Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Fantasy Fulfilled

Bill and Carol enjoyed a very special relationship as husband and wife. They openly discussed their wants, desires, fears and dreams without the worry of judgment or criticism. They would often lie in bed and discuss a range of topics, the weather, world hunger, or the morality of today’s youth. No matter what the topic, the subject matter eventually lead to a discussion of sex, which of course became foreplay and then, well you could imagine the rest.

They often talked about their sexual fantasies and they did their best to make one another’s wishes come true. Their desire for each other was unrestrained, their love so incredibly intense that they would do anything to make each other happy and to keep their love life fresh and exciting. Once Carol caught Bill eyeing a friend of hers at a dinner party held at their home. Later while in bed Carol pretended to be Susan, teasing Bill. Almost jokingly Bill suggested how great it would be to have Susan and Carol at the same time. It wasn’t long after that Carol convinced her friend Susan to share her husband for which Bill was eternally grateful!

It was with that in mind and a recent bed time discussion about how many partners could one satisfy at once that Bill decided to surprise Carol and test her theory. Bill choose three of his closest friends to help him, Jim, John, and Harry. Frankly, he didn’t think Carol could handle the 5 she claimed she could and besides Bill didn’t have any more friends he would be comfortable getting naked with.

Bill got home early that night and prepared the room with scented candles, soft music, five glasses of red wine, and had a warm bath ready. His guests waited elsewhere in the house and after allowing Bill several minutes to prepare Carol, would enter the bedroom in 5-minute intervals based on the numbers they drew from a hat.

Carol walked into the door right on time and was surprised to be greeted by Bill who lead her by the hand into the bedroom. “Oh Bill!” she exclaimed wrapping her arms tight around his neck and kissing him passionately, “Just what I needed!” she said with relief. Bill lead her to the bath, “There’s much more in store for you tonight honey” Bill said with a hint of mystery.

Carol stepped out of the tub slipped into her red satin robe and walked towards the bed where Bill was waiting naked holding two glasses of wine. Bill handed one to Carol they clinked their glasses placed them to their lips their eyes locked upon each other as they tipped the glasses emptying the contents. Bill took Carol by the hand pulling her onto the bed he slipped the robe from her soft round shoulders and began kissing her neck softly behind her ears. His hands slid slowly and gently up her sides brushing lightly over her breasts. Bill’s warm moist lips moved steadily tracing a line from Carol’s ear lobe down her neck across her soft shoulders and back to her ear lobe where he whispered “So many men, so little time.”

At that point Jim entered the room drained the glass of wine and climbed in the bed on Carol’s right side. Carol looked at Jim then at Bill a wide grin spread across his face as he whispered, “Surprise” and their lips met in a deep passionate kiss. While their tongues danced Jim’s anxious lips began kissing Carol’s neck, shoulders and breasts. His tongue traced her areola and erect nipple. He locked his quivering lips on her nipple pulling it gently and sucking it back into his mouth stroking it, her moans were lost in Bills open mouth. Bill began kissing her left breast, sucking and stroking her nipple his tongue darting and flicking wildly over the erect tip. Carol could feel a throbbing cock pressing against her on both sides and realizing in order to live up to her claim she would need to pleasure both of them!

This was going to harder than she thought. The feelings of pleasure she was receiving from having both of her breasts stimulated at the same time by different men made it extremely hard to concentrate, but she would do her best. She grabbed each man’s cock in a hand palming the head her light touch softly stroking their stiff shafts and caressing their balls as the men continued to make love to her nipples with wet hungry lips.

Just then John joined the party downing his glass of wine he took up a position above Carols head and bending over he pressed his lips against hers his their tongues entwined and encircled each others as Jim and Bill moved up and Down Carol’s body from her navel to her heaving breasts their lips sucking softly on her skin and pulling slowly away.
John’s cock had sprung up and was poised at Carols lips. Carol began kissing the purple head her tongue flicked lightly around his shaft sending tingling sensations down to John’s balls as he moaned in satisfaction. John’s hands found Carol’s anxious breasts and he began rolling her swollen nipples between his fingers while Bill and Jim turned moving their hunger mouths down over Carols mound to her inner thighs.

Bill and Jim were sucking biting and nibbling the upper inner thighs of Carols open legs. Carol was squirming her hips in delight electric shocks of pleasure sent waves of heat surging up her thighs to her already soaking wet pussy. She was still caressing the cock’s of Bill and Jim and now had John’s cock deep in her mouth her moans of pleasure pulsating down his powerful prick causing it to jump inside her eager mouth.

Harry was now positioned between Carol’s legs lifting them up over his neck he guided his already erect rod towards her quivering anxious hole. Bill and Jim were taking turns sucking nibbling and biting her clit their eager tongues lapping at her juices their fingers parting her swollen wet pussy lips in turn. Harry slid his throbbing tool into her honey hole. Her quivering cunt swallowed him clutching his shaft and releasing.

Carol was lost. She was on automatic pilot! A veritable fucking machine! A heap of hot pleasure was literally shooting out from every part of her body. She no longer knew that John’s cock was pumping vigorously in and out of her mouth. She forgot about the cocks she was stroking wildly in each hand, She was bucking wildly arching her back to receive Harry’s powerful thrusts while Bill and Jim licked and sucked her clit and thighs John was still palming her breasts pulling and twisting her nipples. Carol was completely unaware of any world outside the pleasure centers of her body.

Carol couldn’t take much more her pussy was convulsing cumming again and again. She couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop. John exploded in her mouth pumping his seed into the back of her throat which Carol did her best to swallow but the volume was such that it spilled down the sides of her face. Harry’s cock erupted next with each spurt he thrust his hips forward plowing his balls against Carol’s ass her pussy milking him of every least drop of seed their mingled juices spilling out of her and flowing down the crack of her ass. Bill came next pumping hot jest of his musty milk high in the air landing on Carol’s heaving belly. Jim was right behind his fluids soaking Carol’s chest.

The five of them lay breathless on the bed in a daze from an experience that none of them imagined they would ever have. Carol was never happier. Not only because of the love she had for Bill who she knew would do anything for her. Not just because of the amazing pleasure she just received. No, that was all well and good but what mattered most was that she was able to please 4 men at once, and she was sure if Bill had one more friend, she would have made him happy too!

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