Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Perception of Rape

Bob stood at the end of the bar brooding as he watched Carol enjoying the margarita he purchased for her. She was chatting and laughing with her friends and he stood drinking, alone while Lionel Ritchie’s “Celebration” began playing on the jukebox.

Bob was a man of average build, but strong for his size. He had short brown hair that was buzzed on the sides and back, and eyes the color of a pale emerald gemstone. He had a square jaw and high cheekbones and was confident that most women would consider him handsome. He was competitive in nature and he didn’t like losing so he kept himself in shape. Now he stood watching, and wondering why all he got from Carol was a polite thank you and a cold shoulder. Well, this isn’t over, he thought; before this night is over I will have my way with that girl!

Carol was a pretty girl indeed, with warm, deep, dark, inviting eyes and raven black shoulder length hair. She possessed full lips and an easy, friendly, welcoming smile that made everyone she met feel relaxed and comfortable around her. She had many friends and was always attentive when carrying on a conversation with any of them.

“Hello darkness my old friend…”Simon and Garfunkel’s sounds of silence began playing on the jukebox. Bob looked up at the clock, finished up his drink, glanced over at Carol turned and left the bar. He walked quietly into the parking lot away from the lights at the entrance of the bar and waited in the shadows. Oh, she shouldn’t be too much longer he thought to himself, there was nothing but ice left in that drink. Hell, she probably doesn’t even have the money to buy herself another one, and with those small tits it’s not likely that some other guy will pay any attention to her either thought Bob.

Carol glanced at the clock. She had caught Bob’s eye as he turned to leave the bar. Why didn’t he get into the conversation with her friends? He seemed interested, but then he walked away without a word standing at the end of the bar alone! No matter, it was time to leave anyway, one more drink and I’d need a cab she thought! She gave a hug and a kiss to each of her friends, took her keys from her purse and headed for the door.

I knew it! Thought Bob, there she is now. He sharpened his gazed and watched to see which way she was headed. She headed towards the back of the lot where her car was parked in the shadows, not far from where Bob was waiting. Normally Carol wouldn’t park this far back in the lot after dark but what choice did she have? She had left work late and by time she arrived at the bar happy hour was in full swing.

Carol unlocked her door, got inside and was about to put the key in the ignition when Bob grabbed the door and pushed Carol down on the seat, closing the door in one motion. He climbed over the top of her into the passenger side and pulled the knife from his pocket, “Whatever you do, don’t make a sound”, he said. Carol could see the knife, she was still holding the keys in her hand, her finger through the center of the ring so they could be used as a weapon the way she was taught in self defense. Unfortunately Bob never gave her the chance to act and now her only choice was to remain calm.

“Drive!” Bob commanded. Where to? Carol asked in as calm a voice as she could muster. “Pull out of the lot get on the highway and head east” he said. Turn in here Bob said. Bob directed her to a wooded area where she could barely make out the tire tracks of previous visitors through the over grown brush that lead through a thick stand of trees.

They stopped at a dirt mound where the rusted hulk of a stolen car lay rotting away undiscovered. “Get out” Bob said. Carol though about running now, it was a mistake to allow him to take her to another location.

Bob grabbed the keys from the ignition and got out on the passenger side. It was now or never Carol thought and she broke into a sprint, kicking off her heels as she ran, but Bob was so much faster. He caught up to her grabbed her arm, showing her the knife he warned her not to try that again! Carol thought now the only thing left for her to do was not to resist. She had heard that rapists wanted their victims to resist.

Bob led her over the dirt mound to a grassy area where he set his coat on the ground. “Take off your clothes”! Carol reluctantly and slowly undressed unbuttoning her blouse first and allowing it to fall on the ground and then unzipping her skirt. Bob watched intently as Carol stood there in just her bra and panties, her arms crossed over her breasts.

Bob grabbed Carol by the hair pulling her head back and pressing his lips against hers. His tongue darting wildly, passionately in side her mouth, Carol made a feeble attempt to pull away until she felt the cold flat steel blade pressed against her chest. Bob slid the knife along her skin and up under her bra while still holding her head back and sucking and nibbling her neck. He jerked the knife and Carol’s bra fell to the ground revealing her lovely breasts. Carol’s breasts weren’t big but they were shaped beautifully. They were firm and her nipples stood high and proud.

Bob cupped her breast in his hand while still holding the knife, and held it up to his mouth. He began sucking, and rolling the nipple around with his anxious tongue. He was beginning to get excited now and his growing cock was pressing against his jeans. Carol gasped as he slid the knife down into Carol’s panties slicing through the material on her right leg and then again on her left and the panties fell to the ground. “Open my shirt and you better make me happy” he said. Carol nervously unbuttoned his shirt and began kissing his chest while Bob reached down and began massaging her pussy, running his thick fingers up and down her slit circling her clitoris.

Bob opened his jeans and let them drop to the ground exposing his thick bulging cock, pushing Carol’s head down and directing her to his member. On your knees he instructed. Carol knew the only thing to do was comply, don’t do anything foolish and do whatever he says I know I’ll get out of this! She reluctantly placed her mouth over his cock taking it partly into her mouth. “Is that the best you could do!” Bob shouted taking her by the back of the head and thrusting his hips forward almost causing Carol to gag, but she was up to the task. She held his cock with both hands now, stroking him while she sucked, her tongue flicking over the head and up and down the shaft. Bob’s eyes rolled in the back of his head and he moaned in delight. She stroked faster now, passionately, just make him happy was her only thought! Bob’s legs buckled as he thrust his hips forward clutching Carol’s head, his cock erupted, like a volcano long overdue to relieve the pressure of hot magma making its way to the surface, Bob’s semen squirted into the back of her throat filling her mouth. Carol swallowed thinking is it over?

Bob was breathing heavily now, but he was far from finished. He pushed Carol back on to his coat and climbed on top of her. You like that didn’t you? He asked, You want more don’t you? Bob taunted. Just agree, make him happy, don’t resist thought Carol. Bob lifted Carol’s legs over his shoulders, and holding his still hard cock in his hand he slid it up and down her slit, the head just spreading her now swollen lips, and rubbing her clit with it. “Beg me for it” he said “Tell me you want it! He commanded her. “Please, fuck me” she whimpered. Bob slid his cock inside her slowly and withdrew slowly. “Keep “begging, you know you want it” he screamed at her. “Fuck me, please fuck me” she yelled and Bob began thrusting faster. “Beg baby” he screamed, “beg!” “Harder please fuck me harder!” Carol’s mind went blank she had given in to Bob’s power and domination she had become excited by it and was raising her hips up to meet his thrusts, contracting her muscles and milking his member as Bob continued faster his balls slapping against her wet with the juices now flowing freely.

Carol wrapped her legs around Bob’s back and tensed screaming out into the night “I’m cumming”! Oh God! I’m cumming!” Her pussy spasmed as Bob thrust deep inside her and held her collapsing against her body his cock twitching as he washed her womb with his sperm, his thighs tingling.

Carol wrapped her arms around him holding him tight to her as they rolled onto their sides, Bob’s cock still inside her, they kissed passionately. “I love you so much” Bob whispered, “I love you too” Carol responded. Bob was overcome with affection. Even after 15 years of marriage. He knew there was no other woman like Carol. She never ran out of ways to keep their love making exciting. This was all her idea, to meet at the bar, to leave when Sounds of Silence began playing, the knife, all of it!

We lay there in each other’s arms looking up at the clear night sky and I wondered, what Carol had planned for our next adventure!

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