Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Exam

It was that time again. I headed out to the door for my annual exam. The office was a family business shared by a husband and wife team of doctors a couple of nurses and of course the receptionist. I always hated this exam because no matter which of the doctors performed it, I always left feeling violated somehow. So, when the receptionist asked which doctor I wanted to see, him or her, I had decided I might feel better about being violated by a female for a change.

After waiting for quite some time in the obviously busier than normal office, the receptionist lead me down the hall to one of the waiting rooms and closed the door. I quickly got bored waiting for the doctor and began to check out some of the equipment in the office. I was pumping up the blood pressure machine when the nurse walked in and in a cold matter of fact voice said “Mr. Cash, that’s not a toy.” “Sorry.” I said a little embarrassed. “I am Nurse Laura, The doctors are both rather busy so I will be helping with the exams today.” She stated. Nurse Laura was somewhat attractive, though rather short and I suspect she would have been much more appealing if she wasn’t so cold. She had shoulder length blond hair pulled back and folded up and under behind her neck. Her pretty blue eyes were made more so by the light blue eye shadow she wore. She had soft pink lipstick and her nails, though not very long, were colored to match. She wore a light green sweater over her uniform, which prevented me from peering down the cleavage of her adequate but perky breasts.

She turned to read my chart and mumbled something, which I didn’t hear because I was staring at her ass and wondering if anybody was fucking that. “Mr. Cash”, I asked you to get on the scale!” she exclaimed, “This will go a lot quicker if you co operate and do as your told!” she reprimanded. Gee, I thought climbing on to the scale, what a bitch! “175, putting on a little weight I see Mr. Cash.” she teased. That woman needs a good stiff one! I thought. “Now take off you shirt Mr. Cash”, quickly” she added. “Sit up on the table” she commanded, “now Mr. Cash!” I was beginning to feel like Nurse Laura thought of me as her child. She listened to my heart, took my blood pressure without a word. “Take off your pants and underwear, bend over and place your elbows on the table” she ordered. This was the part I hated, and so I was a little reluctant to do it. “Mr. Cash, we can do this the easy way or the hard way but we’re going to do this NOW!” she exclaimed impatiently. I quickly obeyed. I could hear Nurse Laura snap on the latex gloves and applying the lubricant. “Hold still and relax” she said. “Yeah right” I thought.

Suddenly Nurse Laura had her left hand pressing between my shoulders pushing me down against the exam table, her knees spreading my legs apart as she slid her finger deep inside my ass probing my prostrate. Normally this only took a minute, but it seemed Nurse Laura was taking her time and enjoying my discomfort. “Just relax” she said as she began sliding her finger in and out. My God! I thought, This bitch is raping me! That thought began to excite me and I could feel the heat of the increased blood flow rushing through my thighs. Laura could feel it too and she took her left hand off my back and began massaging my balls. I started to relax, my breathing began to quicken and my heart began to race. “Lay on the table” Laura ordered. I complied. Laura slipped off her sweater and opened her top revealing her lovely tits. She hiked up her skirt and straddled my stomach. I was shocked to see she wasn’t wearing any panties. “Suck my tits Mr. Cash!” she ordered bending over towards my mouth. I reached up to cup them in my hands and comply with her order but she smacked my hand and then gave me a slap on the side of my ass that seemed to make my temperature rise. “I didn’t tell you to touch them she scolded, do as your told and just suck them” she ordered. I did exactly as she said. “That’s enough, now raise your knees” I complied. “Lick my pussy” she ordered as she turned she used her hands to support herself on my raised knees and she place her ass in my face so that I would service her as she ordered. My tongue began you lap at her, “not like that!” “I want you to flick your tongue as though it were a butterflies’ wing,” she ordered and I obeyed.

Funny how now all I wanted to do was please her to obey her every command! My tongue darted wildly, flicking at her pussy, the tip darting rapidly over her clitoris as she moaned in pleasure. Her pussy was dripping wet, her juices flowing readily into my eager mouth. I would do anything she asked! Her hips wriggled and her thighs tensed a moan caught in her throat and her body quivered, she was cumming and I was enjoying giving her pleasure! “That’s enough” she exclaimed breathlessly pulling her ass away from my face, rising up on her knees, taking my now throbbing cock in one hand and setting herself down slowly onto my shaft. The bulbous head of my anxious cock parted her steamy wet vulva as she guided me inside her. She held on to my knees for support and began rising up and down. Faster and faster, she rose up and down, gyrating her ass and slamming down against me. “Raise you hips,” she ordered “To my rhythm damn you!” she reprimanded and I complied, driving my cock as hard and as deep as I could, I only wanted to please my master!

Laura slammed down on me her thighs squeezing against my sides her body was shaking! I felt her pussy contract around my cock as if a hand was gripping me from inside her pulling my cock in deeper. I let loose, shooting hot jets of jism up into her hungry pussy, and with each of my contractions, her pussy contracted too as if to suck all I had to give deep inside her.

Neither of us spoke for the next minute. Then Laura got up straightened out her skirt, buttoned her blouse and sweater, and checked herself in the mirror. “That’s all for today Mr. Cash.” She said matter of fact, “We’ll see you next year.” As I was driving home I realized, I did feel less violated with a female!

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