Friday, January 15, 2010

When Opportunity Knocks

It was a rainy day in New York City and as anyone knows it was impossible on such days to get a cab. I had been in the city on business and knowing the weather would be bad decided to take my own car. The rain was really coming down hard as I turned onto Broadway when I noticed a young woman desperately trying to hail a cab. I recognized her as a woman I had polite conversation with while in the lunch buffet line. She was on vacation and was supposed to meet up with her cousin. She obviously failed to make her rendezvous, as she was alone and soaked to the core! She was a pretty young thing with large, penetrating blue eyes and blonde hair that fell gently past her shoulders framing an invitingly smooth neck. She had an oval face topped by short bangs and a warm friendly smile that, unlike native New Yorkers, invited polite conversation. Though rather short she was well proportioned with an attractive figure that was revealed by her tight fitting jeans and white tank top.

I decided I’d be the perfect host and offer to help her out of her predicament. I stopped in the street in front of her rolling down the passenger window. “Hey, you’re never going to get a cab now!” I said. “Can I drop you somewhere?”

“Oh, my God thank you!” she replied jumping into my car happy to be out of the downpour.

“Look at you! You’re soaked! You need to get into some dry clothes!” I said.

“I’ve got to find my cousin, she has all of our bags!” she said.

“Listen…what did you say your name was?” I asked


“Jasmine.” she replied

“I’m Steven, Steven Jacobs. Glad to meet you!” I said extending my hand. Her skin was warm and soft though wet and her touch was delicate like the flower she was named after. The name fit her well. I couldn’t place the smell of her perfume until then. Jasmine, of course!

“Listen Jasmine, I said I don’t live far from here. My wife has some clothes she was looking to donate that look as though they’ll probably fit you. Why not come back to my place take a nice hot shower and change into some dry clothes before looking for your cousin. Maybe by then this rain will have let up.” I suggested.

“Wow! You’d do that for me?” She asked incredulously. “I thought New Yorkers were mean.” She laughed with her warm inviting smile spreading across her face.

“They are.” I said, “Except me of course!” I chuckled as her contagious smile infected me.

I unlocked the door to my apartment and guided Jasmine inside. “The bathroom is down the hall first door on the left.” I said.

“Your wife isn’t home?” Jasmine asked.

“No. She’s working. She doesn’t get home until after six.” I said before I heard the sound of the shower. I took off my coat and tie and went to grab a beer from the fridge.

“Oh Steve, can you bring me a towel?” Jasmine shouted from the bathroom.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I said before retrieving the towel from the linen closet and heading towards the bathroom. Suddenly my mind started to wander. I found myself thinking about sex in the shower. The thoughts sparking my desire suddenly translated to increased blood flow to my lower extremity.

“I’ll just leave them here.” I said noticing Jasmine’s naked form distorted by the privacy glass of the shower stall.

“Thank you Steve.” She said. “Oh Steve.”

“Yes.” I said as I watched.

“Would you mind washing my back?” she asked mischievously.

I suddenly realized I was at a crossroad, the place where fantasy meets opportunity. My mind was no longer functioning, my breathing was already heavy, my heart was pounding in my chest and I was being lead by the ache in my loins.

“What?” I said checking to make sure I heard the question right.

“Wash my back.” Jasmine called back giggling.

Before she could say another word I was in the shower with her the divining rod between my legs pointing at her treasure. She turned her back to me and held her hair up off her shoulders. I poured the body wash directly into my hands and began massaging her back.

“’ve got strong hands.” She said.

I worked the lather down her curves in trembling hands caressing the cheeks of her firm and curvaceous ass before sliding them inside her inner thighs. She moaned in delight as my hands brushed along her slit.

“Ohhhh…mmmm….that feels good.” she whispered while reaching back with one hand and grasping my engorged erection. She pulled me towards her and my soapy hands came around in front massaging her ample breasts. My eager lips hungrily kissed her soft neck as she wriggled her soapy ass against my cock while the hot water streamed down our bodies.

She turned quickly around taking the body wash in her hands and stroking my cock. The sensation of her slippery hands on my member slipping over the head was driving me wild. She was biting her bottom lip and looking deep into my eyes enjoying the effect she was having on me. I looked down at her erect nipples rivulets of water flowing past them and had an irresistible urge to take them into my mouth. I drew one in rolling it around with my tongue while my fingers pulled, twisted and stroked the other. A loud moan escaped her lips as she pulled my head against her breast. She was still lightly stroking my cocking driving me into a passionate frenzy my moans of pleasure vibrating through her hardened nipples.

“Oh Jasmine …I need to be inside you!” I pleaded.

“Fuck me Steve, fuck me hard damn it!” she screamed out

I lifted her up and pinned her against the wall her legs wrapped around my back as I guided my slippery cock into her slowly. I felt her pussy twitching, clutching onto my shaft as I relished the feeling of her heat surrounding my member. Our lips came together in heated passion, our tongues thrusting together almost in rhythm with my hips. I was pumping wildly now our cries of pleasure echoed in the bathroom.

“Uh…uh….oh…yes….yes…YESSSSSSS!!!!” she cried out her pussy convulsing her release washing over me triggered my own release. I slammed into her deep pressing her against the wall my cock erupting in jets that filled her before streaming down her legs.

We held each other in a tight embrace the water continuing to shower over our bodies while we both tried to recover our breath my cock still inside her until it returned to normal.

Afterwards I gave her my wife’s clothes and a bag for her wet things. “Damn those look better on you then they did on my wife!” I exclaimed.

“Why thank you Steve!” She said giggling as she spun around as though she were modeling them for me. “I better get going. I’ve go to find my cousin before she starts to worry.” she said before kissing me and heading out.

“How long are you going to be in town?” I asked.

“Oh don’t worry Steve, you don’t owe me anything. Thanks for all your help!” she said waving goodbye.

Later, I jumped when I heard the door open thinking she changed her mind but it was my wife.

“What’s that smell?” I asked, “It smells familiar.”

“It’s a new perfume I bought on the way home, it’s called Jasmine.” She exclaimed excitedly. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Very much so.” I said, “Very much so!”

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