Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Affair

The Affair

Shelly looked out the window peering down at the patchwork of geometric shapes in green, brown and gray. At 30,000 feet all detail of the landscape is lost and like the landscape below Shelly’s problems seemed so far away now. Problems that were obstacles like concrete walls towering above her with the solutions out of reach just waiting on the other side if only she could get over were now like the geometric shapes below and she was way above them. A huge grin came to Shelly’s face as she thought about this and as she turned to settle back into her seat. “What a pretty smile” said John the passenger sitting next to her, “Can’t be business so it must be pleasure” he said trying to engage her in polite conversation. “Well, I hope so!” exclaimed Shelly, “I’m meeting an old friend that I haven’t seen in years.” “That sounds nice” he said, “Is she as pretty as you?” John asked. “Did I say she?” Shelly responded with a hint on innuendo in her voice. John chuckled “No you didn’t.” “My names John, John Starre” he said holding out his hand. “Hi, I’m Michelle Salmon, but my friends call me Shelly” she said grasping his hand lightly. “Pleased to meet you Shelly,” he replied gazing into her beautiful hazel eyes.

They talked politely for several minutes about nothing in particular. Shelly was taken by his easy smile and deep blue penetrating eyes, which gazed back into her own and seemed to touch her soul. His hands were smooth and well manicured. He was trim and appeared to be in his mid forties. He told her he was going to LA to take a break, relax and perhaps look at some homes, when the movie screens began to come to life.

Shelly leaned back in her seat her eyes becoming heavy as she stared blankly at the screen not really interested in the movie. She found herself thinking about John and what it would be like to make love to him. “Why am I thinking about him? She thought, “I’m on my way to meet Michael!” Perhaps it was because she felt so free, “Anything was possible now! She thought. It wasn’t long before she dozed off.

John and Shelly were in the airplane lavatory, Shelly’s skirt was hiked up over her ass, her cotton panties hung from one leg as she tugged John’s belt dropping his pants to the floor. Their lips were locked in a deep passionate kiss and their tongues entwined in an oral dance as she freed the throbbing member from John’s shorts and tugged him anxiously towards her eager entrance. John was running his hands over her ample breasts rolling her erect nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He was sucking and nibbling her neck his warm moist lips working feverously towards her heaving breasts. Shelly wrapped her legs tightly around him wanting his throbbing cock to fill her insides to… “Please bring your seat backs and tray tables to the upright position.” came the voice of the flight attendant over the intercom waking Shelly from her dreams.

Shelly stood at the doorway from the arrivals area past the baggage claim looking for Michael. “Why would he be late?” she thought, “He said he was excited to see me after all these years, you’d think he’d be on time!” John was just coming from the car rental desk with his bags when he spotted Shelly outside the doors. “Can I drop you somewhere Shelly?” he asked. “Oh no, Michael should be here any minute.” She replied hoping she wasn’t making a mistake. “Okay, well enjoy your stay, it was a real pleasure meeting you!” John exclaimed heading off to get his car.

It wasn’t more than five minutes after John left that Shelly’s cell phone signaled the receipt of the text message. It was from Michael “Sorry. Can’t go through with it,” the message read. Shelly hailed a cab. “Hilton Checkers” she said as the driver pulled away.

Shelly’s room was beautiful. The bathroom had marble floors and fresh flowers. There was a king size bed and a work area with Internet access. She decided to take a bath while she looked over the amenities of the hotel. “The spa sounded wonderful!” she thought. She made up her mind to enjoy herself, “The hell with Michael, his loss” she thought. Shelly was going to make the most of this opportunity. For once she only had to think about herself and what made her happy. There were no kids to feed, no husband to clean up after or errands to run. No, this was all about Shelly, finding herself, and making herself happy, not having anyone to answer to and not having to feel guilty about anything!

She was lying in the tub steam rising up fogging the mirrors when she began to think about John. She took her soapy hands and brushed them over her breasts closing her eyes. She imagined her fingers to be John’s as they lightly circled her areolas then stroked her nipples as they began to swell and become erect. She felt the fire of desire rising in her center craving to be touched as her hand moved down to her slit and her fingers moved along the lips up to her now firm bud. She was moaning softly as one hand played with her breasts and the other circled furiously around her clit. Her legs opened and closed her heart pounded and she panted heavily as her pussy convulsed and twitched she whimpered as she released. She lay quietly for a moment in the tub before rinsing off in the shower, “Why didn’t I take John up on that lift?” she thought with regret.

Shelly was dressed to kill. She wore a black satin strapless cocktail dress with a neckline that plunged below her ample breasts and a hemline that was six inches above her knees. Her fine hose with the seam up the back accented her shapely legs and coupled with the black heels made them appear longer than they actually were. Her dress was making a statement, one that she suppressed for longer than she can remember she was confident and this was her coming out. “I look great!” she thought as she headed down stairs to the bar for a cocktail before dinner.

Shelly pressed the button on the elevator and watched anxiously as the display lit showing the descent of the elevator. “Ding.” sounded the bell announcing the arrival of the elevator on her floor. The doors opened slowly and there standing in the corner alone was John. His blue eyes opened wide at the sight of her and his jaw nearly dropped when he exclaimed in delight “Well hello pretty lady! You look absolutely gorgeous!” John was dressed in a tailored Armani suit, red tie and plain white shirt. “Why thank you!” Shelly said blushing slightly. “Now if I had three wishes the first one would be that I were Michael, and the second one would be that I was taking you for dinner and dancing.” John said excitedly. “Well, I can’t grant you your first wish” Shelly teased and John looked disappointed. “But I can grant you wish number two” Shelly said hoping she wasn’t being too forward. “Allow me.” John said placing his hand on his waist and offering his arm to her a wide grin spread across his face.

They started off with cocktails in the lounge and then they shared dinner in the restaurant. John told Shelly about how only several months ago he caught his fiancée in bed with his best man and that pretty much ended his wedding plans. He told her that he had come to terms with what happened. He was happy that he shared a love with his fiancée even if it were only for a little while and even if it wasn’t entirely real. John believed all love was good love and that there just wasn’t enough of it in this world today. He told her he forgave his friend and he understood why any man would want to be with his fiancée. Still John hoped one day to find that true soul mate that only wanted him, someone that he would want exclusively, someone that would allow him to be him and not be threatened by that need for individuality, someone that could also be their own person and yet at the end of the day be his.

They danced close together to “A moment Like This” by Kelly Clarkson. John’s hand slid down to the small of Shelly’s back pulling her tight against him her head resting comfortably on his shoulder. She could feel the bulge in his pants rising and pressing against her has they swayed in time to the music. “What was the third wish?” Shelly whispered in his ear. John looked into her eyes “What?” he asked. “On the elevator when you said if you could have three wishes, you only told me two. “What was the third?” she asked. John still gazing longingly into her hazel eyes blushed and said “To spend the night making love to you.” Shelly’s heart quickened as her lips moved closer to his. John’s lips met her half way touching lightly and lingering for a moment as they gazed into each other’s eyes and felt the fire burning in their core.

Before the song ended, Shelly was leading John to the elevator. When the doors closed behind them they embraced in a passionate kiss, tongues tangled and flickered wildly like the flame of a candle in the wind. They stopped on Shelly’s floor because it was closer and Shelly lead John by the hand running down the hallway and giggling like a schoolgirl to her room. They embraced at the foot of the bed kissing each other in feverish passion. John’s hands roamed Shelly’s back searching for the zipper that would release her flaming body from the confines of her dress while Shelly slipped the knot on John’s tie and unbuttoned his Shirt. John threw off his shirt and jacket with one motion while Shelly’s dress feel in a heap at her feet. She unbuttoned John’s slacks and they dropped to the floor and she pushed him onto the bed gripping his shorts and yanking them off before jumping on top of him.

Shelly was in control. She was determined to be free. She would not allow any inhibitions or second thoughts to prevent her from finding the happiness and pleasure missing for so long from her life and she wasn’t about to leave things up to John either.

Shelly began kissing John’s chest sucking his nipples and nibbling his skin while John held the back of her head and moaned. She moved quickly down to his already erect cock and wasted no time taking him in her mouth. Her tongue encircled the head and she bobbed up and down her warm moist lips pulling slowly over the head. She turned her body positioning her knees on either side of John’s head and his strong hands ripped her panties apart before his eager tongue lashed at her honey hole darting wildly inside her and flicking over her bud.

Shelly tasted his pre cum and rose up pressing her pussy against John’s face. She was in charge and she wasn’t ready to let him cum. John gripped the sides of her thighs darting his tongue into her depths while Shelly fingered her clit. She tightened her thighs against his head as her pussy twitched and convulsed her cum flowing freely as the fire spread from her center she screamed out “Oh my Goooodddd!” John’s moans were stifled as his tongue lapped at her nectar drinking up her sweet juices.

Shelly’s thighs were still quivering when she rose up to face John. She bent over to kiss him tasting her own self on his lips as she guided John’s throbbing cock towards her entrance. She rose up and sunk slowly onto him wanting to feel every inch fill her. John hands played with her tits as he gently stroked her sensitive nipples pulled and twirled them between his fingers and Shelly moaned as she buried John’s entire cock in her wet velvet. She rose up and down in a slow and steady motion and at the bottom of her stroke she rocked back and forth rubbing her clit against the bottom of his shaft. She watched John’s face his blue eyes rolling behind his head in pleasure and when she saw him bite his bottom lip and felt him tense she stopped her movement rubbing her clit with her fingers while John looked on.

She did this time and again, cumming over and over while denying John his release for what seemed like hours. Finally John screamed out “Oh my God, please fuck me Shelly make me cum I’m begging you!” A wicked smile spread across her face as she began thrusting up and down slowly at first before quickening her pace. “You want me to fuck you?” she asked teasingly. “Yes!” John cried “Oh yes baby that’s it!” “Beg me, beg me to fuck you!” Shelly demanded. “Please I’m begging you, Please fuck me baby! Harder! Please Harder!” John begged. “John was actually begging her!” she thought as she bounced wildly up and down on him crashing against the base of his throbbing cock. Shelly screamed out as she came again. John cried “I’m gonna explode!” It was as if a damn burst as John shot spurt after hot milky spurt of his jism deep inside her. Shelly collapsed onto John’s chest while John’s cock still twitched inside her and her pussy clutched and released him milking him of all his seed. Their lips remained locked in a passionate kiss while Shelly continued to gyrate on him.

They lay that way for a while kissing tenderly with moist lips on to the sensitive skin of their necks and face. They began talking about what they would do together in the coming days. Shelly knew that in two days she would have to go home back to reality. For now though, she had found herself, found a level of happiness that she longed for, found a freedom she had never known and explored desires that had long been dormant. As they drifted off to sleep wrapped tightly in each others arms Shelly wondered if she would be able to let him go or if she stayed with him would she be exchanging one prison for another.

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