Friday, December 11, 2009

The Observer

Finally it was dark! I couldn’t wait for 10PM to arrive. Because that was about the time my neighbor Stacy would light the many candles in her bedroom. She will have that steamy Jazz saxophone playing softly as she awaits the arrival of her husband. By now she would have completed her bath, and combed out her long blond hair. A bottle of fine wine will be in the chiller next to the bed, and even though the curtains of the sliding glass doors will be closed, I will still have a perfect view of the happenings from behind the arborvitae bush located at the corner of the patio that the glass doors provide access to. The bushes they planted for privacy will actually provide for my cover where I can clearly see by peering through the crack of the closed curtain that is formed at the corner of the door when drawn.

9PM. By now she should be lying in bed, perhaps reading while she waits for her lover, Bob, an airline pilot that flew a regularly scheduled flight and was often away, except on Wednesdays when he would always arrive about 10PM and Stacy would be waiting.
Stacy was a beautiful young woman perhaps 30 years old that worked as a physical trainer. Her body was firm, as she lived her job, always watching what she ate, and working out.

I wonder what she’s going to wear tonight. She always seemed to find new ways to please her man. I took my position behind the bush and as always I had a clear view! Stacy was there on the bed wearing red lace teddy and panties, garters holding up her red lace hose. She had on paten leather black boots with three inch spike heals. Her skin was creamy white and she wore ruby red lipstick. Her green eyes sparkled in the light of the flickering candle, and her fingernails, which seemed long for someone in her profession, were painted ruby red to match her thick ruby red lips.

But something was different tonight! She had already poured her wine and returned the glass to the night table after taking a sip. She began to slip out of the teddy exposing her firm breasts. She took an ice cube from the chiller and began circling her nipples with it. Then she began stroking them sliding her hands slowly up and down her belly and over her breasts occasionally she would capture her now erect nipples between her thumbs and fore fingers rolling and pulling them before again stroking her soft skin and squeezing her firm breasts.

I watched in awe of her beauty, my manhood pushing against the inside of my jeans and my thighs hot and tingling, my mind lost in fantasy. She reached over and took something off the nightstand and laid it beside her on the bed out of my view. Then she unhooked the garter and slid the red lace panties over her boots, revealing her firm muscular thighs and her clean-shaven pussy.

She picked the object off the bed holding in one hand while her other hand slid lightly up and down her belly and her thighs, then in between her legs, her fingers expertly spreading her lips and massaging her clitoris as she moaned softly.
I could see the vibrator in her other hand was a two pronged affair, with a small extension designed to stimulate her clit and a larger part designed to be inserted in side her. When she turned it on I saw the larger part rotating. It seemed to be made of marbles in the shape of a cone. I watched intently as she placed it inside her. Her feet on the bed and knees up at first then her knees fell off to the side on the bed opening her legs wider as if to give me an even better view! She was moaning loudly now, thrusting the vibrator in and out. Her pussy was glistening wet, her juices flowing freely as the muscles in her thighs flexed and contracted.

This was more than I could stand! My heart raced with excitement my legs wobbled and my loins began to burn as fresh blood was pumped to my now throbbing cock! I couldn’t stand it any longer! I ripped open my jeans, pulling them and my briefs down to my ankles and I began to stroke myself. I had never done this before! Normally I just watched, but now I imagined myself there with Stacy, her wanting pussy waiting for my anxious cock to be thrust inside her!

I must not have noticed how loud I moaned, lost in my fantasy of passion. I didn’t see Stacey had left the bed until suddenly the glass doors opened! There was no way for me to run with my pants down! I now had to face the embarrassment of being caught by my neighbor, a peeping tom! “Why don’t you come in Tim, isn’t it cold out here?” Stacy asked not even phased by my appearance. “But…but…” I stammered, you’re not going to call the police”? I asked? “Oh don’t be silly Tim!” she exclaimed. “But…but…what about your husband?” I asked. “Oh, he isn’t going to make it tonight, his flight got delayed”. “He suggested I ask you if you want to take his place for this evening.” She explained. “What!” But how did he know…” “Tim, “she interrupted “we know you’ve been watching us. We purposely left the curtain open in the corner so you could see!” “You see we enjoy being watched!”

I couldn’t believe my ears, not to mention my eyes! Stacy reached down to caress my still erect cock and began to lead me inside to the bedroom. “I hope you’re still horny Tim. I’m in need of a good hard fucking!” Stacy exclaimed as she lay me down on the bed her thick ruby red lips parted as she bent down towards my crotch.

Her green eyes were locked on mine as she held my throbbing cock gently in her hand her ruby red lips caressed the tip clamping around the head holding it in her warm wet mouth her tongue lightly flicked over the tip then she dragged her full red lips over the head sucking and pulling away. Tingles like electricity shot down my shaft to my balls and he groaned as he arched his back attempting to shove his anxious cock down Stacy’s throat. Stacy pulled back she was going to tease him until he begged! “Hold on there cowboy” Stacy ordered, “not so fast!”

She brought out some leather restraints tying my arms and legs apart to each of the bedposts. She straddled my chest as though she were ready to guide my aching cock into her hungry pussy my heart was pounding in anticipation as I anxiously eyed her swollen, wet, clean shaven, pussy lips and imagined them surrounding my eager member. Instead she took the vibrator from the night table kneeling above my lips she began to pleasure herself. I watched intently as she slid the toy in and out of her. I never wanted a woman as bad as I wanted Stacy now. Her thighs tensed, she screamed out, her cum flowed down her inner thighs while I watched bucking my hips, my eager cock aching for stimulation!
She turned placing her soaking wet pussy to my lips “Eat me” she moaned, “lick my cunt and make it good!” she exclaimed wriggling her pussy into my face. My tongue parted her swollen wet lips licking and flicking wildly up and down her slit pausing on her clit I nibbled and bit licked and sucked her bud, lapping up the sweet juices. Stacy was rolling her tongue around the head of my cock teasing me. I wanted her to take my cock deep into her mouth, or to have her slide it into her wet cunt or even her ass, jerk me off anything! I was blind with pent up passion my balls ached for release!

Stacy pressed her pussy hard against my mouth “Oh God! I’m cumming” she screamed rubbing her cunt against my mouth as I eagerly lapped up her nectar. I was pulling at the restraints, bucking my hips “Oh God!” I screamed, “Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Stacy said calmly “Beg me, say please mistress, please fuck me.” “Okay” I cried “Please mistress, please fuck me I beg you!” With that Stacy took my aching cock deep into her mouth. I felt the head pass her tonsils as she swallowed the entire shaft her full moist lips kissing my balls I arched my back and moaned in delight as she bobbed her head up and down her lips sliding over my head and then swallowing me again.

Her hands cupped my balls and she felt them begin to tense and she stopped immediately. She held her lips near the tip of my cock blowing her breath gently over it. “Don’t stop!” I cried. “Is that how you talk to your mistress?” she asked. “Beg, me!” she commanded. I was practically in tears as I cried, “Please, mistress Stacy, please fuck me, I’m begging you make me cum!” “Oh you’re such a good, obedient boy.” Stacy said. She held my throbbing cock in her hand facing me, watching my eyes, my expression as she took the head and slid it up and down along her salacious slit, rubbing her clit in small circles with it teasing me!

“Oh please mistress Stacy, please fuck me” I screamed tears beginning to form in my eyes “I beg you” I said desperately. She guided my anxious cock into her wet pink pussy. I felt the warmth surround my shaft, her muscles gripping me as she slowly dropped down on my member. I sighed in relief as she paused to rock back and forth rubbing her clit against the base of my cock buried deep inside her. She rose up slowly, pausing whit just the head of my hungry cock inside her I felt the lips of her pussy pull over the top and the cool air chill my dick. “I don’t hear you begging” Stacy said coyly. “Oh my God! I’m sorry my mistress, please fuck me I beg you!”

She guided me back inside her, slowly stroking my shaft I bucked arching my back wanting to move faster. “Beg for what you want Tim” Stacy teased. Please fuck me, mistress faster, please I beg you!” Stacy began sliding up and down. She was breathing rapidly as she bounced hard on my cock. I just kept screaming “Please!”…”Mistress!”…”Fuck me!”…”Harder!”… “I beg you!”…”faster!”

Stacy was screaming too. “Beg me, beg for it, beg me to fuck you” she cried out. I could feel her pussy tighten around me gripping and releasing, her body shaking as she threw her head back and screamed “Aiiieeee…I’m cumming!” I was bucking wildly under her, straining against the leather restraints my cock spasmed, washing her womb with eruptions of my milky muskiness, her convulsing cunt squeezing me of every last drop.
Stacy fell over onto my chest, my cock still inside her, our mingled juices spilling out of her onto my balls. Stacy seemed insatiable, and I wondered if she was done with me. What a lucky guy Bob was, but tonight it was I who was lucky! Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut!

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