Monday, April 23, 2012

Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret

She had come to the affair
As our invited guest
With waves of golden hair
And perfectly formed breasts

After a brief introduction
I asked to take her coat
Had my mind on her seduction
An image of hands around her throat

She headed for the rest room
I placed her coat on the bed
While the others laughed and chatted
She poked in with her head

She asked if I would give her
The usual guided tour
I told her if she called me sir
I promise she'd get more

Full lips the color of claret
Impossible to resist
She was obviously amoret
And eager to be kissed

I told her not to worry
To lay back and hike her skirt
There was no need to hurry
This wasn't going to hurt

Though I slipped inside with ease
Her grip was nice and tight
When she gave me a little squeeze
I knew this would be all right

Then we heard the voices
Coming closer it seemed
We had no other choices
I had to stifle her screams

This only worked to excite her
Of this I've no regret
I told her I would prefer
She keep our dirty little secret