Monday, November 23, 2009

English 101

When Dave Stewart, fresh out of college started his job at Orange County High School teaching English literature, he was full of enthusiasm. He was excited by the opportunity to shape these young people into productive members of society. Who knows, he thought maybe one of them would even become president! But Dave had no idea what it was like to deal with the students of Orange County High.

Dave was a rather meek individual of average height. He wasn’t particularly strong but he did manage to keep somewhat fit with his early morning jog before heading off to school. He was young and rather handsome with sandy brown hair that always had a youthful tussled appearance and sad brown eyes framed with somewhat long lashes that looked as though they belonged to a woman and gave him an almost feminine appearance. Dave was also kind of shy, a trait that was in conflict with his determined nature and made him reluctant to ask the direct question of a date with the object of his affection, Sally the girls gym teacher. In college he attended many a peace rally but he always avoided confrontation with the police and arrest, but when he had to he wouldn’t hesitate to become involved although it usually didn’t turn out well for him. Once in his first week on the job he stepped between two of the football team players engaged in a fight over a cheerleader. Dave ended up being rescued by Sally and the coach of the football team managing to escape with a black eye.

Dave was adamant about departing knowledge unto his students though and insisted that they all do their assignments and complete them on time. He knew in the real world there would be consequences for those that didn’t live up to what was expected of them, and he wasn’t going to pass someone like Sandy just because she was a senior and captain of the cheerleading squad.

Sandy was a statuesque girl with long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. She always wore the best clothes, carried a Gucci bag and wore Prada shoes. Sandy was used to getting what she wanted. She was terribly spoiled by her stockbroker father who bought her anything she asked for, if she asked in the right way, and she learned how to do that from the time she could speak her first words. All she had to do was get good grades in school, good enough to get her into an Ivy league school like Brown University her father’s Alma Mata.

It wasn’t so easy for her to get what she wanted from Mr. Stewart, a passing grade. She tried sweet talk, dressing sexy and bending over his desk allowing him to see her ample cleavage. All this made Dave nervous but he never did relent. Sandy was getting desperate. She had to come up with a plan to get her grades up and she enlisted her best friend Jenny to help her carry it out.

Jenny was co captain of the cheerleading squad and was a lot like her friend Sandy, rich, beautiful, and spoiled. She had long dark hair pulled up on either side of her head and secured with elastic “crunchies”. She wore a tight white top with a curved neckline that passed over the top of her firm, perky, 34c cup breasts revealing just enough cleavage to draw the attention of one’s eyes for a hopeful glimpse of more. She had light brown eyes with specs of green around the circumference that called to mind a flower of some sort.
Sandy and Jenny had Mr. Stewart’s English class last period and their plan was set to go!
It was five minutes before the bell when Sandy staged a mock argument with Jenny presumably over a boy. They were out of their chairs shouting at each other and began a shoving match when Dave stepped between them. “Okay girls, break it up!” Exclaimed Dave. He had them sit in the front row on opposite sides of the room. “I want to see both of you after class.” Dave said in his best stern voice. The girls gave each other a glance a wry smirk on their faces. Their plan was working!

The bell rang and the class rushed out of the room heading for the busses that would take them home while Jenny and Sandy waited. “Okay girls, you want to tell me what this was all about?” Asked Dave. The girls walked up to the front of his desk, gave each other a glance and began shouting, “I heard she was making out with my boyfriend” yelled Sandy. Dave stepped between them again. “Look you two are best friends, you shouldn’t be fighting over something you heard, now shake hands and make up” Dave instructed.

The girls started to comply, first shaking hands, then hugging, pulling each other tighter together, then looking deeply into each other’s eyes and suddenly pressing their lips together, kissing deeply their hot young mouths parting tongues clashing flicking passionately one tracing the lips of the other. Dave watched in shock, his jaw dropped, not knowing what to do and feeling somewhat embarrassed by this display of passionate expression between these two beautiful girls.

Sandy and Jenny’s hands were now feeling each other’s body roaming freely over their breasts while kissing passionately. Dave was standing by trying to think how he could stop them, separate them, but he couldn’t focus, his mind was racing and he could feel the growing excitement straining against the zipper of his kaki slacks. “Girls, girls!” Dave shouted placing his hands on the girl’s tummies trying to pry them apart. “Stop that now!” Dave demanded as they parted flanking Dave on his sides. “What’s wrong Mr. Stewart?” Sandy asked in a sexy tone her hot breath splashing over Dave’s left ear warming the side of his neck. Jenny followed suit on his right side “Oh we didn’t mean to ignore you Mr. Stewart.” The girl’s hands were exploring Dave’s chest stroking over his nipples and his belly teasing his pulsating manhood through his slacks on one side and roaming over his back and ass on the other.

Dave was frozen, he wanted to protest, but it felt so good! He knew it was wrong but all he could manage was a weak demand to stop that was ignored by the girls. Jenny dropped to her knees as she undid Dave’s slacks. Sandy was sucking his neck, nibbling his ears and tongue kissing him passionately as she undid his shirt. Jenny freed his pulsating prick and engulfed it, swallowing his sword down to his balls. Her head was bobbing up and down his glistening shaft as she stroked him. Sandy was biting his chest nibbling and licking his nipples while Dave just tilted his head back his eyes closed and moaned “noooo…”

Dave had given up to the seduction. His mind had become blank refusing to accept the signals from his brain telling him this was wrong. All he could do now was focus on the pleasure signals that seemed to originate over his entire body flooding his brain and carrying him away like the outgoing tide does a powerless boat.

Sandy swept the books and things off of Dave’s desk in one motion and pushed him back. She hiked up her skirt revealing her panty less pussy and the garter that held her white thigh high hose. She straddled his body clutching his cock and guided him into her honey hole. Sandy’s pussy was tight and wet and obviously very experienced. Sandy was in complete control contracting her muscles onto Dave’s throbbing cock as she slid up and down on him. Dave just kept his eyes closed not wanting to look but only to give in to the pleasure.

Jenny had retreated to get the cell phone and film the momentous event just as they planned. She watched and filmed as Sandy bucked wildly on Dave’s member. She was moaning now enjoying the feeling of power and dominance over her authority figure as well as the throbbing cock that slid against her hard bud. Jenny had resorted to giving herself pleasure seeing her friend in control and moaning, watching her manipulate Dave’s cock the taste of his pre cum still on her lips left her wanting. She rubbed her clit rapidly in small circles moaning until she couldn’t hold back and crying out as her pussy spasmed cum dripping down her trembling thighs.

The sight of her friend’s release was too much for Sandy. She slammed down of Dave’s cock taking him all inside her as her cunt quaked and twitched in waves of orgasmic release. Dave let loose simultaneously unable to withstand the cunt clutching his cock and milking him of his cum his cock erupted hot spurts of jism propelled from the tip like ash from a volcano filling Sandy’s pussy and dripping down his ass and onto his desk.

Sandy left Dave panting on his desk, got up, put her arm around her friend Jenny, and kissed her passionately. “Did you get it all?” Sandy asked. Jenny played back the video captured on her phone, “It’s all right here!” she exclaimed. “So Dave, I guess Jenny and I will be getting an A in this class.” Sandy said sarcastically as she and Jenny left the room.

Dave just lay on his desk thinking, “What could I have done?” “I should have stopped them!” He was struggling with whether or not he should tell the girls. Dave believed everything a person did in life had a consequence. He knew what he did was wrong, “But what about what they did, wasn’t there a consequence for their actions?” he wondered.
He decided not to tell them about the outbreak of herpes he suffered from. He was surprised they hadn’t noticed the blisters. He’ll give them an A for the course he thought it will be up to them to decide if it was worth it.

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