Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Those That Wait

Greg sat at the bar of the dance club nursing his beer. A lot had happened since his separation from Jill. Jill had been having an affair with a friend of their mutual friends. Greg had found out that this had been going on for some time. On the nights he was playing basketball Jill was visiting their friends, at least that is what she told Greg, when he reality she was meeting a man introduced to her by their friends and fucking him silly!

Greg was feeling betrayed by his friends. That they allowed this to go on behind his back really bothered him. Worse was his discovery of his best friend Jeff screwing Jill in his own home! It was bad enough that his wife Jill had betrayed him, but that all of the people that he thought were his friends betrayed him too. He could deal with the betrayal by his wife, after all their marriage was in trouble from the start and hadn’t improved with time. Greg even felt as though he deserved it, wasn’t he was also cheating on Jill?

Greg was feeling alone. Indeed he was alone thrust back into the “singles” scene without a friend he could trust. Sure there was always Jackie, but she wasn’t really a friend. Sex with Jackie was a certainty and provided some comfort at least until she asked for the inevitable “loan” or some other favor like fixing her car. Greg wasn’t judging her, but he began to feel like she was a prostitute and really didn’t have any feelings for him, hardly someone you could call a friend.

Greg drained his beer, got up and headed for the bathroom squeezing his way through the happy crowd. He quickly drained his bladder and headed back to the bar. He noticed a tall blond girl wriggling in the crowd and though now would be a good time to try out one of his pick up lines. “God, it’s been so long since I’ve done this!” he thought. He brushed past the front of blond girl and in a loud voice asked “If I told you, you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?” “Fuck off creep!” was her kind reply and Greg rushed to the safety of the bar.

He found a seat next to a group of girls laughing, singing and downing shots. “I’ll have what they’re having” Greg shouted to the bartender, “and get these ladies another round” he added. “Thank you !” Patty gushed. “This is Debbie, Kim and Caren,” she said pointing to each of her friends. “Caren’s getting married next week,” “woo hoo” she screamed raising their glasses and downing their shots of Grey Goose before sucking their sugar coated lemons. Greg downed his shot too, delighted to be a part of a happy celebration he smiled broadly “Congratulations! Another round please” he shouted.

Patty was a tall young woman with long blond hair tied back in a ponytail. She had eyes like round green saucers, which were complimented by her slinky red dress that reached down to the tops of her shapely thighs. Debbie was a petite girl with a round face and dark mysterious eyes that dared to be explored. She had small breasts with nipples clearly visible through her brown satin halter. Kim had light brown hair and soft curls that fell on bare shoulders. Her ample breasts were restrained with a strapless lace bra visible just over the top of her green tube top. Caren had long straight blond hair with red and light brown highlights that reached to the middle of her back and curled under her breasts. She wore a black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline that invited ones eyes to peak down and admire her charms. Suddenly, Greg realized he couldn’t keep from smiling, his broad grin was frozen on his face!

In a short time Greg was totally drunk, as were his newfound friends. The five of them were dancing rubbing against each other bumping into others on the dance floor and singing. They passed Greg around taking turns with him for the slower numbers, squeezing his tight firm buns and returning to the bar for shots in between.

Last call was an hour ago and it was time to go. The girls had rented a limo for the evening and offered to take Greg home. Well actually it was more like they had to drag him home. They loaded Greg in the limo and in a slurred voice he directed the driver to his house. Having arrived the girls could see that Greg was going to need some help so they carried him to the door helped him inside and dropped him on the bed.

“We can’t leave him like this”, Patty said, “let’s get him undressed.” Patty began to unbutton his shirt Debbie undid his belt and zipper Kim and Debbie teamed up to pull off his pants, lifting his ass and yanking the legs. Caren helped Patty lift him so she could remove his shirt. Greg lay in bed singing, “Let’s get it on” in just his boxers, the head of his rather large cock almost poking out of one leg. The girls stood admiring Greg’s body. He was quite fit though not muscular. “You know”, said Patty, “this could be Caren’s last chance to have another man before she’s married. Debbie, help me with these boxers.”

“That’s a pretty good looking cock don’t you think Caren?” Patty asked. “I don’t know” said Caren, “I think Bill’s is bigger.” “That’s because it isn’t hard yet” said Debbie taking Greg’s flaccid cock in her hand and bending over and surrounding the bulbous head with her soft moist lips. “Oh My God!” giggled Caren. “I can’t believe you just did that” screamed Kim. “Come on we all know Debbie is a slut.” Patty laughed, “let’s see how he kisses.” She bent over placing her lips lightly against Greg’s. Greg moaned parting his lips his tongue caressing Patty’s in a gentle but passionate dance, the tip of his tongue probing all the surfaces of Patty’s eager mouth. Debbie warm moist lips were stroking only the head of Greg’s cock slipping it in and out of her mouth. His flaccid member had swollen engorged with blood and was standing tall and thick.

“On My”, sighed Caren, “I think his cock is bigger than Bills!” “Oh and his kiss is more than adequate” Patty added. “Let me see!” shouted Kim. She was on the opposite side of Greg across from Patty when she pressed her anxious lips against Greg’s kissing him so deeply she practically gagged him. Patty was sucking on his nipple and biting his firm chest. “Hey!” Caren shouted, “I’m the bride to be I got to have some of this”. She knelt opposite of Debbie clutching Greg’s glistening shaft her tongue darted up and down the member meeting Debbie’s mouth at the tip. The two girls tongues traced each other lips and flicked wildly over each other’s tongue with Greg’s pulsating member in between.

Patty and Kim were tongue kissing each other and Greg at the same time. Greg was moaning in ecstasy. Caren’s pussy was becoming wet her nipples were hard and she was anxious to have that marvelous member thrusting inside her. She pulled the dress over her head and kicked off her panties. Debbie wanted a piece of this too, she slipped out of her halter peeling off her jeans and panties in one motion. “Me first” Caren screamed. “Okay, no rush” said Debbie brushing Caren’s long blond hair away from her breasts holding her face and kissing her passionately. They each slid a hand down over each other’s moist mound, Their fingers parting swollen anxious pussy lips probed their respective slits massaging the hard button below the moist folds.

Patty and Kim quickly shed their clothing. Patty Straddled Greg’s face, sliding her moist pussy lips over his mouth. Kim straddled Greg’s chest taking Patty in her arms, pressing their breasts together and kissing passionately tongues twirling slowly and light around as they mover their swollen nipples against each other brushing the sensitive tips goose bumps of pleasure rising on their soft skin.

Greg was moaning in delight. Patty’s pussy was dripping it’s pleasure onto Greg’s lips his tongue reacting as if by instinct snaked out and flicked against her clit, her moans captured by Kim’s hungry open mouth. Caren straddled Greg’s massive cock while Debbie kissed her breasts. Caren guided Greg inside her gently, slowly, allowing the pussy to capture and caress the bulbous head and inch down his glistening shaft. She gasped as his thickness spread her open the mushroom head pressing against her womb. She sat there for a moment feeling the hot throbbing cock inside her and Debbie’s eager mouth sucking and biting her nipples.

Caren’s cunt was quivering. She began rising up and down on Greg slowly at first. Debbie was behind Caren now, her tongue darting over Caren’s ass lapping up the juices dripping down Greg’s shaft onto his balls. She was hold Caren’s breasts pulling the nipples and guiding her up and down motions Caren was screaming “Oh my God! Oh My God! I’m cuming I’m fucking cumming!”

Patty had her pussy pressed against Greg’s face. She was rocking wildly on his mouth rubbing her bud hard against his chin as his tongue lapped up her sweet nectar. The sight of Caren and Debbie and Kim’s eager kisses sucking and biting her nipples was driving her crazy, but watching Caren’s body shudder and spasm was too much her pussy tightened and convulsed waves of orgasmic release spread out from her pleasure center to her hips making her buck wildly as she screamed. Kim and Patty reversed position. Kim’s pussy was already soaking wet and she was anxious to reach the heights of pleasure she witnessed of her friends. Patty was more than happy to help her get there.

Debbie was now straddling Greg’s thick cock but she wasn’t so gentle. She liked it rough and having to have to wait for it made her that much more desirous. She mounted Greg in the opposite direction of Caren with her back towards his head so she could use his raised knees for support. She dropped herself right down hard on his cock slamming her ass against his balls with great force that he gasped the sound muffled by Kim’s pussy as it rocked on his face. Caren was nibbling the back of Debbie’s neck as she went to town practically jumping up and down on Greg’s spear. She had one hand on his balls. She would make sure he wouldn’t cum until she was ready! She was ridding him hard slamming down against him and then rocking forward and back rubbing her clit hard against his shaft when she fell his balls tense she would stop rise up and grip his shaft at the bottom tightly with two fingers until he eased and then she would continue.

Kim was leaning forward now rubbing her clit wildly on Greg’s chin. Patty was behind her now holding her hip with one hand and fingering her sweet hole with the other. Her moans were filling the room as she watched Debbie assaulting Greg’s cock. Caren was now in front of Debbie holding her ass while she rocked her bud on Greg’s cock Caren’s tongue darted over Greg’s balls tasting her juices. Debbie was ready her pussy tightened gripping Greg’s shaft “Oh…Oh …Fuck…Fuck…Fuck me mother fucker! Aaaiiieee!” She screamed as Greg burst into her. Her body bucked wildly her pussy gripping and releasing his thick member shudders swept over her from her convulsing pussy out to her hips and up to her shoulders, the sight of Caren lapping up her cum intensified the orgasm.

Kim was wriggling her ass pushing back against Patty’s fingers, Oh…oh….oh… uhh…

I’m…. oh….ahhhhhhhh…she moaned her body shook her thighs felt like they were on fire waves of heat flooded out over her hips and beyond as her cum fell onto Greg’s face, she collapsed onto his belly as Patty extracted her fingers placing them one by one in her mouth savoring Kim’s sweetness. It had been a hell of a bachelorette party and the limo driver was waiting it was time to go.

Greg woke up the next morning wondering what had happened to him. He had a terrific headache, his balls were aching and his mouth felt like a glazed donut. He had vague memories of sharing drinks with pretty young ladies at the bar. He remembered dancing and hollering, but he couldn’t remember how he got home. Images flashed in his mind of the girls from the bar engaging him in pleasures of the flesh, but were these memories or was it drunken dreams? He vowed never to drink like that again!

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