Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Lover's Dissapointment

Rob and Jenny sat anxiously outside in the waiting room for the results of her pregnancy test.

“I hope it’s a girl just like you Jenny!” Rob exclaimed.

“I’d like a little boy just like you Rob, strong and confident, someone who can look after me when I’m old.” Jenny said inadvertently reminding Rob of the twenty years difference in their age.

“It really doesn’t matter much.” Rob assured, “As long as it’s healthy.”

Rob thought back to how they first met. Rob has been depressed and alone after Carol walked out on him. She had been having an affair with another man and she had gotten pregnant with his child. Rob was devastated. All he ever wanted was a family. He and his ex had been trying for ten years! At least that’s what he thought. Carol never stopped taking her birth control pills, well until she met Steve, but by then Rob and Carol weren’t making love all that much. That last year Carol was avoiding having sex with Rob. Rob had thought that perhaps Carol was feeling frustrated because she couldn’t get pregnant and lost interest in sex. He decided to give her space to let her work things out on her own since she rejected counseling or even discussing the matter with him.

“When you’re ready to talk Carol, I’ll be here for you.” Rob had told her in that reassuring voice.

It wasn’t long after that when Carol announced to Rob “I’m pregnant!”

“But how can that be, we haven’t made love in months!” Rob exclaimed.

The reality became quite clear when Carol explained “There’s someone else Rob. The baby is his and I’m afraid, I’m leaving you. We want to be married and raise the child together.”

Bob stood in shock before all the air left his lungs and his shoulders slumped. There was no use in even trying to change her mind. She had betrayed him in so many ways. He would never be able to forgive her nor could he ever raise another man’s child.

“I’m sorry Rob.” Carol said before packing a bag and walking out on him.

Rob spent the next year in almost total isolation. Working as much overtime as possible before coming home and surfing the net. He built a page on myspace hoping to connect with old friends perhaps even his first love, Liz. Liz was the first woman Rob ever made love to. A slim athletic blond with pretty green eyes, Liz guided Rob through his first sexual experience and he was hooked! They spent the rest of the summer together after graduation making love every chance they could until they went off to separate colleges. Then one day shortly after attending his first classes, Rob got an e-mail from Liz telling him it would be better if he began dating others, and that was the last he heard from her.
He never forgot her though and when he came across Jenny’s page he was immediately taken aback by the resemblance! Jenny could have been Liz’s twin! She looked exactly as Rob remembered Liz looked that summer before they parted, and even though she was only seventeen at the time Rob decided to invite her as a friend.

“Hi. I can’t believe that my first love is here just as I left her twenty years ago! I don’t want to lose you again, let’s stay connected,” he wrote.

When Jenny saw Rob’s picture posted with his message she felt drawn to him. She always had a thing for older guys and this guy was indeed handsome with his dark black hair and warm “puppy dog” eyes. She was touched by his message as well as flattered that a man his age would be interested in her so she accepted his invite. Jenny never really understood why she was attracted to older men. Perhaps it was because she was raised as an only child by her mother and envied all of her friends that had fathers. Maybe it was because boys her age seemed so immature and not interested in the things in life that are important like family and commitment, but her affinity for older men was unmistakable.

Over the next several months they chatted with each other often. At first it was on the computer but then it was via telephone. They had become very familiar and personal with each other, intimate even! Well as intimate as a couple can get over the phone as they talked about how they would pleasure each other while they masturbated listening to the sounds of the other’s moans while they brought themselves to release. Rob felt guilty about this relationship at first but with Jenny’s resemblance to Liz was so strong, it seemed to transport him back in time to his youth and suddenly he was the same age as she! Jenny had that effect on Rob making him feel young again and in spite of the age difference he wanted her, loved her! He wanted to spend his life together with her and to have a family with her, so for her eighteenth birthday he sent her airline tickets to fly from Chicago to New York to meet him.

Rob picked her up in a limo at the airport and they spent their first night together in the city. Rob had scheduled a whole evening of events to impress the woman of his dreams. They started out with a dinner and the best five star restaurants in town, La Bernardin. They dined on delicious French cuisine in glamour and class enjoying expensive French wine. From there they went to one of the hottest dance clubs in the city, Baktun. They danced the night away to electronic music with a backdrop of live videos projected on the walls. By three AM they were both exhausted. Rob had shown Jenny the time of her life and she was never more in love with anyone then she was with Rob right now. Rob too felt like a kid again as though he was back in high school on prom night with Liz. Jenny had given him a reason to live again!

They spent the night together in the London NYC a luxury hotel on the west side. Jenny had never been with a man as old as Rob and Rob had sensed her hesitance. He gently guided her through her experience kissing her tenderly his soft lips trailing down her body trembling in anticipation. None of the boys Jenny was with ever kissed her the way Rob did. His tongue probed her heat and she pushed his face into her sex arching her back wanting more of this pleasure! Her body rocked with waves of orgasmic bliss shudders of electricity that originated from her core and emanated out to her extremities.
She held his thick manhood and pulled him towards her entrance guiding him inside. Rob moved slowly, carefully, inching his swollen member into her warm wet velvet. He relished at the feeling of her tight muscles surrounding his heat as she pulled him into the bottom of her sex. Jenny took him hungrily inside bucking up to meet him as he pushed his hips forward. Rob buried himself inside her holding her tight against his chest while his musk filled her, their bodies locked in harmonic spasm.

“I love you Jenny!” Rob whispered in raged breath.

“I wish we could freeze this moment in time and spend our lives together like this!” Jenny responded. “I don’t want to leave.”

“There will be time for that,” Rob said, “First finish college, then we’ll talk.”

“I have to graduate high school first!” Jenny giggled.

Jenny flew back home the next day. For several weeks they continued to chat on line and via phone. Then one day Rob received a call from Jenny.

“Rob! She cried, “I’m late!”

“Don’t cry honey, it can’t be that bad. You’re late for what?” Rob asked trying to calm her down.

“My period! I missed my period! I feel bloated I don’t know what to do! My mother is going to kill me!” she cried. Rob could envision the tears running out of her beautiful green eyes and streaming down her cheeks.

“Don’t panic. Have you been to the doctor?” He asked.

“No not yet but I took a home test and it came out positive!” she sobbed.

“Those can be wrong. Look, make an appointment with your doctor. I’ll get on a flight and meet you as soon as I can.” Rob suggested.

Jenny and Rob stood as the doctor opened the door and called them inside for consultation.

“Please sit down.” The doctor said a look of concern on her face.

“What is it doctor, is something wrong?” Jenny asked.

“I’m sorry to keep you both waiting. But we had to check our results several times to be sure.” The doctor said. “That is why we needed a blood sample from the father as well.”
“What is it doctor what’s wrong?” Rob asked urgency in his voice.

“We have confirmed that you are the father,” The doctor said looking at Rob.

“Duh!” Said Jenny “Who else would it be!”

“Rob is not only the father of your baby Jenny, but he is also your father!” the doctor declared.

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