dave’s member. She was moaning now enjoying the feeling of power and dominance over her authority figure as well as the throbbing cock that slid against her hard bud. Jenny had resorted to giving herself pleasure seeing her friend in control and moaning, watching her manipulate Dave’s cock the taste of his pre cum still on her lips left her wanting. She rubbed her clit rapidly in small circles moaning until she couldn’t hold back and crying out as her pussy spasmed cum dripping down her trembling thighs.

The sight of her friend’s release was too much for Sandy. She slammed down of Dave’s cock taking him all inside her as her cunt quaked and twitched in waves of orgasmic release. Dave let loose simultaneously unable to withstand the cunt clutching his cock and milking him of his cum his cock erupted hot spurts of jism propelled from the tip like ash from a volcano filling Sandy’s pussy and dripping down his ass and onto his desk.

Sandy left Dave panting on his desk, got up, put her arm around her friend Jenny, and kissed her passionately. “Did you get it all?” Sandy asked. Jenny played back the video captured on her phone, “It’s all right here!” she exclaimed. “So Dave, I guess Jenny and I will be getting an A in this class.” Sandy said sarcastically as she and Jenny left the room.

Dave just lay on his desk thinking, “What could I have done?” “I should have stopped them!” He was struggling with whether or not he should tell the girls. Dave believed everything a person did in life had a consequence. He knew what he did was wrong, “But what about what they did, wasn’t there a consequence for their actions?” he wondered.
He decided not to tell them about the outbreak of herpes he suffered from. He was surprised they hadn’t noticed the blisters. He’ll give them an A for the course he thought it will be up to them to decide if it was worth it.


I had just sat down with my cup of Starbucks coffee and the Times opened up to the classifieds intent on finding another job when I noticed her. She was sitting on the chair across from the table from me when she caught me glancing up from my paper to view the person whose shadow had just passed over me. Most people would have then just looked away, perhaps after giving a nod or a smile as a sort of polite acknowledgement of the other, but she was different.

She had fixed her gaze upon me and held a smile that seemed to indicate a familiarity with me. I smiled back studying her face trying to place it, to figure out where I knew her from. She pulled her chair closer her eyes continued to hold my gaze. She was dressed entirely in black. A long lace black skirt that fell to her creamy white ankles framed with black high heels. She wore a knit v-neck black top that hugged her shapely figure tightly restraining ample breasts that almost seemed to beg to be freed. A black lace vest covered her top in an attempt to conceal her curvaceous carriage from ogling onlookers.

She had long straight black hair that reached to the small of her back which she brushed away from her face with the long thin fingers tipped with long black coated fingernails of her creamy white hands. She had long bangs that fell over beautifully shaped eyebrows that framed her milky white face. Her lips were full, colored with black lipstick and lined with black lip liner, which served to accentuate and define their shape.

But it was her eyes that were most intriguing! They were dark and mysterious. She wore black eye shadow on her eyelids and the contrast against the milky white of her eye sockets gave an illusion of depth. Black eyeliner top and bottom traced her eyelids and came together extending past the outside corners of her eyes. Thick dark mascara on her long eyelashes served as a veil over her eye sockets almost meeting up with her long bangs.

Her dark eyes called out to me, invited me in to investigate the mystery. I found myself staring our eyes locked upon each other. I could see something there and began to squint and strain to make out what it was, a reflection perhaps of myself and I felt as though I were kneeling by a dark pond examining my own features I was no longer in Starbucks!

“You are looking for an opportunity?” The hushed voice seemed to come to me from inside my head as I nodded in confirmation. “Come with me” the voice spoke and again I nodded. I remember getting up and leaving arm in arm but after that I couldn’t remember how I ended up where we went next.

I was in a dark place, a basement maybe lit only with torches and candles. I was unable to move my arms or my legs. I was naked on a stone table a carved pentagram beneath me the points of which fixed the locations of my restraints, leather straps that held my wrists, ankles and my head from movement.

Surrounding the table were silent dark hooded figures. They appeared to be waiting for something. I tried to call out but my voice was gone. I tried screaming, and still nothing! Then out of the corner of my eye came a shadowy figure a hood covered the head. The figures surrounding the table kneeled and bowed placing their hands upon me as they began to chant. "Tonight is the lusty eve of May. Blessed be the fertile Goddess" and Tonight is the lusty eve of May. Blessed be the Horned God" then Tonight is the lusty eve of May. Blessed be the sacred marriage that manifests all creation."

Fertile god, fertile goddess? Marriage? What the hell is this I thought? The figures around the table discarded their robes revealing their naked bodies alternating men and women. Each of the men held an Athame, a sort of curved dull black knife. The hooded figure I saw last out of the corner of my eye took up a position at the foot of the table discarding her robe. I saw immediately it was the woman from Starbucks! “My name is Wanda, you have been chosen.” she said in the same voice I heard in my head before.

"Behold the phallus of the God. The fertilizing principal of the universe” she said as the men held their athames up over their heads the women began running their hands over my body, brushing my nipples with a delicate touch, stroking my cock and squeezing my balls. They began kissing my body, nibbling my chest, neck and thighs. Some were flicking their tongues over my cock, which had already become stiff from all of the attention.

Two men lifted Wanda up to the table, her naked body stood above me her dark eyes locked onto mime. "Behold the womb of the Goddess. The well spring from which all life flows." Wanda said as the women raised golden chalices above their heads Wanda licked her fingers sliding them down over her beautiful breasts brushing lightly over her already erect nipples her fingers found her eager slit. With one hand she spread the lips of her pussy exposing her clit. She held her bud in between her index and middle fingers with one hand while the other lightly stroked the tip. Her gaze was locked onto mine as her tongue traced her shapely lips and soft moans escaped her throat.

"As we become one, we are one. As we are one, we become one." Moaned Wanda as the men around the table placed their athames into the chalices held by the women they all began to chant; "Love and light and laughter be, Lord and lady bring to me. As above, so below. Make my prosperity grow."

With that the men lifted the ladies onto the table their back to me. The men stepped between the legs of their women. The women began stroking their cocks while the men were sliding their moistened fingers into the women facing them. The room was filled with a chorus of moans when Wanda began to squat taking my now throbbing cock in her hand and guiding it skillfully inside her. As my cock entered her depths, the men around the table entered the women facing them sliding stiff as steel shafts into the rapacious pussys of their women in rhythmic strokes and a chorus of moans with legs locked around them pulling them in.

I couldn’t speak, moans of delight escaped silently from my lips. Wanda’s pussy felt hot wet and silky around my cock. With every up and down motion it felt as though a thousand tongues were tantalizing me. Heat and energy spread out over my body from the bottom of my glistening wet shaft a warm calm excitement overtook my body as Wanda was thrusting hard up and down on me, slamming her exquisite ass hard against my balls, rocking and bucking rubbing her clit against my rod the head of my cock pressing against her womb. The almost deafening moans echoed throughout the room when all at once couples began to scream out as one after another reached their height of pleasure. I could feel Wanda’s pussy spasm, twitch and convulse as she slammed down on me one last time throwing her head back while vigorously rubbing her clit and screaming as she came in wave after wave. My cock erupted too the hot musky fluid squirting deep inside Wanda washing over her womb filling her up and spilling out of her pussy and over my aching balls.

In a breathless chorus the group chanted, "Blessed be the Great Rite. The Lord and Lady reign eternal." Then Wanda answered with "By this act of love, all life comes to be."
The group began chanting again Stay if you will, go if you must, in perfect love and perfect trust" over and over as my conciseness began to fade.

I was back at Starbucks sitting across from Wanda when she asked, “Are you still using that sugar?” “You’re a witch!” I shouted as I jumped to my feet. “Perhaps you should lay off the caffeine mister,” she said angrily as she turned to leave. “What the hell just happened?” I thought. My balls ached. I looked up at the clock. I’ve been here for more than 2 hours! “Was it a dream?” I wondered. “Hell of a dream” I thought!

A Convenient Fantasy

A Convenient Fantasy

Julie was excited! She couldn’t wait for Bob to get home. They had both talked about it ever since Julie told him about the sex toy party she was invited to at their neighbor Cindy’s house. She had planned this surprise for some time and tonight was the night they were going to take their sex life to the next level.

Julie, a bright, blued eyed, pretty woman with short, straight blond hair that fell just short of her shoulders and Bob a rather straight laced fellow of average height and build had been married for more than ten years. Like many couples that have been together for so long their lovemaking became, well, let’s just say it was predictable. You see, Bob was an office manager and was comfortable making decisions. So, it was only natural that in the bedroom, Bob would be the one to decide when and how their lovemaking would take place.

Julie on the other hand was an avid reader. She often read the articles in the women’s magazines that you see displayed on the check out lines at the supermarket. We’ve all seen these, “Ten sex secrets your man won’t tell you” or “Five sexy moves no man can resist.” Although Julie was curious about such things, she was not the kind of person that could take charge in bed, and though she would try out some of the things she learned, Bob would often object if it was too far from their norm. Bob used to say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

It was only natural that when Cindy, a voluptuous brunette with beautiful green eyes invited Julie to the sex toy party that her curiosity would compel her to accept. Cindy, a divorcee that lived well just from her generous alimony enjoyed having these parties. She enjoyed selling and was indeed quite good at it. If it wasn’t this it was Tupperware or jewelry, or some other party but she always did well because she was so convincing at getting her friends to buy, a real “closer”. Julie was no match for Cindy’s power of persuasion. Cindy managed to sell her hundreds of dollars worth of toys, lingerie and oils. She even convinced her to by the “rabbit” a two-headed affair that could be inserted into her depths and would stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

The coup de gras was when Cindy was showing the strap on dildo to the group. “Now I need a volunteer for a demonstration.” Cindy said, “How about you Julie?” “Oh I don’t know, I don’t think I should” Julie stammered. “I’m not asking if you should Julie, I’m just saying you need to spice things up with Bob, and I’m going to show you how!” Cindy replied in a commanding tone. “But I wouldn’t know what to do with...’” Julie started to reply but was interrupted by Cindy. “Just get over here I’ll show you what you have to do!” Cindy commanded.

Cindy placed the strap on around Julie’s waist the large phallus stood erect from her crotch. Cindy then got down on all fours. “Now get behind me and pretend I’m Bob, remember now you’re in command!” Cindy exclaimed. Julie did as she was told sliding the massive dildo between Cindy’s legs. “Come on Julie thrust those hips like you mean it!” Cindy commanded as the group of women squealed, chuckled, and egged Julie on. Again Julie did as she was told. She was amazed at the power she felt being dominant for the first time. She clutched on to Cindy’s hips and began thrusting harder, the dildo sliding between Cindy’s legs was making her wet and Julie almost forgot where she was.
“Hold on sister, don’t get too carried away there!” Cindy joked. The slightly embarrassed Julie apologized meekly “I’m sorry.” And then exclaimed, “I’ll take it!” to the delight of the ladies in the group.

Julie had no idea what she and Bob would do with her new toy. She just knew she had to have it. Still, she had purchased lots of other things that she could introduce to Bob like the oils, candles, edible panties, lingerie and even a pair of fluffy handcuffs. She might even convince him to incorporate her new “rabbit” into one of their sessions, she thought as she waited for Bob to arrive home.

After a romantic dinner and a bottle of wine Julie dressed in the lingerie she bought at the party waited in bed for Bob to exit the bathroom. Scented candles illuminated the room as soft music played. Julie held the vibrator in her hand and began to massage herself with the tip. She imagined she was being watched through the window and this thought excited her further. “Julie!” Bob exclaimed as he exited the bathroom wearing only a look of shock on his face, “Are you starting without me?” he asked. “Oh Bob I was just imagining you staring at me through the window and I got just so excited!” Julie exclaimed. “Please make my fantasy come true. I think it will be well worth your while!” Julie pleaded. “Okay, Bob said reluctantly “but I have some fantasies of my own in mid for you my love.”

Bob slipped out the back and peered through the blinds as Julie pleasured herself with the rabbit her moans nearly drowning out the music. Bob was actually enjoying the show. So much so that he began stroking his engorged erection and didn’t notice when the cop came up behind him, “Hey pervert!” the cop yelled grabbing Bob’s wrist, pulling it behind his back and cuffing him. “But this is my house!” Bob protested. “Sure creep. I don’t suppose you have any ID?” the cop asked sarcastically. “Now where would I put it if I had it?” Bob asked. “That’s what I thought. Come along wise guy.” The cop said pulling the protesting Bob by his arm and loading him into the squad car before driving off.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming!” Julie screamed as her body shook her pussy convulsing on the rabbit and oblivious to what just happened outside. Cindy slipped in through the back and stood at the edge of the bed watching as Julie began to compose herself. Julie sensing a presence in the room opened her eyes and gasped seeing the beautiful Cindy naked before her the huge strap on pointing in her direction. “Cindy!” Is this the fantasy Bob was talking about?” asked Julie as she glanced towards the window. “I’m going to demonstrate how this strap on is supposed to be used” Cindy said climbing into the bed and spreading Julie’s legs with her knees before bending over her and kissing her tenderly on her trembling lips.

Julie’s heart began racing as she imagined what Cindy was going to do to her while Bob watched. She couldn’t believe Bob had these kinds of thoughts. Cindy pressed her lips against Julie’s and opened her mouth her tongue darted inside touching, flicking, tasting and feeling the warm moist insides. Julie responded in kind extremely excited to be kissing a woman for the first time! Cindy’s mouth moved anxiously under Julie’s chin then around her neck and down to her collarbone, while the dildo pressed against Julie’s already soaking wet slit. Cindy drew the erect nipple into her mouth sucking hard her tongue dancing wildly over the tip as Julie clutched at her head pulling her tighter against her breast gasping in pleasure.

Cindy teased Julie pussy with the dildo sliding it between the lips dragging it up and down her slit and rubbing her clit with the head. Julie was arching her back wanting to feel the large member inside her and Cindy obliged. Pressing her hips forward parting her pussy and pushing the phallus slowly into her silky wet hole. Julie responded by wrapping her kegs around Cindy and pressing her heels into her back urging Cindy to burry the bone to the bottom of her well. Cindy was moving in and out of Julie, sliding the slippery shaft in a slow rhythm but Julie wanted more! Julie reached for the rabbit flipped it on and guided it into Cindy’s ass causing Cindy to cry out and thrust the dildo deep into Julie’s quivering cunt.

Cindy was thrusting wildly now one end of the rabbit in her ass the extension vibrating at her opening as she moaned and screamed cumming over and over as she thrust into Julie. Julie was panting her heart pounded as her screams filled the room. Both women were blind with passion unaware of their surroundings their bodies responding in primal fashion to the mutual pleasure doled out by their partners. They collapsed in a clump arms wrapped around each other kissing tenderly while they tried to catch their breath, their bodies spent, the sheets wet with perspiration and the juices that had flowed readily from their passion.

Bob paced nervously back and forth in the cell wearing the oversize orange sweats that were issued to him. It was cold and he was tired and annoyed, not just because his night of pleasure with his wife was ruined but also because some runt was hogging two blankets. Bob grabbed one of the blankets yanking it away in one swift motion. “Thanks asshole now would you mind moving over and giving me some room. I need to get some sleep!” Bob said angrily. “Hey!” Came the shout from across the cell by the very large and mean looking cellmate, “Don’t be messin wit my bitch!” He walked over menacingly towards Bob. “Now let me show you how dis works muhta fucka!” he said as he grabbed Bob and shoved him onto the bunk. “I’m da masta here and now you’re my bitch!” he said yanking the orange sweat pants down to Bob’s ankles.

Julie and Cindy were resting in each other’s arms gently stroking each other’s hair and kissing each other lightly. “Now that you know how to use this it’s going to be your turn next” Cindy said. “Gee, Bob’s been gone a long time I wonder what happened to him?” Julie asked. “Oh, I have no idea!” Cindy said. “Well I hope I delivered on his fantasy.” Julie said. “I’m sure he got more then he could have imagined.” Cindy said a grin spreading across her face.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Card Night

It was already 8PM and Allen and John had been waiting for more than an hour. They had come to Steve’s house for the weekly game of cards and viewing whatever game was on TV at the time. Allen, John and Steve were all first year college students, athletes and best friends. They worked out together at the gym every morning except Sunday when they slept in recovering from the Saturday night partying they indulged in.

Allen was the strongest of the three with budging biceps, a barrel chest and thick thighs, the perfect build for his position as the running back on the school football team. John was a gymnast with no more than 5% body fat he displayed excellent definition of all his muscles six pack abs, tight gluts and the flexibility of a snake! Steve was the track star tall and lanky with great speed and stamina he supplemented his workouts with a part time job loading trucks for UPS.

Cindy at 45 still was attractive. She didn’t look her age at all! She kept her blond hair longer than her shoulders, which added to her youthful appearance. She like her son Steve was a runner. Indeed it was because of her that Steve had developed his interest in track. Steve was only 12 when his father walked out on them and that was when Cindy began running. She made Steve go with her partly because she didn’t want to leave him alone and partly because she felt it was a good way to spend quality time together.

Cindy jumped at the sound of the phone. She had been sitting with Allen and John sharing a beer and enjoying relaxed conversation. They had been Steve’s friends for a long time and she was quite comfortable socializing with them. They talked about everything, their schoolwork, their families, and even their girlfriends with her. Cindy was the mom that everybody thought was cool. She was beautiful and as teenagers all of Steve’s friends talked about their fantasies of being with her, at least until Steve got angry.

“Looks like Steve isn’t going to make it tonight boys, the weather is getting worse and the trucks are running way behind” Cindy reported “If it keeps snowing like this he may have to sleep there!” Cindy exclaimed. “Well we can’t play cards with just the two of us why don’t you take his place Cindy?” suggested John. “I’m not much of a card player” said Cindy “all I know how to play is strip poker.” She teased. “All right!” shouted Allen “Game on” he said passing out another round of beers.

Cindy giggled, she was well versed in poker and was not the least bit worried about losing this game! She imagined her son’s friends sitting across the table from her stripped down to their skivvies looking all embarrassed and that thought of their naked bodies sent a shudder down her spine that seemed to ignite a flame between her legs. She could feel the heat spreading down to her inner thighs before she caught herself.

One hour and three beers later both boys were exactly as Cindy imagined they’d be, except she had lost her blouse with a pair of aces in her hand and nothing significant showing on the river save a king when added to the two held by John gave him his unexpected victory.

The beers were beginning to get to Cindy. She lost another hand and was now forced to slip out of her jeans. She was beginning to worry. She couldn’t concentrate on the cards anymore. Her mind kept imagining erotic fantasies with her card buddies. How did she let it get this far? One thing was certain she wasn’t about to lose! She dealt out the cards looking at Allen’s barrel chest and imagining his bulging arms wrapped around her, her eyes moved to John and a image of them together in a weird sexual position flashed across her mind and she felt her pussy begin to moisten. The river! A pair of sixes for Allen, a pair of jacks for John, Cindy displayed her cards, a pair of queens!

“Okay boys, you lose” Cindy squealed in excitement. Allen and John stood up looked at each other and looked at Cindy as they slowly peeled their briefs from their muscular bodies. Cindy eyed them up and down in awe as her mind flashed with erotic images of them. Her nipples swelled pushing against her bra and her pussy was getting wetter now dampening her panties.

John and Allen were eyeing Cindy up and down. They noticed her erect nipples and thoughts of the object to their teenage fantasies becoming a reality sent the blood pumping into their youthful anxious cocks extending like pointers towards the hunters prey.

Cindy stood up her legs shaking as Allen moved behind her sliding the chair away from the table. He put his strong hands on her shoulders kissing her lightly at the nape of her neck. John cleared the table and dropped to his knees sliding his hands up her legs under her panties and cupped her firm ass while he gripped her damp panties in his teeth ripping them from her body. Allen had unhooked her bra and was cupping her now heaving breasts tracing the erect nipples lightly with his fingers while nibbling her neck.

Meanwhile John was nibbling and licking the insides of Cindy’s thighs, lapping up the moisture that was now dripping steadily from her quivering pussy his hands massaged her ass and extended fingers reached under her from behind tickling the spot between her ass and her slit. Cindy tilted her head back and to the side her eyes closed moaning with sensory overload as Allen’s lips pressed against hers, their tongues clashing in a fit of passion.

John gripped Cindy’s ass tightly and began to lift her up. Allen followed his lead guiding her back down onto the table. Allen was leaning over her head from behind kissing her deeply, passionately as he pinched and rolled her nipples in between his fingers and allowed his hands to wander over her belly and back over her breasts. John’s mouth was now massaging Cindy’s ravenous pussy, his strong hands holding her trembling thighs wide open, his fingers spreading the lips of her pussy apart, his lips teeth and tongue in attack mode assaulting Cindy’s clitoris as her cries of ecstasy filled the room.

Now Allen’s mouth launched into attack mode. He was bent over Cindy sucking and nibbling her erect nipples, biting her belly tracing her tits with his tongue and lightly flicking wildly over the tips.

Cindy was lost in pleasure and passion. She no longer had control over her body. Pleasure seemed to becoming from every part of her. Her heart pounded and her chest was rising up and down with quick deep breaths. Her ears were ringing as she squealed and moaned in delight. She tilted her head back off the edge of the table to find Allen swollen throbbing cock poised at her lips. She took it in to her mouth with both hands her tongue circling the head wildly flicking along the vein gorged with blood. She guided him into her mouth swallowing his entire shaft. Allen clutched her breasts tightly throwing his head back and moaning in delight thrusting his hips forward and back sliding his thick cock in and out of her mouth over her full lips.

John took Cindy’s ankles and lifted them over his neck. He guided his rapacious cock into Cindy’s wanting cunt. Cindy could only gag as John’s long shaft penetrated her wet pink depths. He used his thumbs to massage her clit as his hips moved harder and faster back and forth. Cindy’s pussy gripped and released his cock over and over again causing John to scream out in pleasure. Her thighs tensed and her body convulsed her pussy twitching violently as she released cuming and cuming in waves her cries stifled by Allen’s huge cock which was now filling her mouth with what seemed like quarts of musky sweet jism spilling out of her and running down the side of her face.

John made his final thrust slamming his balls against Cindy’s soaking wet pussy the head of his long cock pressing against her womb, his fluids filling her up inside and dripping down the crack of her ass. John collapsed on top of her his head resting upon her left breast his hot breath flowing over Cindy’s still erect sensitive nipple.

Allen had collapsed too. His head lay on Cindy’s moist belly panting hot air over her still dripping wet pussy. Cindy’s head lay back gasping for air, her body so sensitive that even the invisible hairs stood at attention. “These boys aren’t very good at cards,” she thought, “but they sure are useful.” “Anybody up for another round?” she quipped breathlessly.

A Fantasy Fulfilled

Bill and Carol enjoyed a very special relationship as husband and wife. They openly discussed their wants, desires, fears and dreams without the worry of judgment or criticism. They would often lie in bed and discuss a range of topics, the weather, world hunger, or the morality of today’s youth. No matter what the topic, the subject matter eventually lead to a discussion of sex, which of course became foreplay and then, well you could imagine the rest.

They often talked about their sexual fantasies and they did their best to make one another’s wishes come true. Their desire for each other was unrestrained, their love so incredibly intense that they would do anything to make each other happy and to keep their love life fresh and exciting. Once Carol caught Bill eyeing a friend of hers at a dinner party held at their home. Later while in bed Carol pretended to be Susan, teasing Bill. Almost jokingly Bill suggested how great it would be to have Susan and Carol at the same time. It wasn’t long after that Carol convinced her friend Susan to share her husband for which Bill was eternally grateful!

It was with that in mind and a recent bed time discussion about how many partners could one satisfy at once that Bill decided to surprise Carol and test her theory. Bill choose three of his closest friends to help him, Jim, John, and Harry. Frankly, he didn’t think Carol could handle the 5 she claimed she could and besides Bill didn’t have any more friends he would be comfortable getting naked with.

Bill got home early that night and prepared the room with scented candles, soft music, five glasses of red wine, and had a warm bath ready. His guests waited elsewhere in the house and after allowing Bill several minutes to prepare Carol, would enter the bedroom in 5-minute intervals based on the numbers they drew from a hat.

Carol walked into the door right on time and was surprised to be greeted by Bill who lead her by the hand into the bedroom. “Oh Bill!” she exclaimed wrapping her arms tight around his neck and kissing him passionately, “Just what I needed!” she said with relief. Bill lead her to the bath, “There’s much more in store for you tonight honey” Bill said with a hint of mystery.

Carol stepped out of the tub slipped into her red satin robe and walked towards the bed where Bill was waiting naked holding two glasses of wine. Bill handed one to Carol they clinked their glasses placed them to their lips their eyes locked upon each other as they tipped the glasses emptying the contents. Bill took Carol by the hand pulling her onto the bed he slipped the robe from her soft round shoulders and began kissing her neck softly behind her ears. His hands slid slowly and gently up her sides brushing lightly over her breasts. Bill’s warm moist lips moved steadily tracing a line from Carol’s ear lobe down her neck across her soft shoulders and back to her ear lobe where he whispered “So many men, so little time.”

At that point Jim entered the room drained the glass of wine and climbed in the bed on Carol’s right side. Carol looked at Jim then at Bill a wide grin spread across his face as he whispered, “Surprise” and their lips met in a deep passionate kiss. While their tongues danced Jim’s anxious lips began kissing Carol’s neck, shoulders and breasts. His tongue traced her areola and erect nipple. He locked his quivering lips on her nipple pulling it gently and sucking it back into his mouth stroking it, her moans were lost in Bills open mouth. Bill began kissing her left breast, sucking and stroking her nipple his tongue darting and flicking wildly over the erect tip. Carol could feel a throbbing cock pressing against her on both sides and realizing in order to live up to her claim she would need to pleasure both of them!

This was going to harder than she thought. The feelings of pleasure she was receiving from having both of her breasts stimulated at the same time by different men made it extremely hard to concentrate, but she would do her best. She grabbed each man’s cock in a hand palming the head her light touch softly stroking their stiff shafts and caressing their balls as the men continued to make love to her nipples with wet hungry lips.

Just then John joined the party downing his glass of wine he took up a position above Carols head and bending over he pressed his lips against hers his their tongues entwined and encircled each others as Jim and Bill moved up and Down Carol’s body from her navel to her heaving breasts their lips sucking softly on her skin and pulling slowly away.
John’s cock had sprung up and was poised at Carols lips. Carol began kissing the purple head her tongue flicked lightly around his shaft sending tingling sensations down to John’s balls as he moaned in satisfaction. John’s hands found Carol’s anxious breasts and he began rolling her swollen nipples between his fingers while Bill and Jim turned moving their hunger mouths down over Carols mound to her inner thighs.

Bill and Jim were sucking biting and nibbling the upper inner thighs of Carols open legs. Carol was squirming her hips in delight electric shocks of pleasure sent waves of heat surging up her thighs to her already soaking wet pussy. She was still caressing the cock’s of Bill and Jim and now had John’s cock deep in her mouth her moans of pleasure pulsating down his powerful prick causing it to jump inside her eager mouth.

Harry was now positioned between Carol’s legs lifting them up over his neck he guided his already erect rod towards her quivering anxious hole. Bill and Jim were taking turns sucking nibbling and biting her clit their eager tongues lapping at her juices their fingers parting her swollen wet pussy lips in turn. Harry slid his throbbing tool into her honey hole. Her quivering cunt swallowed him clutching his shaft and releasing.

Carol was lost. She was on automatic pilot! A veritable fucking machine! A heap of hot pleasure was literally shooting out from every part of her body. She no longer knew that John’s cock was pumping vigorously in and out of her mouth. She forgot about the cocks she was stroking wildly in each hand, She was bucking wildly arching her back to receive Harry’s powerful thrusts while Bill and Jim licked and sucked her clit and thighs John was still palming her breasts pulling and twisting her nipples. Carol was completely unaware of any world outside the pleasure centers of her body.

Carol couldn’t take much more her pussy was convulsing cumming again and again. She couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop. John exploded in her mouth pumping his seed into the back of her throat which Carol did her best to swallow but the volume was such that it spilled down the sides of her face. Harry’s cock erupted next with each spurt he thrust his hips forward plowing his balls against Carol’s ass her pussy milking him of every least drop of seed their mingled juices spilling out of her and flowing down the crack of her ass. Bill came next pumping hot jest of his musty milk high in the air landing on Carol’s heaving belly. Jim was right behind his fluids soaking Carol’s chest.

The five of them lay breathless on the bed in a daze from an experience that none of them imagined they would ever have. Carol was never happier. Not only because of the love she had for Bill who she knew would do anything for her. Not just because of the amazing pleasure she just received. No, that was all well and good but what mattered most was that she was able to please 4 men at once, and she was sure if Bill had one more friend, she would have made him happy too!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Lover's Dissapointment

Rob and Jenny sat anxiously outside in the waiting room for the results of her pregnancy test.

“I hope it’s a girl just like you Jenny!” Rob exclaimed.

“I’d like a little boy just like you Rob, strong and confident, someone who can look after me when I’m old.” Jenny said inadvertently reminding Rob of the twenty years difference in their age.

“It really doesn’t matter much.” Rob assured, “As long as it’s healthy.”

Rob thought back to how they first met. Rob has been depressed and alone after Carol walked out on him. She had been having an affair with another man and she had gotten pregnant with his child. Rob was devastated. All he ever wanted was a family. He and his ex had been trying for ten years! At least that’s what he thought. Carol never stopped taking her birth control pills, well until she met Steve, but by then Rob and Carol weren’t making love all that much. That last year Carol was avoiding having sex with Rob. Rob had thought that perhaps Carol was feeling frustrated because she couldn’t get pregnant and lost interest in sex. He decided to give her space to let her work things out on her own since she rejected counseling or even discussing the matter with him.

“When you’re ready to talk Carol, I’ll be here for you.” Rob had told her in that reassuring voice.

It wasn’t long after that when Carol announced to Rob “I’m pregnant!”

“But how can that be, we haven’t made love in months!” Rob exclaimed.

The reality became quite clear when Carol explained “There’s someone else Rob. The baby is his and I’m afraid, I’m leaving you. We want to be married and raise the child together.”

Bob stood in shock before all the air left his lungs and his shoulders slumped. There was no use in even trying to change her mind. She had betrayed him in so many ways. He would never be able to forgive her nor could he ever raise another man’s child.

“I’m sorry Rob.” Carol said before packing a bag and walking out on him.

Rob spent the next year in almost total isolation. Working as much overtime as possible before coming home and surfing the net. He built a page on myspace hoping to connect with old friends perhaps even his first love, Liz. Liz was the first woman Rob ever made love to. A slim athletic blond with pretty green eyes, Liz guided Rob through his first sexual experience and he was hooked! They spent the rest of the summer together after graduation making love every chance they could until they went off to separate colleges. Then one day shortly after attending his first classes, Rob got an e-mail from Liz telling him it would be better if he began dating others, and that was the last he heard from her.
He never forgot her though and when he came across Jenny’s page he was immediately taken aback by the resemblance! Jenny could have been Liz’s twin! She looked exactly as Rob remembered Liz looked that summer before they parted, and even though she was only seventeen at the time Rob decided to invite her as a friend.

“Hi. I can’t believe that my first love is here just as I left her twenty years ago! I don’t want to lose you again, let’s stay connected,” he wrote.

When Jenny saw Rob’s picture posted with his message she felt drawn to him. She always had a thing for older guys and this guy was indeed handsome with his dark black hair and warm “puppy dog” eyes. She was touched by his message as well as flattered that a man his age would be interested in her so she accepted his invite. Jenny never really understood why she was attracted to older men. Perhaps it was because she was raised as an only child by her mother and envied all of her friends that had fathers. Maybe it was because boys her age seemed so immature and not interested in the things in life that are important like family and commitment, but her affinity for older men was unmistakable.

Over the next several months they chatted with each other often. At first it was on the computer but then it was via telephone. They had become very familiar and personal with each other, intimate even! Well as intimate as a couple can get over the phone as they talked about how they would pleasure each other while they masturbated listening to the sounds of the other’s moans while they brought themselves to release. Rob felt guilty about this relationship at first but with Jenny’s resemblance to Liz was so strong, it seemed to transport him back in time to his youth and suddenly he was the same age as she! Jenny had that effect on Rob making him feel young again and in spite of the age difference he wanted her, loved her! He wanted to spend his life together with her and to have a family with her, so for her eighteenth birthday he sent her airline tickets to fly from Chicago to New York to meet him.

Rob picked her up in a limo at the airport and they spent their first night together in the city. Rob had scheduled a whole evening of events to impress the woman of his dreams. They started out with a dinner and the best five star restaurants in town, La Bernardin. They dined on delicious French cuisine in glamour and class enjoying expensive French wine. From there they went to one of the hottest dance clubs in the city, Baktun. They danced the night away to electronic music with a backdrop of live videos projected on the walls. By three AM they were both exhausted. Rob had shown Jenny the time of her life and she was never more in love with anyone then she was with Rob right now. Rob too felt like a kid again as though he was back in high school on prom night with Liz. Jenny had given him a reason to live again!

They spent the night together in the London NYC a luxury hotel on the west side. Jenny had never been with a man as old as Rob and Rob had sensed her hesitance. He gently guided her through her experience kissing her tenderly his soft lips trailing down her body trembling in anticipation. None of the boys Jenny was with ever kissed her the way Rob did. His tongue probed her heat and she pushed his face into her sex arching her back wanting more of this pleasure! Her body rocked with waves of orgasmic bliss shudders of electricity that originated from her core and emanated out to her extremities.
She held his thick manhood and pulled him towards her entrance guiding him inside. Rob moved slowly, carefully, inching his swollen member into her warm wet velvet. He relished at the feeling of her tight muscles surrounding his heat as she pulled him into the bottom of her sex. Jenny took him hungrily inside bucking up to meet him as he pushed his hips forward. Rob buried himself inside her holding her tight against his chest while his musk filled her, their bodies locked in harmonic spasm.

“I love you Jenny!” Rob whispered in raged breath.

“I wish we could freeze this moment in time and spend our lives together like this!” Jenny responded. “I don’t want to leave.”

“There will be time for that,” Rob said, “First finish college, then we’ll talk.”

“I have to graduate high school first!” Jenny giggled.

Jenny flew back home the next day. For several weeks they continued to chat on line and via phone. Then one day Rob received a call from Jenny.

“Rob! She cried, “I’m late!”

“Don’t cry honey, it can’t be that bad. You’re late for what?” Rob asked trying to calm her down.

“My period! I missed my period! I feel bloated I don’t know what to do! My mother is going to kill me!” she cried. Rob could envision the tears running out of her beautiful green eyes and streaming down her cheeks.

“Don’t panic. Have you been to the doctor?” He asked.

“No not yet but I took a home test and it came out positive!” she sobbed.

“Those can be wrong. Look, make an appointment with your doctor. I’ll get on a flight and meet you as soon as I can.” Rob suggested.

Jenny and Rob stood as the doctor opened the door and called them inside for consultation.

“Please sit down.” The doctor said a look of concern on her face.

“What is it doctor, is something wrong?” Jenny asked.

“I’m sorry to keep you both waiting. But we had to check our results several times to be sure.” The doctor said. “That is why we needed a blood sample from the father as well.”
“What is it doctor what’s wrong?” Rob asked urgency in his voice.

“We have confirmed that you are the father,” The doctor said looking at Rob.

“Duh!” Said Jenny “Who else would it be!”

“Rob is not only the father of your baby Jenny, but he is also your father!” the doctor declared.

A Perception of Rape

Bob stood at the end of the bar brooding as he watched Carol enjoying the margarita he purchased for her. She was chatting and laughing with her friends and he stood drinking, alone while Lionel Ritchie’s “Celebration” began playing on the jukebox.

Bob was a man of average build, but strong for his size. He had short brown hair that was buzzed on the sides and back, and eyes the color of a pale emerald gemstone. He had a square jaw and high cheekbones and was confident that most women would consider him handsome. He was competitive in nature and he didn’t like losing so he kept himself in shape. Now he stood watching, and wondering why all he got from Carol was a polite thank you and a cold shoulder. Well, this isn’t over, he thought; before this night is over I will have my way with that girl!

Carol was a pretty girl indeed, with warm, deep, dark, inviting eyes and raven black shoulder length hair. She possessed full lips and an easy, friendly, welcoming smile that made everyone she met feel relaxed and comfortable around her. She had many friends and was always attentive when carrying on a conversation with any of them.

“Hello darkness my old friend…”Simon and Garfunkel’s sounds of silence began playing on the jukebox. Bob looked up at the clock, finished up his drink, glanced over at Carol turned and left the bar. He walked quietly into the parking lot away from the lights at the entrance of the bar and waited in the shadows. Oh, she shouldn’t be too much longer he thought to himself, there was nothing but ice left in that drink. Hell, she probably doesn’t even have the money to buy herself another one, and with those small tits it’s not likely that some other guy will pay any attention to her either thought Bob.

Carol glanced at the clock. She had caught Bob’s eye as he turned to leave the bar. Why didn’t he get into the conversation with her friends? He seemed interested, but then he walked away without a word standing at the end of the bar alone! No matter, it was time to leave anyway, one more drink and I’d need a cab she thought! She gave a hug and a kiss to each of her friends, took her keys from her purse and headed for the door.

I knew it! Thought Bob, there she is now. He sharpened his gazed and watched to see which way she was headed. She headed towards the back of the lot where her car was parked in the shadows, not far from where Bob was waiting. Normally Carol wouldn’t park this far back in the lot after dark but what choice did she have? She had left work late and by time she arrived at the bar happy hour was in full swing.

Carol unlocked her door, got inside and was about to put the key in the ignition when Bob grabbed the door and pushed Carol down on the seat, closing the door in one motion. He climbed over the top of her into the passenger side and pulled the knife from his pocket, “Whatever you do, don’t make a sound”, he said. Carol could see the knife, she was still holding the keys in her hand, her finger through the center of the ring so they could be used as a weapon the way she was taught in self defense. Unfortunately Bob never gave her the chance to act and now her only choice was to remain calm.

“Drive!” Bob commanded. Where to? Carol asked in as calm a voice as she could muster. “Pull out of the lot get on the highway and head east” he said. Turn in here Bob said. Bob directed her to a wooded area where she could barely make out the tire tracks of previous visitors through the over grown brush that lead through a thick stand of trees.
They stopped at a dirt mound where the rusted hulk of a stolen car lay rotting away undiscovered. “Get out” Bob said. Carol though about running now, it was a mistake to allow him to take her to another location.

Bob grabbed the keys from the ignition and got out on the passenger side. It was now or never Carol thought and she broke into a sprint, kicking off her heels as she ran, but Bob was so much faster. He caught up to her grabbed her arm, showing her the knife he warned her not to try that again! Carol thought now the only thing left for her to do was not to resist. She had heard that rapists wanted their victims to resist.

Bob led her over the dirt mound to a grassy area where he set his coat on the ground. “Take off your clothes”! Carol reluctantly and slowly undressed unbuttoning her blouse first and allowing it to fall on the ground and then unzipping her skirt. Bob watched intently as Carol stood there in just her bra and panties, her arms crossed over her breasts.

Bob grabbed Carol by the hair pulling her head back and pressing his lips against hers. His tongue darting wildly, passionately in side her mouth, Carol made a feeble attempt to pull away until she felt the cold flat steel blade pressed against her chest. Bob slid the knife along her skin and up under her bra while still holding her head back and sucking and nibbling her neck. He jerked the knife and Carol’s bra fell to the ground revealing her lovely breasts. Carol’s breasts weren’t big but they were shaped beautifully. They were firm and her nipples stood high and proud.

Bob cupped her breast in his hand while still holding the knife, and held it up to his mouth. He began sucking, and rolling the nipple around with his anxious tongue. He was beginning to get excited now and his growing cock was pressing against his jeans. Carol gasped as he slid the knife down into Carol’s panties slicing through the material on her right leg and then again on her left and the panties fell to the ground. “Open my shirt and you better make me happy” he said. Carol nervously unbuttoned his shirt and began kissing his chest while Bob reached down and began massaging her pussy, running his thick fingers up and down her slit circling her clitoris.

Bob opened his jeans and let them drop to the ground exposing his thick bulging cock, pushing Carol’s head down and directing her to his member. On your knees he instructed. Carol knew the only thing to do was comply, don’t do anything foolish and do whatever he says I know I’ll get out of this! She reluctantly placed her mouth over his cock taking it partly into her mouth. “Is that the best you could do!” Bob shouted taking her by the back of the head and thrusting his hips forward almost causing Carol to gag, but she was up to the task. She held his cock with both hands now, stroking him while she sucked, her tongue flicking over the head and up and down the shaft. Bob’s eyes rolled in the back of his head and he moaned in delight. She stroked faster now, passionately, just make him happy was her only thought! Bob’s legs buckled as he thrust his hips forward clutching Carol’s head, his cock erupted, like a volcano long overdue to relieve the pressure of hot magma making its way to the surface, Bob’s semen squirted into the back of her throat filling her mouth. Carol swallowed thinking is it over?

Bob was breathing heavily now, but he was far from finished. He pushed Carol back on to his coat and climbed on top of her. You like that didn’t you? He asked, You want more don’t you? Bob taunted. Just agree, make him happy, don’t resist thought Carol. Bob lifted Carol’s legs over his shoulders, and holding his still hard cock in his hand he slid it up and down her slit, the head just spreading her now swollen lips, and rubbing her clit with it. “Beg me for it” he said “Tell me you want it! He commanded her. “Please, fuck me” she whimpered. Bob slid his cock inside her slowly and withdrew slowly. “Keep “begging, you know you want it” he screamed at her. “Fuck me, please fuck me” she yelled and Bob began thrusting faster. “Beg baby” he screamed, “beg!” “Harder please fuck me harder!” Carol’s mind went blank she had given in to Bob’s power and domination she had become excited by it and was raising her hips up to meet his thrusts, contracting her muscles and milking his member as Bob continued faster his balls slapping against her wet with the juices now flowing freely.

Carol wrapped her legs around Bob’s back and tensed screaming out into the night “I’m cumming”! Oh God! I’m cumming!” Her pussy spasmed as Bob thrust deep inside her and held her collapsing against her body his cock twitching as he washed her womb with his sperm, his thighs tingling.

Carol wrapped her arms around him holding him tight to her as they rolled onto their sides, Bob’s cock still inside her, they kissed passionately. “I love you so much” Bob whispered, “I love you too” Carol responded. Bob was overcome with affection. Even after 15 years of marriage. He knew there was no other woman like Carol. She never ran out of ways to keep their love making exciting. This was all her idea, to meet at the bar, to leave when Sounds of Silence began playing, the knife, all of it!

We lay there in each other’s arms looking up at the clear night sky and I wondered, what Carol had planned for our next adventure!

A Vegas Tail

It was our first night in Vegas. My wife had wanted to come here for a long time, but I would rather be almost anywhere else. My wife Chris though loves to gamble especially on the slots and amazingly she does pretty well. She seems to have a system that allows her to start with a fixed amount of money and after a full night of gambling ends up with the same. She refers to it as entertainment, which I can’t really understand. How can feeding money in a machine all night possibly be considered entertainment, especially these days when the machines only give back a slip of paper with the sum of your credits. No longer do you hear the clank of quarters spilling into the tray. It definitely cuts down on the excitement for me.

I think the reason I don’t care much for Vegas is because I’m a terrible gambler. I can take a hundred dollars and lose it in less than five minutes. Now that’s not very much money but I always seem to have a problem with losing such a sum so quickly and I have a hard time considering such a loss entertaining. Perhaps the reason I’m such a terrible gambler is because by nature I’m pretty naive. I tend to take what people tell me to be truth because that’s what I do. I can’t pretend to be holding four aces if I’m not and if I am it’s likely everyone at the table knows it well before I show my cards. I’m also not very good at reading into someone’s words. If I have something on my mind I just say it and I expect everybody else to do the same. My wife on the other hand has a tremendous ability to read people. So when we were sitting at the bar playing video poker and a woman came up and asked me for a light, I assumed she just needed to light her cigarette. My wife then interrupted “We don’t smoke!” she exclaimed rather nastily.

“Sorry honey, I didn’t know you were together.” She said and moved to the other side of the bar. I had no idea the woman was hitting on me!

It was later that night when I had lost all the money I intended to lose for the evening when I went to see how my wife was doing. I stood behind her while she worked various methods to extract winnings from the machine she was on.

“How are you doing?” I asked after she missed hitting about twenty times in a row.

“Why have you lost all your money already?” she asked.

“Well yes.” I said.

“Well don’t bring your jinx here!” she exclaimed. “Why don’t you go on up to bed and I’ll be up later.” She added. My wife hated when I stood over her. She always felt like I was the reason she was losing, and in a way I couldn’t blame her, after all I never seemed to be there when she won!

“Okay hon.” I said and I walked off and started to head for the room.

Suddenly I thought, I’m not ready for bed. I’m on vacation too and I decided to stroll around the casino watching the people wandering around looking for that machine that calls out to them, or watching the gamblers exalting when they finally won a hand. Now I stood behind someone on the Wheel of Fortune as they got to spin. While I was standing I noticed out of the corner of my eye a passing figure and I turned quickly to catch the eye of a woman. I did a double take when I realized she was smiling at me and her lips were mouthing something, a friendly hello, a beckoning to me. Obviously she knew me and though I could not place her I walked over to say hello. She was perhaps twenty-five or thirty years old almost half my age and very pretty. She had dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and dark eyes that sparkled as brightly as her beautiful white smile framed by her ruby red lips. She had a moderately tight and moderately short black skirt and a floral print blouse with a d├ęcolletage that displayed the tops of her ample breasts.
I had no idea how I knew her and I didn’t care. She obviously knew me or why else would she be calling me? Now another one of my faults is my inability to remember names and while I was trying to recall hers I walked towards her hoping that I wouldn’t say anything that would reveal I forgot hers.

“Hey where ya been stranger!” she asked enthusiastically throwing her arms around me and kissing me softly on the cheek.

“Oh, I’ve just been wandering around the casino.” I replied.

“Well, how ya doin? Are you making a killing?” She asked.

“Well, I guess I’m holding my own.” I lied not wanting to reveal what a loser I am.

“Well why don’t you buy me a drink and tell me all about it. Maybe you’ll have better luck at the bar.” She suggested, obviously aware at my attempt to hide my gambling skills from her and easily seeing through my lie.

The bartender saw us walking towards the bar and smiled before calling out “Hey Lisa, long time! What can I get for you and your friend…”

Lisa looked at me and smiled inquisitively.

“The name’s John I said shaking hands with the bartender.

“Jack.” The bartender replied waiting for my drink order.

“I’ll have a Heineken.” I said, “And…” I looked over at Lisa, “ A Heineken? Get us two Grey Goose martini’s, chilled.” she said, “We’re here to party!”

Well we were talking, laughing, and having a good time while Jack made sure our glasses were kept full. Now I’m not much of a drinker and after about three of these I wasn’t asking any questions. I no longer cared how I knew this girl or even if I knew her. All I knew was I was feeling good and a pretty lady was keeping me company. Lisa kept putting her hand on my thigh and touching my arm when she talked. I was beginning to get ideas but I didn’t think she was interested in me in that way, until after my fourth martini, she whispered hotly into my ear, “Well aren’t you going to show me your room?”
Normally, I would have had better sense, but I was still feeling a bit lonely having been given the brush off by my wife who was still occupied gambling. Besides after four martini’s, an hour or two of thigh rubbing, and conversation laced with innuendo not to mention a beautiful willing partner I was ready to take a chance! I signed the bill and lead the way to my room with Lisa holding onto my arm with both hands. She was giggling like a schoolgirl leaning into me her hot breath splashing across my neck while she nibbled my ear lobe. I was so hard I was practically limping! Any sense of right or wrong had long ago been drained from my brain. The blood normally used to fuel such thoughts was now being used to supply my anxious member.
When we got to my room I fumbled with the electronic key before Lisa took it from me and in one quick motion inserted it and unlocked the door. She pushed me inside and threw her arms around my neck pressing her lips hard against mine she kissed me passionately. I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest as she shifted her body side to side. Her hot tongue probed my mouth and I could feel my throbbing member straining against my jeans as she ground her hips forward against me.
“Take off your clothes!” She commanded. She started undressing herself while she watched me strip until I was naked my cock standing at attention was pointed directly at her. She was standing before me in just her stockings held up by a garter. Her large breasts quite firm stood high and her nipples erect. She began taking things out of her purse and placing them on the bed.
“Lay down!” she ordered and I was more than willing to do whatever she asked. She straddled my waist my cock behind her was standing against the crack of her ass.
“I like to be in control.” She said. “Do you know that when you lose one of your senses the others will become more acute to compensate?” she asked.

“You mean like if you go blind your hearing gets better?” I asked.

“Precisely!” she said. “Now I am going to restrict some of your senses so that you will experience the best sex ever! Just do what I tell you!” she added before kissing me passionately again.

She proceeded to take a blindfold from the bed and tie it around my eyes.

“Can you see?” she asked.

“Not a thing!” I exclaimed.

She began kissing my chest. Her lips drew my nipples into her mouth her talented tongue flicked over me while I moaned my approval. Her mouth explored my body moving slowly lower and lower until she reached my cock. Her fingers slipped lightly up and down my shaft barely touching the sensitive skin before she swallowed me deep into her throat.

“Oh I see what you mean about my senses!” I exclaimed putting my hands on the back of her head and urging her to continue.

“Oh no! Not yet!” She admonished me. She rose up from her oral pleasure and slid her hot box against my cock and held my wrists down over my head against the bed. “We need to restrict your sense of touch she said before wriggling her ass against my crotch and kissing me deeply again. She reached for the cuffs she had placed on the bed and secured my hands to the brass headboard. She slipped two of her fingers into my mouth before inserting them inside herself. I could hear her sliding the fingers in and out of herself moaning as she worked to bring herself to the heights of pleasure.

“What about me?” I began to protest and she slipped her fingers wet with her cum into my mouth again.

“Shhhh.” She shushed…before she reached for the ball gag that she placed in my mouth.
“Now we will deny you the sense of taste.” She said before guiding my swollen member into her wet entrance.

She began sliding up and down then rocking back and forth on the base of my shaft. I could hear her moans growing louder as she rocked faster. Her breath was ragged and she was panting in pleasure. I felt her pussy tightening the tension in her thighs before she cried out her pussy convulsing and twitching wildly her release soaking my balls. I was almost ready another few strokes and I would explode. I arched my back up to bury my bone deeper into her and felt her pussy pulling away. She was getting up! I tried to protest but all I could manage was some stifled grunts. I could hear her moving around the room, opening drawers, and suitcases. What the fuck was happening? I thought.

Seconds later she kissed me softly on the cheek. “Thanks for the ride John. You were a good sport.” She said before I heard the door open, and then close again, then silence.

I struggled in earnest now. I had to get out of these cuffs. I couldn’t let my wife find me here like this! If I thought I was possessed with more than my fair share of bad luck, it had just taken a turn for the worst. Sweat was beginning to pour from my brow and bead up on my hands and arms as panic began to take hold. I had to focus! With the sweat acting as a lubricant I was finally able to contort my hand and pull it out of my restraint, several seconds later I extracted the other one. I looked around the room and noticed my camera was gone and so was my wallet with all my credit cards! “Shit! What now?” I asked myself out loud. I dashed out of the room and headed for the bar. I figured maybe Jack could help me out. When I got to the bar, I noticed an attractive young woman had replaced Jack. “Hi, what can I get you?” she asked me.

“Do you know Jack?”, I asked.

“Who doesn’t know Jack.” she said Why?

“Well, I’m looking for him. I need to talk to him about a business venture.” I replied.

“He got off at midnight. My guess is he went home to change or whatever. She said.

“Where would home be?” I asked”

“Look mister, are you going to buy a drink or what, I’ve got work to do.” She replied. “I’m not in the habit of giving out employee’s addresses to strangers.” she added.

Shit! I thought Jack was my only lead to finding Lisa. If I was going to find her I had to find him. I needed cash! I headed over to the check-in desk and arranged for a cash loan to be charged to my room.

“Based on your credit report, we can give you up to $10,000.” the woman behind the desk said.

“I’ll take it!” I said while I waited impatiently for her to count it out.

Armed with the cash I headed back to the bar. “You again. Are you going to order something this time?” the bar maid asked.

“Sure. I’ll take a Heineken.” When she brought the beer over to me and placed it on the bar I reached over, grasped her hand, and gazed desperately into her eyes. “Listen, what’s your name?”

“Debbie.” She said.

“Listen Debbie, I really need to find Jack so how much is it going to cost me for you to give me his address?” I asked.

“Price is a function of need. The more desperate the need the more it’ll cost… say five grand?” She asked in an up-speak tone.

I counted out four grand on the bar. “This is all it’s worth Debbie, take it or leave it.” I said.

She scooped up the cash and said “35 Black Walnut Avenue apartment 19.”

“Thanks.” I said before I dashed out to the street and hailed a cab.

I jumped in the cab and headed towards the north part of Vegas. “Stop here!” I shouted when I saw the twenty-four hour pawnshop. “Wait here for me.” I ordered the cab driver.

“How much for the 9mm Glock?” I asked the man behind the desk.

“Give me $1000 and they’ll be no questions asked.” He said sensing my desperation.

“Throw in a box of ammo and you got a deal!” I exclaimed. He packed it up and I was back in the cab. “Let’s go!” I told the driver.

When we got to the apartment I again asked the driver to wait. “I’ll make it worth your while.” I added.

When I walked inside the building I noticed there was a supers office in the lobby, number 19 would be on the first floor. I knocked on the supers door and short balding heavy set man opened it after looking through the peep hole and determining I wasn’t some burglar.

“I’m supposed to look after my friends apartment while he’s out of town” I lied, “and I seem to have misplaced the key he gave me.”

“Tell me another one buddy.” He replied.

“ Look, if I let his fish die he’ll be heartbroken!” I said trying to sound sincere and desperate at the same time.

“Can’t you do better than that?” the supper asked. “I can get in real trouble if I handed out keys to everybody that had a story like yours.” He added.

I took out a handful of hundreds and looking him in the eye and peeled a bill from the pile and held it up to his face. He watched intently as I peeled another, then another. I was waiting for his expression to change. I got up to two thousand before I said “Look two thousand just for the key just for five minutes and I’ll even give you the key back!”

He took the money disappeared and came back with the key. “Five minutes and I get the key back.” He said.

I ran up the stairs and noticed light coming from under the door. I could hear voices and laughter over country music coming from the room. It sounded like at least two people a man and a woman. I pulled the Glock from my waistband and quietly slipped the key into the lock and turned it slowly sliding the dead bolt to the open position before throwing the door open and rushing inside. Jack and Lisa were on the sofa wrapped in towels like they just came out of the shower. On the coffee table was my wallet and camera along with several pairs of cuffs, blindfolds, gags and assorted other paraphernalia.

“I missed you Lisa!” I said a broad smile spread across my face as I kicked the door shut behind me. “Quite a girl you got there, Jack. A good starter but a poor finisher.”

“Jack I swear he was cuffed tight!” Lisa exclaimed.

“How the hell did you find me?” he asked.

“Well, Lisa was no help that’s for sure. She’s been nothing but a ball buster since I met her! Now why don’t you put your hands behind your back Jack and Lisa take those cuffs and make sure they’re tight” I ordered, my Glock trained on the two of them. “Now Lisa put a pair of those cuffs in Jacks hands, put your hands behind your back and Jack, don’t try anything stupid.”

“Now lay on the floor face down.” I commanded, “Do it, now!” I exclaimed in as menacing a voice as I could muster.

“What are you going to do to us?” Lisa asked.

“Please don’t kill me. It was all her idea! I only did what she told me to do!” Jack pleaded.

“Shut up you pussy!” Lisa screamed.

“Just get on the floor, if you want to live!” I exclaimed and they complied.

“Relax. It’s your lucky day. I’m not going to kill you. I’m not eve going to call the cops. I just want my stuff back and hopefully we’ll never see each other again.” I said. I grabbed another set of cuffs off the table, cuffed the two of the together and gagged them before gathering up my stuff and heading out the door.

“You two really do make a wonderful couple.” I chuckled as I closed the apartment door behind me.

After dropping off the key with the super I jumped in the cab and headed back to the casino. It was already 3AM and I was hoping my wife was still occupied. I was trying to think of a way to explain the $10,000 charge to our room when the cabbie pulled up in front of the casino. All I could do was hope my wife was winning, and that she hadn’t been back to the room or I would have a whole lot more to explain than just the ten grand!

I slipped the cabbie a grand and headed into the casino dropping the Glock in the trash just outside. On my way back to the room I passed the Roulette table and I figured, what the fuck?

“One thousand on 35 black and a thousand on 19 red.” I said dropping the last 2 grand I had on the table. I watched in an almost hypnotic trance exhausted from my trials but relieved at the same time and still wondering how to construct a reasonable explanation to Chris, when I heard the croupier yell 35 black!

“Holy shit!” I screamed “I won, I fucking won! 35 grand! Holy shit!”

I threw the croupier a grand tip and headed up to the desk to pay off my loan before dashing up to the room. Suddenly my luck had changed and as long as I got to the room before Chris did I wouldn’t have to come up with any lame story. By time I got up to the room it was 4AM and Chris wasn’t there. I quickly got undressed brushed my teeth and jumped into bed. No sooner was I under the covers than Chris walked in. I pretended as though she had awakened me, and in my sleepiest sounding voice I asked, “How did you do?”

“Ah, I guess I just about broke even.” She said.

As she washed and got ready for bed I debated whether or not I should tell her about the 20 grand I had won. I figured I’d better keep that my little secret as she climbed into bed and rattled the cuffs that still hung from the headboard. Shit! I had forgotten about that.

“What are these?” she asked.

“Oh those, uh, well. Those are a little surprise I had planned for you.”

“Really?” she asked in a skeptable tone. She had this way of always being able to tell when I was lying, so I had to think fast.

I jumped out of bed grabbed the key for the cuffs from my pants and the twenty grand from the dresser drawer. I ripped off the covers, threw the twenty grand on the bed then jumped on top of Chris straddling her waist. “I won!” I screamed “20 grand!”

“You won?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes I did, but you my dear are the only prize I care about.” I said as I cuffed her hands to the headboard.

“Oh yes, baby! Yes!” she giggled, happy to submit to her winner.

We kissed deeply and my mouth eagerly found all of her erogenous zones. I hungrily sucked her golden honey as she squirmed in her restraints until she was as eager for release as I was. And I was eager especially after the way Lisa left me. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me toward her as I guided my aching member into her silken depths and in long slow strokes proceeded to pleasure her while I thought about how lucky I really was! I quickened my thrusts building toward the inevitable, while Chris bucked wildly beneath me. I felt her pussy spasm her hot honey gushing against my member was too much for me. I erupted inside of her, streams of my hot fluids filling her up inside and washing out of her slit. I collapsed against her and sighed deeply. My release complete, carried more than my desire, but my relief as well.

It was a week since we returned from Vegas and we invited all our family and friends for a barbecue to celebrate our good fortune. I couldn’t believe how my luck had changed! All my life I hated gambling, mainly because I always lost, but I had to admit winning felt good! More amazing still was how I was able to avoid what could have been a disastrous confrontation with Chris that might have spelled the end for our marriage! I would have gnawed through my wrists to get out of those cuffs if I had to just to keep Chris from finding out about my infidelity!

Now that it was dark we had everyone gathered around our brand new large screen plasma TV and we were playing the video from our vacation. We had been so busy spending our winnings and getting ready for this celebration that we didn’t have time to watch it our selves. There was Chris in front of the Belagio with the fountain show in the background. Then there was a view of the strip at night and me in the gondola at the Venetian singing. Suddenly, there I was, cuffed to the bed, blindfolded and gagged when Lisa came over and kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks for the ride John. You were a good sport.” I heard her say. The stares from everyone in the room felt like daggers in my heart, and the look in Chris’s eyes hurt worst of all.