Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Office Boss

Michele ran the office as she saw fit. She was a tough boss but fair and didn’t care much for lame excuses like when Doug missed a sales call because he must not have had a good signal on his cell while he was on the road. Funny how moments after she called him and was forced to leave him the message he was able to call and ask his secretary Mary, what she was wearing that day! Doug soon found out that Michele was a woman that meant business when she assigned that account in his area to Ted.

Many of the men in the office and some of the women considered her a “bitch”, but would certainly never say so to her face. Some even conspired against her devising elaborate plots that would cast her in a bad light with her superiors in a desperate attempt to get her fired, but she always came out on top, was always a step ahead of them and was very effective at getting her revenge.

Revenge is exactly what Michelle had in mind after having defeated yet another plot against her to get her fired, and this time she was going to make sure these two would never be able to threaten her again. She was a smart woman, biding her time gathering the evidence she would need in order to carry out her plan, and now the time had come.

She called Mary into her office first and had her take a seat. Mary was a quiet reserved woman but easily manipulated. Married for 10 years and with two children, often complained about the lack of attention and appreciation from her husband. She often expressed her frustrations to Doug, her boss, who was always willing to lend a sympathetic ear.

Doug was the commensurate salesman. Always lying and manipulating to get what he wanted, which is fine when you’re talking about selling, but Doug brought these traits to his relationships as well. He was pretty good at it too, which is why he was able to stay married to the same woman for more than 15 years. He was a user, and had used his position as both friend and boss of Mary in his attempt to get Michelle.

“Mary, I have copies of the emails you sent to Doug describing in disgusting detail your luncheons with Doug at the Eden Rock motel.” Michelle stated as a mater of fact. “I could fire you right now just for using the company computers not to mention forging you time sheets to cover the time spent at the motel” she went on. “I could also forward these to your entire address book, including your husband if I desired to do so” Michelle said. Mary began to cry tears rolled down her cheeks and through her sobs she pleaded “I’ll do anything you want please don’t do this, don’t fire me!”

“Fine, if you do as I ask, I’ll forget the whole thing now stop crying!” Michelle said forcefully. “First you will fill out this sexual harassment complaint against Doug,” she continued, “Then I will call Doug in to confront him.” You and he will follow my instructions to the letter and everything will be just fine.” Mary did precisely as she was told.

Michelle called Doug into her office and explained to him the situation. She told him that his job, his marriage, his life and that of his friend Mary was in her hands and that he must do exactly as he is told or face destruction. Doug gulped hard and nodded his agreement. “Fine, now take off your clothes, that’s right all of your clothes Doug” Michelle commanded “and sit in that chair when you’re done.” “Mary, take these cuffs and secure Doug’s hands behind the chair.” Mary hesitated and looked at Doug. “Now!” shouted Michelle forcefully and Mary complied. They pulled the chair close to Michelle’s desk. “Take off your clothes Mary and get on my desk” Michelle barked.

Mary was on the desk naked facing Doug. Doug was eye level with Mary’s pussy but still too nervous to be aroused. “I want you to satisfy your self Mary, that’s right, lick your fingers and rub your little bud for Doug” Michelle ordered.

Michelle stood back to observe the two, waiting and watching. After several minutes Mary almost forgot where she was. She was looking at Doug looking at her. She noticed Doug’s cock swelling, he was moving in his chair trying to stimulate himself and this was making Mary hot. Mary was in control and was anxious to put on a show for Doug. They were both oblivious now to Michelle who was standing back watching and slowly removing her own clothes.

Mary had her head back on the desk with her eyes closed. Her legs were open and up in the air. Her left hand held her swollen wet pussy lips apart moving in rapid circles underneath her pink folds and rubbing her clit vigorously. Her other hand was fingering her wet hole. Four of her fingers plunged in and out as moans of pleasure escaped her lips.

Doug wriggled in his chair trying desperately to stimulate his throbbing organ, his gaze fixed on Mary’s soaking wet pussy, and her moans ringing in his ears had him thinking back to their trysts at the Eden Rock.

Michelle stepped in between them with one hand supporting the huge strap on and the other her weight she positioned her feet on Doug’s chair and guided the huge rubber cock into Mary’s moist hole. The mushroom head parted Mary’s wet lips and Mary gasped as Michelle bent forward sliding the huge cock to the bottom of her wanting pussy, at the same time pressing her ass into Doug’s face.

“Lick my ass Doug, and make it good!” Michelle commanded. “I want to feel that magic tongue of yours reach up to my small intestine!” She screamed. Doug’s cock felt like it would explode! It was only inches away from what he desired but it might as well have been a mile. He complied with Michelle’s order his tongue circling her ass diving inside as far as he could press it sending shocks of pleasure that ran under her and electrified her pussy. She wriggled her ass driving the rubber cock in circles inside Mary’s pussy. Mary wrapped her legs tightly around Michelle squeezing tightly and arching her back up to take all of the cock she could handle. Mary’s pussy twitched and convulsed while she screamed out in release, waves of orgasmic pleasure rocked her body.

Michelle turned to face Doug lifting his legs over her shoulders and guiding the strap-on towards his ass. “Mary, get under me and lick me ass, NOW!” ordered Michelle. Mary complied holding onto Michelle’s thighs running her tongue up to where the strap on was connected by her pussy and underneath in that sensitive spot between her pussy and ass and finally rimming her ass hole and diving inside. Michelle moaned in delight as she pushed the thick rubber cock into Doug’s ass. Michelle rocked her hips back and forth as Mary delighted her with her tongue. Doug screamed out his cock was aching and in desperate need of release and his ass was sore but he was more excited then he could ever remember.

Michelle disconnected the strap on leaving it in Doug’s ass. She sat back on the desk holding Mary’s head against her quivering cunt. Mary’s tongue lapped at her pink wet hole darting over her hard bud and flicking wildly into her velvety depths all within Doug’s sight. Michelle locked her legs around Mary’s head her body shuddered violently in orgasmic release while Doug looked on his cock twitching, aching for release of his own.

“Okay Mary, you need to help Doug” Michelle said breathlessly, “I want you to jerk him off” she explained as she turned to line her ass up with Doug’s pulsating cock, “and aim it at my ass.” It didn’t take Mary long before she felt Doug tense she hesitated pointing his exploding cock at Michelle’s waiting ass the spurts of hot jism found their mark landing on the small of her back and running down the crack of her ass.

“Mary clean off his cock” Michelle said with authority, “and Doug, clean off my ass!”
Mary’s swallowed Doug’s cock as Michelle pressed her ass against Doug’s face forcing him to lick her clean. Michelle got dressed first and released Doug from his restraint. “The two of you can get dressed and get out of here” she advised “and don’t ever think you can fuck with me!”

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