Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Card Night

It was already 8PM and Allen and John had been waiting for more than an hour. They had come to Steve’s house for the weekly game of cards and viewing whatever game was on TV at the time. Allen, John and Steve were all first year college students, athletes and best friends. They worked out together at the gym every morning except Sunday when they slept in recovering from the Saturday night partying they indulged in.

Allen was the strongest of the three with budging biceps, a barrel chest and thick thighs, the perfect build for his position as the running back on the school football team. John was a gymnast with no more than 5% body fat he displayed excellent definition of all his muscles six pack abs, tight gluts and the flexibility of a snake! Steve was the track star tall and lanky with great speed and stamina he supplemented his workouts with a part time job loading trucks for UPS.

Cindy at 45 still was attractive. She didn’t look her age at all! She kept her blond hair longer than her shoulders, which added to her youthful appearance. She like her son Steve was a runner. Indeed it was because of her that Steve had developed his interest in track. Steve was only 12 when his father walked out on them and that was when Cindy began running. She made Steve go with her partly because she didn’t want to leave him alone and partly because she felt it was a good way to spend quality time together.

Cindy jumped at the sound of the phone. She had been sitting with Allen and John sharing a beer and enjoying relaxed conversation. They had been Steve’s friends for a long time and she was quite comfortable socializing with them. They talked about everything, their schoolwork, their families, and even their girlfriends with her. Cindy was the mom that everybody thought was cool. She was beautiful and as teenagers all of Steve’s friends talked about their fantasies of being with her, at least until Steve got angry.

“Looks like Steve isn’t going to make it tonight boys, the weather is getting worse and the trucks are running way behind” Cindy reported “If it keeps snowing like this he may have to sleep there!” Cindy exclaimed. “Well we can’t play cards with just the two of us why don’t you take his place Cindy?” suggested John. “I’m not much of a card player” said Cindy “all I know how to play is strip poker.” She teased. “All right!” shouted Allen “Game on” he said passing out another round of beers.

Cindy giggled, she was well versed in poker and was not the least bit worried about losing this game! She imagined her son’s friends sitting across the table from her stripped down to their skivvies looking all embarrassed and that thought of their naked bodies sent a shudder down her spine that seemed to ignite a flame between her legs. She could feel the heat spreading down to her inner thighs before she caught herself.

One hour and three beers later both boys were exactly as Cindy imagined they’d be, except she had lost her blouse with a pair of aces in her hand and nothing significant showing on the river save a king when added to the two held by John gave him his unexpected victory.

The beers were beginning to get to Cindy. She lost another hand and was now forced to slip out of her jeans. She was beginning to worry. She couldn’t concentrate on the cards anymore. Her mind kept imagining erotic fantasies with her card buddies. How did she let it get this far? One thing was certain she wasn’t about to lose! She dealt out the cards looking at Allen’s barrel chest and imagining his bulging arms wrapped around her, her eyes moved to John and a image of them together in a weird sexual position flashed across her mind and she felt her pussy begin to moisten. The river! A pair of sixes for Allen, a pair of jacks for John, Cindy displayed her cards, a pair of queens!

“Okay boys, you lose” Cindy squealed in excitement. Allen and John stood up looked at each other and looked at Cindy as they slowly peeled their briefs from their muscular bodies. Cindy eyed them up and down in awe as her mind flashed with erotic images of them. Her nipples swelled pushing against her bra and her pussy was getting wetter now dampening her panties.

John and Allen were eyeing Cindy up and down. They noticed her erect nipples and thoughts of the object to their teenage fantasies becoming a reality sent the blood pumping into their youthful anxious cocks extending like pointers towards the hunters prey.

Cindy stood up her legs shaking as Allen moved behind her sliding the chair away from the table. He put his strong hands on her shoulders kissing her lightly at the nape of her neck. John cleared the table and dropped to his knees sliding his hands up her legs under her panties and cupped her firm ass while he gripped her damp panties in his teeth ripping them from her body. Allen had unhooked her bra and was cupping her now heaving breasts tracing the erect nipples lightly with his fingers while nibbling her neck.

Meanwhile John was nibbling and licking the insides of Cindy’s thighs, lapping up the moisture that was now dripping steadily from her quivering pussy his hands massaged her ass and extended fingers reached under her from behind tickling the spot between her ass and her slit. Cindy tilted her head back and to the side her eyes closed moaning with sensory overload as Allen’s lips pressed against hers, their tongues clashing in a fit of passion.

John gripped Cindy’s ass tightly and began to lift her up. Allen followed his lead guiding her back down onto the table. Allen was leaning over her head from behind kissing her deeply, passionately as he pinched and rolled her nipples in between his fingers and allowed his hands to wander over her belly and back over her breasts. John’s mouth was now massaging Cindy’s ravenous pussy, his strong hands holding her trembling thighs wide open, his fingers spreading the lips of her pussy apart, his lips teeth and tongue in attack mode assaulting Cindy’s clitoris as her cries of ecstasy filled the room.

Now Allen’s mouth launched into attack mode. He was bent over Cindy sucking and nibbling her erect nipples, biting her belly tracing her tits with his tongue and lightly flicking wildly over the tips.

Cindy was lost in pleasure and passion. She no longer had control over her body. Pleasure seemed to becoming from every part of her. Her heart pounded and her chest was rising up and down with quick deep breaths. Her ears were ringing as she squealed and moaned in delight. She tilted her head back off the edge of the table to find Allen swollen throbbing cock poised at her lips. She took it in to her mouth with both hands her tongue circling the head wildly flicking along the vein gorged with blood. She guided him into her mouth swallowing his entire shaft. Allen clutched her breasts tightly throwing his head back and moaning in delight thrusting his hips forward and back sliding his thick cock in and out of her mouth over her full lips.

John took Cindy’s ankles and lifted them over his neck. He guided his rapacious cock into Cindy’s wanting cunt. Cindy could only gag as John’s long shaft penetrated her wet pink depths. He used his thumbs to massage her clit as his hips moved harder and faster back and forth. Cindy’s pussy gripped and released his cock over and over again causing John to scream out in pleasure. Her thighs tensed and her body convulsed her pussy twitching violently as she released cuming and cuming in waves her cries stifled by Allen’s huge cock which was now filling her mouth with what seemed like quarts of musky sweet jism spilling out of her and running down the side of her face.

John made his final thrust slamming his balls against Cindy’s soaking wet pussy the head of his long cock pressing against her womb, his fluids filling her up inside and dripping down the crack of her ass. John collapsed on top of her his head resting upon her left breast his hot breath flowing over Cindy’s still erect sensitive nipple.

Allen had collapsed too. His head lay on Cindy’s moist belly panting hot air over her still dripping wet pussy. Cindy’s head lay back gasping for air, her body so sensitive that even the invisible hairs stood at attention. “These boys aren’t very good at cards,” she thought, “but they sure are useful.” “Anybody up for another round?” she quipped breathlessly.

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