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Encounter With Destiny (chap 4 of The Affair)

Shelly stared blankly at the wedding invitation, her mind instantly transported back to her own wedding to Steven. She remembered the honeymoon, two weeks in Hawaii. She and Steven made love morning, noon, and night in between their adventures on the island. The sights, the smells, the tropical weather, all contributed to her feelings of joy and enhanced the pleasures of the flesh she shared with Steven. It was almost magical the way she felt about Steven then. But, was it love? Why didn’t she feel that way now?

Their time together in North Carolina was not what she hoped it would be. Shelly had hoped to rediscover her love for Steven. To rekindle the flame that no longer seemed to burn so bright. What was so different? Had their life together become so routine that their love was nothing more than something they had to do. A chore, like paying bills, cleaning the house or mowing the lawn? Shelly thought about that last night together in North Carolina. She felt Steven’s lips on hers and recalled the comfort she felt. She felt his hands on her body caressing her breasts, the touch familiar, routine, like some many times before. She could feel him enter her, his thrusts mechanical, and her reaction automatic like a long running Broadway show the act played over and over hundreds of times. What was missing? Did she ever love Steven, or was she swept away by youthful passion and her adventurous enthusiasm?

Suddenly John came to mind. Shelly thought back to their time together by the river. Her nipples began to harden just thinking about how his warm moist lips held them in turn. How his tongue danced over the tips to her delight. She could almost feel his soft kisses traveling up her inner thighs, his tongue tantalizing her lascivious lips. Shelly could feel the heat building between her legs as a desperate desire dwelled in her heart. Shelly realized this is what love is supposed to feel like. She wanted John, now! She thought back to how she left him. “Like the river, life goes on.” she had said. She pretended not to hear when John looked in her eyes and said, “I love you!” before she turned away to walk up the hill back to the hotel. She didn’t look back. She didn’t want John to see the tears that streaked down her cheeks. Tears of joy because of the love she felt mixed with tears of pain because she had to walk away. Once again fate had brought them together, and again they parted with only a hope that fate would again intervene. But would fate work in their favor? And when?

John had just come back from the river when the phone rang.

“Hello”. John answered.

“Hi John! It’s been a long time. Where have you been hiding?” Mary asked in her always-upbeat tone.

“Oh, just came back from doing a little fishing. What’s up?” John asked.

“You’ve been spending a lot of time down on that river by yourself lately. You need to get out spend some time with the human race, maybe even a nice young lady like me.” Mary said.

“I guess you’re right Mary. I can’t help it though, I miss her!” John exclaimed. “What did you have in mind?” he asked.

“Well, I’ve been invited to this wedding and I can’t not go!” Who better then my best friend to accompany me?’ she asked. “Let’s meet at Eddie’s Tavern and I’ll give you all the juicy details. I’m sure you could use a drink and a little companionship,” she continued.

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll see you at eight then” John said.

John and Mary had been friends since college. Friends with benefits would be a better description. They shared a marine biology class together and hit it off right away. Mary loved the outdoors, which is why she had become a marine biologist, but she was also an accomplished outdoor photographer. She often accompanied John on fishing trips, collecting specimens and recording in artful photographs the animals and places they visited. They dated for a brief time but found that their friendship was more important than trying to make a serious relationship work. Mary was too analytical, always trying to find reasons for why John didn’t call or why he left without making love. John was too laid back and easy going for Mary. She preferred more of a take-charge attitude in her men. Still, anytime one or the other needed a friend to commiserate with, they were there for each other. Now Mary needed an escort, and she knew that John could use a little comfort. “Hell, it’s been a while since I had a good fucking!” she thought as she headed to the shower to get ready for the evening.

John had arrived at Eddie’s first and secured a table, a pitcher of beer and an Absolut on the rocks with an olive for Mary. Mary walked in and headed over to the table where John was sitting as every man in the bar looked on with envy. Mary was a beautiful woman, statuesque at five foot eight. She wore a red cocktail dress that complimented her pale white skin. She had dark shoulder length hair and dark eyes with a look like a lioness hunting her prey. The front of her dress plunged down in a “v” revealing just enough of her ample breasts to make one watch in hopeful anticipation of seeing more of her charms. John stood up to greet her and she held his shoulders and gave him her cheek to kiss.

“Nice to see you again!” John exclaimed, “Looking lovely as always.”

“Thank you my friend, I do hope you’re getting ideas on seeing more of me” she teased.

They both sat and talked awhile. Mary filled John in on the wedding arrangements.

“It’s in Atlantic city with a reception at Harrah’s this Saturday” she said. “I was hoping we could go down on Friday and make a long weekend of it, what do you think?”

“Sounds good to me” John said, “I am really in need of a distraction right now.”

“I figured that much! Why do you think I wore this dress?” Mary asked. “Now are you going to take me home and fuck me or do I have to beg?”

They laughed as John got up, left a tip, took Mary’s hand and headed for the door.

Mary and John were enjoying their time at Harrah’s. They had hit early on the slots and spent Friday night at a show retiring back to their room early to maintain some party strength for the wedding the next day. Lying on the double bed watching TV Mary turned to look at John.

“I’m not going to chase you John.” Mary said.

“I know. You’ve really been great. Getting me away from the river has done me a world of good, but every now and then my mind takes me back there. I just can’t forget her Mary. As soon as I’m alone with my thoughts she comes right back to me, consuming my mind just like she devoured my heart.” John tried to explain. “I feel like we were meant to be together, but I can’t spend my whole life waiting for fate to make things happen can I?” John asked rhetorically.

“Sometimes John, you have to make your own fate. Destiny is something that sometimes has to be achieved, not something you wait for. Take me for example. I needed to get laid. I wasn’t about to wait until destiny brought us together. I called you, begged you to fuck me and achieved my destiny.” Mary chuckled.

“Even if I could find her, should I? I mean, she’s married with a family! Would it even be right?” John wondered aloud.

“I don’t know John. Sometimes you just have to listen to your heart, and hope for the best. Sure you might make a mistake but you would never know unless you tried. Better to regret something you’ve done than to spend your life wondering what if.” Mary said in a consoling tone. “Now are you going to fulfill my destiny so we can get some sleep?” Mary said only half joking.

Mary searched the reception table for the card with her name on it. “Here it is, Mary Conqueste and guest, table six. Let’s go find our table stud. I hope you’re ready to dance!” Mary exclaimed cheerfully leading John by the hand into the reception room.

“Do you know anyone here?” John asked.

“You mean besides the bride? I don’t think so.” Mary answered, “Oh look there’s our table, the one with that couple with their backs towards us. I hope they’re not one of those quiet boring types that make you feel awkward to sit with.”

Mary led John to the table and faced the couple. “Hi, I’m Mary Conqueste and this is my friend John Destin” she said holding out her hand and smiling. Steven and Shelly stood to meet their new acquaintances. “Hello, I’m Steven Salmon and this is my wife Michelle.” Steven said. Steven and Mary looked on as John and Shelly stood hand in hand trying their best not to reveal the look of shock that fought to reveal itself through their forced smiles. The hands lingered a little longer than politeness dictated.

“You’ll have to forgive my friend John, he hasn’t been feeling himself of late.” Mary said.

“I could use a drink.” Shelly said.

“How about you guys, can I get you anything from the bar?” Steven asked

“Thanks” Mary said, “I’ll go with you and help you carry them.”

“My God, John! How…?” Shelly asked in a hushed tone.

“I don’t believe this Shelly! I don’t believe this!” John exclaimed a smile spreading across his face. “Promise me you won’t leave here tonight without telling me how I can find you again!”

“But, John, I…” Shelly began.

“I don’t care anymore Shelly! This is more than fate now this is destiny! We belong together and I’m not leaving here with at least having some way to find you!” John exclaimed.

Steven and Mary came back carrying the round of drinks and laughing. They apparently were getting along rather well.

“I got you a martini John. You looked like you needed something a little stronger than usual,” Mary teased.

The band started playing some soft music to start off the festivities. This was John’s chance to get Mary alone and explain what just happened.

“Shall we dance?” John asked Mary before downing his martini.

“Let’s” Mary answered smiling “Excuse us,” she said politely.

John filled Mary in. He told her how Michele was his “Shelly”, the girl that haunted his very being, the one that fulfilled him like no other, and the one that without, his life would be meaningless and miserable. He proceed to concoct a plan that would separate Steven from Shelly and allow him some alone time with her, but he would need Mary’s help.

“Well, he is kind of cute” Mary said, “and we do have a lot in common. I think I can work him.” Mary agreed.

It was Mary’s job to keep Steven occupied, to keep him drinking and to seduce him if necessary at least until John and Shelly can talk alone. The plan was a little sketchy and was dependent on a lot of factors that could not be predetermined, but John was willing to leave those details up to fate once more.

John was up at the bar getting drinks for the table when Mary’s favorite song came on. “

“Steven would you like to join me in a dance?” Mary asked.

“Do you mind Shelly?” Steven looked at his wife for her approval. He was obviously enjoying the fact that this beautiful woman took an interest in him and he didn’t seem to mind letting Shelly know it. Shelly just shook her head and looked over at John as he returned to the table with their drinks.

“Come on Shelly let’s dance!” John said taking her by the hand. She smiled nervously as they moved to the dance floor, after all she was dancing with her lover in front of her husband and she wasn’t all that comfortable about it! They no sooner started to get their groove on to the sounds of “Shout” when the band transitioned to a slow song “How Do I Live” by Lee Ann Rimes. John wasted no time in taking Shelly by the hand and drawing her in close. Shelly looked nervously at Steven who had fallen under the spell of the beautiful Mary. Shelly blushed when Mary gave a knowing wink to her over Steven’s shoulder as she slid her hand down and cupped his buttocks.

“Don’t worry about Steven” John whispered, “He’s in good hands.” He pulled Shelly tight against him his hand brushing the small of her back. He brushed his chest against her breasts and leaned in as if to whisper something in her ear but instead he caressed her ear lode with his warm moist lips.

Shelly gasped, “John, do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?”

“I hope so!” John chuckled. He began to fill Shelly in on his plan. He told her how Mary agreed to do whatever it took to keep Steven occupied even if it meant seducing him.

“He’ll never fall for that!” Shelly exclaimed.

“Oh yeah. Look at them now.” John said as they turned to see Steven sliding his hand down unto Mary’s ass pulling her against the apparent bulge in his pants.

“Son of a bitch!” Shelly protested.

John saw his opportunity as the couples circled on the floor and Mary positioned Steven’s back to them. He broke away from Shelly and said “Give me about two minutes and meet me outside by the elevator.”

Shelly nodded in agreement as John headed out to wait for his love. Shelly walked back to their table polished off her drink and left to meet John at the elevator. John pressed the button for the floor to his room was as soon as he saw her headed in his direction. The door opened almost as soon as she arrived then closed on the two of them and began the assent. They embraced almost immediately in a passionate kiss. Months of separation, dreams of desire, and the uncertainty of their future drove them to action. Neither thought about possible circumstances, they had only wanted to hold each other, to connect as one, to pleasure each other as much as time would allow. John ran down the hallway to his room holding Shelly’s hand in tow. Shelly giggled like a schoolgirl that was cheating authority by engaging in something pleasurable and at the same time forbidden.

“We have maybe fifteen minutes before we’re missed” John called out to the trailing Shelly.

“Make it thirty and you got a deal!” Shelly called back still giggling.

John fumbled for the electronic key and opened the door. Shelly ran in ahead of him.

“Help me with this.” she said as she reached back for the latch and zipper of her dress.

John undid the latch and unzipped her watching in anticipation like a child unwrapping a present as the smooth skin of her back was slowly revealed. Shelly turned around and stepped out of her dress, undid John’s belt and zipper while John frantically unbuttoned his shirt. They stood there for a moment examining each other’s desire. John placed his hand in Shelly’s blond hair beside her ear and gazed into her haunting hazel eyes and drew her full pink lips to his slowly. It was as if he thought he would be able to extend their time together by moving slowly and savoring the woman that he so loved. A gentle lingering of the lips became a torrid thrashing of tongues as passion percolated throughout their bodies.

“Time!” Shelly exclaimed reminding John they were on the clock. He stripped the spread from the bed and tossed it to the side before slipping out of his briefs his erection springing free. Shelly sat at the end of the bed slipped out of her bra, hose and panties revealing her already swollen nipples and clean-shaven womanhood. John feasted on her beauty wanting to consume her, to make her a part of himself, one! He sat beside her and they embraced falling back onto the bed. His hands gently stroked her body leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake. Shelly held on to his hardness her fingers softly stroking the tight skin while sighs of satisfaction escaped John’s lips.

“Oh, John, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be in your arms, to hold you, touch you. I need you. I need you inside me, to fill me like no other.” Shelly moaned as John’s fingers traced her swollen wet lips, the engorged bud poking anxiously out from its hood.

“I missed you Shelly! I can’t live without you! Every trip to the river brings back memories of you. Just the mention of snow and I’m back in the hot tub with you. Just to be near you sets my soul on fire. You’re a part of me and I can’t let you go without losing a piece of myself!” John exclaimed in ragged breaths.

Shelly pulled his head against her breasts and John reacted by showering them in soft kisses. Capturing her nipples between his eager lips and rolling them around his hot mouth with his talented tongue. She moaned at his oral mastery raising her hips and guiding his member to her slit. She slid the throbbing head up and down using it like a tool to tantalize her clit and heighten his desire. John couldn’t stand it any longer. He parted the petals of her pleasure and slipped slowly into her depths. Shelly contracted around his shaft her body shuddering with her first climax as his wand waited at the entrance to her womb. John lingered inside her, relishing the heat and the feeling of her muscles contracting around him. He kissed her nipples lingering a little longer trying to control his own passion as he twitched inside her. He began to withdraw slowly, enjoying the tug from Shelly’s womanhood as she tried to prevent his departure.

John began thrusting easily, rhythmically, moaning softly. Shelly was biting her bottom lip as she slid a hand down to massage her clit while John’s thrusts began to increase in speed and intensity. Shelly was crying out now her legs wrapped tightly around John, her heels in his back. She was bucking up underneath him meeting his thrusts with her own. Her fingers dug into his lower back as their cries of contentment filled the room. Shelly cried out waves of orgasmic release shot out from her very core spreading across her torso from her center out to her extremities. Her legs trembled, shocks of electricity flowed to the tips of her nipples and she clutched John tight against her. John’s passion exploded inside her, his hardness twitched in her depths in spurt after spurt. Their combined release like their passion could not be contained and spilled from Shelly’s satisfaction soaking the sheets.

They rested in each other’s arms reveling in the afterglow. John stroked Shelly’s hair as she traced shapes lightly on his back. John gazed in to Shelly’s eyes, “I love you,” he said. Shelly did not disappoint and returned the sentiment.

“I love you too,” she said, “But we probably better be getting back. People might be wondering where we are.”

“Just a few more minutes, please” John pleaded “Who knows when we’ll be able to be together like this again.”

“All right.” Shelly said holding his head against her breast. They were lying quietly cradled in each other’s arms and savoring the feeling when the door opened and Mary walked into the room giggling with Steven in tow.

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