Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sequel To Seduction -The Affair part 2

Shelly’s ride back from the airport took her through winding mountain roads. The snow covered peaks were contrasted by new spring growth that sprung from the sun drenched sides of the south facing hills and were framed by receding white patches of snow that survived in the shadows of the tall pines. A lack of traffic, the beautiful scenery and the long ride that lay before her convinced the memories of her weekend in LA to spring forth to her conscious mind.

She thought about John, and the way his warm moist lips tenderly touched her breasts, his eager mouth nibbling at her nipples while his fingers felt her delicate frame delighting in the discovery of every inch of her desirous body. She felt her mound moisten as these feelings came flooding back into her mind. “How ironic!” she thought. She had gone to LA to meet that long lost love, Michael, but he left her a message after she had arrived that he would not be able to meet her. The text message was still in her cell phone memory “Can’t go through with it. Till we meet again. Mike.” The thought would anger her still if not for the fact that his cowardice would lead to her encounter with John.

They met first on the plane and had gone their separate ways from the airport in LA. By chance, they met again at the Hilton Checkers where by coincidence they both had rooms. Their chance meeting on the elevator as they headed to the restaurant for what they thought would be dinner alone turned into a lovely evening on dining and dancing. That night, Shelly’s quest for freedom and adventure fueled the fire of her desire. John impressed her. She was impressed by his openness, his honesty, his ability to recover from love lost and his lust for life. “Love was life’s dessert” John said, “To be consumed slowly and savored for as long as it lasted.”

They spent that night and the rest of the weekend together. Shelly could feel his tongue flicking delicately up the insides of her thighs. Like the wings of a butterfly fluttering from one flower to the next extracting the sweet nectar, John’s tongue flicked here and there stopping whenever a moan of pleasure escaped Shelly’s lips as his eager mouth traveled to her engorged bud. Shelly shuddered at just the thought and was suddenly startled when the right front tire blew forcing her to pull to the side of the deserted road.

Shelly got out looked at the tire then scanned up and down the quiet road. She looked up at the mountain brushing the hair from her face the blond highlights sparkling in the spring sun. She could see the snow like a ribbon of white in the shade of the pines. Next to it illuminated by the strong spring sun was a green ribbon of new spring growth, which wound down and disappeared into the trees that lined the road. She noticed a break in the trees ahead that appeared to be a driveway and she could see puffs of smoke rising just above the pines. “What luck!” she thought, “Looks like someone’s home and I’ll be able to get some help.”

She started up the driveway and walked up a path that led to the front door and rang the bell. No answer. She tried knocking and ringing the bell again but still no one came. She reluctantly reached for the doorknob, turned it and to her surprise it opened! “Hello.” She called out, “Hello, anybody home?” She stepped inside looking around hoping to see a phone or the owners. “Hello. I broke down and I need a phone, anybody?” She walked down a hallway passed a living room with a fireplace, bright red embers still crackled though there was no flame. She walked to the back of the house double French doors opened up into a large glass sunroom. Shelly stood in awe at the scene.

A hot tub bubbled quietly in one corner, a bottle of white wine stood waiting in a chiller. There was another fireplace in the opposite corner the logs there still burning with just a hint of flame. Next to the hot tub against the inside wall was a well stocked bar with glasses that hung from the rack above. “Oh, I can so use a drink right now!” Shelly thought as she considered pouring herself a glass of wine. Opposite the bar was a beautiful view of the mountain. To the right lay a sun drenched clearing with a field of yellow crocus already in full bloom the petals opened like welcoming arms waiting to wrap themselves around the bright sun. To the left a ribbon of white cascading down from the mountain peak hugging the shadows of the pines and ending at the rear corner of the house. Shelly could see a lone figure on skis hugging the tree line in tight graceful turns flowing down the mountain as though it were an insect being carried by a swift stream.

The figure grew larger as it moved rapidly towards the house. As it came closer into view Shelly guessed it to be a man by his size and build. The figure looked as though he would ski right into the glass when he turned suddenly bringing his skis together perpendicular to the mountain. His ankles bent into the hill turning the skis on edge and driving the edges into the soft wet snow. He came to an almost sudden stop with snow shooting out from under the skis spraying the glass wall. In one quick motion he planted his ski poles against the bindings and popped out of the skis. He stopped dead in his tracks after he entered the sunroom and saw Shelly standing there. He was breathing heavily from his run down the mountain and had paused to catch his breath but before he could speak Shelly began to explain her predicament. “I’m sorry, I broke down and …well…I uh tried the bell and when nobody answered…I just thought…” Shelly was feeling a little awkward about her trespassing and was finding it difficult to justify to her host.

The man reached up gripping the dark goggles with both hands and lifting them over his head. “Shelly?” “Holy shit, Shelly!” He yelled a huge grin spreading wide across his face as his blue eyes opened wide in disbelief. He moved forward his arms opened wide welcoming Shelly as the crocus welcomed the sun. “John!” “Son of a bitch!” Shelly screamed in delight as she jumped into his waiting arms wrapping her arms and legs around him their lips coming together in a passionate kiss as they held each other tight. The memory of the sweet dessert they shared was flooding back to them as their tongues entwined and they tasted each other once again.

“Let me pour us some wine and you can explain how you found me here” John said.

“Never mind that! You can explain to me what you’re doing here. How did you get here before me?” Shelly asked.

John explained that his friend the owner of the house needed to attend a business meeting and would be flying out on his private plane. “I was supposed to spend the week with him here.” John went on. “Instead he met me at the city airport and dropped me off at the local airport where he keeps his plane not far from here and had me drive his car back here.” “Now how did you end up here?” asked John. Shelly explained how she was heading home from city airport and decided to take the scenic route and had a tire blow just a few yards from the driveway. “It’s only by chance I ended up here!” she exclaimed.

“Holy shit honey, that’s not coincidence, that’s fate!” John exclaimed in disbelief.

John fixed Shelly’s tire and pulled her car into the barn, while Shelly showered and called her husband. “They’ll have the car for me in the morning.” she lied. “It’s just one more night and I’ll be home tomorrow.” “I love you too honey.” “Good night dear.” She said and hung up the phone. Shelly poured the wine into the glasses on the bar and walked to the glass wall facing the field of crocus. She was feeling guilty but she wasn’t quite sure if it was because of her lie or because of the love she felt for John. The affair was an accident, a confluence of circumstances that were unexpected. She only meant to exercises some control over her own destiny, to feel like she had her own identity, that she wasn’t just a piece of something but that she was something. She wasn’t looking for love, but somehow it found her, entered her and filled her and while she was able to walk away from that weekend, it would be much more difficult now that fate intervened once again.

Shelly was staring out at the beautiful yellow petals as they caught the last glint of the sun before it disappeared behind the mountain when John walked up behind her. He brushed the blond hair from her soft round shoulders and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her softly at the intersection of her neck and shoulders. She tilted her head sighing softly as his lips lingered capturing her soft skin between them and pulling lightly away. John paused a moment allowing anticipation to build before his lips caressed her shoulder once again. “You’re beautiful!” he whispered in a deep throaty tone as he exhaled. “Yes they are!” Shelly exclaimed still staring out at the crocus. John took her shoulders and turned her around to face him and looking deep into her hazel eyes said, “Yes, they’re beautiful too, but I was talking about you!” Their lips came together touching tenderly and lingering for a moment before parting, their tongues thrust passionately in a long kiss.

John took the wine glass from her hand and set it on the mantle. He slipped his hands under her robe and it fell to the floor in a heap. Shelly noticed his manhood poking against the towel wrapped around his waist and she slipped it from him. She placed her hands on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her pulling her tight against him before again kissing deeply. Sensing some uncertainty on her part John said. “I don’t know why, Shelly, but this just feels so right.” He was looking deeply into her eyes and trying to read her reaction. “I don’t know.” Shelly said, “The weekend with you was great, magical even, more that I ever expected. You’ve unleashed feelings in me that I thought only existed in fairy tales and I want you now more than ever, more than I’ve ever wanted anyone! But I have this whole other life, that’s familiar, that’s comfortable. I’m just so confused right now.”

“I understand” John said trying to console her. “But you are everything I’ve been looking for my whole life! I was totally depressed when we parted, that’s why I came up here to get away from everybody, everything. But then you showed up on my doorstep! Shelly, this is more than fate, this is destiny, we belong together, besides, I love you!” He took her face in his hands and kissed her again tenderly and felt her shiver. “Come” he said taking her hand and leading her into the hot tub.

They relaxed together in the tub soothing bubbles massaging their skin the warm water caressing their wanton bodies. With arms wrapped tightly around each other, they kissed passionately while warm bubbles rose between their bodies. John’s kisses trickled down Shelly’s neck like droplets of water running in random lines over her moist skin over her heaving breasts. He took her swollen nipples softly into his mouth rolling them gently between lips and tongue then flicking over the tips like the flame in the fireplace hot and quick. Shocks of pleasure shot through her like the sparks of the flame, burning red embers rising up the chimney as her blood engorged her nipples and warmed her breasts.

She moaned holding his head against her lost in the pleasure he heaped upon her. Her hand slid down to feel his excitement beneath the warm water and he sighed at her touch.

He lifted her in strong arms and carried her out of the water setting her down in front of the fireplace.

His kisses fell upon her wet naked body like a warm summer’s rain caressing every inch of her and moving down from her breasts to her moist mound. Her body drank them up as though it was the parched soil from a long drought, the pleasure of his lips bringing new life to her. Her breathing quickened and her heart was racing waves of pleasure sent shudders from her core as his tongue lapped at her nectar her legs splayed open to receive as much of him as possible as the petals of the crocus welcomed the sunlight. Shelly placed her hands on the side of his head pulling him towards her trembling lips. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and kissed him deeply. She could feel his passion pressing against her moist mound and she desperately wanted to feel him fill her insides. She wrapped her legs around him and guided his thirst to her warm wet velvet thrusting her hips forward her wet heat enclosing him her muscles urging him deeper.

John responded to her desire lunging his hips forward then pulling back slowly. He needed to take his time, to savor this moment, this gift, presented to him by fate. “Oh, Shelly, I never want to forget how it feels to be inside you, to be part of you, one with you!” John exclaimed through ragged breaths.

“God, yes, I want you, want you so bad, need you, need to feel you fill me!” Shelly cried between pants. She bucked her hips to meet his thrusts to take control, to quicken his pace. Her need was urgent now. She dug her heels into his back steam rose from their wet bodies their passion and the fire that flickered next to them providing the heat. John was thrusting wildly now and Shelly was arching to meet him. Their cries of pleasure filled the air as their bodies moved in perfect rhythm careening towards climax.

John clutched Shelly tight pulling himself against her hips firmly locked against her hungry thighs. He held his breath for a moment in as much a vain effort to delay the inevitable as an unselfish desire to satisfy the woman he loved. Shelly screamed out as John could hold off no longer, his release flooded her depths as his body rocked and shuddered. Shelly screamed out “Oh Gooodddd!!!” as her own body trembled and twitched as John’s hot flow filled her and spilled from her depths. Sparks of electricity shot throughout her body from her core and tears of joy filled her eyes. They lay quietly connected both feeling as one with the other while they waited to regain their breath and to feel their heart beats slowly return to normal.

They spent the night making love and pleasuring each other in ways they had never done with each other before. Their love was pure, unashamed, unrestrained and subconsciously they knew that as long as they were making love they wouldn’t be thinking about what tomorrow held.

They slept late into the morning and the sun had already covered the field of crocus with its blanket of yellow light waking the petals from their slumber. John put Shelly’s bag into the trunk of her car and handed her the keys. “I wish you didn’t have to go.” John said sadly. “I wish things were different too John, but they’re not.” Shelly said. “The weekend was just wonderful, more that I had hoped for! But last night, that was just unbelievable! A dessert, the flavor of which I will never forget!” “It truly was wonderful! John exclaimed. “So when will I see you again?” He asked holding the door of Shelly’s Mustang open. Shelly got into the car, closed the door and started the engine. “Perhaps we should leave that up to fate. After all it’s worked pretty good so far.” She said a sly smile on her face. John kissed her lightly on her lips. “I guess I’ll see you then.” he said trying not to sound disappointed. Shelly put the car in drive and started down the driveway. “Wait! Wait a minute!” John yelled holding his finger up in the air in the universal number one sign.. He ran inside the house and after several moments he was running down the driveway up to Shelly’s open window. From behind his back he handed Shelly a small plastic flowerpot that held a single yellow crocus. “I’ll see you.” He said though this time his voice was sure. “Good bye John.” Shelly said. She placed the plant on the seat next to her and pulled out onto the highway.

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