Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blind Love

Like many couples that have been married for a long time, Tom felt his relationship with his wife Carla had grown a little stale. Oh, he still loved her without a doubt, but he felt as though something were missing, passion perhaps, because even though they still made love on occasion, it seemed as if they were just going through the motions.

Although Tom didn’t think of himself as anything special, he was actually quite handsome, in fact, many women considered him a stud! He was very proud of his body and worked very hard keeping himself in top shape. While no one would consider him a body builder, he had a well-defined muscular shape, with broad shoulders and chiseled chest that cut down to a 30-inch waist. He sported six-pack abs, well-defined biceps and calves and a tight round buttocks that often caught the eye of many a lady at the gym, and some of the men too. At six foot tall he wasn’t an imposing figure. He had dark black hair that was only beginning to show a few strands of gray in his sideburns. His hazel green eyes though stood out like beacons below his dark eyebrows and in conversation one was always drawn to his gaze.

In spite of this Tom never considered himself to be anything special. He really thought that all the women that flirted with him were just nice people and treated every body else the same way they treated him. Still, he could have had almost any woman he wanted if he realized his power over them. Yet, his wife didn’t seem to be paying the kind of attention to him he was used to or that some strangers did! To be fair, Tom seemed to be a little less interested as well and so it was understandable when his neighbor Jamie started behaving especially nice to him that he would fall prey to her suggestive advances, and it wasn’t long before they were involved in a torrid affair.

On this night Carla had called Tom to tell him she would have to work late tonight. She was scheduled to attend a conference call with China and the time difference made it necessary to communicate with the factory at nine PM EST, so she would attend dinner with her colleagues and return to the office to resolve the latest issues with their product.

Carla was an attractive woman with long chestnut hair with a healthy shine. She was rather tall at 5 foot 8 inches and though a size ten she was well proportioned and still turned heads. Her light brown eyes almost matched the color of her hair and a bright ready smile called attention to her pretty face and invited smiles from passers by.

Now she thought about her lover while conversation swirled around her in the conference room. She was well aware that her relationship with Tom was strained and in need of a spark, but was it up to her to fix it? Why couldn’t Tom take the initiative? She longed for the passion they shared when they first met and she was tired of catering to his needs, after all she had needs too, what about her needs? She wondered if Tom was having an affair and perhaps that was why when they made love it seemed as though they were performing a love scene in a show that ran three times a day and five nights a week, always starting and ending at the same time, mechanical, rehearsed, and without spontaneity or variety.

Maybe it was her fault she thought, perhaps the passion she shared with her lover took all that she had and left nothing for Tom. She thought about her lover’s soft moist lips softly caressing her own. The gentle entwining of tongues exploring each other’s hot anxious mouth. Her heart began beating faster at just the thought! She felt the fingers cupping her breasts, smooth skin lightly tracing her areolas and erect nipples, followed by the darting of eager tongue and lips sending shivers down her spine. “Carla!” Bob said for the third time breaking the spell, “It looks like China is having phone problems, we’ll have to try this again tomorrow.” Carla was elated at the unexpected opportunity suddenly presented to her.

Tom was delighted to have another chance to be with Jamie and called her as soon as he hung up with Carla. Jamie was more than happy to come by since her plans for the evening had been cancelled. She was a single young woman and enjoyed having some time alone, but hated when she wasn’t planning on it, to have it thrust upon her and happily accepted Tom’s invitation to stop by. Jamie was a beautiful woman and never had a problem getting a date. She was a blond haired curvaceous beauty with eyes as blue as a clear winter’s sky and large firm breasts that even braless stood high on her chest.

Tom greeted her at the door with a glass of chilled white wine. He didn’t want to waste too much time and was intent on getting right down to business, he took Jamie by the hand and lead her to the bedroom where the stereo played softly and candles served to light the room. “Let me help you get comfortable.” Tom said taking Jamie’s glass and setting it on the night table. He moved behind her taking her by the shoulders and kissed her lightly on the neck as he slid the zipper down on her pink sundress. She crooked her head closing her eyes and imagined it was the lips of her lover caressing her soft skin.

The dress fell to the floor in a heap revealing Jamie’s beautiful figure. She stood with her arms crossed over her braless chest white thigh highs held up by a white lace garter that framed her clean-shaven panty-less pussy. Tom took a second to savor her beauty before lifting her in his strong arms and placing her on the bed. He stood over her scanning her body as he undressed, his cock already erect with anticipation. He climbed on top of her pressing his mouth against hers parting her lips and probing her mouth with his tongue while his hands explored her curves brushing lightly over her nipples.

Jamie closed her eyes and moaned softly at his touch. She imagined the hands to be those of her lover’s the lips and tongue weren’t Tom’s but her lover’s lips and her pussy became moist at the thought and her nipples began to harden. She could feel Tom’s hardon between her legs, the throbbing head poking at the entrance to ecstasy and she reached down surrounding the thick shaft with her soft hands stroking him gently. Tom moaned in delight at her touch, a different touch than Carla’s, and that very thought excited him further causing his cock to twitch, he was more anxious than ever to thrust his teeming timber inside her twitching twat.

“Tom!” screamed Carla. She stood in the doorway to their bedroom looking at Tom’s bare ass not aware yet of who was under him in her bed. Tom swung his head around and jumped up out of bed pushing down on his erection that suddenly began retreating rapidly from its solid state. “Carla? What are you doing here?” asked Tom in surprise. “I live here, remember?” Carla said dryly. She turned to face the object of her husband’s affections. “Jamie? How could you?” asked Carla in a tone of disappointment. “I can explain…” started Tom. “Shut the fuck up Tom!” Carla shouted interrupting his attempt to explain the unexplainable. “I missed you Carla” Jamie said, “I missed you so much and when you called to say you had to work late I was so upset” Jamie went on tears beginning to well up in her beautiful blue eyes. “I missed you too.” Carla said, “Sitting in the conference room waiting all I could think about was your soft moist lips exploring my body, your soft skin touching mine, but why Tom?”

“Being with Tom reminded me of you” Jamie began as Carla was unbuttoning her blouse and slipping out of her skirt. “His taste, his smell, reminded me of you, and being in your bed made me think of our time together making love” Jamie continued tears streaming down her face. Carla was naked now and climbed into bed taking Jamie in her arms she began kissing the tears off her cheeks. “It’s alright Jamie, I love you so much!” Carla exclaimed. “I love you too!” cried Jamie. They held each other tightly their lips kissing each other’s face before coming together slowly in a deep passionate kiss. Their breasts pressed against each other the motion of their bodies stimulating each other’s nipples.

Tom was standing in shocked awe his now flaccid cock hanging limply behind his hands. What the hell just happened he thought? He watched as the two women began making love. His thoughts of guilt, shame and embarrassment began to fade away and he was becoming excited again at the sight of his wife and her lover pleasuring each other.

Carla and Jamie were enveloped in passion. They were taking turns pleasuring each other’s breasts. Carla’s tongue flicking over Jamie’s erect nipple before taking it between her moist eager lips and sucking it into her hot mouth stiffening her tongue and massaging it while Jamie held her head against her moaning her hands explored the insides of her upper thighs her fingers sliding up and down the outside of Carla’s swollen and moist pussy lips. Jamie would then respond in kind nibbling on Carla’s swollen sensitive breasts while Carl’s fingers slid enticingly over her clit.

Tom sat back in the chair and watched in amazement unaware that he was stroking his stroking his now erect cock. Jamie and Carla had turned now into the sixty-nine position. Each of them stroking the other’s clit with their tongues, sucking and nibbling the hard bud as their moans filled the room, Stiffened tongues darting inside the pink wet fire as they savored the nectar of each. They squirmed and bucked pressing quivering cunts against lustful lips before fingers fucked fond folds driving into pink depths of delirium while screams of joy were stifled convulsing clits.

They could see Tom sitting in the chair biting his lip and stroking his cock violently, his eyes locked on the two men making love in his bed and this image served to excite the women further. They were thrusting fingers in and out of each other in time with Tom’s strokes as their mouths pleasures their clits. Carla was ready, her eyes rolled in back of her head as she felt Jamie’s pussy pulsating and felt the moans of her release vibrating on her clit she screamed “OHHHHH AAAAIIIEEEE I’m CUMMMIINNG!” Jamie’s body was shaking as she came again and again the taste of her love filled her mouth as she moaned in ecstasy. Tom threw his head back and closed his eyes he had been resisting his own release but could no longer hold off. Jets of jism shot up into the air forming islands of cum from his chest down to his cock. He was breathing heavy his heart racing as he watched the two women take each other tightly into wrapped arms kissing sweetly. Tom suddenly realized he didn’t belong. He grabbed a towel from the bathroom wiped himself off got dressed and headed out for the gym, the two women held each other in loving arms relishing the afterglow.

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