Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Wish

It started as any other day would for me. I had a routine that I followed and today was no different except for the strange encounter that has changed my life forever. I began with my usual morning jog through the woods along the river. I remember it was a windy morning and the branches and trees swayed to their limit as forest canopy caught the strong gusts. I had come to a narrow section of path that opened up to a wooden bridge that traversed the river. As I headed through the narrow opening a strong gust of wind was captured by the low hung branch of a silver oak, which snapped under the strain. The large branch swung right into my path just as I was ducking to clear it striking me solidly in the forehead and laying me out on my back on the path. I lay there for a moment, dazed when I heard a voice speaking to me from the riverbank.

“Mister! Over here! Help!” The voice cried out. I blinked in disbelief when all I could see was a female mallard snagged against the bank in fishing line.

“Are you talking to me?” I asked foolishly, forgetting for a moment I was having a conversation with a duck!

“Yes of course! Do you see anyone else around?” The mallard asked sarcastically.

“That kind of tone isn’t going to win you many friends.” I replied a littler annoyed.

“Listen mister, I’ve been stuck here for hours so you’ll forgive me if I’m in a bit of a mood, but if you free me I’ll grant you a wish.” The duck offered apologetically.

“Now why would I believe a duck could grant me a wish?” I asked, my tone clearly one of disbelief.

“How many duck do you know that can talk?” asked the mallard and after a pause of silence while I tried to recall ever having met a duck that could talk before, I concluded this duck had a good point.

“I thought so!” Said the duck. “Now get me out of here!”

“Not so fast!” I exclaimed before asking, “How do I know I’ll get my wish?”

“I guess you’ll have to trust me. After all what have you got to lose?” The duck asked, and I certainly couldn’t argue with his logic.

After several minutes I managed to untangle the line from the duck. She began quacking and swimming in circles fluttering her wings and wriggling her tail. “I’m free!” she exclaimed and now what is your wish kind sir?” she asked.

I had never given much thought to a wish before. What was the point really? Did wishes ever really come true? None that I knew of, unless they were fulfilled by my own hard work and efforts so I just wished for whatever came to me in that moment never believing it would come true.
“I wish I could have sex with anyone I want at will!” I exclaimed as just the thought of such a power brought a smile to my face.

The duck again began quacking, swimming in circles flapping it’s wings and wriggling it’s tail before exclaiming “It is done! Thank you kind sir and good luck!” With that the duck flew off.

I stood up and rubbed my head before jumping over the downed branch and continuing on my jog. While running along I began thinking I must be getting fat. I could feel my once tight chest was now bouncing along in rhythm to my step. “My God!” I screamed as I looked down at a pair of bouncing 36C breasts where once my manly chest had been!
As I stared down in shock my long blond hair streaked with sweat fell off my shoulders into my face. Without thinking I brushed it back behind my ears before realizing that I didn’t have long hair when I left the house this morning! “What the fuck…!” I screamed out as I headed toward a quiet pool in the river to view my reflection. There in the pool looking back at me was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen! Her lips were full and soft. Her eyes were shade of green like that of a mallard head. Her cheekbones were well defined and as I reached up to touch her soft skin I realized I was touching my own face! “Holy shit!” I whispered in shocked disbelief.

Obviously I wasn’t going to work today, I thought, as I stood in shock wondering what am I going to do? I reached down inside my sweats to address the itch between my legs when I got the biggest shock of all. Instead of the humble but proud penis and balls that I was used to scratching was a hooded nub and a pair of pussy lips! My finger traced my new found slit and rubbed gentle circles around my clit as my mind tried to make sense of what had happened. Slowly the wetness between my legs began to build the heat at the center radiating out and down my thighs. I was no longer thinking about my predicament and instead was lost in the pleasure I was giving my self. My heart was racing and my breathing was quickening as I felt my first clitoral orgasm explode buckling my knees momentarily. I slid a hand under my shirt and began pulling and twisting my swollen nipple as I slid two finger into my hole. A moan leaped from my throat as I threw my head back fingering myself viciously when suddenly I felt my pussy twitching wildly, my thighs trembled and my legs almost collapsed under me as I cried out sending birds in flight from the branches above. I lay back on the path staring up at the sky while I tried to catch my breath and collect my thoughts.

“It’s the wish…that fucking duck!” I thought. I wanted to be able to get laid at will and this was the duck idea on how to make that happen? I must admit, the idea began to appeal to me even though it wasn’t what I had in mind, but after experiencing those orgasms, I thought, what the hell, why not give it a shot? Suddenly, I had the urge to shop for a new outfit and get ready for a night out at the clubs!

After having rushed home to shower, experience a couple more orgasms, and then change, I headed for the mall to get some things. I’m sure I was a sight as I walked into Victoria Secrets with my oversize jeans and tee shirt. Those clothes fit me well when I was a man but now hung from me like a mannequin at a Hip Hop boutique for inmates! Of course, there was no way I could wear those briefs hence the reason for my first stop. Well, that and the need for sexy lingerie for later.

My next stop was Macy’s where I found this cute little black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline that, along with the push up bra I got from Victoria’s Secret revealed just enough of my voluptuous new breasts! I looked a little ridiculous walking around in that dress with a pair of men’s jogging sneakers so my next stop had to be for shoes. I found the perfect pair of stiletto heels in the Shoe Experience that accented the lines of my legs beautifully. They were a half size too small and difficult for me to walk in but at 50% off I couldn’t resist, and I got them to throw in a matching clutch!

I was almost ready but I had to make one more stop at the salon. After all, what the hell did I know about make up and hair? Besides, these damn shoes were already beginning to hurt my feet! After a shampoo, cut, curl, manicure and makeover Cindy held the mirror up behind me. “You look beautiful!” she exclaimed with pride in her work.

“Yes, I do don’t I? Thank you Cindy!” I exclaimed, smiling as I handed her a fifty.

By time I was finished with the salon it was dinnertime. It took me all day to make myself into this stunning sex goddess and I had some newfound sympathy for my sisters that had spent their entire lives doing the same thing. I must admit though, I was feeling really good about myself. I had a sense of great power like I could do anything, get anything I wanted and I was determined to do just that! First, I had to get something to eat.

I walked into the TGIF and sat at the bar pretending like I was waiting to meet someone.

“Can I get you anything?” asked the handsome bartender. He had been at the other end of the bar making his way around to his other customers when he spotted me taking a seat and he rushed right over.

“Perhaps just a glass of water.” I responded with a smile “I’m waiting for someone.”

The bartender had been glancing over at me and we exchanged smiles while I sat nursing my water before he came back to check on me.
“Can I get you anything else?” he asked politely. I leaned into him granting him a view of my remarkable cleavage, and began to cry.

“I’m sorry” I sniffed, “I was supposed to me a blind date here and I’m afraid he’s stood me up.”

“Don’t cry over that jerk! You’re so beautiful you could get any man you wanted!” he said trying to comfort me.

“It’s not just that,” I said “To make matters worse while I was trying on this dress someone stole my wallet out of my bag,” I sniffed.

“Listen, uh, what’s your name?” He asked

“Angela, but my friends call me Angie.” I sighed.

“Listen Angela, why don’t I get you a drink and a bite to eat then maybe you’ll feel better.” He said.

“Thanks… Bob is it?” I asked, looking at the golden nametag on his shirt and extending my hand to clasp his.

“Sure thing Angie!” he said smiling.

Wow! I thought I was in the zone! Dinner and drinks for free and I didn’t even have to kiss the guy! After I finished dinner I shook Bob’s hand and thanked him again. After handing him a bogus phone number, I headed back to my car and off to the dance club “Anthony’s” for more drinks, dancing, and multiple orgasms which, I had every intention of counting!

It was still early and the bar was sparsely populated. I took a seat at one corner and waited for the pretty bar maid to service me. She was flirting for tips with a group of guys at the opposite corner of the bar and had their attention except for one of the least attractive of the group that was eyeing me over. I flashed him a shy smile and watched as he instructed the barmaid to give me whatever it was I was drinking. I watched her as she walked towards me in her skintight short shorts wriggling her firm ass for the suckers at the bar. “Hi the boys down there would like to buy you drink.”

“Well isn’t that nice! What’s your name honey?” I asked her.

“I’m Susan and you are?” she asked as she extended her hand.

“My friends call me Angie,” I said. “Are those boys good tippers?”

“I do pretty well if I shake it enough for them” She said, laughing. “Men are suckers for a pretty flirt!”

“Tell me about it!” I laughed in agreement, “and they’re woefully inadequate at satisfying a woman!”

“You got that right Angie,” she said as she winked at me.

“Say Susan, what time do you get off tonight?” I asked rather boldly.

“That depends on when I get you in bed” she chuckled, “but I work until 2.”

“Then if I need a ride later you won’t mind taking me home?” I asked.

“Not at all sweetheart.” She said with a smile “now what are you drinking?”

“Grey Goose chilled with an olive.” I replied.

Susan poured the drink and placed it in front of me before leaving to wait on more customers. It was almost too easy, I thought, I already had a definite date tonight! I raised my glass and nodded to the gentleman that bought me the drink as he made his way over towards me.

“Hi. I’m Angie”, I said as I shook his hand “Thanks for the drink.”

“I’m Billy”, he said “and those are my friends Steve and Tom.”

Oh Christ! I thought, there’s no way I’m going to fuck this guy or any of his friends for that matter. Certainly it would take at least 3 more of these vodka martinis before I could even tolerate talking to them. For now though, I was going to milk them for all the drinks I could get until something better came along.

“Should we invite your friends to join us Billy or did you have other plans?” I asked teasingly.

“Well… I…uh… Billy stammered.

“You, er what Billy? You thought you would buy me a drink and I’d just roll over and let you fuck me?” I asked as I downed my drink.

“No! It’s not like that! I just thought I…er…was being friendly.” Billy explained.

“Well order me up another and let’s dance.” I commanded and Billy meekly obeyed.

I was laughing so hard on the inside I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! This guy was like a puppet on a string. I could get anything I wanted out of him, but he wasn’t what I was looking for. After all, I was hot! I could have any guy I wanted and this guy didn’t even come close. I soon sent him packing back to his friends.

I spent the next couple of hours meeting people in the bar. One after another men would approach me buy me drinks and use their best lines or lame conversation in an effort to stick their anxious dicks between my thighs. There was the guy with the tan a white ring around his finger where his wedding band had been; telling me he and his wife had an “open relationship”.
“Yeah?” I asked, “then you wouldn’t mind taking me back to your place and having her join us would you?”

Then the countless others with their lame pick up lines.

“That dress would look great on the floor next to my bed.”

“Yeah? Well when I’m done with it I’ll let you borrow it asshole.”

“Say you want to see something swell?”

“Do you think you’ll be able to find it then? Asshole!”

“Would you like to dance or should I just screw myself again?”

“Just screw yourself I’d hate to break up a beautiful relationship, asshole!”

The funny thing was that even though I could have easily taken any one of these guys home and fucked the living shit out of them, I had no desire to! I was actually getting annoyed at even having to deal with them. I was even at the point where I was willing to buy my own drinks just so I didn’t have to talk to them!

By 2 o’clock I was pretty hammered and ready to call Susan on her promise to give me a lift home. I was actually looking forward to having sex with her. My pussy was getting moist just at the thought! I imagined her pretty face buried in my muff her tongue delicately titillating the tip of my clit bringing me to orgasm after orgasm! Hell I didn’t need some guy poking me in my pussy to feel good.

“Susan I think I’ll take you up on that ride home.” I said with a slight slur.

“Sure thing,” she said with a smile “and if you don’t mind my friend Jake need a lift as well.” She said taking Jake by the hand and introducing us.

Jake was a large muscular man with long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. His thick arms were graced with numerous tattoos. He had dark mysterious eyes and a warm smile.
“Nice to meet you.” I slurred, as I wondered why I hadn’t seen him in the club until now.

When we got to my place I invited Susan and Jake up for a nightcap. I handed Jake a Beer and poured a glass of wine for Susan and myself. Jake sat in the recliner that faced the sofa where Susan and I sat next to each other. We toasted to new friends and made small talk for a few minutes, but I was beginning to feel a fire burn between my thighs and I knew the only way to quench it was to feed my desire. “You have beautiful tits Susan, do you mind if I touch them?” I asked.

“Yours are pretty nice to and I’ve been waiting all night to get my lips around them.” Susan said, as she guided my hand under her shirt. Her tits were firm but soft and as I caressed them I felt her nipple swelling between my fingers. She slid one hand up my thigh and leaned over pressing her lips against mine. I could see Jake shifting uncomfortably in the chair while he watched, the bulge in his jeans becoming more evident. Susan pulled away lifting her blouse over her head. I turned and held my hair up so that Susan could undo the zipper of my dress before I stood and let it pool at my feet. I unhooked my bra releasing my boobs from their bondage. I held them in my hands lifting them up towards my lips as my tongue flicked over my own nipples. Susan stood and wriggled out of her shorts her warm dark eyes watched me as she licked her pink full lips.

We embraced and kissed passionately our tongues slowly exploring the other’s mouth while our hands roamed over the other’s body. Susan had the sweetest and tightest ass I had ever felt on a woman and I couldn’t wait to taste her honey. Her hand slipped between my thighs and gently traced the outside of my slit before coming to rest on my clit forming gentle circles as we continued to kiss. I pushed her back onto the sofa and mounted her in the 69 position. I felt her face against my pussy her tongue darting into me set off my first orgasm. My moans of pleasure lost in Susan’s own depths, swallowed by her hungry hole as I drank in her nectar.

Susan wrapped her legs around me holding me tight against her pussy as her legs trembled and her hips bucked in ecstasy. Her grip also served to hold me in place while Jake took position behind me. I had forgotten all about Jake who had stripped naked as he watched events unfold before him. His massive erect cock was bigger than any I had ever seen in my lifetime and quite frankly I was afraid he’d split me in half with that thing! After all, I hadn’t been a woman for very long and I had no idea what I was capable of but I was about to find out!

Jake slid into me slowly as if he knew I’d never been fucked before. His massive member stretched me to the limit and I suddenly realized size does matter as my pussy surrounded his hot steel and quivered almost violently. He was moving in and out in short strokes while Susan sucked his balls. Susan was cumming again and again soaking my face with rivers or her sweet release. Jake had me by the hips and began pounding me harder, faster, while Susan’s tongue flicked along his shaft his movements to quick for her to maintain his balls in her mouth. I was screaming in pleasure my pussy wracked with tremors as I exploded in a gushing orgasm. Jake exploded inside of me steamy hot jets that seemed to spurt endlessly flooding out of pussy and spilling over Susan’s face.

I was not prepared for what was to happen next. Susan’s pussy quivered again a stream of warm water flooding out of her pussy. I felt as though I was drowning! I struggled to catch my breath to surface from her depths! I blinked hard. I was dazed, confused and flailing my arms!

“Are you all right?” I heard a female voice implore from out of the wet darkness.

“Looks like you had a nasty fall fella!” A deep gruff voice added as I blinked the water from my eyes.

Kneeling over me was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen! Her lips were full and soft. Her eyes were shade of green like that of a mallard head. With her was a tall muscular man with a ponytail his arms adorned with tattoos. Both of them were wearing jogging shorts with tee shirts and carrying water bottles.

“That’s quite a nasty bump on your head there hun!” said the beautiful woman.

“What happened to the duck?” I asked.

“Duck? What duck?” said the muscular man.

“Do you think we should take him to the hospital Jake?” asked the beautiful woman.

“Let’s get him to his feet Susan and we’ll see.” Jake replied.

“Do I know you?” I asked.

“I don’t think so. You were out cold there for a while mister! Just relax. I think you’ll be all right in a few minutes” Jake said.

“Maybe so I said, but I don’t think I’ll ever be the same!” I exclaimed.

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