Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fate's River (part 3 of The Affair)

It had been several months since Shelly had seen John. She was beginning to wonder if leaving their next meeting up to fate was a wise decision. Perhaps this is what fate intended she thought, maybe it was time to put the affair behind her and move on. After all, isn’t this why she planned the vacation with her husband, Steven?

Before she first met John, she had only intended to get away, to be on her own, to find herself. She wanted to feel like her feelings mattered and that she had control over her life. She had wanted to be able to make a decision without having to think about the needs of others before her own. The feeling of freedom had lifted her spirits when she set out to meet an old flame, Michael. That spirit would not be crushed or stifled, even though Michael had a change of heart and refused to see her after she had traveled all that way to meet him.

It was on that trip that fate first intervened and she met John for the first time. She hadn’t intended for that meeting to take place or to engage in some of the most exciting love making she ever experienced! The thought of that weekend with John brought a smile to her face and a warmth began to rise in her center. She hadn’t intended to fall in love! Indeed she didn’t think she was. It was on her trip back from the airport when fate again intervened in the form of a flat tire on a mountain road in front of the vacation home John had retreated to after their weekend together. That coincidence, and another night of passion had convinced them both that they belonged together. It was convincing enough to them both that they decided to rely on fate to determine their next meeting. The yellow Crocus, John’s parting gift to Shelly reminded her of that day every time she looked out her kitchen window. Now Shelly thought she would try to reproduce the feelings she had for John with Steven. After all, Steven was her husband and didn’t she have those same feelings for him at one time?

Shelly had planned a quiet, relaxing vacation on the beach of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. They would be able to take long strolls along the quiet shore and listen as gentle waves kiss the soft sand. They would be able to talk and reconnect. Shelly even made up her mind to play golf with Steven if he so desired, and she would record every thing in the digital color photos she loved to take. Shelly looked out the window, her view of the ground hidden by clouds as surely as her feelings for John had been hidden from Steven.

“Ladies and gentleman this is the captain speaking. We have lost some thrust in one of our engines. Normally this would not be a problem, but there is some weather over our destination. We are going to have to put down in New York. Someone will be at the gate to advise you on your connections. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this might cause. Thank you.”

“Well, so much for our vacation.” Shelly said.

“Oh don’t worry about it. I’m sure the airlines will get us to where we have to go, albeit later than we planned.” Steven replied.

Steven was always so logical and analytical, which was comforting at times like these but maddening at other times. “I guess you’re right.” Shelly said. “I just wanted everything to be perfect!”

After touching down at the rather small Islip airport Steven and Shelly learned that they would not be able to get on a flight until the next afternoon. The customer service rep had recommended a nearby hotel and directed them to the airport shuttle, which would take them to the Marriot for the night. Steven lead the way and was first to board the shuttle bus with Shelly right behind.

“Steven?” “Steve Salmon!” “ Son of a bitch!” Shouted a large man with a wide grin on his face. “Holy shit!” Yelled Steven, “Bill Cutler you old dog how ya been?” The two men hugged and shook hands in the isle as Shelly looked on. After introductions Steven explained how he and Shelly came to be in New York. Bill told Shelly how he and Steven were roommates in college and played together on the golf team.

“What are you doing here Bill?” Steven asked.

“Well, I have a sales conference at the Marriot on Monday, but I came in early to get some golf in. If fact, we have a tee time on the Bethpage Black course this afternoon!” Bill exclaimed.

“Bethpage Black?” That’s where they played the US Open!” Steven shouted hardly able to contain himself.

“Hey why don’t you join us? We need a fourth since Tim’s flight was cancelled in Florida due to the weather down south.” Bill explained

“Oh, I don’t know, I’m here with Shelly and I don’t think it would be right to leave her alone.” Steven said.

“Go ahead Steven. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. I’ll be all right on my own.” Shelly said.

“Really? Great then it’s settled then!” Steven said excitedly.

The Marriot sat up high on a hill and bordered a nature preserve to the east. The concierge had told Shelly that the property hasn’t changed much since the time of George Washington. Shelly grabbed her camera and decided to walk the trails and take some pictures. The park was filled with all kinds of wild life. Guinea hens and wild turkey roamed freely along with Canadian geese. Hawks, great blue herons and large white egrets patrolled the skies overhead or perched on the branches of tall oaks. Shelly spotted a small pod of white tail deer in a grass clearing and decided to try to get a closer for a better shot at them. The deer were not threatened by her presence but would slowly move away as she approached too close. Shelly continued to follow them hoping to get that perfect picture when they finally decided they had enough of her companionship and trotted off through the brush. Shelly ran after them but stopped when she saw they had crossed a small river and disappeared into the woods.

The river was not very wide or very deep and it ran moderately fast in a winding path under a canopy of oak and tall pines. Shelly heard a splash and turned to look upstream in the direction the sound came from. She noticed a man standing silently in the river waving a rod rhythmically back and forth a line attached at the end followed the motion of the rod like a silent whip. She watched intently as the man cast the line forward allowing it to come to rest quietly on the water. He stripped the line back with his left hand to match the pace of the flowing water when suddenly a splash erupted from the quiet surface. The man held tightly to the rod as it bent under the strain from the large trout intent on freeing itself from whatever was in the corner of its mouth. For several minutes the fish battled the pull of the line and the current of the river when it suddenly turned and headed downstream past the man, leaping out of the water and landing with a splash almost in front of Shelly.

“Damn! That’s the third one I lost like that,” the man said.

“Isn’t it three strikes and you’re out,” Shelly joked.

“I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” The man said looking over at the woman that just invaded his sanctuary.

“So catching fish is all about fate?” Shelly mocked.

John took off his large Polaroid glasses and cried out with incredulity, “Shelly!”

“John?” Shelly asked in stunned disbelief.

John ran through the water towards Shelly dropping the rod on the bank he threw his arms around her pulling her tightly against him he gazed deeply into her hazel eyes.

“I can’t believe this! I can’t believe it’s you! But how, how did you find me here?” John stammered hardly able to contain his joy.

Shelly wrapped her arms around John’s neck pulling him closer.

“Just kiss me so I know this is real, so I know it’s really you!” she said their lips touching tenderly and lingering for just a second before succumbing to their pent up passion.

They kissed deeply for a long time. Their tongues gently probing the insides of each other’s mouth confirming the lover’s feelings as well as savoring the sensations. John moved his lips to Shelly’s neck gently caressing her soft skin. Shelly tilted her head back looking up at the bright blue sky through the canopy of tall oaks. Her nipples had already begun to swell and she could feel a growing warmth building between her legs. John lips moved down the opening of Shelly’s blouse and paused gazing quietly into her hazel eyes his hands firmly on her hips. They stood quietly for a moment listening to the sounds of the woods. The river gurgled over the gravel bed while a soft breeze rustled the leaves. Songbirds called to their mates and a woodpecker could be heard pecking at insects somewhere high above them. Occasionally the sound of a splash from a rising Rainbow Trout would interrupt the gentle gurgling of the river.

Shelly slid her hands up John’s chest still gazing into his deep blue eyes she slowly undid the buttons of his shirt. John took this as a signal and followed her lead unbuttoning her blouse in time. John took off his shirt and laid it on the grass at the bank of the river and then slipped Shelly’s blouses from her soft shoulders laying it besides his own. John slipped out of his boots and watched as Shelly undid her bra exposing her ample breasts to John’s longing eyes. She reached inside the edge of his jeans and pulled him toward her undoing his belt, then snap and zipper. John slipped out of his jeans and lifted Shelly up gently laying her don on their shirts. They kissed again deeply their tongues entwined in a fit. Neither one cared how it came to be that they ended up together. There would be plenty of time to talk about that later. Now they only wanted to savor this moment, each other, to take advantage of the gift of fate.

John’s lips moved down again. A string of kisses along a line that ran down Shelly’s neck over her collar bone to her heaving breast. Their anticipation heightened by the many months they had not been together and the memories of the last time they had. John took her hard nipple between his lips holding it captive while he lashed at the tip with his tongue. Shelly’s soft moans were lost in the breeze blending with the natural sounds that were all around them. John moved his mouth across her chest to her other nipple while his hands undid her slacks. John’s eager lips moved down her belly now while his hands tugged her slacks over her curves. Shelly arched her back raising her bottom and John tossed her pants and panties aside. Shell lay naked in the woods the sun casting shadows of the canopy across her body. John knelt between her legs savoring her beauty while building her anticipation further.

He began kissing her knees then moved to the inside of her thighs alternating from left to right. Shelly dropped her knees to the side opening her flower and urging John to taste her nectar. John spread her lips with his thumbs and pushed her hood up exposing he anxious bud. His mouth came down to feed on her honey and her body trembled when his lips surrounded her clit sucking it in darting his tongue over it before sliding his lips off. Then, pressing his mouth against her, he lapped the licentious liquid that flowed freely from her desire causing her to cry out in delight. Her moans of pleasure filled the forest and were as natural as any of the other forest sounds. Shelly clutched at the back of John’s head pulling his face against her. She arched her back and bucked, rocked by waves of orgasm that flowed into John’s eager mouth like the river flowed over the stones. She pulled him up by his blond hair and pressed her panting mouth against his tasting her own sweetness on their colliding tongues.

Shelly felt his hardness between her legs. She wanted him inside her now more than ever, and her body shook at just the thought. She reached down with both hands taking hold of his anguish and guided him into her glistening aperture their lips still locked in a feverish kiss. John moaned in ethereal ecstasy as her warm wanton wetness wrapped around his wand. He pushed slowly into her depths until he could go no further. He paused to savor the feeling of oneness made by this connection. He wanted this moment of soft satisfaction surrounding his swollen shaft to last forever. He lingered, waiting until the heat from Shelly’s core penetrated him fully before he began to withdraw slowly sensing Shelly’s every muscle as she squeezed him to prevent his escape. He plunged back inside her and pulled back again. John moved his hips in the rhythm of the river, his cock gliding in and out as the water gurgled over the stones. Their moans mingled unrestrained with the sounds of the woods. John’s thrusts were less controlled as passion replaced thought. He pounded his passion relentlessly into Shelly’s depths and she dug her heels into his back pulling her hips forward to meet his assault. The sounds of the woods were silenced to the lover’s ears. The woods, the sky, and the water disappeared. It was just the souls of John and Shelly moving in syncopated harmony. It was only their breath, their hearts, and their sensations building together towards the inevitable flood of felicity that would wash over their bodies leaving them spent and satisfied. With a final thrust John pulled Shelly tight against him as he felt her depths convulsing violently, gripping and releasing his manhood buried deep inside her. Her arms wrapped around him tightly, her nails dug in his back holding on as though her trembling body would fly off. Her body shuddered as each jet of Johns fluid filled her, his own explosive orgasm sending shivers from his center out to his shoulders and the tips of his toes.

They lay there naked in each other’s arms waiting for their hearts to calm and their breath return. The sights and sounds of the forest began to return and they could feel the sun shining through the canopy warming their glistening bodies. They quietly put their clothes back on and sat on the bank of the river staring at the water and watching it flow over the stones.

“So, what are you doing here?” Shelly asked.

“Well, I live not too far from here. John explained, “and I come here often. I enjoy the solitude and the fishing is good too!” He continued. “Being here takes my mind off of things, it lets me know that I am only a small part of a much larger picture. I’ve missed you terribly!”

“I’ve missed you too John!” Shelly exclaimed. “But after so many months, and with no way to find you, I thought maybe it was time to move on. I thought that maybe that was our fate, to just have the moments we had. I was just getting used to that idea when fate intervened yet again!”

Shelly went on to explain how she ended up here in this place at this time. “It just can’t be coincidence, it just can’t be!”

“But what now Shelly?” John asked, “Do we separate again and hope the fate will work in our favor? How long will we have to wait? Will the next time be months or even years?”

“I don’t know John. After what happened today, I’m willing to trust fate. It’s been really good to us so far!” Shelly said. Besides, I have to get back to the hotel and meet up with Steven. We still have this vacation to go on. I can’t even begin to think about the alternatives now! Like the river, life goes on John, life goes on.”

John walked Shelly to the edge of the woods and the hill that lead back up to the Hotel.

“Until we meet again.” Shelly said a forced smile on her face as she turned to walk up the hill. John grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face him. He kissed her lightly on the lips.

“I love you Shelly,” he said and she turned and walked away. “Life goes on.” John muttered as he turned and headed back to the river.

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