Monday, November 23, 2009

A Convenient Fantasy

A Convenient Fantasy

Julie was excited! She couldn’t wait for Bob to get home. They had both talked about it ever since Julie told him about the sex toy party she was invited to at their neighbor Cindy’s house. She had planned this surprise for some time and tonight was the night they were going to take their sex life to the next level.

Julie, a bright, blued eyed, pretty woman with short, straight blond hair that fell just short of her shoulders and Bob a rather straight laced fellow of average height and build had been married for more than ten years. Like many couples that have been together for so long their lovemaking became, well, let’s just say it was predictable. You see, Bob was an office manager and was comfortable making decisions. So, it was only natural that in the bedroom, Bob would be the one to decide when and how their lovemaking would take place.

Julie on the other hand was an avid reader. She often read the articles in the women’s magazines that you see displayed on the check out lines at the supermarket. We’ve all seen these, “Ten sex secrets your man won’t tell you” or “Five sexy moves no man can resist.” Although Julie was curious about such things, she was not the kind of person that could take charge in bed, and though she would try out some of the things she learned, Bob would often object if it was too far from their norm. Bob used to say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

It was only natural that when Cindy, a voluptuous brunette with beautiful green eyes invited Julie to the sex toy party that her curiosity would compel her to accept. Cindy, a divorcee that lived well just from her generous alimony enjoyed having these parties. She enjoyed selling and was indeed quite good at it. If it wasn’t this it was Tupperware or jewelry, or some other party but she always did well because she was so convincing at getting her friends to buy, a real “closer”. Julie was no match for Cindy’s power of persuasion. Cindy managed to sell her hundreds of dollars worth of toys, lingerie and oils. She even convinced her to by the “rabbit” a two-headed affair that could be inserted into her depths and would stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

The coup de gras was when Cindy was showing the strap on dildo to the group. “Now I need a volunteer for a demonstration.” Cindy said, “How about you Julie?” “Oh I don’t know, I don’t think I should” Julie stammered. “I’m not asking if you should Julie, I’m just saying you need to spice things up with Bob, and I’m going to show you how!” Cindy replied in a commanding tone. “But I wouldn’t know what to do with...’” Julie started to reply but was interrupted by Cindy. “Just get over here I’ll show you what you have to do!” Cindy commanded.

Cindy placed the strap on around Julie’s waist the large phallus stood erect from her crotch. Cindy then got down on all fours. “Now get behind me and pretend I’m Bob, remember now you’re in command!” Cindy exclaimed. Julie did as she was told sliding the massive dildo between Cindy’s legs. “Come on Julie thrust those hips like you mean it!” Cindy commanded as the group of women squealed, chuckled, and egged Julie on. Again Julie did as she was told. She was amazed at the power she felt being dominant for the first time. She clutched on to Cindy’s hips and began thrusting harder, the dildo sliding between Cindy’s legs was making her wet and Julie almost forgot where she was.
“Hold on sister, don’t get too carried away there!” Cindy joked. The slightly embarrassed Julie apologized meekly “I’m sorry.” And then exclaimed, “I’ll take it!” to the delight of the ladies in the group.

Julie had no idea what she and Bob would do with her new toy. She just knew she had to have it. Still, she had purchased lots of other things that she could introduce to Bob like the oils, candles, edible panties, lingerie and even a pair of fluffy handcuffs. She might even convince him to incorporate her new “rabbit” into one of their sessions, she thought as she waited for Bob to arrive home.

After a romantic dinner and a bottle of wine Julie dressed in the lingerie she bought at the party waited in bed for Bob to exit the bathroom. Scented candles illuminated the room as soft music played. Julie held the vibrator in her hand and began to massage herself with the tip. She imagined she was being watched through the window and this thought excited her further. “Julie!” Bob exclaimed as he exited the bathroom wearing only a look of shock on his face, “Are you starting without me?” he asked. “Oh Bob I was just imagining you staring at me through the window and I got just so excited!” Julie exclaimed. “Please make my fantasy come true. I think it will be well worth your while!” Julie pleaded. “Okay, Bob said reluctantly “but I have some fantasies of my own in mid for you my love.”

Bob slipped out the back and peered through the blinds as Julie pleasured herself with the rabbit her moans nearly drowning out the music. Bob was actually enjoying the show. So much so that he began stroking his engorged erection and didn’t notice when the cop came up behind him, “Hey pervert!” the cop yelled grabbing Bob’s wrist, pulling it behind his back and cuffing him. “But this is my house!” Bob protested. “Sure creep. I don’t suppose you have any ID?” the cop asked sarcastically. “Now where would I put it if I had it?” Bob asked. “That’s what I thought. Come along wise guy.” The cop said pulling the protesting Bob by his arm and loading him into the squad car before driving off.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming!” Julie screamed as her body shook her pussy convulsing on the rabbit and oblivious to what just happened outside. Cindy slipped in through the back and stood at the edge of the bed watching as Julie began to compose herself. Julie sensing a presence in the room opened her eyes and gasped seeing the beautiful Cindy naked before her the huge strap on pointing in her direction. “Cindy!” Is this the fantasy Bob was talking about?” asked Julie as she glanced towards the window. “I’m going to demonstrate how this strap on is supposed to be used” Cindy said climbing into the bed and spreading Julie’s legs with her knees before bending over her and kissing her tenderly on her trembling lips.

Julie’s heart began racing as she imagined what Cindy was going to do to her while Bob watched. She couldn’t believe Bob had these kinds of thoughts. Cindy pressed her lips against Julie’s and opened her mouth her tongue darted inside touching, flicking, tasting and feeling the warm moist insides. Julie responded in kind extremely excited to be kissing a woman for the first time! Cindy’s mouth moved anxiously under Julie’s chin then around her neck and down to her collarbone, while the dildo pressed against Julie’s already soaking wet slit. Cindy drew the erect nipple into her mouth sucking hard her tongue dancing wildly over the tip as Julie clutched at her head pulling her tighter against her breast gasping in pleasure.

Cindy teased Julie pussy with the dildo sliding it between the lips dragging it up and down her slit and rubbing her clit with the head. Julie was arching her back wanting to feel the large member inside her and Cindy obliged. Pressing her hips forward parting her pussy and pushing the phallus slowly into her silky wet hole. Julie responded by wrapping her kegs around Cindy and pressing her heels into her back urging Cindy to burry the bone to the bottom of her well. Cindy was moving in and out of Julie, sliding the slippery shaft in a slow rhythm but Julie wanted more! Julie reached for the rabbit flipped it on and guided it into Cindy’s ass causing Cindy to cry out and thrust the dildo deep into Julie’s quivering cunt.

Cindy was thrusting wildly now one end of the rabbit in her ass the extension vibrating at her opening as she moaned and screamed cumming over and over as she thrust into Julie. Julie was panting her heart pounded as her screams filled the room. Both women were blind with passion unaware of their surroundings their bodies responding in primal fashion to the mutual pleasure doled out by their partners. They collapsed in a clump arms wrapped around each other kissing tenderly while they tried to catch their breath, their bodies spent, the sheets wet with perspiration and the juices that had flowed readily from their passion.

Bob paced nervously back and forth in the cell wearing the oversize orange sweats that were issued to him. It was cold and he was tired and annoyed, not just because his night of pleasure with his wife was ruined but also because some runt was hogging two blankets. Bob grabbed one of the blankets yanking it away in one swift motion. “Thanks asshole now would you mind moving over and giving me some room. I need to get some sleep!” Bob said angrily. “Hey!” Came the shout from across the cell by the very large and mean looking cellmate, “Don’t be messin wit my bitch!” He walked over menacingly towards Bob. “Now let me show you how dis works muhta fucka!” he said as he grabbed Bob and shoved him onto the bunk. “I’m da masta here and now you’re my bitch!” he said yanking the orange sweat pants down to Bob’s ankles.

Julie and Cindy were resting in each other’s arms gently stroking each other’s hair and kissing each other lightly. “Now that you know how to use this it’s going to be your turn next” Cindy said. “Gee, Bob’s been gone a long time I wonder what happened to him?” Julie asked. “Oh, I have no idea!” Cindy said. “Well I hope I delivered on his fantasy.” Julie said. “I’m sure he got more then he could have imagined.” Cindy said a grin spreading across her face.

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