Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hope In Hell

Aamaal Al Souhail stood by the window looking out at the destruction of her once beautiful country and counted her blessings. She was a modern Arab woman so she dressed in a more western style. Still she wore her headscarf whenever she was outside and her clothing was loose fitting so as not to accentuate her fine figure or reveal her ample breasts. Her skirt fell to the center of her calf hiding her shapely legs from the probing eyes of the Arab men that studied her as she traveled with her crew.

Even by western standards, Aamaal was a beautiful woman. She had shoulder length dark black hair and dark mysterious eyes. She was an enthusiastic woman with a ready and friendly smile that belied the experiences she faced in the 30 years of her life in Iraq.

As a young girl, she witnessed first hand the brutality of Saddam when she and her friend Sabria Mahdi came home from school one day to find the head of Sabria’s older sister displayed on a stick in front of her house. Sabria’s mother was kneeling on the ground beside the body wailing and her father had been taken away.

Now with Saddam gone the danger to women was worse than before. She knew at least two of her friends from her old neighborhood that were kidnapped and raped by insurgents and then later killed by their own families to preserve their name in what has become a common event known as an honor killing.

She lived now in the Al-Rasheed Hotel inside the green zone of Baghdad where she worked as a translator for a western news agency. She was relatively safe here now but her work for the Americans meant that she could never go outside the green zone without an armed escort. She knew translators were routinely kidnapped and beheaded but she loved her job and hoped that one day she would get the opportunity to go to America, perhaps with him.

Greg was tired. He spent the last 12 hours chasing insurgents through the streets of Baghdad outside the green zone. They had kicked in some doors to find a cache of weapons. They took small arms fire in alleyway wounding two in his party. He was still upset about the young boy running towards him with the grenade in his hand shouting something he didn’t understand when the shot rang out from behind him exploding the boy’s skull.

Earlier in the week a patrol had come through this way offering money in exchange for weapons, and perhaps this was what the boy was after. Greg was no different than any of the other guys. He just wanted to get out of this alive. He saw too many of his friends killed, ripped apart by roadside bombs and picked off by snipers. The constant stress of trying to preserve one’s life was wearing, but to let your guard down for a moment could be deadly.

Greg got here by way of the reserves. He joined just before the war hoping to get a college education that he couldn’t afford and to make a little extra money. His life back home had been nothing but hanging out in singles bars hoping to find that one special woman that he could settle down and have a family with. Instead all he could muster was a series of one-night stands and meaningless relationships, which bolstered his decision to go into the reserves. How bad could it be? One weekend a month, two weeks a year, travel and see the world. He never dreamed he would end up here or meet someone like Aamaal.

They met after a bomb exploded in a market while Greg’s unit was on patrol. Aamaal’s crew was dispatched to get the story. Greg was trying to question witnesses and was looking for someone that could speak English when Aamaal and her crew approached him to find out what was going on. Greg asked Aamaal to translate for him, “Ask this man if he’s seen any foreign fighters in the area recently”. Aamaal posed the question and listened intently to the answer her lips curling up into a smile she tried hard to suppress.

“Well” asked Greg, “what did he say”? “He said yes, you” replied Aamaal her eyes locked intently on his the smile spreading broadly across her face now. Greg was smiling now too as he studied her face. “Are you staying at the hotel?” he asked her. “Yes”. “I may need to question you further say around 19:00 okay?” Greg asked. “Of course.” she replied simply.

Aamaal means hope, wishes, or aspirations and she was waiting now and hoping Greg was all right and would get here soon. She had on a pink silk nightgown that ended mid thigh with matching pink panties under her terry cloth robe. Her firm breasts pressed against her gown the dark nipples barely visible through the opaque material. She paced anxiously by the window hoping her services would not be needed tonight.

Aamaal threw her arms around Greg’s neck when he finally arrived at the room. Greg had his hands on her waist his gun slung over his shoulder as their lips met and lingered for a moment. “I need a quick shower,” Greg said. “I’ll put up some tea,” replied Aamaal.

In Iraq one never knew how much time one had. With every incident Greg could be called to action or Aamaal might be needed to help get the news out, so for Greg and Aamaal, time was a precious commodity indeed!

Greg came out of the shower wearing only the terry cloth robe as Aamaal handed him his tea. They sat by the window looking out at the dark city sipping tea and talking, not about their day but about their dreams. Aamaal stood and let her robe fall to the floor while Greg eyed her up and down, drinking in her beauty, he moved slowly towards her lifting her in his arms and placed her gently on the bed. They stared into each other eyes quietly as their warm moist lips came to rest lightly together for a moment and then parting slowly the tips of their tongues danced delightedly as their mouths pressed tighter together in a deep passionate kiss.

Aamaal held Greg’s face and kissed his neck and shoulders while Greg wrapped his arms tightly around her. He brushed her hair from her shoulders and began planting light kisses on her soft skin. His moist lips trembling in anticipation as he kissed his way back to her mouth. Aamaal sighed softly as she tilted her head back while Greg sucked her neck softly, holding her skin in his lips and pulling away slowly. Aamaal held him tightly now as his lips worked their way down to her heaving breasts. Greg slipped the straps of the nightgown off her shoulders pulling it down to expose her already swollen nipples.

Greg cupped her breasts in his hands and studied her face. Aamaal smiled putting her hands behind his head, she pulled his face to her bosoms. Greg took turns paying close attention to each of her nipples. His tongue circled slowly around her areola before flicking rapidly over her nipple and then taking her whole breast in his mouth he would allow his lips to slide sucking softly as he pulled away.

Greg didn’t want to rush, but he also didn’t want to leave Aamaal without having brought her to the heights of pleasure. He reached under her gown slipping off the pink lace panties and raising the nightgown up to her breasts. He began kissing her belly, sucking in her soft skin with his eager lips and pulling away, moving lower and lower. He positioned her at the edge of the bed as he knelt on the floor. With her feet up on the bed his hands moved high up on her thighs between her legs. Aamaal was breathing heavy now her heart racing with anticipation. Greg’s large hands covered her waiting pussy his fingers gently folded back the already swollen lips exposing her bud. He massaged her moving in small circles while his anxious lips began sucking and pulling away the skin on her inner thighs moving higher and higher towards their ultimate destination.

Aamaal was already trembling by the time Greg’s lips arrived. Greg’s hands held her open as he pressed his mouth against her nibbling then sucking her clit and pulling away with his warm moist lips. Aamaal wrapped her legs around and pulled his head against her from behind clutching the sheets in her hands and arching her back as Greg’s tongue dived deep inside her.

Greg wanted to make her happy, wanted to please her. He knew of her life and knew she deserved so much more. He wished he could take her back to America with him and give her everything she never dreamed she could have, but here in Iraq there was nothing to give but each other and he was determined to give her all of him.

Aamaal tensed gripping Greg’s head tightly pulling his mouth against her as her pussy convulsed and twitched cumming again and again her moans filling the room while Greg drank in her juices. She reached out for him pulling him on top of her wrapping her arms tightly around his neck her legs in a scissor lock around his waist as the kissed deeply

Who was this man that God has sent to me, to give me such pleasure, such love? Aamaal thought. What have I done God to deserve such a gift? Aamaal was deeply in love with Greg. He unleashed feelings in her she never knew she had! She wanted to be with him all the time, to feel him inside her always, now, she thought as she felt his hard cock pressing against her.

Aamaal reached down and took Greg’s member in her hand. She stroked him gently up and down, palming the pulsing head and sliding back down squeezing his balls lightly. He loved the way she touched him, his cock jumping as she palmed the head. It was time.

He rose up his hips as she guided his cock towards her anxious pussy. The pulsating head of his prick parted her swollen pussy lips and pierced her pink depths closing back around and clutching his cock like a warm wet velvet glove. He held it there with just the head inside and he savored the feeling of the warm wetness surrounding him, resisting her as she wrapped her arms around him trying to pull him further inside. He pushed in slowly allowing himself to feel every inch of her depths and when he reached the bottom he pressed his lips against her kissing her deeply before he withdrew again pulling back until the throbbing head was beginning to open her from inside.

She dug her heels into his backside urging him to thrust his lance inside again, but he would not be rushed. Moments like this were rare in Iraq and in this place you never knew if there would be another. Greg wanted to savor every single moment, every feeling.

Aamaal couldn’t stand it anymore! She wanted him inside her, to pleasure him, to acknowledge the gift God sent her. She arched her back to receive him as he again probed her depths. He began moving in a slow rhythm now sliding forward to ensure his cock was in contact with her clit. Her hips rose in rhythm and her heels pulled him towards her with each thrust.

Their moans filled the room drowning out any thoughts as their bodies reacted instinctively to the pleasure they were each receiving. They were no longer in Iraq, in a hotel, in a bed making love. They had become one. They had become love itself. They could not hear their moans. The rhythm of their lovemaking was automatic as waves of ecstasy rippled through out their bodies.

Aamaal would peak first. Her pussy contracting, pulsing, gripping and releasing, her body shuddering, her thighs shaking, legs like jello, her screams of delight caught in her throat as Greg made his final thrust, collapsing against her tender breasts, his hips convulsing, waves of electricity shooting out from where he was embedded inside her and down his inner thighs, his body shook from his abdomen to his shoulders as his cock spewed his molten milk into her depths.

They laid together breath less, their arms wrapped tightly around each other, Greg still inside her savoring her warmth. They were looking into each other’s eyes, their thoughts only of each other and of a life they hoped to share together someday.

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