Monday, January 11, 2010

Like The River Flows (Part 5 The Affair)

Mary stopped short her face suddenly turned serious the redness flooding her cheeks as she looked at what she had just walked into. Steven’s jaw dropped his face contorted as he gazed on the shocking scene. John was lying naked on top of his love his passion still surrounded by her warmth his back to those that just entered the room and for just an instant was unaware of their presence until Shelly screamed out.

“My God! Steven!” she yelled throwing John off to her side and pulling the sheets up covering her breasts as she sat up n the bed. Shelly’s heart was pounding her mouth open wide while she stared in disbelief at the shocked look on her husbands face. John pulled the sheets around his waist his eyes darting between Steven and Mary. His heart was racing as thoughts passed through his mind almost as rapidly.

“What have I done? What the hell is Mary doing here? Oh my God, Shelly! I’ve ruined her life!” he thought.

Mary spoke first. “Oh my, I’m so sorry! I had no idea you two were in here!” she said apologetically not realizing she was still holding Steven’s hand.

Steven spoke next. He looked right into Shelly’s hazel eyes a look of pure disappointment on his face “I can’t believe you would do this to me Shelly! For God’s sake you only just met the man and you’re already in bed with him! You fucking whore!”

John was not about to let him get away with that. He jumped up from the bed holding the sheets in front of his manhood his face grew red with anger. “Now just a minute!” he screamed his steel blue eyes glaring right at Steven.

Steven was not about to take any advice from a philanderer. “You just shut the fuck up and mind you business asshole!” he shouted back at John. “You had to hit on my wife? What, this beautiful young lady wasn’t enough for you?” he asked angrily as he held up Mary’s hand.

“Just a minute Steven!” Shelly shouted, “Just what were you doing here with Mary?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Steven was stalling as he tried to come up with a suitable answer. “Why we were, uh I was, that is… Well Mary wanted me to…I mean… I was just walking Mary to her room. She was looking for John and thought he might be ill and in need of help. She didn’t want to go alone.”

“Is that the best you could do Steven? Did you also need to hold her hand? Really! Don’t lie to me Steven!” Shelly said.

“Wait a second! Suddenly this is about me? I’m not the one in bed fucking a stranger!” Steven shouted.

Shelly threw the sheets aside and jumped out of bed and looked angrily up into Steven’s eyes and slapped him across his face. “Don’t ever talk to me like that again!” she scolded

“John, isn’t some stranger that I was fucking, he’s the man I love!”

“Shelly, don’t!” John yelled, “You don’t have to do this!”

Mary looked at the hurt on Stevens face and caught his hand in hers. “Okay, let’s just calm down everybody.” She said in a calm measured tone. Steven, why don’t we go back downstairs and give them a minute to get dressed. Everybody is a little emotional right now and we’re just likely to say things that we’re going to regret. It would be better to meet in the bar after we’ve all had a couple of minutes and talk this over rationally, you know with our clothes on.” Mary smirked trying to inject a little humor into the situation.

Steven looked at Mary gazing blanking into her dark eyes. He was impressed at how she took control of the situation, at how she was able to remain calm. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly then looked at Shelly and in a calm tone said, “I suppose Mary’s right. We’ll meet you downstairs in the bar. I just need some time to think and talk this through.”

Mary took Steven’s hand and led him out of the room. She looked back over her shoulder at John and winked. “Damn that Mary! She knew what she was doing!” John thought. What was it she had said to me, Sometimes John, you have to make your own fate.

Damn her! I have to make my own fate I don’t need any help!” He thought. “Oh yeah and Destiny is something that sometimes has to be achieved, not something you wait for.

Well I guess Mary got tired of waiting for my destiny!”

“John why don’t you take a shower and I’ll straighten up here a little bit before I head back to my room to get changed.” Shelly said kissing him lightly. “Just give me a half hour and come get me,” she added.

“Okay Shell, I love you!” John said a smile spreading across his face.

“I love you too baby.” Shelly said.

John came out of the shower to find Shelly gone. He dressed quickly and waited the agreed half hour before he left the room to get Shelly. He knocked on her door several times without a response. He put his ear to the door to listen for any signs of activity in the room and heard nothing. “Shelly, it’s John. You in there?” he said knocking again. “She must have went down to the bar with the others,” he thought, “I hope she’s all right!” John headed for the elevator quickly worried that Shelly might not be able to handle things alone. He kept pressing the down button as if his actions would make the elevator arrive quicker.

John rushed to the bar and looked around for the others. He spotted Mary and Steven at a table in the corner and headed over to join them. “Hi, where’s Shelly?” he asked looking at Mary.

“Well isn’t she with you? Steven responded.

“She went back to her room to change. She was supposed to wait for me before joining you here. I thought she left without waiting for me.” John explained.

“If she left her room she didn’t come here.” Mary said.

“Well, I’ll go up and get her.” Steven suggested.

“Oh no!” John replied, “We’ll all go!”

They all left and headed up to Steven’s room. John and Mary were standing behind him when he inserted the electronic key and opened the door. They followed Steven inside and looked around the room.

“Well, her luggage is still here, but I don’t see her bag.” Steven said.

Mary checked the bathroom. “There’s no makeup in here!” she exclaimed. “She must have left and if she took her makeup, I doubt she’s coming back!”

Steven looked over at the nightstand by the side of the bed where he slept and noticed a note. He picked it up and looked at it a perplexed look on his face.

“What does it say?” Mary asked.

Steven read the note aloud,

“Anger has found me here and

Keeps my thoughts from running clear

For sanity I must escape

To a place my heart can race

Beneath a canopy under the Sun

Where once was two then was one
Where words spoken soon are gone

And all the while life goes on”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean!” Steven shouted angrily.

“It means she’s gone! She took off!” John exclaimed.

“But where?” Steven asked now with a voice of concern.

“I think we should split up. Steven, you go to the airport. John, check the train station, and I’ll go down to the bus station.” Mary said in her calm voice of reason but with a tone of authority. “You do have a picture of her with you, don’t you Steven? I’ll make copies and if you find her call me on my cell.” She added.

“Wait a minute!” John interrupted. “We only have two cars between us. Two of us are going to have to go together.”

Mary reached into her purse grabbed her keys and tossed them to John. “Take my car, I’ll go along with Steven. He could probably use the support right now.” She said taking Steven by the hand her dark eyes gazing onto his as a wry smile began to form on her face.

John turned and ran out of the room heading for Mary’s car. He knew Shelly wouldn’t be found at the airport, train station or bus stop. He knew where he had to go and he knew Steven was in good hands.

“Steven, you’re brilliant!’ Mary said as he closed the door to his room.

“Why thank you Mary! I couldn’t have done it without you though.” Steven said trying to contain his smile.

“But how did you know Shelly would take off and leave a note? Mary asked.

“Well, she’s a writer. She loves to write, and she always runs away whenever we have heated arguments that are unsettled.” Steven explained.

“My, you are sexy when you’re devious!” Mary exclaimed. She could already feel the sex growing between her legs. “Now are you going to fuck me or do I have to beg?”

“Oh, I’m going to want to hear you beg dear!” Steven exclaimed as he began to peel Mary out of her dress.

Their lips met in a heated passionate kiss. Steven cupped and squeezed her breasts in frenzy, his other hand sliding down to squeeze her ass. Mary tugged frantically at his pants undoing the belt and zipper before clutching his growing manhood. Steven pushed her away discarding his shirt and boxer shorts. He threw her on the bed and leapt on top of her holding her wrists down before sucking and nibbling her neck breasts and nipples.

“Oh yeah! Take me my devious devil!” Mary cried out panting.

Steven pushed his knees between her legs and spread them open his stiffness perched at the opening of her moist and anxious mound.

“Beg you bitch, beg me to fuck you, you fucking slut!” Steven yelled between ragged breaths.

“Please, master, please fuck me, fuck me hard!” Mary pleaded.

Steven guided his throbbing member inside her slamming into her depths while Mary grasped. He was thrusting in and out slamming harder and faster against her as she dug her nails into his back drawing lines of blood behind them. Mary was still wearing her heels when she wrapped her legs around Steven and dug them into his lower back. She was bucking to meet his thrusts while grunting and screaming in delight to his phallic assault. She screamed out “Uhnnnn aaaaiiiieee ohhhhh my godddd I’m cumminggggg!”

as her body was rocked by waves of release her pussy contracting violently. Steven slammed himself to the bottom of her desire, holding himself still and holding his breath for just an instant before crying out with his own release. His manhood twitched inside her mingling with Mary’s own flow before spilling out and soaking the sheets beneath them.

“That was wonderful you savage bastard!” Mary said still panting.

“You were marvelous as always my little salacious slut!” Steven replied as they paused to regain control of themselves.

After some time relaxing in each other’s arms Mary asked “Isn’t it wonderful how we managed to work things out?”

“Well it helped that you were invited to my cousins wedding! Steven replied. “One thing I wanted to ask you Mary was how did you arrange for Shelly to go to the ski house?”

Mary chuckled, “Oh that was pure coincidence! I had planned on relaxing there that week when John called. He told he that he met the woman of his dreams but that she was married. He was a little upset and was wondering if he could stay at the house for a while. Shortly after that I got your call and agreed to fly out to meet you. I had no idea Shelly was the woman or that she would be driving past my house!”

“When she called me and I saw that phone number on the caller ID, I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was you calling my house, and it scared the crap out of me!” Steven said.

“It was that night that we met that I put two and two together and figured out it was Shelly that John was in love with!” Mary said laughing. “Then when I found out my friend was your cousin that’s when I got the idea to take John to the wedding,” she continued.

“And you say I’m devious!” Steven said as they both laughed.

It was dark by time John got home, too dark to go down to the river. He would have to wait until morning for that. All he could do was hope that he was right about where Shelly was going. Even if he was right about the location, Shelly didn’t leave any clues about the timing. He made up his mind to just go there every day hoping sooner or later she would show up. He slept restlessly that night anxious for the morning to come.

Daybreak arrived and John hurried to get down to his favorite spot on the river. He traveled the path through the grass and then the opening through the trees that led to the place on the bank where nature was witness to his love for Shelly. As he emerged from the trees there she was. Sitting on a blanket with a bottle of champagne, two glasses and an assortment of breakfast muffins. She was wearing a white floral sundress that scooped down revealing the tops of her ample breasts. The morning sun glinted through the trees and set the highlights of her blond hair aglow. Her smile grew wide when she saw him pausing to admire her beauty, and lit up her face.

“Shelly! Thank God!” John exclaimed and ran to her. He took her by the hand and raised her gently to her feet then wrapping his arms around her waist gazed longingly into her hazel eyes.

“John, I knew you’d figure it out! I’m so happy to see you!” Shelly said as they kissed tenderly their lips pausing as their breath mingled before their tongues touched lightly.

“Wait! Let’s sit,” Shelly said leading John to the blanket by his hand. She poured them each a glass of champagne.

“A toast to our love” she said as the clinked their glasses together.

“May this be the beginning of a love and life that we share together, and may our love always be just as it is this very moment” John toasted back.

They tilted the glasses to their lips and finished their champagne. John placed his glass beside the blanket then took Shelly’s glass from her hand before they embraced in a passionate kiss and slowly sunk together onto the blanket. The sounds of the forest enveloped them. The river gurgled over stones and like the river their love goes on.

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