Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shock And Awe

Except for the fact that the box had no return address on it, it could have been like any other box she received every day from countless vendors that sent her samples and hoped that she would place a large order with them but she was not prepared for this! The box contained a cell phone and a note that simply said “If you want to see you’re loved one again, take this phone and drive to the North Fork station by 5 PM and wait for further instructions.” No police and come alone or else!” Joan’s heart leapt and caught in her throat. “It must be some kind of joke!” she thought, “Well it certainly isn’t funny!” She had already spoken to her kids and they seemed fine. She had just hung up the phone with her mom and there was no indication of anything wrong there. She continued down her mental list of family and close friends and it suddenly dawned on her that she hadn’t spoke to her husband since he left for work this morning. She dialed his office immediately and asked Katie the receptionist if she could speak with her husband Paul. “He’s not in today” said Katie, “I thought he was out of town” Katie added. “Thanks.” Joan said trying not to sound alarmed, “I’ll try his cell.”

Joan arrived at the North Fork station by 4:30. She paced nervously with the cell phone from the box in one hand and her cell in the other. She was pressing redial again and again came the message “The Verizon customer you are trying….” She hung up and jumped when the phone from the box began ringing. “Hello!” she said excitedly. “Take the 5:03 to Greenport and wait further instructions.” Said a voice apparently disguised electronically. “I want to speak to my husband!” she cried but the voice was already gone. She bought her ticket and made the train just moments before it was to leave and arrived at Greenport an hour later standing on the platform looking lost and feeling confused. “Who would take her husband and why?” she thought trying to figure what they could possibly want. After all, they weren’t rich they were just ordinary people! The cell began ringing again. “Take the jet ferry to New London and board bus 2020 to Foxwoods then wait in the lobby of the hotel for further instructions.” The voice said. “Remember no police come alone, or else!” “What do you want from us!” screamed Joan.

Joan was waiting in the lobby, looking at everybody suspiciously. She would be frightened except for her concern. She still wasn’t able to get a hold of Paul, and still could not imagine what these people wanted. She wanted to call the police but was afraid that if she did and they had Paul something bad would happen. She had arranged with her mom to watch the kids telling her she would be out of town for a meeting with a vendor and would call her later. She answered quickly when the cell rang again. “Go to room 410, knock three times” came the voice. “If you hurt my husband I’ll…,” she whispered angrily into the silent phone and headed quickly toward the elevator.

Joan was waiting at the door after having knocked 3 times as asked. She could sense the eyes peering through the peephole checking to make sure she was alone when the door opened slightly and the disguised voice stated, “Come in.” The room was very dark. The heavy drapes had been drawn and there were no lights on. She entered cautiously as the door closed behind her. Here eyes were beginning to adjust to the room lit only by the nightlight in the corner. “Where’s my husband?” she demanded. “You’ll find out soon enough provided you do as you’re told.” came the voice “Walk towards the bed and turn around.” the voice instructed, “Now, undress slowly.” “I’m not doing anything until I see my husband!” Joan demanded, “If you ever want to see your husband you’ll do as you’re told!” the voice exclaimed sternly. Joan began to undress unbuttoning her blouse like it was all business. “I said slowly, a little more sexy, make it a good show!” the voice warned. Joan did her best to comply opening her blouse slowly exposing first her shoulders hesitating then letting it fall seductively to the floor. She was looking at the man and could see that he wore a hood with cutouts for eyes and his mouth. He held something in his hand, a weapon perhaps.

She had stripped down to her bra and panties and waited when the man said “The rest of them please.” “Now look here mister…” Joan began to protest. “Quiet and do as you’re told. I’m not going to tell you again!” the man’s voice cut her off. Joan unhooked her bra freeing her voluptuous tits then slowly slid her panties down wriggling her hips slightly. “Ahhh…very nice Joan! “You’re husband was right, you have a beautiful set of tits!” he said. “Now there on the bed, is an outfit I’d like you to put that on.” “When will I see my husband?” Joan asked impatiently. “Keep co-operating and it won’t be long, and if you don’t, well…,”he didn’t finish the sentence but just let the words hang in the air.

Joan took the delicate red lace bra and put it on her nipples poked through the opening designed just for that purpose. She placed on the matching red lace crotch-less panties and the lace garter that hugged her waist and secured the red lace hose around the middle of her thighs. When she had finished the voice commanded “Turn around”. The man came up behind her tying a blindfold over her eyes then pushed her onto the bed as Joan gasped. “Keep quiet!” the man exclaimed straddling her body and securing her feet to the bed with the red lace fabric but leaving her hands free. “There that’s better” the man said dropping his robe to the floor and removing his hood.

Joan was scared but at the same time she had a sense of arousal. There was something about being helpless, naked in front of a stranger and in danger that was exciting. Something about being restrained, dominated and being told what to do that began to make her pussy wet and her nipples harden extending further beyond the red lace. “Now I want you to touch yourself” he said, “I want you to play with your nipples” the electronically modified voice was husky and breathy as the man directed Joan’s actions.

“Yes. Yes, brush them lightly, yes, that’s it, now put your fingers in your mouth and slide them up and down your hard nipples.” “Oh yes I like that!” “Do you like that?” “Does that feel good Joan?” The man was taunting her. She couldn’t see him but she knew he was near, she could feel his presence and she was getting hotter, the juices were beginning to flow inside her. Why was he doing this to her?

“I see your pussy is getting wet! Now touch your pussy! Yes, that’s right rub your clit now insert your fingers with the other hand in that sweet honey hole of yours. Oh Yeah! Make your self cum for me Joan, make it good sweetheart, I want to hear you moan! Come on baby remember this is for your husband!” he coached and Joan was doing her best to comply. She was soaking wet now. Her pussy was on fire! She almost forgot about the danger and became lost in the pleasure she was giving herself knowing that this man was watching her making her do these things to herself just made her so horny. She was thrusting four of her fingers deep inside herself and bucking her hips shaking her head side to side and moaning while her other hand rubbed her hard bud wildly. Ohh…Ohhh…OOOOHHHH…AAAHHHHIIIIEEEE… she yelped her body shaking as wave after wave of orgasmic release consumed her body her cum soaking the sheets beneath her ass.

The man straddled her grasping her wrists and one by one he stuck her fingers in his mouth sucking her cum from them and the securing them above her head to the bed. Joan was panting from her release and the fear of what might happen next. She could feel the man’s stiff cock on her chest as he straddled her. Mmmm he groaned softly cupping her ample breasts squeezing them together his throbbing cock in between them. He moved his hips slowly back and forth sliding his cock between her tits. “We need to get this wet” he said in a breathy voice and he guided his cock to Joan’s lips and she opened her mouth to take it inside. She relaxed her throat as he began thrusting it in and out. Now sufficiently wet with her saliva he slid his cock between her tits and pumped his hips back and forth.

Suddenly he stopped and got up. Joan’s heart was racing, as was her mind. Who was this man? There was something familiar about him, his actions. She was completely at this man’s mercy! Then she felt his hot breath between her open legs his tongue darting up her inner thighs to find her wet slit. His hands spread apart her labia and his anxious tongue stiffened and darted inside. He was alternately rubbing her clit with his fingers while his tongue lapped at her depths then flicked wildly over her clit as his fingers probed her g-spot. Joan couldn’t move her legs but she wriggled and bucked her hips as he brought her again and again to the heights of ecstasy. He was on top of her now, his face firmly pressed into her pussy his knees beside her head he positioned his cock against her lips and pressed his hips forward pushing the throbbing head back into her mouth. She sucked and stroked him as he moved his hips up and down. He was moaning in delight into her salacious pussy, dripping wet with cum from her multiple orgasms and the man eagerly lapped up her juices.

Joan felt him begin to tense his cock burst and fired his hot musky fluid down her throat causing her to gag slightly as she gulped down his seed. The man got up and turned around still straddling Joan’s body. He placed his lips gently against hers and began kissing her passionately. Their tongues entwined exchanging and mixing the remaining juices still in their mouths. The man slipped the blindfold from Joan’s eyes. She blinked in disbelief as she realized why this man’s actions, and his taste seed so familiar. “Paul, you bastard!” she screamed, struggling against her restraints and the weight of Paul’s body. Paul chuckled mischievously, “You have just experienced the first phase of our shock and awe valentines day celebration!” We have romantic dinner reservation at 9:00 Pm on the 24th floor of Paragons. After which we have a night of dancing at club BB. When we’ve had enough of that we can spend some time in the casino, at least until I tire of looking at you with your clothes on! Then it’s back to our room for a night of continued sexual pleasure, a room service breakfast in the morning and then a day in the Spa, where we’ll enjoy relaxing in the sauna and steam room in our plush terry cloth robes, followed by an hour of aromatherapy massage with essential scented oils.” “Oh, that’s the awe part”, Paul chuckled again.

“Damn it Paul! Did you have to scare the hell out of me first?” Joan asked as Paul untied her restraints. “Sorry honey, It was the only way I could think of to convince you to pleasure me orally!” Paul laughed. “You could have just asked!” said Joan as she took his hand and they headed for the shower.

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