Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I don’t think Jen knew how much I wanted her! She seemed to think I wasn’t serious and I was only flirting, but that was not the case! I loved everything about her and I was envious of her husband but I knew she would never leave him or her three kids, which is why I came up with my plan. The timing was perfect! Her husband would be away a couple of nights hauling a load long distance as he had done before from time to time.

It was after midnight when I snuck into her room with my camera and tri pod. I quietly set it up at the foot of her bed and stripped down naked. I walked quietly over to her hoping she wouldn’t wake, and gently lifted the covers pulling them all the way down to the foot of the bed and onto the floor. I paused for a moment to look at her sleeping peacefully in her nightie, her beautiful 38c breasts outlined by the sheer fabric. I couldn’t wait to photograph them bare! She was on her side with one arm under her as I undid the buttons and peeled it away. She moaned quietly and shifted then turned as I slipped the other arm through and completely removed her top. Her breasts were more beautiful then I imagined and were perfectly exposed to my camera, her hands over her head as she lay on her back. I took several shots of her alone then set the timer and took one with my mouth open just above her nipple. Now I needed the money shot! I very gently, very carefully, and very slowly slid her lace panties down. She stirred as I tried to slip them under her firm round ass, and letting out a moan turned to one side. I peeled them under as she did slipping them easily over her ankles then holding them up to my face I inhaled her scent. “Ah I think I’m going to keep these!” I thought. Then I gently turned her onto her back, spreading her legs as wide as I dared before taking several pictures of her clean shaven pussy! To see her in her naked beauty was almost more than I could bear! I wanted to take her right there, but no, I would make her do what I wanted her to do! I slipped out quietly wondering, what would she think when she woke up.

Jen woke in a start. She felt cold and suddenly realized she was naked the blankets tossed on the floor! “Was it a dream or was someone in my room?” She thought. She had a clue when she couldn’t find her panties, but it was obvious it was real when she found the envelope with the naked pictures of her with Bob and the note. “After the kids are in school, you will come to my house. Do not call the police or tell anyone or your pictures will be posted all over the Internet!” the note read. Jen was angry! “How could Bob do this?” she thought. At the same time she was afraid. She couldn’t take the chance of those pictures being published. What would her husband think? She worried about her kids, and what her parents and friends would think. She kept to her normal routine sent the kids off to school and headed to Bob’s house.

Jen rang the bell and waited then heard the door open.

“You came alone? Came a voice from behind the door.

“I’m alone.” Jen replied.

“Come in quickly!” Bob answered grabbing Jen by the wrist and pulling her inside.

“I don’t know how you managed to get those pictures but I want them back!” Jen demanded.

“Oh do you?” Bob asked with an evil laugh. “Then you’d better do exactly as I say!” he commanded, his voice stern and threatening.

“What is it you want me to do?” Jen asked with desperation and fear in her voice.

“Well to start with turn on the stereo.” Bob commanded. Jen looked around for the stereo and turned it on. Steamy jazz music filled the room. The kind you might hear at a sexy night club where patrons danced close and tried to arouse their partners.

“Now get me a beer out of the fridge. It’s in there and pour it in a glass. You can find them in the cabinet to the right of the fridge.”

“Here” you go Jen said now can “I have those pictures? “ Jen asked as she handed Bob the beer.

“You think that’s all those pictures are worth, a beer?” Bob asked as he laughed incredulously. “It will take much more than that Jen.” Bob said as he sat in a chair facing Jen.

“Well what then?” Jen asked.

“Strip!” Slowly, and dance along with the music.” Bob commanded.

“I’m not going to…” Jen started but stopped when Bob held up her naked picture, her legs wide open her pussy exposed and Bob’s face in the shot, his tongue extended out towards her flower.

“Oh yes you will!” he said grinning.

Jen began swaying slowly unbuttoning her blouse and letting it fall to the floor. Then she unzipped her jeans wriggling her hips while Bob watched intently and shaking them from her ankles. She swayed before him completely naked.

“Touch your nipples” Bob said, “Play with them, pull them twist them and make it look sexy!” He commanded.

Jen did as she was told. She was beginning to get excited at what was happening to her.

“Now, touch your pussy.” Bob said. “That’s right run your finger up and down that delicious slit of yours! Now finger yourself! Stroke your depths until you’re soaking wet!”

Bob was getting excited now! Jen could see the bulge in his pants and she began to wonder what it would feel like to have his cock inside her.

“Now taste it! Put your finger in your mouth and suck off your juices!” Bob said obviously becoming more and more aroused. “You’re one hot little slut aren’t you Jen?” “Well aren’t you Jen! Say it!” Bob ordered!

“Oh yes Bob I’m a hot slut just for you!” Jen said feeling herself getting wetter.

“Come here and give Bob a taste!”

Jen walked over to Bob and Bob stood as she approached him. She took her finger from her pussy and ran it around his lips before he took it in his mouth and savored Jens sweetness.

“On you knees Jen!” Bob ordered as he unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor, his cock thick and stiff appeared to jump out at Jen.

“Now suck it slut!” He ordered while tangling his hands in her ash blond hair and holding the back of her head.

Jen took is cock in her mouth bobbing slowly up and down his shaft when suddenly Bob thrust his hips forward pulling her head onto his member gagging her as he pushed his whole length in! “Suck it all my little slut!”

Jen could taste his precum as he fucked her mouth sliding his cock over her lips and tongue. She could feel his balls tense as she prepared for the inevitable explosion. Bob pulled back at the last moment his hot cream spurting in jets flooded Jen’s face as he looked down in delight. “Lick it clean!” Bob ordered. Jen did as she was told, but she noticed her pussy was aching! She was aroused! She wanted so bad to be fucked right now, to have an orgasm of her own, she almost forgot why she was here.

“Crawl to the table on all fours.” Bob said as he relaxed back in his seat. “You see that vibrator? Put it in your mouth and bring it to me!”

Jen did as she was told her pussy juices began to flow as she thought about what Bob might do with the vibrator.

“Lay on your back, put your legs in the air and pleasure yourself for me!” Bob ordered.

Jen took the vibrator and rubbed it on her clit her pussy fully exposed to Bob’s view. Bob watched intently as Jen inserted the vibrator in her hungry cunt with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other while her moans filled the room. Now she was bucking up against her thrusts feeling her pussy twitching wildly as a powerful orgasm erupted from her core soaking the rug beneath her.

“Get on all fours!” Bob ordered “Face down on the floor, ass up!”

Jen did as she was told though her thighs were like rubber and still shaking. Bob mounted her from behind. He was already hard and hungry for Jen’s cunt! He gripped her hips and slid his cock into her dripping wet hole. Jen grunted as his thick member filled her, the throbbing head pushing though her trembling wet velvet pressed against her womb. Bob thrust his hips in and out harder and harder while pulling her onto him. His balls swung slapping against her ass. Jen’s pussy was trembling again clutching at his cock she screamed out as she came again her juices flowing down her trembling thighs. Suddenly Bob withdrew from her paused for a moment and then guided his soaking wet cock into Jets uplifted ass. Jen gasped as inch-by-inch Bob pressed his cock into her tight hole. He reached around her thighs and found her clit, rubbing it with his fingers as he fucked Jen’s ass! Jen screamed out as another explosive orgasm ripped through her body. She felt Bob’s cock explode inside her ass his cum flooding out of her hole as he continued to pump with each spurt.

Bob stood up while Jen lay collapsed on the floor breathing heavily. “Here you earned it!” Bob said tossing the picture on Jen’s back. “Get dressed and get out!” he said. Come back tomorrow and if you’re a good slut I’ll give you another picture” Bob added. Then turned and walked away.

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