Friday, December 4, 2009

Surprise Party

Suddenly she felt as though someone was following her. She had heard the footsteps when she left Harry’s Pub on main and thought nothing of them. Her plan was to go home and change into her black see through negligee and black net hose held thigh high by the black lace garter belt surrounding her thin waist. She had put on her black stiletto heels and covered herself with a long trench coat before heading back out to surprise her boyfriend John at his apartment for his birthday.

She could tell by the sound of the heavy steps that is was a man wearing some kind of boot. Joan resisted turning around to look at him at first because she didn’t want to appear rude, but now she resisted that temptation because she didn’t want to show her fear. She was convinced these were the same steps she heard behind her on the way back form Harry’s. Still she wasn’t sure if she was being followed and to test her fear she tried walking faster, the click of her heels marking her time. “Oh, my God” she thought when she heard the steps behind her match her quickened pace. “I’ll try walking slower and I’ll see if he passes.” me she thought. Again the steps behind her slowed to match her gait. “Shit! Fuck! What if this guy kills me” she thought, “Okay, don’t panic I’ll just turn here and take the long way round to John’s.”

She turned right on Seventh Avenue and listened for the footsteps. “Damn!” she thought, he’s still behind me!” “I’ve got to find a Cop!” Joan thought beginning to panic as she passed the dark alley that led to Sixth where John kept his apartment. “Stick to the main streets she thought.” again walking faster. Joan turned the corner on to scenic drive walking very quickly her breathing raged and her heart pounding, “Almost there.” she thought, when she realized she no longer heard the steps! She giggled nervously to herself “I have some imagination!”

They had only been dating 3 months but they had become very close. John had given Joan the key to his apartment a clear signal that this relationship was becoming serious. Joan was already head over heels in love with John. He satisfied her in so many ways, always full of sexual surprises he made their love making really exciting!

Finally sixth floor, apartment sixty-six she thought as she fished the key out of her black clutch. She reached for the doorknob with one hand and as she guided the key towards the lock the door swung open slightly. “John!” she called out entering the apartment cautiously. “He shouldn’t be home yet”, she thought as she turned to flip on the light.

Suddenly she was grabbed from behind one gloved hand cover her eyes the other inserted the ball gag in her mouth as she opened it in an attempt to scream. He pushed her head down bending her at the waist as her hands came around behind her in an attempt to push him away. He grabbed both of her wrists pulling her hands up behind her forcing her to remain bent at the waist and fall to her knees while he tied them. Next he blindfolded her covering her eyes with a black silk scarf, and bound her at the ankles with another.

She lay on the floor in complete darkness as she listened to the footsteps walking around John’s apartment. She suddenly realized they were the same steps that had been following her! She was frightened and worried about John, but at the same time she hoped he would be here soon and rescue her.

The man put on the stereo and poured himself a drink but said nothing. He rolled Joan over onto her back and opened her trench coat. She could feel his presence his hot breath splashed against her soft skin as he eyed the curve of her neck. Joan wondered if he could hear her heartbeat pounding against her chest if fear. The man’s fingers traced her breasts along the top of her negligee and she held her breath. She was powerless and at the mercy of this man. That thought both scared and aroused her giving rise to her nipples as her breasts heaved while she labored to pull enough oxygen through her flaring nostrils.

The man’s hands stroked her inner thighs and ran under the negligee over her belly and her now damp and exposed mound. She gasped at his touch her moisture glistened on her pussy lips like the morning dew on a rose. The man placed his fingers in his mouth and explored her slit as his warm moist lips captured the soft skin on her neck, sucking softly and pulling away. Joan’s moans were locked in her throat by the gag and she was becoming more aroused. The man’s lips kept moving downward assaulting her breasts, and stroking her nipples while his fingers plunged inside her now soaking wet pussy. His thumb worked over her bud as he nibbled, bit, and sucked her tits his eager tongue slashing across Joan’s hardened nipples.

Joan lost her fear and had given up control to the man. Shocks of electricity shot from her center along the outside of her skin as the man’s fingers fucked her vigorously. Each flick of his tongue on her nipple sent bolts of lightning down to her core. Her body was on fire, she was close to the edge and she was about to explode when the man suddenly stopped.

She could hear him stand, the sound of his pants hitting the floor. She wanted him now, wanted him to finish her she needed release. She felt the knife blade against her ankle as he cut the scarf. Still she kept her knees together. She wasn’t just going to give it to him. “If he wanted it he would have to take it!” she thought. The man kneeled on the floor and placing his hands inside each of her knees splayed her legs open positioning the head of his throbbing cock at her anxious but reluctant entrance.

He slid in slowly a little at a time until his cock was buried in her depths and he paused momentarily to relish in the heat and wet velvet that surrounded his aching cock. He pumped his hips faster now while his thumb worked furiously over her clit. Joan could stand no more screams of release caught in her throat her body trembled violently as she came and came again. The man felt her cunt clutching and quivering on his shaft, her cum flooding over his balls and with a final thrust he slammed his cock to her full depth as it explode it’s milky seed in spurts.

The man was spent, as was Joan. He collapsed onto her breasts panting heavily. He removed the gag from her mouth and kissed her lips tenderly, surprising Joan. He then began to sing haltingly, between pants, “Happy birthday to me…” as he lifted the blindfold from Joan’s eyes.

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