Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Card Night

It was already 8PM and Allen and John had been waiting for more than an hour. They had come to Steve’s house for the weekly game of cards and viewing whatever game was on TV at the time. Allen, John and Steve were all first year college students, athletes and best friends. They worked out together at the gym every morning except Sunday when they slept in recovering from the Saturday night partying they indulged in.

Allen was the strongest of the three with budging biceps, a barrel chest and thick thighs, the perfect build for his position as the running back on the school football team. John was a gymnast with no more than 5% body fat he displayed excellent definition of all his muscles six pack abs, tight gluts and the flexibility of a snake! Steve was the track star tall and lanky with great speed and stamina he supplemented his workouts with a part time job loading trucks for UPS.

Cindy at 45 still was attractive. She didn’t look her age at all! She kept her blond hair longer than her shoulders, which added to her youthful appearance. She like her son Steve was a runner. Indeed it was because of her that Steve had developed his interest in track. Steve was only 12 when his father walked out on them and that was when Cindy began running. She made Steve go with her partly because she didn’t want to leave him alone and partly because she felt it was a good way to spend quality time together.

Cindy jumped at the sound of the phone. She had been sitting with Allen and John sharing a beer and enjoying relaxed conversation. They had been Steve’s friends for a long time and she was quite comfortable socializing with them. They talked about everything, their schoolwork, their families, and even their girlfriends with her. Cindy was the mom that everybody thought was cool. She was beautiful and as teenagers all of Steve’s friends talked about their fantasies of being with her, at least until Steve got angry.

“Looks like Steve isn’t going to make it tonight boys, the weather is getting worse and the trucks are running way behind” Cindy reported “If it keeps snowing like this he may have to sleep there!” Cindy exclaimed. “Well we can’t play cards with just the two of us why don’t you take his place Cindy?” suggested John. “I’m not much of a card player” said Cindy “all I know how to play is strip poker.” She teased. “All right!” shouted Allen “Game on” he said passing out another round of beers.

Cindy giggled, she was well versed in poker and was not the least bit worried about losing this game! She imagined her son’s friends sitting across the table from her stripped down to their skivvies looking all embarrassed and that thought of their naked bodies sent a shudder down her spine that seemed to ignite a flame between her legs. She could feel the heat spreading down to her inner thighs before she caught herself.

One hour and three beers later both boys were exactly as Cindy imagined they’d be, except she had lost her blouse with a pair of aces in her hand and nothing significant showing on the river save a king when added to the two held by John gave him his unexpected victory.

The beers were beginning to get to Cindy. She lost another hand and was now forced to slip out of her jeans. She was beginning to worry. She couldn’t concentrate on the cards anymore. Her mind kept imagining erotic fantasies with her card buddies. How did she let it get this far? One thing was certain she wasn’t about to lose! She dealt out the cards looking at Allen’s barrel chest and imagining his bulging arms wrapped around her, her eyes moved to John and a image of them together in a weird sexual position flashed across her mind and she felt her pussy begin to moisten. The river! A pair of sixes for Allen, a pair of jacks for John, Cindy displayed her cards, a pair of queens!

“Okay boys, you lose” Cindy squealed in excitement. Allen and John stood up looked at each other and looked at Cindy as they slowly peeled their briefs from their muscular bodies. Cindy eyed them up and down in awe as her mind flashed with erotic images of them. Her nipples swelled pushing against her bra and her pussy was getting wetter now dampening her panties.

John and Allen were eyeing Cindy up and down. They noticed her erect nipples and thoughts of the object to their teenage fantasies becoming a reality sent the blood pumping into their youthful anxious cocks extending like pointers towards the hunters prey.

Cindy stood up her legs shaking as Allen moved behind her sliding the chair away from the table. He put his strong hands on her shoulders kissing her lightly at the nape of her neck. John cleared the table and dropped to his knees sliding his hands up her legs under her panties and cupped her firm ass while he gripped her damp panties in his teeth ripping them from her body. Allen had unhooked her bra and was cupping her now heaving breasts tracing the erect nipples lightly with his fingers while nibbling her neck.

Meanwhile John was nibbling and licking the insides of Cindy’s thighs, lapping up the moisture that was now dripping steadily from her quivering pussy his hands massaged her ass and extended fingers reached under her from behind tickling the spot between her ass and her slit. Cindy tilted her head back and to the side her eyes closed moaning with sensory overload as Allen’s lips pressed against hers, their tongues clashing in a fit of passion.

John gripped Cindy’s ass tightly and began to lift her up. Allen followed his lead guiding her back down onto the table. Allen was leaning over her head from behind kissing her deeply, passionately as he pinched and rolled her nipples in between his fingers and allowed his hands to wander over her belly and back over her breasts. John’s mouth was now massaging Cindy’s ravenous pussy, his strong hands holding her trembling thighs wide open, his fingers spreading the lips of her pussy apart, his lips teeth and tongue in attack mode assaulting Cindy’s clitoris as her cries of ecstasy filled the room.

Now Allen’s mouth launched into attack mode. He was bent over Cindy sucking and nibbling her erect nipples, biting her belly tracing her tits with his tongue and lightly flicking wildly over the tips.

Cindy was lost in pleasure and passion. She no longer had control over her body. Pleasure seemed to becoming from every part of her. Her heart pounded and her chest was rising up and down with quick deep breaths. Her ears were ringing as she squealed and moaned in delight. She tilted her head back off the edge of the table to find Allen swollen throbbing cock poised at her lips. She took it in to her mouth with both hands her tongue circling the head wildly flicking along the vein gorged with blood. She guided him into her mouth swallowing his entire shaft. Allen clutched her breasts tightly throwing his head back and moaning in delight thrusting his hips forward and back sliding his thick cock in and out of her mouth over her full lips.

John took Cindy’s ankles and lifted them over his neck. He guided his rapacious cock into Cindy’s wanting cunt. Cindy could only gag as John’s long shaft penetrated her wet pink depths. He used his thumbs to massage her clit as his hips moved harder and faster back and forth. Cindy’s pussy gripped and released his cock over and over again causing John to scream out in pleasure. Her thighs tensed and her body convulsed her pussy twitching violently as she released cuming and cuming in waves her cries stifled by Allen’s huge cock which was now filling her mouth with what seemed like quarts of musky sweet jism spilling out of her and running down the side of her face.

John made his final thrust slamming his balls against Cindy’s soaking wet pussy the head of his long cock pressing against her womb, his fluids filling her up inside and dripping down the crack of her ass. John collapsed on top of her his head resting upon her left breast his hot breath flowing over Cindy’s still erect sensitive nipple.

Allen had collapsed too. His head lay on Cindy’s moist belly panting hot air over her still dripping wet pussy. Cindy’s head lay back gasping for air, her body so sensitive that even the invisible hairs stood at attention. “These boys aren’t very good at cards,” she thought, “but they sure are useful.” “Anybody up for another round?” she quipped breathlessly.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Perception of Rape

Bob stood at the end of the bar brooding as he watched Carol enjoying the margarita he purchased for her. She was chatting and laughing with her friends and he stood drinking, alone while Lionel Ritchie’s “Celebration” began playing on the jukebox.

Bob was a man of average build, but strong for his size. He had short brown hair that was buzzed on the sides and back, and eyes the color of a pale emerald gemstone. He had a square jaw and high cheekbones and was confident that most women would consider him handsome. He was competitive in nature and he didn’t like losing so he kept himself in shape. Now he stood watching, and wondering why all he got from Carol was a polite thank you and a cold shoulder. Well, this isn’t over, he thought; before this night is over I will have my way with that girl!

Carol was a pretty girl indeed, with warm, deep, dark, inviting eyes and raven black shoulder length hair. She possessed full lips and an easy, friendly, welcoming smile that made everyone she met feel relaxed and comfortable around her. She had many friends and was always attentive when carrying on a conversation with any of them.

“Hello darkness my old friend…”Simon and Garfunkel’s sounds of silence began playing on the jukebox. Bob looked up at the clock, finished up his drink, glanced over at Carol turned and left the bar. He walked quietly into the parking lot away from the lights at the entrance of the bar and waited in the shadows. Oh, she shouldn’t be too much longer he thought to himself, there was nothing but ice left in that drink. Hell, she probably doesn’t even have the money to buy herself another one, and with those small tits it’s not likely that some other guy will pay any attention to her either thought Bob.

Carol glanced at the clock. She had caught Bob’s eye as he turned to leave the bar. Why didn’t he get into the conversation with her friends? He seemed interested, but then he walked away without a word standing at the end of the bar alone! No matter, it was time to leave anyway, one more drink and I’d need a cab she thought! She gave a hug and a kiss to each of her friends, took her keys from her purse and headed for the door.

I knew it! Thought Bob, there she is now. He sharpened his gazed and watched to see which way she was headed. She headed towards the back of the lot where her car was parked in the shadows, not far from where Bob was waiting. Normally Carol wouldn’t park this far back in the lot after dark but what choice did she have? She had left work late and by time she arrived at the bar happy hour was in full swing.

Carol unlocked her door, got inside and was about to put the key in the ignition when Bob grabbed the door and pushed Carol down on the seat, closing the door in one motion. He climbed over the top of her into the passenger side and pulled the knife from his pocket, “Whatever you do, don’t make a sound”, he said. Carol could see the knife, she was still holding the keys in her hand, her finger through the center of the ring so they could be used as a weapon the way she was taught in self defense. Unfortunately Bob never gave her the chance to act and now her only choice was to remain calm.

“Drive!” Bob commanded. Where to? Carol asked in as calm a voice as she could muster. “Pull out of the lot get on the highway and head east” he said. Turn in here Bob said. Bob directed her to a wooded area where she could barely make out the tire tracks of previous visitors through the over grown brush that lead through a thick stand of trees.

They stopped at a dirt mound where the rusted hulk of a stolen car lay rotting away undiscovered. “Get out” Bob said. Carol though about running now, it was a mistake to allow him to take her to another location.

Bob grabbed the keys from the ignition and got out on the passenger side. It was now or never Carol thought and she broke into a sprint, kicking off her heels as she ran, but Bob was so much faster. He caught up to her grabbed her arm, showing her the knife he warned her not to try that again! Carol thought now the only thing left for her to do was not to resist. She had heard that rapists wanted their victims to resist.

Bob led her over the dirt mound to a grassy area where he set his coat on the ground. “Take off your clothes”! Carol reluctantly and slowly undressed unbuttoning her blouse first and allowing it to fall on the ground and then unzipping her skirt. Bob watched intently as Carol stood there in just her bra and panties, her arms crossed over her breasts.

Bob grabbed Carol by the hair pulling her head back and pressing his lips against hers. His tongue darting wildly, passionately in side her mouth, Carol made a feeble attempt to pull away until she felt the cold flat steel blade pressed against her chest. Bob slid the knife along her skin and up under her bra while still holding her head back and sucking and nibbling her neck. He jerked the knife and Carol’s bra fell to the ground revealing her lovely breasts. Carol’s breasts weren’t big but they were shaped beautifully. They were firm and her nipples stood high and proud.

Bob cupped her breast in his hand while still holding the knife, and held it up to his mouth. He began sucking, and rolling the nipple around with his anxious tongue. He was beginning to get excited now and his growing cock was pressing against his jeans. Carol gasped as he slid the knife down into Carol’s panties slicing through the material on her right leg and then again on her left and the panties fell to the ground. “Open my shirt and you better make me happy” he said. Carol nervously unbuttoned his shirt and began kissing his chest while Bob reached down and began massaging her pussy, running his thick fingers up and down her slit circling her clitoris.

Bob opened his jeans and let them drop to the ground exposing his thick bulging cock, pushing Carol’s head down and directing her to his member. On your knees he instructed. Carol knew the only thing to do was comply, don’t do anything foolish and do whatever he says I know I’ll get out of this! She reluctantly placed her mouth over his cock taking it partly into her mouth. “Is that the best you could do!” Bob shouted taking her by the back of the head and thrusting his hips forward almost causing Carol to gag, but she was up to the task. She held his cock with both hands now, stroking him while she sucked, her tongue flicking over the head and up and down the shaft. Bob’s eyes rolled in the back of his head and he moaned in delight. She stroked faster now, passionately, just make him happy was her only thought! Bob’s legs buckled as he thrust his hips forward clutching Carol’s head, his cock erupted, like a volcano long overdue to relieve the pressure of hot magma making its way to the surface, Bob’s semen squirted into the back of her throat filling her mouth. Carol swallowed thinking is it over?

Bob was breathing heavily now, but he was far from finished. He pushed Carol back on to his coat and climbed on top of her. You like that didn’t you? He asked, You want more don’t you? Bob taunted. Just agree, make him happy, don’t resist thought Carol. Bob lifted Carol’s legs over his shoulders, and holding his still hard cock in his hand he slid it up and down her slit, the head just spreading her now swollen lips, and rubbing her clit with it. “Beg me for it” he said “Tell me you want it! He commanded her. “Please, fuck me” she whimpered. Bob slid his cock inside her slowly and withdrew slowly. “Keep “begging, you know you want it” he screamed at her. “Fuck me, please fuck me” she yelled and Bob began thrusting faster. “Beg baby” he screamed, “beg!” “Harder please fuck me harder!” Carol’s mind went blank she had given in to Bob’s power and domination she had become excited by it and was raising her hips up to meet his thrusts, contracting her muscles and milking his member as Bob continued faster his balls slapping against her wet with the juices now flowing freely.

Carol wrapped her legs around Bob’s back and tensed screaming out into the night “I’m cumming”! Oh God! I’m cumming!” Her pussy spasmed as Bob thrust deep inside her and held her collapsing against her body his cock twitching as he washed her womb with his sperm, his thighs tingling.

Carol wrapped her arms around him holding him tight to her as they rolled onto their sides, Bob’s cock still inside her, they kissed passionately. “I love you so much” Bob whispered, “I love you too” Carol responded. Bob was overcome with affection. Even after 15 years of marriage. He knew there was no other woman like Carol. She never ran out of ways to keep their love making exciting. This was all her idea, to meet at the bar, to leave when Sounds of Silence began playing, the knife, all of it!

We lay there in each other’s arms looking up at the clear night sky and I wondered, what Carol had planned for our next adventure!

Friday, January 15, 2010

When Opportunity Knocks

It was a rainy day in New York City and as anyone knows it was impossible on such days to get a cab. I had been in the city on business and knowing the weather would be bad decided to take my own car. The rain was really coming down hard as I turned onto Broadway when I noticed a young woman desperately trying to hail a cab. I recognized her as a woman I had polite conversation with while in the lunch buffet line. She was on vacation and was supposed to meet up with her cousin. She obviously failed to make her rendezvous, as she was alone and soaked to the core! She was a pretty young thing with large, penetrating blue eyes and blonde hair that fell gently past her shoulders framing an invitingly smooth neck. She had an oval face topped by short bangs and a warm friendly smile that, unlike native New Yorkers, invited polite conversation. Though rather short she was well proportioned with an attractive figure that was revealed by her tight fitting jeans and white tank top.

I decided I’d be the perfect host and offer to help her out of her predicament. I stopped in the street in front of her rolling down the passenger window. “Hey, you’re never going to get a cab now!” I said. “Can I drop you somewhere?”

“Oh, my God thank you!” she replied jumping into my car happy to be out of the downpour.

“Look at you! You’re soaked! You need to get into some dry clothes!” I said.

“I’ve got to find my cousin, she has all of our bags!” she said.

“Listen…what did you say your name was?” I asked


“Jasmine.” she replied

“I’m Steven, Steven Jacobs. Glad to meet you!” I said extending my hand. Her skin was warm and soft though wet and her touch was delicate like the flower she was named after. The name fit her well. I couldn’t place the smell of her perfume until then. Jasmine, of course!

“Listen Jasmine, I said I don’t live far from here. My wife has some clothes she was looking to donate that look as though they’ll probably fit you. Why not come back to my place take a nice hot shower and change into some dry clothes before looking for your cousin. Maybe by then this rain will have let up.” I suggested.

“Wow! You’d do that for me?” She asked incredulously. “I thought New Yorkers were mean.” She laughed with her warm inviting smile spreading across her face.

“They are.” I said, “Except me of course!” I chuckled as her contagious smile infected me.

I unlocked the door to my apartment and guided Jasmine inside. “The bathroom is down the hall first door on the left.” I said.

“Your wife isn’t home?” Jasmine asked.

“No. She’s working. She doesn’t get home until after six.” I said before I heard the sound of the shower. I took off my coat and tie and went to grab a beer from the fridge.

“Oh Steve, can you bring me a towel?” Jasmine shouted from the bathroom.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I said before retrieving the towel from the linen closet and heading towards the bathroom. Suddenly my mind started to wander. I found myself thinking about sex in the shower. The thoughts sparking my desire suddenly translated to increased blood flow to my lower extremity.

“I’ll just leave them here.” I said noticing Jasmine’s naked form distorted by the privacy glass of the shower stall.

“Thank you Steve.” She said. “Oh Steve.”

“Yes.” I said as I watched.

“Would you mind washing my back?” she asked mischievously.

I suddenly realized I was at a crossroad, the place where fantasy meets opportunity. My mind was no longer functioning, my breathing was already heavy, my heart was pounding in my chest and I was being lead by the ache in my loins.

“What?” I said checking to make sure I heard the question right.

“Wash my back.” Jasmine called back giggling.

Before she could say another word I was in the shower with her the divining rod between my legs pointing at her treasure. She turned her back to me and held her hair up off her shoulders. I poured the body wash directly into my hands and began massaging her back.

“’ve got strong hands.” She said.

I worked the lather down her curves in trembling hands caressing the cheeks of her firm and curvaceous ass before sliding them inside her inner thighs. She moaned in delight as my hands brushed along her slit.

“Ohhhh…mmmm….that feels good.” she whispered while reaching back with one hand and grasping my engorged erection. She pulled me towards her and my soapy hands came around in front massaging her ample breasts. My eager lips hungrily kissed her soft neck as she wriggled her soapy ass against my cock while the hot water streamed down our bodies.

She turned quickly around taking the body wash in her hands and stroking my cock. The sensation of her slippery hands on my member slipping over the head was driving me wild. She was biting her bottom lip and looking deep into my eyes enjoying the effect she was having on me. I looked down at her erect nipples rivulets of water flowing past them and had an irresistible urge to take them into my mouth. I drew one in rolling it around with my tongue while my fingers pulled, twisted and stroked the other. A loud moan escaped her lips as she pulled my head against her breast. She was still lightly stroking my cocking driving me into a passionate frenzy my moans of pleasure vibrating through her hardened nipples.

“Oh Jasmine …I need to be inside you!” I pleaded.

“Fuck me Steve, fuck me hard damn it!” she screamed out

I lifted her up and pinned her against the wall her legs wrapped around my back as I guided my slippery cock into her slowly. I felt her pussy twitching, clutching onto my shaft as I relished the feeling of her heat surrounding my member. Our lips came together in heated passion, our tongues thrusting together almost in rhythm with my hips. I was pumping wildly now our cries of pleasure echoed in the bathroom.

“Uh…uh….oh…yes….yes…YESSSSSSS!!!!” she cried out her pussy convulsing her release washing over me triggered my own release. I slammed into her deep pressing her against the wall my cock erupting in jets that filled her before streaming down her legs.

We held each other in a tight embrace the water continuing to shower over our bodies while we both tried to recover our breath my cock still inside her until it returned to normal.

Afterwards I gave her my wife’s clothes and a bag for her wet things. “Damn those look better on you then they did on my wife!” I exclaimed.

“Why thank you Steve!” She said giggling as she spun around as though she were modeling them for me. “I better get going. I’ve go to find my cousin before she starts to worry.” she said before kissing me and heading out.

“How long are you going to be in town?” I asked.

“Oh don’t worry Steve, you don’t owe me anything. Thanks for all your help!” she said waving goodbye.

Later, I jumped when I heard the door open thinking she changed her mind but it was my wife.

“What’s that smell?” I asked, “It smells familiar.”

“It’s a new perfume I bought on the way home, it’s called Jasmine.” She exclaimed excitedly. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Very much so.” I said, “Very much so!”

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shock And Awe

Except for the fact that the box had no return address on it, it could have been like any other box she received every day from countless vendors that sent her samples and hoped that she would place a large order with them but she was not prepared for this! The box contained a cell phone and a note that simply said “If you want to see you’re loved one again, take this phone and drive to the North Fork station by 5 PM and wait for further instructions.” No police and come alone or else!” Joan’s heart leapt and caught in her throat. “It must be some kind of joke!” she thought, “Well it certainly isn’t funny!” She had already spoken to her kids and they seemed fine. She had just hung up the phone with her mom and there was no indication of anything wrong there. She continued down her mental list of family and close friends and it suddenly dawned on her that she hadn’t spoke to her husband since he left for work this morning. She dialed his office immediately and asked Katie the receptionist if she could speak with her husband Paul. “He’s not in today” said Katie, “I thought he was out of town” Katie added. “Thanks.” Joan said trying not to sound alarmed, “I’ll try his cell.”

Joan arrived at the North Fork station by 4:30. She paced nervously with the cell phone from the box in one hand and her cell in the other. She was pressing redial again and again came the message “The Verizon customer you are trying….” She hung up and jumped when the phone from the box began ringing. “Hello!” she said excitedly. “Take the 5:03 to Greenport and wait further instructions.” Said a voice apparently disguised electronically. “I want to speak to my husband!” she cried but the voice was already gone. She bought her ticket and made the train just moments before it was to leave and arrived at Greenport an hour later standing on the platform looking lost and feeling confused. “Who would take her husband and why?” she thought trying to figure what they could possibly want. After all, they weren’t rich they were just ordinary people! The cell began ringing again. “Take the jet ferry to New London and board bus 2020 to Foxwoods then wait in the lobby of the hotel for further instructions.” The voice said. “Remember no police come alone, or else!” “What do you want from us!” screamed Joan.

Joan was waiting in the lobby, looking at everybody suspiciously. She would be frightened except for her concern. She still wasn’t able to get a hold of Paul, and still could not imagine what these people wanted. She wanted to call the police but was afraid that if she did and they had Paul something bad would happen. She had arranged with her mom to watch the kids telling her she would be out of town for a meeting with a vendor and would call her later. She answered quickly when the cell rang again. “Go to room 410, knock three times” came the voice. “If you hurt my husband I’ll…,” she whispered angrily into the silent phone and headed quickly toward the elevator.

Joan was waiting at the door after having knocked 3 times as asked. She could sense the eyes peering through the peephole checking to make sure she was alone when the door opened slightly and the disguised voice stated, “Come in.” The room was very dark. The heavy drapes had been drawn and there were no lights on. She entered cautiously as the door closed behind her. Here eyes were beginning to adjust to the room lit only by the nightlight in the corner. “Where’s my husband?” she demanded. “You’ll find out soon enough provided you do as you’re told.” came the voice “Walk towards the bed and turn around.” the voice instructed, “Now, undress slowly.” “I’m not doing anything until I see my husband!” Joan demanded, “If you ever want to see your husband you’ll do as you’re told!” the voice exclaimed sternly. Joan began to undress unbuttoning her blouse like it was all business. “I said slowly, a little more sexy, make it a good show!” the voice warned. Joan did her best to comply opening her blouse slowly exposing first her shoulders hesitating then letting it fall seductively to the floor. She was looking at the man and could see that he wore a hood with cutouts for eyes and his mouth. He held something in his hand, a weapon perhaps.

She had stripped down to her bra and panties and waited when the man said “The rest of them please.” “Now look here mister…” Joan began to protest. “Quiet and do as you’re told. I’m not going to tell you again!” the man’s voice cut her off. Joan unhooked her bra freeing her voluptuous tits then slowly slid her panties down wriggling her hips slightly. “Ahhh…very nice Joan! “You’re husband was right, you have a beautiful set of tits!” he said. “Now there on the bed, is an outfit I’d like you to put that on.” “When will I see my husband?” Joan asked impatiently. “Keep co-operating and it won’t be long, and if you don’t, well…,”he didn’t finish the sentence but just let the words hang in the air.

Joan took the delicate red lace bra and put it on her nipples poked through the opening designed just for that purpose. She placed on the matching red lace crotch-less panties and the lace garter that hugged her waist and secured the red lace hose around the middle of her thighs. When she had finished the voice commanded “Turn around”. The man came up behind her tying a blindfold over her eyes then pushed her onto the bed as Joan gasped. “Keep quiet!” the man exclaimed straddling her body and securing her feet to the bed with the red lace fabric but leaving her hands free. “There that’s better” the man said dropping his robe to the floor and removing his hood.

Joan was scared but at the same time she had a sense of arousal. There was something about being helpless, naked in front of a stranger and in danger that was exciting. Something about being restrained, dominated and being told what to do that began to make her pussy wet and her nipples harden extending further beyond the red lace. “Now I want you to touch yourself” he said, “I want you to play with your nipples” the electronically modified voice was husky and breathy as the man directed Joan’s actions.

“Yes. Yes, brush them lightly, yes, that’s it, now put your fingers in your mouth and slide them up and down your hard nipples.” “Oh yes I like that!” “Do you like that?” “Does that feel good Joan?” The man was taunting her. She couldn’t see him but she knew he was near, she could feel his presence and she was getting hotter, the juices were beginning to flow inside her. Why was he doing this to her?

“I see your pussy is getting wet! Now touch your pussy! Yes, that’s right rub your clit now insert your fingers with the other hand in that sweet honey hole of yours. Oh Yeah! Make your self cum for me Joan, make it good sweetheart, I want to hear you moan! Come on baby remember this is for your husband!” he coached and Joan was doing her best to comply. She was soaking wet now. Her pussy was on fire! She almost forgot about the danger and became lost in the pleasure she was giving herself knowing that this man was watching her making her do these things to herself just made her so horny. She was thrusting four of her fingers deep inside herself and bucking her hips shaking her head side to side and moaning while her other hand rubbed her hard bud wildly. Ohh…Ohhh…OOOOHHHH…AAAHHHHIIIIEEEE… she yelped her body shaking as wave after wave of orgasmic release consumed her body her cum soaking the sheets beneath her ass.

The man straddled her grasping her wrists and one by one he stuck her fingers in his mouth sucking her cum from them and the securing them above her head to the bed. Joan was panting from her release and the fear of what might happen next. She could feel the man’s stiff cock on her chest as he straddled her. Mmmm he groaned softly cupping her ample breasts squeezing them together his throbbing cock in between them. He moved his hips slowly back and forth sliding his cock between her tits. “We need to get this wet” he said in a breathy voice and he guided his cock to Joan’s lips and she opened her mouth to take it inside. She relaxed her throat as he began thrusting it in and out. Now sufficiently wet with her saliva he slid his cock between her tits and pumped his hips back and forth.

Suddenly he stopped and got up. Joan’s heart was racing, as was her mind. Who was this man? There was something familiar about him, his actions. She was completely at this man’s mercy! Then she felt his hot breath between her open legs his tongue darting up her inner thighs to find her wet slit. His hands spread apart her labia and his anxious tongue stiffened and darted inside. He was alternately rubbing her clit with his fingers while his tongue lapped at her depths then flicked wildly over her clit as his fingers probed her g-spot. Joan couldn’t move her legs but she wriggled and bucked her hips as he brought her again and again to the heights of ecstasy. He was on top of her now, his face firmly pressed into her pussy his knees beside her head he positioned his cock against her lips and pressed his hips forward pushing the throbbing head back into her mouth. She sucked and stroked him as he moved his hips up and down. He was moaning in delight into her salacious pussy, dripping wet with cum from her multiple orgasms and the man eagerly lapped up her juices.

Joan felt him begin to tense his cock burst and fired his hot musky fluid down her throat causing her to gag slightly as she gulped down his seed. The man got up and turned around still straddling Joan’s body. He placed his lips gently against hers and began kissing her passionately. Their tongues entwined exchanging and mixing the remaining juices still in their mouths. The man slipped the blindfold from Joan’s eyes. She blinked in disbelief as she realized why this man’s actions, and his taste seed so familiar. “Paul, you bastard!” she screamed, struggling against her restraints and the weight of Paul’s body. Paul chuckled mischievously, “You have just experienced the first phase of our shock and awe valentines day celebration!” We have romantic dinner reservation at 9:00 Pm on the 24th floor of Paragons. After which we have a night of dancing at club BB. When we’ve had enough of that we can spend some time in the casino, at least until I tire of looking at you with your clothes on! Then it’s back to our room for a night of continued sexual pleasure, a room service breakfast in the morning and then a day in the Spa, where we’ll enjoy relaxing in the sauna and steam room in our plush terry cloth robes, followed by an hour of aromatherapy massage with essential scented oils.” “Oh, that’s the awe part”, Paul chuckled again.

“Damn it Paul! Did you have to scare the hell out of me first?” Joan asked as Paul untied her restraints. “Sorry honey, It was the only way I could think of to convince you to pleasure me orally!” Paul laughed. “You could have just asked!” said Joan as she took his hand and they headed for the shower.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Those That Wait

Greg sat at the bar of the dance club nursing his beer. A lot had happened since his separation from Jill. Jill had been having an affair with a friend of their mutual friends. Greg had found out that this had been going on for some time. On the nights he was playing basketball Jill was visiting their friends, at least that is what she told Greg, when he reality she was meeting a man introduced to her by their friends and fucking him silly!

Greg was feeling betrayed by his friends. That they allowed this to go on behind his back really bothered him. Worse was his discovery of his best friend Jeff screwing Jill in his own home! It was bad enough that his wife Jill had betrayed him, but that all of the people that he thought were his friends betrayed him too. He could deal with the betrayal by his wife, after all their marriage was in trouble from the start and hadn’t improved with time. Greg even felt as though he deserved it, wasn’t he was also cheating on Jill?

Greg was feeling alone. Indeed he was alone thrust back into the “singles” scene without a friend he could trust. Sure there was always Jackie, but she wasn’t really a friend. Sex with Jackie was a certainty and provided some comfort at least until she asked for the inevitable “loan” or some other favor like fixing her car. Greg wasn’t judging her, but he began to feel like she was a prostitute and really didn’t have any feelings for him, hardly someone you could call a friend.

Greg drained his beer, got up and headed for the bathroom squeezing his way through the happy crowd. He quickly drained his bladder and headed back to the bar. He noticed a tall blond girl wriggling in the crowd and though now would be a good time to try out one of his pick up lines. “God, it’s been so long since I’ve done this!” he thought. He brushed past the front of blond girl and in a loud voice asked “If I told you, you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?” “Fuck off creep!” was her kind reply and Greg rushed to the safety of the bar.

He found a seat next to a group of girls laughing, singing and downing shots. “I’ll have what they’re having” Greg shouted to the bartender, “and get these ladies another round” he added. “Thank you !” Patty gushed. “This is Debbie, Kim and Caren,” she said pointing to each of her friends. “Caren’s getting married next week,” “woo hoo” she screamed raising their glasses and downing their shots of Grey Goose before sucking their sugar coated lemons. Greg downed his shot too, delighted to be a part of a happy celebration he smiled broadly “Congratulations! Another round please” he shouted.

Patty was a tall young woman with long blond hair tied back in a ponytail. She had eyes like round green saucers, which were complimented by her slinky red dress that reached down to the tops of her shapely thighs. Debbie was a petite girl with a round face and dark mysterious eyes that dared to be explored. She had small breasts with nipples clearly visible through her brown satin halter. Kim had light brown hair and soft curls that fell on bare shoulders. Her ample breasts were restrained with a strapless lace bra visible just over the top of her green tube top. Caren had long straight blond hair with red and light brown highlights that reached to the middle of her back and curled under her breasts. She wore a black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline that invited ones eyes to peak down and admire her charms. Suddenly, Greg realized he couldn’t keep from smiling, his broad grin was frozen on his face!

In a short time Greg was totally drunk, as were his newfound friends. The five of them were dancing rubbing against each other bumping into others on the dance floor and singing. They passed Greg around taking turns with him for the slower numbers, squeezing his tight firm buns and returning to the bar for shots in between.

Last call was an hour ago and it was time to go. The girls had rented a limo for the evening and offered to take Greg home. Well actually it was more like they had to drag him home. They loaded Greg in the limo and in a slurred voice he directed the driver to his house. Having arrived the girls could see that Greg was going to need some help so they carried him to the door helped him inside and dropped him on the bed.

“We can’t leave him like this”, Patty said, “let’s get him undressed.” Patty began to unbutton his shirt Debbie undid his belt and zipper Kim and Debbie teamed up to pull off his pants, lifting his ass and yanking the legs. Caren helped Patty lift him so she could remove his shirt. Greg lay in bed singing, “Let’s get it on” in just his boxers, the head of his rather large cock almost poking out of one leg. The girls stood admiring Greg’s body. He was quite fit though not muscular. “You know”, said Patty, “this could be Caren’s last chance to have another man before she’s married. Debbie, help me with these boxers.”

“That’s a pretty good looking cock don’t you think Caren?” Patty asked. “I don’t know” said Caren, “I think Bill’s is bigger.” “That’s because it isn’t hard yet” said Debbie taking Greg’s flaccid cock in her hand and bending over and surrounding the bulbous head with her soft moist lips. “Oh My God!” giggled Caren. “I can’t believe you just did that” screamed Kim. “Come on we all know Debbie is a slut.” Patty laughed, “let’s see how he kisses.” She bent over placing her lips lightly against Greg’s. Greg moaned parting his lips his tongue caressing Patty’s in a gentle but passionate dance, the tip of his tongue probing all the surfaces of Patty’s eager mouth. Debbie warm moist lips were stroking only the head of Greg’s cock slipping it in and out of her mouth. His flaccid member had swollen engorged with blood and was standing tall and thick.

“On My”, sighed Caren, “I think his cock is bigger than Bills!” “Oh and his kiss is more than adequate” Patty added. “Let me see!” shouted Kim. She was on the opposite side of Greg across from Patty when she pressed her anxious lips against Greg’s kissing him so deeply she practically gagged him. Patty was sucking on his nipple and biting his firm chest. “Hey!” Caren shouted, “I’m the bride to be I got to have some of this”. She knelt opposite of Debbie clutching Greg’s glistening shaft her tongue darted up and down the member meeting Debbie’s mouth at the tip. The two girls tongues traced each other lips and flicked wildly over each other’s tongue with Greg’s pulsating member in between.

Patty and Kim were tongue kissing each other and Greg at the same time. Greg was moaning in ecstasy. Caren’s pussy was becoming wet her nipples were hard and she was anxious to have that marvelous member thrusting inside her. She pulled the dress over her head and kicked off her panties. Debbie wanted a piece of this too, she slipped out of her halter peeling off her jeans and panties in one motion. “Me first” Caren screamed. “Okay, no rush” said Debbie brushing Caren’s long blond hair away from her breasts holding her face and kissing her passionately. They each slid a hand down over each other’s moist mound, Their fingers parting swollen anxious pussy lips probed their respective slits massaging the hard button below the moist folds.

Patty and Kim quickly shed their clothing. Patty Straddled Greg’s face, sliding her moist pussy lips over his mouth. Kim straddled Greg’s chest taking Patty in her arms, pressing their breasts together and kissing passionately tongues twirling slowly and light around as they mover their swollen nipples against each other brushing the sensitive tips goose bumps of pleasure rising on their soft skin.

Greg was moaning in delight. Patty’s pussy was dripping it’s pleasure onto Greg’s lips his tongue reacting as if by instinct snaked out and flicked against her clit, her moans captured by Kim’s hungry open mouth. Caren straddled Greg’s massive cock while Debbie kissed her breasts. Caren guided Greg inside her gently, slowly, allowing the pussy to capture and caress the bulbous head and inch down his glistening shaft. She gasped as his thickness spread her open the mushroom head pressing against her womb. She sat there for a moment feeling the hot throbbing cock inside her and Debbie’s eager mouth sucking and biting her nipples.

Caren’s cunt was quivering. She began rising up and down on Greg slowly at first. Debbie was behind Caren now, her tongue darting over Caren’s ass lapping up the juices dripping down Greg’s shaft onto his balls. She was hold Caren’s breasts pulling the nipples and guiding her up and down motions Caren was screaming “Oh my God! Oh My God! I’m cuming I’m fucking cumming!”

Patty had her pussy pressed against Greg’s face. She was rocking wildly on his mouth rubbing her bud hard against his chin as his tongue lapped up her sweet nectar. The sight of Caren and Debbie and Kim’s eager kisses sucking and biting her nipples was driving her crazy, but watching Caren’s body shudder and spasm was too much her pussy tightened and convulsed waves of orgasmic release spread out from her pleasure center to her hips making her buck wildly as she screamed. Kim and Patty reversed position. Kim’s pussy was already soaking wet and she was anxious to reach the heights of pleasure she witnessed of her friends. Patty was more than happy to help her get there.

Debbie was now straddling Greg’s thick cock but she wasn’t so gentle. She liked it rough and having to have to wait for it made her that much more desirous. She mounted Greg in the opposite direction of Caren with her back towards his head so she could use his raised knees for support. She dropped herself right down hard on his cock slamming her ass against his balls with great force that he gasped the sound muffled by Kim’s pussy as it rocked on his face. Caren was nibbling the back of Debbie’s neck as she went to town practically jumping up and down on Greg’s spear. She had one hand on his balls. She would make sure he wouldn’t cum until she was ready! She was ridding him hard slamming down against him and then rocking forward and back rubbing her clit hard against his shaft when she fell his balls tense she would stop rise up and grip his shaft at the bottom tightly with two fingers until he eased and then she would continue.

Kim was leaning forward now rubbing her clit wildly on Greg’s chin. Patty was behind her now holding her hip with one hand and fingering her sweet hole with the other. Her moans were filling the room as she watched Debbie assaulting Greg’s cock. Caren was now in front of Debbie holding her ass while she rocked her bud on Greg’s cock Caren’s tongue darted over Greg’s balls tasting her juices. Debbie was ready her pussy tightened gripping Greg’s shaft “Oh…Oh …Fuck…Fuck…Fuck me mother fucker! Aaaiiieee!” She screamed as Greg burst into her. Her body bucked wildly her pussy gripping and releasing his thick member shudders swept over her from her convulsing pussy out to her hips and up to her shoulders, the sight of Caren lapping up her cum intensified the orgasm.

Kim was wriggling her ass pushing back against Patty’s fingers, Oh…oh….oh… uhh…

I’m…. oh….ahhhhhhhh…she moaned her body shook her thighs felt like they were on fire waves of heat flooded out over her hips and beyond as her cum fell onto Greg’s face, she collapsed onto his belly as Patty extracted her fingers placing them one by one in her mouth savoring Kim’s sweetness. It had been a hell of a bachelorette party and the limo driver was waiting it was time to go.

Greg woke up the next morning wondering what had happened to him. He had a terrific headache, his balls were aching and his mouth felt like a glazed donut. He had vague memories of sharing drinks with pretty young ladies at the bar. He remembered dancing and hollering, but he couldn’t remember how he got home. Images flashed in his mind of the girls from the bar engaging him in pleasures of the flesh, but were these memories or was it drunken dreams? He vowed never to drink like that again!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Like The River Flows (Part 5 The Affair)

Mary stopped short her face suddenly turned serious the redness flooding her cheeks as she looked at what she had just walked into. Steven’s jaw dropped his face contorted as he gazed on the shocking scene. John was lying naked on top of his love his passion still surrounded by her warmth his back to those that just entered the room and for just an instant was unaware of their presence until Shelly screamed out.

“My God! Steven!” she yelled throwing John off to her side and pulling the sheets up covering her breasts as she sat up n the bed. Shelly’s heart was pounding her mouth open wide while she stared in disbelief at the shocked look on her husbands face. John pulled the sheets around his waist his eyes darting between Steven and Mary. His heart was racing as thoughts passed through his mind almost as rapidly.

“What have I done? What the hell is Mary doing here? Oh my God, Shelly! I’ve ruined her life!” he thought.

Mary spoke first. “Oh my, I’m so sorry! I had no idea you two were in here!” she said apologetically not realizing she was still holding Steven’s hand.

Steven spoke next. He looked right into Shelly’s hazel eyes a look of pure disappointment on his face “I can’t believe you would do this to me Shelly! For God’s sake you only just met the man and you’re already in bed with him! You fucking whore!”

John was not about to let him get away with that. He jumped up from the bed holding the sheets in front of his manhood his face grew red with anger. “Now just a minute!” he screamed his steel blue eyes glaring right at Steven.

Steven was not about to take any advice from a philanderer. “You just shut the fuck up and mind you business asshole!” he shouted back at John. “You had to hit on my wife? What, this beautiful young lady wasn’t enough for you?” he asked angrily as he held up Mary’s hand.

“Just a minute Steven!” Shelly shouted, “Just what were you doing here with Mary?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Steven was stalling as he tried to come up with a suitable answer. “Why we were, uh I was, that is… Well Mary wanted me to…I mean… I was just walking Mary to her room. She was looking for John and thought he might be ill and in need of help. She didn’t want to go alone.”

“Is that the best you could do Steven? Did you also need to hold her hand? Really! Don’t lie to me Steven!” Shelly said.

“Wait a second! Suddenly this is about me? I’m not the one in bed fucking a stranger!” Steven shouted.

Shelly threw the sheets aside and jumped out of bed and looked angrily up into Steven’s eyes and slapped him across his face. “Don’t ever talk to me like that again!” she scolded

“John, isn’t some stranger that I was fucking, he’s the man I love!”

“Shelly, don’t!” John yelled, “You don’t have to do this!”

Mary looked at the hurt on Stevens face and caught his hand in hers. “Okay, let’s just calm down everybody.” She said in a calm measured tone. Steven, why don’t we go back downstairs and give them a minute to get dressed. Everybody is a little emotional right now and we’re just likely to say things that we’re going to regret. It would be better to meet in the bar after we’ve all had a couple of minutes and talk this over rationally, you know with our clothes on.” Mary smirked trying to inject a little humor into the situation.

Steven looked at Mary gazing blanking into her dark eyes. He was impressed at how she took control of the situation, at how she was able to remain calm. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly then looked at Shelly and in a calm tone said, “I suppose Mary’s right. We’ll meet you downstairs in the bar. I just need some time to think and talk this through.”

Mary took Steven’s hand and led him out of the room. She looked back over her shoulder at John and winked. “Damn that Mary! She knew what she was doing!” John thought. What was it she had said to me, Sometimes John, you have to make your own fate.

Damn her! I have to make my own fate I don’t need any help!” He thought. “Oh yeah and Destiny is something that sometimes has to be achieved, not something you wait for.

Well I guess Mary got tired of waiting for my destiny!”

“John why don’t you take a shower and I’ll straighten up here a little bit before I head back to my room to get changed.” Shelly said kissing him lightly. “Just give me a half hour and come get me,” she added.

“Okay Shell, I love you!” John said a smile spreading across his face.

“I love you too baby.” Shelly said.

John came out of the shower to find Shelly gone. He dressed quickly and waited the agreed half hour before he left the room to get Shelly. He knocked on her door several times without a response. He put his ear to the door to listen for any signs of activity in the room and heard nothing. “Shelly, it’s John. You in there?” he said knocking again. “She must have went down to the bar with the others,” he thought, “I hope she’s all right!” John headed for the elevator quickly worried that Shelly might not be able to handle things alone. He kept pressing the down button as if his actions would make the elevator arrive quicker.

John rushed to the bar and looked around for the others. He spotted Mary and Steven at a table in the corner and headed over to join them. “Hi, where’s Shelly?” he asked looking at Mary.

“Well isn’t she with you? Steven responded.

“She went back to her room to change. She was supposed to wait for me before joining you here. I thought she left without waiting for me.” John explained.

“If she left her room she didn’t come here.” Mary said.

“Well, I’ll go up and get her.” Steven suggested.

“Oh no!” John replied, “We’ll all go!”

They all left and headed up to Steven’s room. John and Mary were standing behind him when he inserted the electronic key and opened the door. They followed Steven inside and looked around the room.

“Well, her luggage is still here, but I don’t see her bag.” Steven said.

Mary checked the bathroom. “There’s no makeup in here!” she exclaimed. “She must have left and if she took her makeup, I doubt she’s coming back!”

Steven looked over at the nightstand by the side of the bed where he slept and noticed a note. He picked it up and looked at it a perplexed look on his face.

“What does it say?” Mary asked.

Steven read the note aloud,

“Anger has found me here and

Keeps my thoughts from running clear

For sanity I must escape

To a place my heart can race

Beneath a canopy under the Sun

Where once was two then was one
Where words spoken soon are gone

And all the while life goes on”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean!” Steven shouted angrily.

“It means she’s gone! She took off!” John exclaimed.

“But where?” Steven asked now with a voice of concern.

“I think we should split up. Steven, you go to the airport. John, check the train station, and I’ll go down to the bus station.” Mary said in her calm voice of reason but with a tone of authority. “You do have a picture of her with you, don’t you Steven? I’ll make copies and if you find her call me on my cell.” She added.

“Wait a minute!” John interrupted. “We only have two cars between us. Two of us are going to have to go together.”

Mary reached into her purse grabbed her keys and tossed them to John. “Take my car, I’ll go along with Steven. He could probably use the support right now.” She said taking Steven by the hand her dark eyes gazing onto his as a wry smile began to form on her face.

John turned and ran out of the room heading for Mary’s car. He knew Shelly wouldn’t be found at the airport, train station or bus stop. He knew where he had to go and he knew Steven was in good hands.

“Steven, you’re brilliant!’ Mary said as he closed the door to his room.

“Why thank you Mary! I couldn’t have done it without you though.” Steven said trying to contain his smile.

“But how did you know Shelly would take off and leave a note? Mary asked.

“Well, she’s a writer. She loves to write, and she always runs away whenever we have heated arguments that are unsettled.” Steven explained.

“My, you are sexy when you’re devious!” Mary exclaimed. She could already feel the sex growing between her legs. “Now are you going to fuck me or do I have to beg?”

“Oh, I’m going to want to hear you beg dear!” Steven exclaimed as he began to peel Mary out of her dress.

Their lips met in a heated passionate kiss. Steven cupped and squeezed her breasts in frenzy, his other hand sliding down to squeeze her ass. Mary tugged frantically at his pants undoing the belt and zipper before clutching his growing manhood. Steven pushed her away discarding his shirt and boxer shorts. He threw her on the bed and leapt on top of her holding her wrists down before sucking and nibbling her neck breasts and nipples.

“Oh yeah! Take me my devious devil!” Mary cried out panting.

Steven pushed his knees between her legs and spread them open his stiffness perched at the opening of her moist and anxious mound.

“Beg you bitch, beg me to fuck you, you fucking slut!” Steven yelled between ragged breaths.

“Please, master, please fuck me, fuck me hard!” Mary pleaded.

Steven guided his throbbing member inside her slamming into her depths while Mary grasped. He was thrusting in and out slamming harder and faster against her as she dug her nails into his back drawing lines of blood behind them. Mary was still wearing her heels when she wrapped her legs around Steven and dug them into his lower back. She was bucking to meet his thrusts while grunting and screaming in delight to his phallic assault. She screamed out “Uhnnnn aaaaiiiieee ohhhhh my godddd I’m cumminggggg!”

as her body was rocked by waves of release her pussy contracting violently. Steven slammed himself to the bottom of her desire, holding himself still and holding his breath for just an instant before crying out with his own release. His manhood twitched inside her mingling with Mary’s own flow before spilling out and soaking the sheets beneath them.

“That was wonderful you savage bastard!” Mary said still panting.

“You were marvelous as always my little salacious slut!” Steven replied as they paused to regain control of themselves.

After some time relaxing in each other’s arms Mary asked “Isn’t it wonderful how we managed to work things out?”

“Well it helped that you were invited to my cousins wedding! Steven replied. “One thing I wanted to ask you Mary was how did you arrange for Shelly to go to the ski house?”

Mary chuckled, “Oh that was pure coincidence! I had planned on relaxing there that week when John called. He told he that he met the woman of his dreams but that she was married. He was a little upset and was wondering if he could stay at the house for a while. Shortly after that I got your call and agreed to fly out to meet you. I had no idea Shelly was the woman or that she would be driving past my house!”

“When she called me and I saw that phone number on the caller ID, I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was you calling my house, and it scared the crap out of me!” Steven said.

“It was that night that we met that I put two and two together and figured out it was Shelly that John was in love with!” Mary said laughing. “Then when I found out my friend was your cousin that’s when I got the idea to take John to the wedding,” she continued.

“And you say I’m devious!” Steven said as they both laughed.

It was dark by time John got home, too dark to go down to the river. He would have to wait until morning for that. All he could do was hope that he was right about where Shelly was going. Even if he was right about the location, Shelly didn’t leave any clues about the timing. He made up his mind to just go there every day hoping sooner or later she would show up. He slept restlessly that night anxious for the morning to come.

Daybreak arrived and John hurried to get down to his favorite spot on the river. He traveled the path through the grass and then the opening through the trees that led to the place on the bank where nature was witness to his love for Shelly. As he emerged from the trees there she was. Sitting on a blanket with a bottle of champagne, two glasses and an assortment of breakfast muffins. She was wearing a white floral sundress that scooped down revealing the tops of her ample breasts. The morning sun glinted through the trees and set the highlights of her blond hair aglow. Her smile grew wide when she saw him pausing to admire her beauty, and lit up her face.

“Shelly! Thank God!” John exclaimed and ran to her. He took her by the hand and raised her gently to her feet then wrapping his arms around her waist gazed longingly into her hazel eyes.

“John, I knew you’d figure it out! I’m so happy to see you!” Shelly said as they kissed tenderly their lips pausing as their breath mingled before their tongues touched lightly.

“Wait! Let’s sit,” Shelly said leading John to the blanket by his hand. She poured them each a glass of champagne.

“A toast to our love” she said as the clinked their glasses together.

“May this be the beginning of a love and life that we share together, and may our love always be just as it is this very moment” John toasted back.

They tilted the glasses to their lips and finished their champagne. John placed his glass beside the blanket then took Shelly’s glass from her hand before they embraced in a passionate kiss and slowly sunk together onto the blanket. The sounds of the forest enveloped them. The river gurgled over stones and like the river their love goes on.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Encounter With Destiny (chap 4 of The Affair)

Shelly stared blankly at the wedding invitation, her mind instantly transported back to her own wedding to Steven. She remembered the honeymoon, two weeks in Hawaii. She and Steven made love morning, noon, and night in between their adventures on the island. The sights, the smells, the tropical weather, all contributed to her feelings of joy and enhanced the pleasures of the flesh she shared with Steven. It was almost magical the way she felt about Steven then. But, was it love? Why didn’t she feel that way now?

Their time together in North Carolina was not what she hoped it would be. Shelly had hoped to rediscover her love for Steven. To rekindle the flame that no longer seemed to burn so bright. What was so different? Had their life together become so routine that their love was nothing more than something they had to do. A chore, like paying bills, cleaning the house or mowing the lawn? Shelly thought about that last night together in North Carolina. She felt Steven’s lips on hers and recalled the comfort she felt. She felt his hands on her body caressing her breasts, the touch familiar, routine, like some many times before. She could feel him enter her, his thrusts mechanical, and her reaction automatic like a long running Broadway show the act played over and over hundreds of times. What was missing? Did she ever love Steven, or was she swept away by youthful passion and her adventurous enthusiasm?

Suddenly John came to mind. Shelly thought back to their time together by the river. Her nipples began to harden just thinking about how his warm moist lips held them in turn. How his tongue danced over the tips to her delight. She could almost feel his soft kisses traveling up her inner thighs, his tongue tantalizing her lascivious lips. Shelly could feel the heat building between her legs as a desperate desire dwelled in her heart. Shelly realized this is what love is supposed to feel like. She wanted John, now! She thought back to how she left him. “Like the river, life goes on.” she had said. She pretended not to hear when John looked in her eyes and said, “I love you!” before she turned away to walk up the hill back to the hotel. She didn’t look back. She didn’t want John to see the tears that streaked down her cheeks. Tears of joy because of the love she felt mixed with tears of pain because she had to walk away. Once again fate had brought them together, and again they parted with only a hope that fate would again intervene. But would fate work in their favor? And when?

John had just come back from the river when the phone rang.

“Hello”. John answered.

“Hi John! It’s been a long time. Where have you been hiding?” Mary asked in her always-upbeat tone.

“Oh, just came back from doing a little fishing. What’s up?” John asked.

“You’ve been spending a lot of time down on that river by yourself lately. You need to get out spend some time with the human race, maybe even a nice young lady like me.” Mary said.

“I guess you’re right Mary. I can’t help it though, I miss her!” John exclaimed. “What did you have in mind?” he asked.

“Well, I’ve been invited to this wedding and I can’t not go!” Who better then my best friend to accompany me?’ she asked. “Let’s meet at Eddie’s Tavern and I’ll give you all the juicy details. I’m sure you could use a drink and a little companionship,” she continued.

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll see you at eight then” John said.

John and Mary had been friends since college. Friends with benefits would be a better description. They shared a marine biology class together and hit it off right away. Mary loved the outdoors, which is why she had become a marine biologist, but she was also an accomplished outdoor photographer. She often accompanied John on fishing trips, collecting specimens and recording in artful photographs the animals and places they visited. They dated for a brief time but found that their friendship was more important than trying to make a serious relationship work. Mary was too analytical, always trying to find reasons for why John didn’t call or why he left without making love. John was too laid back and easy going for Mary. She preferred more of a take-charge attitude in her men. Still, anytime one or the other needed a friend to commiserate with, they were there for each other. Now Mary needed an escort, and she knew that John could use a little comfort. “Hell, it’s been a while since I had a good fucking!” she thought as she headed to the shower to get ready for the evening.

John had arrived at Eddie’s first and secured a table, a pitcher of beer and an Absolut on the rocks with an olive for Mary. Mary walked in and headed over to the table where John was sitting as every man in the bar looked on with envy. Mary was a beautiful woman, statuesque at five foot eight. She wore a red cocktail dress that complimented her pale white skin. She had dark shoulder length hair and dark eyes with a look like a lioness hunting her prey. The front of her dress plunged down in a “v” revealing just enough of her ample breasts to make one watch in hopeful anticipation of seeing more of her charms. John stood up to greet her and she held his shoulders and gave him her cheek to kiss.

“Nice to see you again!” John exclaimed, “Looking lovely as always.”

“Thank you my friend, I do hope you’re getting ideas on seeing more of me” she teased.

They both sat and talked awhile. Mary filled John in on the wedding arrangements.

“It’s in Atlantic city with a reception at Harrah’s this Saturday” she said. “I was hoping we could go down on Friday and make a long weekend of it, what do you think?”

“Sounds good to me” John said, “I am really in need of a distraction right now.”

“I figured that much! Why do you think I wore this dress?” Mary asked. “Now are you going to take me home and fuck me or do I have to beg?”

They laughed as John got up, left a tip, took Mary’s hand and headed for the door.

Mary and John were enjoying their time at Harrah’s. They had hit early on the slots and spent Friday night at a show retiring back to their room early to maintain some party strength for the wedding the next day. Lying on the double bed watching TV Mary turned to look at John.

“I’m not going to chase you John.” Mary said.

“I know. You’ve really been great. Getting me away from the river has done me a world of good, but every now and then my mind takes me back there. I just can’t forget her Mary. As soon as I’m alone with my thoughts she comes right back to me, consuming my mind just like she devoured my heart.” John tried to explain. “I feel like we were meant to be together, but I can’t spend my whole life waiting for fate to make things happen can I?” John asked rhetorically.

“Sometimes John, you have to make your own fate. Destiny is something that sometimes has to be achieved, not something you wait for. Take me for example. I needed to get laid. I wasn’t about to wait until destiny brought us together. I called you, begged you to fuck me and achieved my destiny.” Mary chuckled.

“Even if I could find her, should I? I mean, she’s married with a family! Would it even be right?” John wondered aloud.

“I don’t know John. Sometimes you just have to listen to your heart, and hope for the best. Sure you might make a mistake but you would never know unless you tried. Better to regret something you’ve done than to spend your life wondering what if.” Mary said in a consoling tone. “Now are you going to fulfill my destiny so we can get some sleep?” Mary said only half joking.

Mary searched the reception table for the card with her name on it. “Here it is, Mary Conqueste and guest, table six. Let’s go find our table stud. I hope you’re ready to dance!” Mary exclaimed cheerfully leading John by the hand into the reception room.

“Do you know anyone here?” John asked.

“You mean besides the bride? I don’t think so.” Mary answered, “Oh look there’s our table, the one with that couple with their backs towards us. I hope they’re not one of those quiet boring types that make you feel awkward to sit with.”

Mary led John to the table and faced the couple. “Hi, I’m Mary Conqueste and this is my friend John Destin” she said holding out her hand and smiling. Steven and Shelly stood to meet their new acquaintances. “Hello, I’m Steven Salmon and this is my wife Michelle.” Steven said. Steven and Mary looked on as John and Shelly stood hand in hand trying their best not to reveal the look of shock that fought to reveal itself through their forced smiles. The hands lingered a little longer than politeness dictated.

“You’ll have to forgive my friend John, he hasn’t been feeling himself of late.” Mary said.

“I could use a drink.” Shelly said.

“How about you guys, can I get you anything from the bar?” Steven asked

“Thanks” Mary said, “I’ll go with you and help you carry them.”

“My God, John! How…?” Shelly asked in a hushed tone.

“I don’t believe this Shelly! I don’t believe this!” John exclaimed a smile spreading across his face. “Promise me you won’t leave here tonight without telling me how I can find you again!”

“But, John, I…” Shelly began.

“I don’t care anymore Shelly! This is more than fate now this is destiny! We belong together and I’m not leaving here with at least having some way to find you!” John exclaimed.

Steven and Mary came back carrying the round of drinks and laughing. They apparently were getting along rather well.

“I got you a martini John. You looked like you needed something a little stronger than usual,” Mary teased.

The band started playing some soft music to start off the festivities. This was John’s chance to get Mary alone and explain what just happened.

“Shall we dance?” John asked Mary before downing his martini.

“Let’s” Mary answered smiling “Excuse us,” she said politely.

John filled Mary in. He told her how Michele was his “Shelly”, the girl that haunted his very being, the one that fulfilled him like no other, and the one that without, his life would be meaningless and miserable. He proceed to concoct a plan that would separate Steven from Shelly and allow him some alone time with her, but he would need Mary’s help.

“Well, he is kind of cute” Mary said, “and we do have a lot in common. I think I can work him.” Mary agreed.

It was Mary’s job to keep Steven occupied, to keep him drinking and to seduce him if necessary at least until John and Shelly can talk alone. The plan was a little sketchy and was dependent on a lot of factors that could not be predetermined, but John was willing to leave those details up to fate once more.

John was up at the bar getting drinks for the table when Mary’s favorite song came on. “

“Steven would you like to join me in a dance?” Mary asked.

“Do you mind Shelly?” Steven looked at his wife for her approval. He was obviously enjoying the fact that this beautiful woman took an interest in him and he didn’t seem to mind letting Shelly know it. Shelly just shook her head and looked over at John as he returned to the table with their drinks.

“Come on Shelly let’s dance!” John said taking her by the hand. She smiled nervously as they moved to the dance floor, after all she was dancing with her lover in front of her husband and she wasn’t all that comfortable about it! They no sooner started to get their groove on to the sounds of “Shout” when the band transitioned to a slow song “How Do I Live” by Lee Ann Rimes. John wasted no time in taking Shelly by the hand and drawing her in close. Shelly looked nervously at Steven who had fallen under the spell of the beautiful Mary. Shelly blushed when Mary gave a knowing wink to her over Steven’s shoulder as she slid her hand down and cupped his buttocks.

“Don’t worry about Steven” John whispered, “He’s in good hands.” He pulled Shelly tight against him his hand brushing the small of her back. He brushed his chest against her breasts and leaned in as if to whisper something in her ear but instead he caressed her ear lode with his warm moist lips.

Shelly gasped, “John, do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?”

“I hope so!” John chuckled. He began to fill Shelly in on his plan. He told her how Mary agreed to do whatever it took to keep Steven occupied even if it meant seducing him.

“He’ll never fall for that!” Shelly exclaimed.

“Oh yeah. Look at them now.” John said as they turned to see Steven sliding his hand down unto Mary’s ass pulling her against the apparent bulge in his pants.

“Son of a bitch!” Shelly protested.

John saw his opportunity as the couples circled on the floor and Mary positioned Steven’s back to them. He broke away from Shelly and said “Give me about two minutes and meet me outside by the elevator.”

Shelly nodded in agreement as John headed out to wait for his love. Shelly walked back to their table polished off her drink and left to meet John at the elevator. John pressed the button for the floor to his room was as soon as he saw her headed in his direction. The door opened almost as soon as she arrived then closed on the two of them and began the assent. They embraced almost immediately in a passionate kiss. Months of separation, dreams of desire, and the uncertainty of their future drove them to action. Neither thought about possible circumstances, they had only wanted to hold each other, to connect as one, to pleasure each other as much as time would allow. John ran down the hallway to his room holding Shelly’s hand in tow. Shelly giggled like a schoolgirl that was cheating authority by engaging in something pleasurable and at the same time forbidden.

“We have maybe fifteen minutes before we’re missed” John called out to the trailing Shelly.

“Make it thirty and you got a deal!” Shelly called back still giggling.

John fumbled for the electronic key and opened the door. Shelly ran in ahead of him.

“Help me with this.” she said as she reached back for the latch and zipper of her dress.

John undid the latch and unzipped her watching in anticipation like a child unwrapping a present as the smooth skin of her back was slowly revealed. Shelly turned around and stepped out of her dress, undid John’s belt and zipper while John frantically unbuttoned his shirt. They stood there for a moment examining each other’s desire. John placed his hand in Shelly’s blond hair beside her ear and gazed into her haunting hazel eyes and drew her full pink lips to his slowly. It was as if he thought he would be able to extend their time together by moving slowly and savoring the woman that he so loved. A gentle lingering of the lips became a torrid thrashing of tongues as passion percolated throughout their bodies.

“Time!” Shelly exclaimed reminding John they were on the clock. He stripped the spread from the bed and tossed it to the side before slipping out of his briefs his erection springing free. Shelly sat at the end of the bed slipped out of her bra, hose and panties revealing her already swollen nipples and clean-shaven womanhood. John feasted on her beauty wanting to consume her, to make her a part of himself, one! He sat beside her and they embraced falling back onto the bed. His hands gently stroked her body leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake. Shelly held on to his hardness her fingers softly stroking the tight skin while sighs of satisfaction escaped John’s lips.

“Oh, John, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be in your arms, to hold you, touch you. I need you. I need you inside me, to fill me like no other.” Shelly moaned as John’s fingers traced her swollen wet lips, the engorged bud poking anxiously out from its hood.

“I missed you Shelly! I can’t live without you! Every trip to the river brings back memories of you. Just the mention of snow and I’m back in the hot tub with you. Just to be near you sets my soul on fire. You’re a part of me and I can’t let you go without losing a piece of myself!” John exclaimed in ragged breaths.

Shelly pulled his head against her breasts and John reacted by showering them in soft kisses. Capturing her nipples between his eager lips and rolling them around his hot mouth with his talented tongue. She moaned at his oral mastery raising her hips and guiding his member to her slit. She slid the throbbing head up and down using it like a tool to tantalize her clit and heighten his desire. John couldn’t stand it any longer. He parted the petals of her pleasure and slipped slowly into her depths. Shelly contracted around his shaft her body shuddering with her first climax as his wand waited at the entrance to her womb. John lingered inside her, relishing the heat and the feeling of her muscles contracting around him. He kissed her nipples lingering a little longer trying to control his own passion as he twitched inside her. He began to withdraw slowly, enjoying the tug from Shelly’s womanhood as she tried to prevent his departure.

John began thrusting easily, rhythmically, moaning softly. Shelly was biting her bottom lip as she slid a hand down to massage her clit while John’s thrusts began to increase in speed and intensity. Shelly was crying out now her legs wrapped tightly around John, her heels in his back. She was bucking up underneath him meeting his thrusts with her own. Her fingers dug into his lower back as their cries of contentment filled the room. Shelly cried out waves of orgasmic release shot out from her very core spreading across her torso from her center out to her extremities. Her legs trembled, shocks of electricity flowed to the tips of her nipples and she clutched John tight against her. John’s passion exploded inside her, his hardness twitched in her depths in spurt after spurt. Their combined release like their passion could not be contained and spilled from Shelly’s satisfaction soaking the sheets.

They rested in each other’s arms reveling in the afterglow. John stroked Shelly’s hair as she traced shapes lightly on his back. John gazed in to Shelly’s eyes, “I love you,” he said. Shelly did not disappoint and returned the sentiment.

“I love you too,” she said, “But we probably better be getting back. People might be wondering where we are.”

“Just a few more minutes, please” John pleaded “Who knows when we’ll be able to be together like this again.”

“All right.” Shelly said holding his head against her breast. They were lying quietly cradled in each other’s arms and savoring the feeling when the door opened and Mary walked into the room giggling with Steven in tow.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fate's River (part 3 of The Affair)

It had been several months since Shelly had seen John. She was beginning to wonder if leaving their next meeting up to fate was a wise decision. Perhaps this is what fate intended she thought, maybe it was time to put the affair behind her and move on. After all, isn’t this why she planned the vacation with her husband, Steven?

Before she first met John, she had only intended to get away, to be on her own, to find herself. She wanted to feel like her feelings mattered and that she had control over her life. She had wanted to be able to make a decision without having to think about the needs of others before her own. The feeling of freedom had lifted her spirits when she set out to meet an old flame, Michael. That spirit would not be crushed or stifled, even though Michael had a change of heart and refused to see her after she had traveled all that way to meet him.

It was on that trip that fate first intervened and she met John for the first time. She hadn’t intended for that meeting to take place or to engage in some of the most exciting love making she ever experienced! The thought of that weekend with John brought a smile to her face and a warmth began to rise in her center. She hadn’t intended to fall in love! Indeed she didn’t think she was. It was on her trip back from the airport when fate again intervened in the form of a flat tire on a mountain road in front of the vacation home John had retreated to after their weekend together. That coincidence, and another night of passion had convinced them both that they belonged together. It was convincing enough to them both that they decided to rely on fate to determine their next meeting. The yellow Crocus, John’s parting gift to Shelly reminded her of that day every time she looked out her kitchen window. Now Shelly thought she would try to reproduce the feelings she had for John with Steven. After all, Steven was her husband and didn’t she have those same feelings for him at one time?

Shelly had planned a quiet, relaxing vacation on the beach of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. They would be able to take long strolls along the quiet shore and listen as gentle waves kiss the soft sand. They would be able to talk and reconnect. Shelly even made up her mind to play golf with Steven if he so desired, and she would record every thing in the digital color photos she loved to take. Shelly looked out the window, her view of the ground hidden by clouds as surely as her feelings for John had been hidden from Steven.

“Ladies and gentleman this is the captain speaking. We have lost some thrust in one of our engines. Normally this would not be a problem, but there is some weather over our destination. We are going to have to put down in New York. Someone will be at the gate to advise you on your connections. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this might cause. Thank you.”

“Well, so much for our vacation.” Shelly said.

“Oh don’t worry about it. I’m sure the airlines will get us to where we have to go, albeit later than we planned.” Steven replied.

Steven was always so logical and analytical, which was comforting at times like these but maddening at other times. “I guess you’re right.” Shelly said. “I just wanted everything to be perfect!”

After touching down at the rather small Islip airport Steven and Shelly learned that they would not be able to get on a flight until the next afternoon. The customer service rep had recommended a nearby hotel and directed them to the airport shuttle, which would take them to the Marriot for the night. Steven lead the way and was first to board the shuttle bus with Shelly right behind.

“Steven?” “Steve Salmon!” “ Son of a bitch!” Shouted a large man with a wide grin on his face. “Holy shit!” Yelled Steven, “Bill Cutler you old dog how ya been?” The two men hugged and shook hands in the isle as Shelly looked on. After introductions Steven explained how he and Shelly came to be in New York. Bill told Shelly how he and Steven were roommates in college and played together on the golf team.

“What are you doing here Bill?” Steven asked.

“Well, I have a sales conference at the Marriot on Monday, but I came in early to get some golf in. If fact, we have a tee time on the Bethpage Black course this afternoon!” Bill exclaimed.

“Bethpage Black?” That’s where they played the US Open!” Steven shouted hardly able to contain himself.

“Hey why don’t you join us? We need a fourth since Tim’s flight was cancelled in Florida due to the weather down south.” Bill explained

“Oh, I don’t know, I’m here with Shelly and I don’t think it would be right to leave her alone.” Steven said.

“Go ahead Steven. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. I’ll be all right on my own.” Shelly said.

“Really? Great then it’s settled then!” Steven said excitedly.

The Marriot sat up high on a hill and bordered a nature preserve to the east. The concierge had told Shelly that the property hasn’t changed much since the time of George Washington. Shelly grabbed her camera and decided to walk the trails and take some pictures. The park was filled with all kinds of wild life. Guinea hens and wild turkey roamed freely along with Canadian geese. Hawks, great blue herons and large white egrets patrolled the skies overhead or perched on the branches of tall oaks. Shelly spotted a small pod of white tail deer in a grass clearing and decided to try to get a closer for a better shot at them. The deer were not threatened by her presence but would slowly move away as she approached too close. Shelly continued to follow them hoping to get that perfect picture when they finally decided they had enough of her companionship and trotted off through the brush. Shelly ran after them but stopped when she saw they had crossed a small river and disappeared into the woods.

The river was not very wide or very deep and it ran moderately fast in a winding path under a canopy of oak and tall pines. Shelly heard a splash and turned to look upstream in the direction the sound came from. She noticed a man standing silently in the river waving a rod rhythmically back and forth a line attached at the end followed the motion of the rod like a silent whip. She watched intently as the man cast the line forward allowing it to come to rest quietly on the water. He stripped the line back with his left hand to match the pace of the flowing water when suddenly a splash erupted from the quiet surface. The man held tightly to the rod as it bent under the strain from the large trout intent on freeing itself from whatever was in the corner of its mouth. For several minutes the fish battled the pull of the line and the current of the river when it suddenly turned and headed downstream past the man, leaping out of the water and landing with a splash almost in front of Shelly.

“Damn! That’s the third one I lost like that,” the man said.

“Isn’t it three strikes and you’re out,” Shelly joked.

“I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” The man said looking over at the woman that just invaded his sanctuary.

“So catching fish is all about fate?” Shelly mocked.

John took off his large Polaroid glasses and cried out with incredulity, “Shelly!”

“John?” Shelly asked in stunned disbelief.

John ran through the water towards Shelly dropping the rod on the bank he threw his arms around her pulling her tightly against him he gazed deeply into her hazel eyes.

“I can’t believe this! I can’t believe it’s you! But how, how did you find me here?” John stammered hardly able to contain his joy.

Shelly wrapped her arms around John’s neck pulling him closer.

“Just kiss me so I know this is real, so I know it’s really you!” she said their lips touching tenderly and lingering for just a second before succumbing to their pent up passion.

They kissed deeply for a long time. Their tongues gently probing the insides of each other’s mouth confirming the lover’s feelings as well as savoring the sensations. John moved his lips to Shelly’s neck gently caressing her soft skin. Shelly tilted her head back looking up at the bright blue sky through the canopy of tall oaks. Her nipples had already begun to swell and she could feel a growing warmth building between her legs. John lips moved down the opening of Shelly’s blouse and paused gazing quietly into her hazel eyes his hands firmly on her hips. They stood quietly for a moment listening to the sounds of the woods. The river gurgled over the gravel bed while a soft breeze rustled the leaves. Songbirds called to their mates and a woodpecker could be heard pecking at insects somewhere high above them. Occasionally the sound of a splash from a rising Rainbow Trout would interrupt the gentle gurgling of the river.

Shelly slid her hands up John’s chest still gazing into his deep blue eyes she slowly undid the buttons of his shirt. John took this as a signal and followed her lead unbuttoning her blouse in time. John took off his shirt and laid it on the grass at the bank of the river and then slipped Shelly’s blouses from her soft shoulders laying it besides his own. John slipped out of his boots and watched as Shelly undid her bra exposing her ample breasts to John’s longing eyes. She reached inside the edge of his jeans and pulled him toward her undoing his belt, then snap and zipper. John slipped out of his jeans and lifted Shelly up gently laying her don on their shirts. They kissed again deeply their tongues entwined in a fit. Neither one cared how it came to be that they ended up together. There would be plenty of time to talk about that later. Now they only wanted to savor this moment, each other, to take advantage of the gift of fate.

John’s lips moved down again. A string of kisses along a line that ran down Shelly’s neck over her collar bone to her heaving breast. Their anticipation heightened by the many months they had not been together and the memories of the last time they had. John took her hard nipple between his lips holding it captive while he lashed at the tip with his tongue. Shelly’s soft moans were lost in the breeze blending with the natural sounds that were all around them. John moved his mouth across her chest to her other nipple while his hands undid her slacks. John’s eager lips moved down her belly now while his hands tugged her slacks over her curves. Shelly arched her back raising her bottom and John tossed her pants and panties aside. Shell lay naked in the woods the sun casting shadows of the canopy across her body. John knelt between her legs savoring her beauty while building her anticipation further.

He began kissing her knees then moved to the inside of her thighs alternating from left to right. Shelly dropped her knees to the side opening her flower and urging John to taste her nectar. John spread her lips with his thumbs and pushed her hood up exposing he anxious bud. His mouth came down to feed on her honey and her body trembled when his lips surrounded her clit sucking it in darting his tongue over it before sliding his lips off. Then, pressing his mouth against her, he lapped the licentious liquid that flowed freely from her desire causing her to cry out in delight. Her moans of pleasure filled the forest and were as natural as any of the other forest sounds. Shelly clutched at the back of John’s head pulling his face against her. She arched her back and bucked, rocked by waves of orgasm that flowed into John’s eager mouth like the river flowed over the stones. She pulled him up by his blond hair and pressed her panting mouth against his tasting her own sweetness on their colliding tongues.

Shelly felt his hardness between her legs. She wanted him inside her now more than ever, and her body shook at just the thought. She reached down with both hands taking hold of his anguish and guided him into her glistening aperture their lips still locked in a feverish kiss. John moaned in ethereal ecstasy as her warm wanton wetness wrapped around his wand. He pushed slowly into her depths until he could go no further. He paused to savor the feeling of oneness made by this connection. He wanted this moment of soft satisfaction surrounding his swollen shaft to last forever. He lingered, waiting until the heat from Shelly’s core penetrated him fully before he began to withdraw slowly sensing Shelly’s every muscle as she squeezed him to prevent his escape. He plunged back inside her and pulled back again. John moved his hips in the rhythm of the river, his cock gliding in and out as the water gurgled over the stones. Their moans mingled unrestrained with the sounds of the woods. John’s thrusts were less controlled as passion replaced thought. He pounded his passion relentlessly into Shelly’s depths and she dug her heels into his back pulling her hips forward to meet his assault. The sounds of the woods were silenced to the lover’s ears. The woods, the sky, and the water disappeared. It was just the souls of John and Shelly moving in syncopated harmony. It was only their breath, their hearts, and their sensations building together towards the inevitable flood of felicity that would wash over their bodies leaving them spent and satisfied. With a final thrust John pulled Shelly tight against him as he felt her depths convulsing violently, gripping and releasing his manhood buried deep inside her. Her arms wrapped around him tightly, her nails dug in his back holding on as though her trembling body would fly off. Her body shuddered as each jet of Johns fluid filled her, his own explosive orgasm sending shivers from his center out to his shoulders and the tips of his toes.

They lay there naked in each other’s arms waiting for their hearts to calm and their breath return. The sights and sounds of the forest began to return and they could feel the sun shining through the canopy warming their glistening bodies. They quietly put their clothes back on and sat on the bank of the river staring at the water and watching it flow over the stones.

“So, what are you doing here?” Shelly asked.

“Well, I live not too far from here. John explained, “and I come here often. I enjoy the solitude and the fishing is good too!” He continued. “Being here takes my mind off of things, it lets me know that I am only a small part of a much larger picture. I’ve missed you terribly!”

“I’ve missed you too John!” Shelly exclaimed. “But after so many months, and with no way to find you, I thought maybe it was time to move on. I thought that maybe that was our fate, to just have the moments we had. I was just getting used to that idea when fate intervened yet again!”

Shelly went on to explain how she ended up here in this place at this time. “It just can’t be coincidence, it just can’t be!”

“But what now Shelly?” John asked, “Do we separate again and hope the fate will work in our favor? How long will we have to wait? Will the next time be months or even years?”

“I don’t know John. After what happened today, I’m willing to trust fate. It’s been really good to us so far!” Shelly said. Besides, I have to get back to the hotel and meet up with Steven. We still have this vacation to go on. I can’t even begin to think about the alternatives now! Like the river, life goes on John, life goes on.”

John walked Shelly to the edge of the woods and the hill that lead back up to the Hotel.

“Until we meet again.” Shelly said a forced smile on her face as she turned to walk up the hill. John grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face him. He kissed her lightly on the lips.

“I love you Shelly,” he said and she turned and walked away. “Life goes on.” John muttered as he turned and headed back to the river.