Monday, November 23, 2009


I had just sat down with my cup of Starbucks coffee and the Times opened up to the classifieds intent on finding another job when I noticed her. She was sitting on the chair across from the table from me when she caught me glancing up from my paper to view the person whose shadow had just passed over me. Most people would have then just looked away, perhaps after giving a nod or a smile as a sort of polite acknowledgement of the other, but she was different.

She had fixed her gaze upon me and held a smile that seemed to indicate a familiarity with me. I smiled back studying her face trying to place it, to figure out where I knew her from. She pulled her chair closer her eyes continued to hold my gaze. She was dressed entirely in black. A long lace black skirt that fell to her creamy white ankles framed with black high heels. She wore a knit v-neck black top that hugged her shapely figure tightly restraining ample breasts that almost seemed to beg to be freed. A black lace vest covered her top in an attempt to conceal her curvaceous carriage from ogling onlookers.

She had long straight black hair that reached to the small of her back which she brushed away from her face with the long thin fingers tipped with long black coated fingernails of her creamy white hands. She had long bangs that fell over beautifully shaped eyebrows that framed her milky white face. Her lips were full, colored with black lipstick and lined with black lip liner, which served to accentuate and define their shape.

But it was her eyes that were most intriguing! They were dark and mysterious. She wore black eye shadow on her eyelids and the contrast against the milky white of her eye sockets gave an illusion of depth. Black eyeliner top and bottom traced her eyelids and came together extending past the outside corners of her eyes. Thick dark mascara on her long eyelashes served as a veil over her eye sockets almost meeting up with her long bangs.

Her dark eyes called out to me, invited me in to investigate the mystery. I found myself staring our eyes locked upon each other. I could see something there and began to squint and strain to make out what it was, a reflection perhaps of myself and I felt as though I were kneeling by a dark pond examining my own features I was no longer in Starbucks!

“You are looking for an opportunity?” The hushed voice seemed to come to me from inside my head as I nodded in confirmation. “Come with me” the voice spoke and again I nodded. I remember getting up and leaving arm in arm but after that I couldn’t remember how I ended up where we went next.

I was in a dark place, a basement maybe lit only with torches and candles. I was unable to move my arms or my legs. I was naked on a stone table a carved pentagram beneath me the points of which fixed the locations of my restraints, leather straps that held my wrists, ankles and my head from movement.

Surrounding the table were silent dark hooded figures. They appeared to be waiting for something. I tried to call out but my voice was gone. I tried screaming, and still nothing! Then out of the corner of my eye came a shadowy figure a hood covered the head. The figures surrounding the table kneeled and bowed placing their hands upon me as they began to chant. "Tonight is the lusty eve of May. Blessed be the fertile Goddess" and Tonight is the lusty eve of May. Blessed be the Horned God" then Tonight is the lusty eve of May. Blessed be the sacred marriage that manifests all creation."

Fertile god, fertile goddess? Marriage? What the hell is this I thought? The figures around the table discarded their robes revealing their naked bodies alternating men and women. Each of the men held an Athame, a sort of curved dull black knife. The hooded figure I saw last out of the corner of my eye took up a position at the foot of the table discarding her robe. I saw immediately it was the woman from Starbucks! “My name is Wanda, you have been chosen.” she said in the same voice I heard in my head before.

"Behold the phallus of the God. The fertilizing principal of the universe” she said as the men held their athames up over their heads the women began running their hands over my body, brushing my nipples with a delicate touch, stroking my cock and squeezing my balls. They began kissing my body, nibbling my chest, neck and thighs. Some were flicking their tongues over my cock, which had already become stiff from all of the attention.

Two men lifted Wanda up to the table, her naked body stood above me her dark eyes locked onto mime. "Behold the womb of the Goddess. The well spring from which all life flows." Wanda said as the women raised golden chalices above their heads Wanda licked her fingers sliding them down over her beautiful breasts brushing lightly over her already erect nipples her fingers found her eager slit. With one hand she spread the lips of her pussy exposing her clit. She held her bud in between her index and middle fingers with one hand while the other lightly stroked the tip. Her gaze was locked onto mine as her tongue traced her shapely lips and soft moans escaped her throat.

"As we become one, we are one. As we are one, we become one." Moaned Wanda as the men around the table placed their athames into the chalices held by the women they all began to chant; "Love and light and laughter be, Lord and lady bring to me. As above, so below. Make my prosperity grow."

With that the men lifted the ladies onto the table their back to me. The men stepped between the legs of their women. The women began stroking their cocks while the men were sliding their moistened fingers into the women facing them. The room was filled with a chorus of moans when Wanda began to squat taking my now throbbing cock in her hand and guiding it skillfully inside her. As my cock entered her depths, the men around the table entered the women facing them sliding stiff as steel shafts into the rapacious pussys of their women in rhythmic strokes and a chorus of moans with legs locked around them pulling them in.

I couldn’t speak, moans of delight escaped silently from my lips. Wanda’s pussy felt hot wet and silky around my cock. With every up and down motion it felt as though a thousand tongues were tantalizing me. Heat and energy spread out over my body from the bottom of my glistening wet shaft a warm calm excitement overtook my body as Wanda was thrusting hard up and down on me, slamming her exquisite ass hard against my balls, rocking and bucking rubbing her clit against my rod the head of my cock pressing against her womb. The almost deafening moans echoed throughout the room when all at once couples began to scream out as one after another reached their height of pleasure. I could feel Wanda’s pussy spasm, twitch and convulse as she slammed down on me one last time throwing her head back while vigorously rubbing her clit and screaming as she came in wave after wave. My cock erupted too the hot musky fluid squirting deep inside Wanda washing over her womb filling her up and spilling out of her pussy and over my aching balls.

In a breathless chorus the group chanted, "Blessed be the Great Rite. The Lord and Lady reign eternal." Then Wanda answered with "By this act of love, all life comes to be."
The group began chanting again Stay if you will, go if you must, in perfect love and perfect trust" over and over as my conciseness began to fade.

I was back at Starbucks sitting across from Wanda when she asked, “Are you still using that sugar?” “You’re a witch!” I shouted as I jumped to my feet. “Perhaps you should lay off the caffeine mister,” she said angrily as she turned to leave. “What the hell just happened?” I thought. My balls ached. I looked up at the clock. I’ve been here for more than 2 hours! “Was it a dream?” I wondered. “Hell of a dream” I thought!

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