Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Vegas Tail

It was our first night in Vegas. My wife had wanted to come here for a long time, but I would rather be almost anywhere else. My wife Chris though loves to gamble especially on the slots and amazingly she does pretty well. She seems to have a system that allows her to start with a fixed amount of money and after a full night of gambling ends up with the same. She refers to it as entertainment, which I can’t really understand. How can feeding money in a machine all night possibly be considered entertainment, especially these days when the machines only give back a slip of paper with the sum of your credits. No longer do you hear the clank of quarters spilling into the tray. It definitely cuts down on the excitement for me.

I think the reason I don’t care much for Vegas is because I’m a terrible gambler. I can take a hundred dollars and lose it in less than five minutes. Now that’s not very much money but I always seem to have a problem with losing such a sum so quickly and I have a hard time considering such a loss entertaining. Perhaps the reason I’m such a terrible gambler is because by nature I’m pretty naive. I tend to take what people tell me to be truth because that’s what I do. I can’t pretend to be holding four aces if I’m not and if I am it’s likely everyone at the table knows it well before I show my cards. I’m also not very good at reading into someone’s words. If I have something on my mind I just say it and I expect everybody else to do the same. My wife on the other hand has a tremendous ability to read people. So when we were sitting at the bar playing video poker and a woman came up and asked me for a light, I assumed she just needed to light her cigarette. My wife then interrupted “We don’t smoke!” she exclaimed rather nastily.

“Sorry honey, I didn’t know you were together.” She said and moved to the other side of the bar. I had no idea the woman was hitting on me!

It was later that night when I had lost all the money I intended to lose for the evening when I went to see how my wife was doing. I stood behind her while she worked various methods to extract winnings from the machine she was on.

“How are you doing?” I asked after she missed hitting about twenty times in a row.

“Why have you lost all your money already?” she asked.

“Well yes.” I said.

“Well don’t bring your jinx here!” she exclaimed. “Why don’t you go on up to bed and I’ll be up later.” She added. My wife hated when I stood over her. She always felt like I was the reason she was losing, and in a way I couldn’t blame her, after all I never seemed to be there when she won!

“Okay hon.” I said and I walked off and started to head for the room.

Suddenly I thought, I’m not ready for bed. I’m on vacation too and I decided to stroll around the casino watching the people wandering around looking for that machine that calls out to them, or watching the gamblers exalting when they finally won a hand. Now I stood behind someone on the Wheel of Fortune as they got to spin. While I was standing I noticed out of the corner of my eye a passing figure and I turned quickly to catch the eye of a woman. I did a double take when I realized she was smiling at me and her lips were mouthing something, a friendly hello, a beckoning to me. Obviously she knew me and though I could not place her I walked over to say hello. She was perhaps twenty-five or thirty years old almost half my age and very pretty. She had dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and dark eyes that sparkled as brightly as her beautiful white smile framed by her ruby red lips. She had a moderately tight and moderately short black skirt and a floral print blouse with a d├ęcolletage that displayed the tops of her ample breasts.
I had no idea how I knew her and I didn’t care. She obviously knew me or why else would she be calling me? Now another one of my faults is my inability to remember names and while I was trying to recall hers I walked towards her hoping that I wouldn’t say anything that would reveal I forgot hers.

“Hey where ya been stranger!” she asked enthusiastically throwing her arms around me and kissing me softly on the cheek.

“Oh, I’ve just been wandering around the casino.” I replied.

“Well, how ya doin? Are you making a killing?” She asked.

“Well, I guess I’m holding my own.” I lied not wanting to reveal what a loser I am.

“Well why don’t you buy me a drink and tell me all about it. Maybe you’ll have better luck at the bar.” She suggested, obviously aware at my attempt to hide my gambling skills from her and easily seeing through my lie.

The bartender saw us walking towards the bar and smiled before calling out “Hey Lisa, long time! What can I get for you and your friend…”

Lisa looked at me and smiled inquisitively.

“The name’s John I said shaking hands with the bartender.

“Jack.” The bartender replied waiting for my drink order.

“I’ll have a Heineken.” I said, “And…” I looked over at Lisa, “ A Heineken? Get us two Grey Goose martini’s, chilled.” she said, “We’re here to party!”

Well we were talking, laughing, and having a good time while Jack made sure our glasses were kept full. Now I’m not much of a drinker and after about three of these I wasn’t asking any questions. I no longer cared how I knew this girl or even if I knew her. All I knew was I was feeling good and a pretty lady was keeping me company. Lisa kept putting her hand on my thigh and touching my arm when she talked. I was beginning to get ideas but I didn’t think she was interested in me in that way, until after my fourth martini, she whispered hotly into my ear, “Well aren’t you going to show me your room?”
Normally, I would have had better sense, but I was still feeling a bit lonely having been given the brush off by my wife who was still occupied gambling. Besides after four martini’s, an hour or two of thigh rubbing, and conversation laced with innuendo not to mention a beautiful willing partner I was ready to take a chance! I signed the bill and lead the way to my room with Lisa holding onto my arm with both hands. She was giggling like a schoolgirl leaning into me her hot breath splashing across my neck while she nibbled my ear lobe. I was so hard I was practically limping! Any sense of right or wrong had long ago been drained from my brain. The blood normally used to fuel such thoughts was now being used to supply my anxious member.
When we got to my room I fumbled with the electronic key before Lisa took it from me and in one quick motion inserted it and unlocked the door. She pushed me inside and threw her arms around my neck pressing her lips hard against mine she kissed me passionately. I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest as she shifted her body side to side. Her hot tongue probed my mouth and I could feel my throbbing member straining against my jeans as she ground her hips forward against me.
“Take off your clothes!” She commanded. She started undressing herself while she watched me strip until I was naked my cock standing at attention was pointed directly at her. She was standing before me in just her stockings held up by a garter. Her large breasts quite firm stood high and her nipples erect. She began taking things out of her purse and placing them on the bed.
“Lay down!” she ordered and I was more than willing to do whatever she asked. She straddled my waist my cock behind her was standing against the crack of her ass.
“I like to be in control.” She said. “Do you know that when you lose one of your senses the others will become more acute to compensate?” she asked.

“You mean like if you go blind your hearing gets better?” I asked.

“Precisely!” she said. “Now I am going to restrict some of your senses so that you will experience the best sex ever! Just do what I tell you!” she added before kissing me passionately again.

She proceeded to take a blindfold from the bed and tie it around my eyes.

“Can you see?” she asked.

“Not a thing!” I exclaimed.

She began kissing my chest. Her lips drew my nipples into her mouth her talented tongue flicked over me while I moaned my approval. Her mouth explored my body moving slowly lower and lower until she reached my cock. Her fingers slipped lightly up and down my shaft barely touching the sensitive skin before she swallowed me deep into her throat.

“Oh I see what you mean about my senses!” I exclaimed putting my hands on the back of her head and urging her to continue.

“Oh no! Not yet!” She admonished me. She rose up from her oral pleasure and slid her hot box against my cock and held my wrists down over my head against the bed. “We need to restrict your sense of touch she said before wriggling her ass against my crotch and kissing me deeply again. She reached for the cuffs she had placed on the bed and secured my hands to the brass headboard. She slipped two of her fingers into my mouth before inserting them inside herself. I could hear her sliding the fingers in and out of herself moaning as she worked to bring herself to the heights of pleasure.

“What about me?” I began to protest and she slipped her fingers wet with her cum into my mouth again.

“Shhhh.” She shushed…before she reached for the ball gag that she placed in my mouth.
“Now we will deny you the sense of taste.” She said before guiding my swollen member into her wet entrance.

She began sliding up and down then rocking back and forth on the base of my shaft. I could hear her moans growing louder as she rocked faster. Her breath was ragged and she was panting in pleasure. I felt her pussy tightening the tension in her thighs before she cried out her pussy convulsing and twitching wildly her release soaking my balls. I was almost ready another few strokes and I would explode. I arched my back up to bury my bone deeper into her and felt her pussy pulling away. She was getting up! I tried to protest but all I could manage was some stifled grunts. I could hear her moving around the room, opening drawers, and suitcases. What the fuck was happening? I thought.

Seconds later she kissed me softly on the cheek. “Thanks for the ride John. You were a good sport.” She said before I heard the door open, and then close again, then silence.

I struggled in earnest now. I had to get out of these cuffs. I couldn’t let my wife find me here like this! If I thought I was possessed with more than my fair share of bad luck, it had just taken a turn for the worst. Sweat was beginning to pour from my brow and bead up on my hands and arms as panic began to take hold. I had to focus! With the sweat acting as a lubricant I was finally able to contort my hand and pull it out of my restraint, several seconds later I extracted the other one. I looked around the room and noticed my camera was gone and so was my wallet with all my credit cards! “Shit! What now?” I asked myself out loud. I dashed out of the room and headed for the bar. I figured maybe Jack could help me out. When I got to the bar, I noticed an attractive young woman had replaced Jack. “Hi, what can I get you?” she asked me.

“Do you know Jack?”, I asked.

“Who doesn’t know Jack.” she said Why?

“Well, I’m looking for him. I need to talk to him about a business venture.” I replied.

“He got off at midnight. My guess is he went home to change or whatever. She said.

“Where would home be?” I asked”

“Look mister, are you going to buy a drink or what, I’ve got work to do.” She replied. “I’m not in the habit of giving out employee’s addresses to strangers.” she added.

Shit! I thought Jack was my only lead to finding Lisa. If I was going to find her I had to find him. I needed cash! I headed over to the check-in desk and arranged for a cash loan to be charged to my room.

“Based on your credit report, we can give you up to $10,000.” the woman behind the desk said.

“I’ll take it!” I said while I waited impatiently for her to count it out.

Armed with the cash I headed back to the bar. “You again. Are you going to order something this time?” the bar maid asked.

“Sure. I’ll take a Heineken.” When she brought the beer over to me and placed it on the bar I reached over, grasped her hand, and gazed desperately into her eyes. “Listen, what’s your name?”

“Debbie.” She said.

“Listen Debbie, I really need to find Jack so how much is it going to cost me for you to give me his address?” I asked.

“Price is a function of need. The more desperate the need the more it’ll cost… say five grand?” She asked in an up-speak tone.

I counted out four grand on the bar. “This is all it’s worth Debbie, take it or leave it.” I said.

She scooped up the cash and said “35 Black Walnut Avenue apartment 19.”

“Thanks.” I said before I dashed out to the street and hailed a cab.

I jumped in the cab and headed towards the north part of Vegas. “Stop here!” I shouted when I saw the twenty-four hour pawnshop. “Wait here for me.” I ordered the cab driver.

“How much for the 9mm Glock?” I asked the man behind the desk.

“Give me $1000 and they’ll be no questions asked.” He said sensing my desperation.

“Throw in a box of ammo and you got a deal!” I exclaimed. He packed it up and I was back in the cab. “Let’s go!” I told the driver.

When we got to the apartment I again asked the driver to wait. “I’ll make it worth your while.” I added.

When I walked inside the building I noticed there was a supers office in the lobby, number 19 would be on the first floor. I knocked on the supers door and short balding heavy set man opened it after looking through the peep hole and determining I wasn’t some burglar.

“I’m supposed to look after my friends apartment while he’s out of town” I lied, “and I seem to have misplaced the key he gave me.”

“Tell me another one buddy.” He replied.

“ Look, if I let his fish die he’ll be heartbroken!” I said trying to sound sincere and desperate at the same time.

“Can’t you do better than that?” the supper asked. “I can get in real trouble if I handed out keys to everybody that had a story like yours.” He added.

I took out a handful of hundreds and looking him in the eye and peeled a bill from the pile and held it up to his face. He watched intently as I peeled another, then another. I was waiting for his expression to change. I got up to two thousand before I said “Look two thousand just for the key just for five minutes and I’ll even give you the key back!”

He took the money disappeared and came back with the key. “Five minutes and I get the key back.” He said.

I ran up the stairs and noticed light coming from under the door. I could hear voices and laughter over country music coming from the room. It sounded like at least two people a man and a woman. I pulled the Glock from my waistband and quietly slipped the key into the lock and turned it slowly sliding the dead bolt to the open position before throwing the door open and rushing inside. Jack and Lisa were on the sofa wrapped in towels like they just came out of the shower. On the coffee table was my wallet and camera along with several pairs of cuffs, blindfolds, gags and assorted other paraphernalia.

“I missed you Lisa!” I said a broad smile spread across my face as I kicked the door shut behind me. “Quite a girl you got there, Jack. A good starter but a poor finisher.”

“Jack I swear he was cuffed tight!” Lisa exclaimed.

“How the hell did you find me?” he asked.

“Well, Lisa was no help that’s for sure. She’s been nothing but a ball buster since I met her! Now why don’t you put your hands behind your back Jack and Lisa take those cuffs and make sure they’re tight” I ordered, my Glock trained on the two of them. “Now Lisa put a pair of those cuffs in Jacks hands, put your hands behind your back and Jack, don’t try anything stupid.”

“Now lay on the floor face down.” I commanded, “Do it, now!” I exclaimed in as menacing a voice as I could muster.

“What are you going to do to us?” Lisa asked.

“Please don’t kill me. It was all her idea! I only did what she told me to do!” Jack pleaded.

“Shut up you pussy!” Lisa screamed.

“Just get on the floor, if you want to live!” I exclaimed and they complied.

“Relax. It’s your lucky day. I’m not going to kill you. I’m not eve going to call the cops. I just want my stuff back and hopefully we’ll never see each other again.” I said. I grabbed another set of cuffs off the table, cuffed the two of the together and gagged them before gathering up my stuff and heading out the door.

“You two really do make a wonderful couple.” I chuckled as I closed the apartment door behind me.

After dropping off the key with the super I jumped in the cab and headed back to the casino. It was already 3AM and I was hoping my wife was still occupied. I was trying to think of a way to explain the $10,000 charge to our room when the cabbie pulled up in front of the casino. All I could do was hope my wife was winning, and that she hadn’t been back to the room or I would have a whole lot more to explain than just the ten grand!

I slipped the cabbie a grand and headed into the casino dropping the Glock in the trash just outside. On my way back to the room I passed the Roulette table and I figured, what the fuck?

“One thousand on 35 black and a thousand on 19 red.” I said dropping the last 2 grand I had on the table. I watched in an almost hypnotic trance exhausted from my trials but relieved at the same time and still wondering how to construct a reasonable explanation to Chris, when I heard the croupier yell 35 black!

“Holy shit!” I screamed “I won, I fucking won! 35 grand! Holy shit!”

I threw the croupier a grand tip and headed up to the desk to pay off my loan before dashing up to the room. Suddenly my luck had changed and as long as I got to the room before Chris did I wouldn’t have to come up with any lame story. By time I got up to the room it was 4AM and Chris wasn’t there. I quickly got undressed brushed my teeth and jumped into bed. No sooner was I under the covers than Chris walked in. I pretended as though she had awakened me, and in my sleepiest sounding voice I asked, “How did you do?”

“Ah, I guess I just about broke even.” She said.

As she washed and got ready for bed I debated whether or not I should tell her about the 20 grand I had won. I figured I’d better keep that my little secret as she climbed into bed and rattled the cuffs that still hung from the headboard. Shit! I had forgotten about that.

“What are these?” she asked.

“Oh those, uh, well. Those are a little surprise I had planned for you.”

“Really?” she asked in a skeptable tone. She had this way of always being able to tell when I was lying, so I had to think fast.

I jumped out of bed grabbed the key for the cuffs from my pants and the twenty grand from the dresser drawer. I ripped off the covers, threw the twenty grand on the bed then jumped on top of Chris straddling her waist. “I won!” I screamed “20 grand!”

“You won?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes I did, but you my dear are the only prize I care about.” I said as I cuffed her hands to the headboard.

“Oh yes, baby! Yes!” she giggled, happy to submit to her winner.

We kissed deeply and my mouth eagerly found all of her erogenous zones. I hungrily sucked her golden honey as she squirmed in her restraints until she was as eager for release as I was. And I was eager especially after the way Lisa left me. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me toward her as I guided my aching member into her silken depths and in long slow strokes proceeded to pleasure her while I thought about how lucky I really was! I quickened my thrusts building toward the inevitable, while Chris bucked wildly beneath me. I felt her pussy spasm her hot honey gushing against my member was too much for me. I erupted inside of her, streams of my hot fluids filling her up inside and washing out of her slit. I collapsed against her and sighed deeply. My release complete, carried more than my desire, but my relief as well.

It was a week since we returned from Vegas and we invited all our family and friends for a barbecue to celebrate our good fortune. I couldn’t believe how my luck had changed! All my life I hated gambling, mainly because I always lost, but I had to admit winning felt good! More amazing still was how I was able to avoid what could have been a disastrous confrontation with Chris that might have spelled the end for our marriage! I would have gnawed through my wrists to get out of those cuffs if I had to just to keep Chris from finding out about my infidelity!

Now that it was dark we had everyone gathered around our brand new large screen plasma TV and we were playing the video from our vacation. We had been so busy spending our winnings and getting ready for this celebration that we didn’t have time to watch it our selves. There was Chris in front of the Belagio with the fountain show in the background. Then there was a view of the strip at night and me in the gondola at the Venetian singing. Suddenly, there I was, cuffed to the bed, blindfolded and gagged when Lisa came over and kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks for the ride John. You were a good sport.” I heard her say. The stares from everyone in the room felt like daggers in my heart, and the look in Chris’s eyes hurt worst of all.

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