Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Escape

Jane held Bill tight her arms wrapped tightly around him and arched her back to meet his thrusting hips. He was panting heavily lost in the moment of pleasure and he couldn’t hear the tone of disinterest in Jane’s moans. Jane was excited to be sure, but it had nothing to do with what Bill was doing. Jane was thinking about Tom and their plans for escape.

Jane had met Tom at a gathering of her reading group, a group she joined to escape the humdrum existence of being a stay at home mom and devoted wife. She had tired of her daily existence. There had to be more to life than cooking, cleaning, and helping the kids with their homework. She longed for stimulating conversation that would engage her mind. She always loved reading and for many years that was her method of choice whenever she needed to get away. Often she tried to inject her impressions on what she was reading into conversation with Bill at the dinner table or while sitting in bed as Bill watched TV. But Bill always seemed to want to talk about the same things, the kids, things that needed to be done around the house and the errands he needed Jane to handle.

Of course, money was another subject discussed often and Jane’s eyes would just glaze over whenever Bill went on about the family budget.

Bill tensed, as he pressed tight against Jane. His body shuddering filling her with his release as his face lay on her breasts his hot breath flowing over her like gusts of wind on a warm summers day. Jane stroked his hair and thought back to the time when she first met Tom. It was at home of one of the members of the book club where a birthday celebration was planned for Sue another long time member of the group. The meeting had been opened to friends and spouses of the members and Sue had convinced her husband Tom to join them. Jane sensed a connection the moment they met. It was a feeling there was something that they shared in common and she came to believe this more and more as they talked at length almost exclusively to each other.

“So what do you do for a living?” Jane asked.

“I’m a full time lawyer and part time agent trying to get my wife a book deal.” Tom replied.

“How’s that going for you?” Jane continued.

“To be honest, I’d rather spend my time making money.” Tom complained, “Sue is constantly spending money extravagantly as you can see.”

“Yes, you do have a lovely home.” Jane replied.

“Well it didn’t get that way selling Sue’s books that’s for sure!” Tom exclaimed. “Don’t get wrong, I’m happy that Sue has a hobby, I just wish she’d realize she doesn’t have any talent!” Tom went on. “All this time I spend shopping for a publisher I could be making money!”

“Still it’s nice that you support her” Jane said, “I wish my husband would do as much for me!”

“Are you a writer as well?” asked Tom. “Only in my dreams” Jane replied “But maybe one day.”

“Well, if you ever need an agent, you know who to call!” Tom said.

Jane was really impressed with Tom and envious of Sue. Tom was a handsome man, well built and well groomed. He had light brown hair parted to one side and the beginning of some premature gray that peppered his short side burns and gave him a distinguished look. He was intelligent, charming and engaging. When he spoke to you his hazel eyes never looked away, sending the clear message that he was listening and he was interested.

Bill had rolled over and was snoring now. Jane was just too excited to sleep. She couldn’t believe she was able to keep the secret from Bill. Her life was about to change in a big way, in a way she only dreamed about but never imagined could really happen to her.

She thought back to her last meeting with Tom. Jane had been out running errands and decided to stop by Friday’s for lunch. It was important that she stick to her routine, at least until she was able to talk to Tom. She and Tom would meet there often before they’d share an afternoon delight at the Ramada across the street. She hoped to catch him there, to share the secret with him, to watch the look on his face as she told him, and to ask him to represent her while she pursued her dream.

Tom had walked in with some co-workers when he spotted her big blond hair, the tight curls falling down to her shoulders. She sat facing the door her beautiful blue eyes scanning hopefully, impatiently for Tom. She could barely contain her joy when his eyes met hers, he excused himself and joined Jane at her table, kissing her gently on the cheek.

“Hi! What are you doing here?” Tom asked.

“Did you ever want to escape?” asked Jane, “You know, just pack up and run away?”

“Who hasn’t had that dream!” Tom exclaimed.

“If that dream could come true for you today, what would you do?” Jane asked.

“I’ve often thought about selling everything I own, buying a Harley and riding off into the sunset.” Tom went on “Perhaps writing about my adventures along the way. What about you, what would you do?” asked Tom.

“Oh, I’d buy a sailboat and travel the Caribbean.” I’d write about the people I’d meet and the places I’d visit. I’d write about my lover and my passion and the erotic experiences we’d share on the water!” Jane gushed enthusiastically.

“Sounds wonderful!” Tom exclaimed, “When do we leave?” he chuckled.

“If you’ll be my lawyer and agent, I’ll leave those details to you.” said Jane, her tone becoming suddenly serious.

“What are you talking about Jane?” Tom asked baffled by this discussion.

“I’ve won the lottery! Five million dollars! I want you to represent me and to help me escape!” Jane gushed.

Bill woke with a start as the alarm clock blared to life flashing 6:30AM on the digital display. Jane hadn’t slept a wink. She allowed the alarm to go off sticking to her normal routine. Jane wasn’t worried about a thing. There was nothing to pack; she would just buy everything new. She arranged for a sitter to watch the kids and would leave a note for Bill explaining everything. Tom would draw up divorce papers and she would share custody with the children taking them in the summer and when they were off from school. They would be leaving this morning, right after Bill leaves for work and flying into the Bahamas and staying at the Atlantis on Paradise Island.

Jane was ecstatic! She was living her dream. They had been here for a week now looking at seaside properties with dock space and room for a boat. Jane had been on a shopping spree buying designer clothes and accessories and charging them to the room. She had already written three chapters of what was going to be her first book. Tom was a godsend taking care of every detail. Setting up the Swiss bank account and making sure to minimize the tax liability. He even read and discussed her chapters contributing his opinions and giving her pointers on her writing while shopping for a publisher on the island.

Now Tom had mounted her from behind. His hands held her hips as he rocked slowly back and forth. He didn’t want to rush. He wanted this to last. This would have to be his best performance lest she become suspicious. Jane moaned in delight enjoying the pleasure he bestowed in her. She rocked back on his member squeezing him and urging him on. “Yes baby, oh yes that feels so good!” she moaned panting. Tom couldn’t even stand to look at her anymore. He was tired of running all over the Island looking at homes and shopping. Tired of the endless requests by Jane for this and that. Worst of all was her god-awful writing that he was forced to read and that she expected him to sell. All he could think about was the Harley that awaited him in Switzerland and how he would finally be able to live his dream.

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